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Black and White Portraits of 40 Beautiful and Hottest Hollywood Actresses of the 1960s: 1. Ann-Margret. 2. Abbe Lane. 3. Angel Tompkins. 4. Ann Smyrner. 5. Annette Vadim. 6. Brigitte Bardot. 7. Britt Ekland. 8. Carroll Baker. 9. Charlotte Rampling. 10. Claudia Cardinale. 11. Diana Dors. 12. Diane McBain. 13. Donna Michelle. 14. Dorit Dom. 15. Elke Sommer. 16. Gina Lollobrigida. 17. Inger Stevens. 18. Jacqueline Bisset. 19. Jane Birkin. 20. Janet Munro. 21. Jayne Mansfield. 22. Jill St John. 23. Joan Collins.
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Text Comments (791)
GUDSUCC (12 hours ago)
good luck they are like 70
Fritz Idler (13 days ago)
6:11 My favorite part. At least that's what I say to myself every time I see it. 😊
BillyBob Greene (14 days ago)
I lived and went to the movies one or two times a week and many of those "stars" I never heard of.
M B (16 days ago)
all of these women fucked somebody to get into the business. Just think about that for a minute. How can you expect us to respect women when 99% of them are literally whores?
Philip Makin (22 days ago)
William Ferguson (23 days ago)
Your presentations are always interesting. I like how you mixed famous & not so famous women. Good idea. You're cute - how about one of you? Seriously. Ha! 🐿 🇨🇦 🌻 😎 🖖
Elaine Snow (27 days ago)
Nothing against the super toned gals of today (who look fantastic) but the ideal woman pre 1980s was softer and more feminine looking. JMO.
SADIE Mae (27 days ago)
Guys must of been hard up back then !!!!!
Federico Diaz (29 days ago)
Raquel Welch, easily the sexiest one
Jeffery Didomenico (1 month ago)
You have some good taste, keep up the good work, I'm glad I found your channel
John Chase (1 month ago)
Find some old pics of Elkie Sommers
Bobby Lee (1 month ago)
No black chicks?
Michael Saunders (1 month ago)
Some of these ladies look a lot sexier than today's women.
Fast Eddie (1 month ago)
Hollywood corrupted most of them
Fooey Yu (1 month ago)
SPOILER: None of these gals trimmed their pussy's way back when, lot's of shag carpet and winter bush (boo hoo)
Nobody even asked if they could photograph my girls beautiful ass ...timeless
Eddie Swirl (1 month ago)
Diana Dors - bathers keep clear of the groyne. But that's where we all want to go!
7mag 1959 (1 month ago)
Mamie Van Doren & Marylin. The 2 hottest of all time!
HIRAM DOMINICUS (1 month ago)
They were ALL dudes
Lil Tiny (1 month ago)
Were men jacking off while watching this video ??
Johnny mahsrow (1 month ago)
33 Raquel Welch. She was HOT then and more beautiful now.
Timothy Waters (1 month ago)
Yuppers these are "REAL" women with upmost beauty... I'm 50 but sure wish I was around at these times instead because the woman of today are seriously lacking.. I'm just glad no tatt's on these women cause it's such a turn-off..
Cynthia Tuttle (1 month ago)
No tattoos that you can see......!!
John Price (1 month ago)
Amen to that!
lukethedrifter61 (1 month ago)
Never heard of most of them..so much for being the hottest actresses...career wise anyway.
Carlos Ambriz (1 month ago)
Classy classic 😗
Claudio Marani (1 month ago)
Absolutely nothing fake....!
D- W (1 month ago)
If you like Barbra Eden, (and what normal man doesn't), take a look at her TV show "How to marry a millionaire" from 1958. The DVDs are available on Amazon. 5 Stars!!
luke nuke (1 month ago)
luke nuke (1 month ago)
Howard Turner (1 month ago)
Candice Bergen. Mary Tyler Moore Verushka, Dian Carroll, Diana Sands, Cher, Michelle Phillip's, Naomi Sims, Joan Baez , Marlo Thomas and Every bond girl to name a few.
Howard Turner (1 month ago)
Pamela Grier
Diane Keller (1 month ago)
Flutter Bize (1 month ago)
Classic beauties! No over inflated duck lips, no rhinoceros over inflated ass implants - just pure beauty!
CD Snider (2 months ago)
The gym is ruining the women's body now days
Jackiezyon (1 month ago)
CD Snider Omg.. exactly..this thought just crossed my mind.
Tudval Stone (2 months ago)
You left out Senta Berger and included Mia Farrow lol .. How about Jane Fonda, maybe not a rare beauty, but you have to add her fame into the mix vs some unknown B movie actress
Chad Yonish (2 months ago)
ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn (2 months ago)
Not only more attractive and beautiful. Women back then were feminine and charming. Nowadays...oh forget it
Nobby Barnes (2 months ago)
Amazing that you missed Jane Fonda as 'Barbarella' but had the snaggle toothed Jaqueline Bissett.
C. Marie (2 months ago)
What about Jane Fonda, Pamela Tiffin, Senta Berger
Ricky (2 months ago)
back in the day when woman were super hot without the help of bullshit!
coolatheart (2 months ago)
These are a great selection, but half are not Hollywood stars. They are European actresses. Bardot never set foot in the US.
Nicky L (2 months ago)
Natural boobs and tattoos Nice Very nice Btw Was Joan Collins' dog humping her leg ?
Pete TheMan (2 months ago)
Diane McBain and not Marilyn?
Pete TheMan (2 months ago)
Nice music. Ace Cannon?
Michael Galvez (2 months ago)
I watched every second.... Jesus those women we gorgeous and natural
adam kane (2 months ago)
🤯😯😮🧐😲😋 pretty damn 😍 sexy...👌..🤭!!
Oscar Robinson (2 months ago)
Almost everyone thinks Jayne Mansfield was known for her breasts, but it was her mid-section that was phenomenal!!
riponredtj (2 months ago)
I feel like a horny little kid again!
Milton Friedman (2 months ago)
Ohhh the woman's body can be the most beautiful thing the world has ever seen...over and over and over again. Abbe Lane....the best
Gabe Penn (2 months ago)
the major babes of my youth!
Heidi Bentley (2 months ago)
Natural beauties
TomKaren94 (2 months ago)
Diana Dors? YUCK. Where is Pamela Tiffin?
Lord Byron (2 months ago)
There were many not on this video. But that’s okay.
Osceola36dd (2 months ago)
Jane Birkin??? Kinda like a Great Dane.
Dan Owczarzak (2 months ago)
Mia Farrow ????????
Michael Dennis (2 months ago)
Mia Farrow!?  R U kidding me!?  I didn't see how an bulemic gal fits in here at [email protected]!!   Ok, Sinatra liked her...I get it.
Nobby Barnes (2 months ago)
What's it like living as an ignorant yokel? Do you still live with your mom?
nichegoseberazdvatri (3 months ago)
How could you forget Rita Hayworth and Michelle Mercier? smh
Robert Evans (17 days ago)
Rita made some pics in the 60s but she's a 40-50s era Star.
макс (3 months ago)
попросту кул
Steven Seagal (3 months ago)
I prefer no tats on a woman.
Roberto Campano (3 months ago)
Not trying to be a "hater" or rude, but hardly knew many of then, the ones I did know had terrible shots of them, such as Gina L., but Britt E. looked great! PLUS NO MARILYN!!!!
presleyrules (3 months ago)
Where's Julie Newmar aka Catwoman? You rightfully listed Jocelyn Lane from an Elvis movie but how about Shelley Fabares? She played with the King in 3 of his flicks. ( Excuse the play on words.) And all the young women on Petticoat Junction? None of the above.....but Mia Farrow?!?
Michael Wolff (3 months ago)
Who is the freckled ginger at 0:47? Even in black and white, you can tell a ginger!!!
MarcellusTheGreen (3 months ago)
Now do one for the 1970s
Paladine (3 months ago)
where now, 65 years later?
allview (3 months ago)
This ladies are not beautiful compare to present ladies( ex Victoria Secret models), but still they are beautiful because are all naturales!
David Drake (3 months ago)
What was that music? I want to get it!
Anthony Trapani (3 months ago)
The title should have read ; the nicest tits , asses and crotches of the sixties .
Denis Bryant (3 months ago)
They all have that natural quality that you don't see much anymore, beautiful! one of these videos for every decade would be great Thanks for posting
Nancy Selzer (3 months ago)
What's with the irritating pixel screen crap...or is it just my computer?
Jim Quinn (3 months ago)
Jan Smithers! Lovely Bailey Quarters on WKRP! But I may be mistaken--perhaps she wasn't in the '60s groupings... She is still stunningly beautiful to this day!
Christopher Burge (3 months ago)
Christopher Burge (3 months ago)
Dwayne Tempest (4 months ago)
Raquel ,still the hottest female on this or any other planet!
cyc25ruffneck (4 months ago)
Rachel Welch has no equal on this list!!! And few equals on any other list!!!! Totally GORGEOUS!!!!!!
Maryann Giattas (4 months ago)
These Photos are just Fantastic! You can almost feel the time they were taken! Done tastefully!Beautiful! Thankyou for sharing...
Hermann Wiesnet (4 months ago)
Very very Beautiful List but i miss Maureen O'Hara, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Linda Cristal and many more where all of them?
Kelly Trindles (4 months ago)
What about forty hottest actors give us women something to look at
i. rob (4 months ago)
What no lovely asian ladies, or musky afrocarribean beauties ? Where are the gorgeous sexy muslim belly dancers from arabia ?
i. rob (4 months ago)
Strange how women demand respect but still love showing off their tits n bums, even today.
Fred Kruse (4 months ago)
Diana Dors is the stunning blonde on the cover of the Sgt. Peppers album. 1:40
FREE MOVIES (4 months ago)
i cant find them in facebook 😂
Michael Mellon (5 months ago)
I like the woman at the end of these videos.
Gennaro Scognamiglio (5 months ago)
How is hillary Clinton???😗
Lenovo TAB (5 months ago)
Thanks \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥
John Pottorgg (5 months ago)
Do a top fifty and include the ones you left out like Barbara Eden ect
Brian Smith (5 months ago)
No Sophia Loren or Marilyn Monroe,yet Mia farrow is in there,bloody joke
Bea Verstandig (5 months ago)
No Marilyn Monroe the sexiest and most beautiful?
David Wesley (1 month ago)
Pyotr Leflegin (5 months ago)
Some really lovely ladies. Thank you for bringing us these stunning pics.
Malen O'Donaghue (5 months ago)
Ursula Andress?
Kevin Johnson (5 months ago)
Classy beauty and sexy all in one... each and everyone of them.
Mia Farrow???
Michael Wolff (5 months ago)
The old actresses and such I knew. Some of them? No clue. Maybe big in Europe? Amazing none the less.
Rangga Solagracia (5 months ago)
Karin dor
Warmonger HM (6 months ago)
Peter Demerly (6 months ago)
Raquel Welch was one of the sexiest women on the planet as was Barbara Eden
Magz Sara (6 months ago)
And the question we ask now is how many of them were abused?
S.L.S (6 months ago)
I remember most of these women. You seem to have chosen pics of them that were not in any way showing just how truly breathtakingly beautiful they really were. All except for Raquel Welch. I have never seen a bad pic of her. However ,thank you.
REMMY MAFIA (6 months ago)
Ahh, my favorite, Sharon Tate.
Jean Michel Tche (6 months ago)
Russian Bear (6 months ago)
№4, 25, 28 - the best! Ann Smyrner, Karin Dor and Lisa Jak/ My choice

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