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10 Foods You Never Thought You Could Freeze!

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Living On A Dime (6 months ago)
Get our freezer guide here. https://www.livingonadime.com/freezer-guide/
BEAutifulkiss21100 (1 month ago)
You can freeze tomatoes?! hmmm ok
Living On A Dime (1 month ago)
karen catalano (2 months ago)
I’m a single person. And I feel my refrigerator freezer is not big enough to freeze much ,but I make do but my question is would it be worth getting a small freezer so I can freeze more like thinks one sale or sale items. I sometimes loose food because I don’t use it all and there is no room in my freezer
Yvette Summers (2 months ago)
Hi Tawra and Jill I freeze egg whites all the time when I just need the yolk in a recipe and then I pull them out and make pavlova when I have about 8 whites, I have even beaten them up when they are half frozen and the work just fine. love your channel thanks for all the great ideas
Christina Newhart (2 months ago)
congrats on your book sales, that's ALOT of money its made I pray God continually and abundantly blesses you
Rachel Seymour (2 months ago)
Hi I freeze ripe peeled bananas wrap them loosely in cling film and freeze, eat them like ice lollies
MyREDTAIL (2 months ago)
What about fresh made TZAKITI Sauce,? Can it be frozen, For further use.? Thanks for sharing Interesting etc.
Inkdraft (3 months ago)
When I had my really big freezer I froze all those things including the coffee ice cubes. One time I got a great deal on my favorite flavor of potato chips and I froze those too. They were fine when I ate them. (I don't eat chips anymore lol)  I freeze milk too. When I go to the farm to buy raw milk I always get enough for drinking and cheese making and making yogurt. I do what Jill said, I take a little out and put the cap on loose until it's frozen then I tighten the cap. That way the glass doesn't break. I thaw it in the fridge not on the counter. The only thing you mentioned  that I don't freeze is eggs because starting in early fall I start water glassing eggs so that I have fresh eggs all winter when the hens stop laying. Water glassing them saves space in my freezer. It's true though, lots of people don't realize that there are a lot more things that can be frozen. When my big freezer died I went out and bought a chest freezer. I wouldn't be without a freezer. Mine is going solar next month.
Becky Cory (3 months ago)
We scramble up the whole egg in 2's in a cupcake tin with no additional salt & use for recipes or scrambled eggs. Works great for us.
deanne murphy (4 months ago)
Yeah, you can freeze egg whites. I do it and then use the whites to make pavlova. I got the idea from one of Nigella (Lawsons) shows. When making custard or something that only uses the yolks. Just freeze the egg whites in ziplock bags I freeze them in twos so at anytime I know how many bags to pull out to thaw for awhile before I use them.
Nelda Fairley (5 months ago)
Back in the mid 80's my 73 yr old neighbors raised chickens and she would freeze her eggs (whole eggs, not just the yolks). I never seen what they looked like after she would thaw them out. But freezing yolks would be good for deviled eggs.
señor shaman (5 months ago)
Freezing things causes the cell walls of tomatoes/onions veggies to rupture leaking out, this is where the extra fluid comes from.
Aroha Waaka (1 month ago)
Thankyou You said that way better than I was going too. Lol
Aussie Jimboomba Prepper (5 months ago)
Great information
carolynann1 (6 months ago)
Yeast is Genius!
Ever Evey86 (1 year ago)
Is there any way you could do a video on the time things can be frozen for maybe like the top 20
Rachel Seymour (1 year ago)
hi you can freeze bananas , when they are sweet , peel them ,lossy wrap in cling film , freeze then eat them like ice lollies, oh and use a peace of kitchen towel at the bottom,so you can hold it , they are yummy
Kelly Schurger (1 year ago)
I love my freezer! I freeze a lot of food. I always wondered about freezing salsa. I'm going to try!
me heretoday (1 year ago)
old veg or fruit if its starting to get to the end of its life...cut up and freeze..I keep the fruit until I have enough for a fruit medley jam ... veg for a stew
Skimama (1 year ago)
I freeze milk in ice cube trays to make smoothies without diluting them with (water) ice cubes.
The Judge (1 year ago)
For fresh herbs, I chop them up a little and cover them with olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays. You can chop and mix the herbs and do the same thing for making homemade salad dressings.
Is that your mother?
Living On A Dime (1 year ago)
pat goff (1 year ago)
My mother used to add powdered milk with milk to make it go further
pat goff (1 year ago)
The German ladies in the cafeteria at school used to put coffee grounds in their gravy. I hated it.
Connie Williams (1 year ago)
cartman k (1 year ago)
I love you guys today is my grandma birthday you guys are cool
souldiegirl (1 year ago)
I tried to freeze milk, but even when I shook it it wouldn't reconstitute. Maybe I'll try by putting in a blender and blending?
Living On A Dime (1 year ago)
That's strange. I wouldn't mess with it then and just not freeze it.
Marita Cooks (1 year ago)
I just clicked on this video and I thought I was subscribe but you got another follower
Teresa Ellis (1 year ago)
Weird just got notified on cell of this new show.but watched on fire tv days ago..
MotherOfManyHorses (1 year ago)
I had no idea about the yeast! Thanks!
blujae2c M (1 year ago)
Thank you ladies! I'm not into canning neither and I had no idea I could freeze tomatoes or salsa! This will help so much!
wisdomandcommoncents (1 year ago)
I always freeze my nuts and seeds so they don't go rancid. Also, I store all whole grain flours in the freezer so they last longer. I buy ALOT of spinach for smoothies and got frustrated if it went bad before I used it up. Now I freeze the pre-washed pcks straight from the store and nothing gets wasted. Great video, ladies.
Tania Eitel (1 year ago)
Great tips!
Kimberly Mayo (1 year ago)
Short and sweet video. Nice for when you only have a few minutes break. 👍😎
Cat Lover (1 year ago)
Great video!  I shared this video on FB.  Thanks!
Angie's Pantry (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips! Spices I freeze to. Like pickling spice's ones that I hardly use I freeze all the time. :) I did not know you could can egg yokes.. Learn some thing new every day. Love your channel .. I shared this Tawra on my fb group page.. :)
Tita Linda (1 year ago)
I think you are very wrong. I buy fresh egg whites from a baker that makes a special dessert that only use egg yolks, so she sells the egg whites by the liter. So I bring empty soda water bittles, and I freeze them for long periods of time. I make large eggwhites scrambled eggs, merengue, and anything that uses egg whites. When they unfreeze they are as good as fresh.
MyREDTAIL (2 months ago)
The whole eggs can be frozen, Crack them into an ice cube tray, And freeze till they are frozen solid then put each one into a freezer zip lok bag, Will stay for up to a year, When needed just remove them and let them defrost at room temp and just use them like you would any fresh cracked egg.
Inkdraft (3 months ago)
Tita Linda, That's good to know, I buy egg whites in the cartons because I use them a lot in baking. But once you open the carton it says to use them up in seven days. Now I can just freeze them in a snack bag in the correct portions. Thanks.
Diane allen (1 year ago)
Jill could you make a video about dehydrating food please? I love all your videos and cookbook thanx so much
Rocío (1 year ago)
Jill, please....
Wonderful tips Tawra and Jill! One of my faves is frozen grapes as a snack. Very delicious!
We freeze butter all the time too! Ice cube coffee great idea!
Teresa Alley (1 year ago)
i use to work in a bakery, you can freeze eggs, the whole thing, not just the yolk.
Teresa Alley (1 year ago)
here's a good website on it, but there are many more. https://happymoneysaver.com/can-you-freeze-eggs/
Thanks for sharing.
Norma Hogarth (1 year ago)
You are wrong about freezing egg whites. I used to freeze them all the time. Just put them in small plastic bowls that are just the size for one egg, put the lid on and put them in the freezer. They are great for baking or scrambled eggs. Also I used to work in a hospital kitchen and they always had whole frozen eggs. They were mixed like scrambled eggs. They came in a carton the size of a half gallon milk carton.
Raylene Evans (1 year ago)
I guess I misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying that.
Jill Cooper (1 year ago)
Part of what we were talking about was things made with egg whites like meringue, mayo etc not so much the whites by themselves. I maybe wasn't clear on that.
Raylene Evans (1 year ago)
I've been doing this for years. I usually do a half or full dozen at a time. I scramble them up in a bowl and pour them into a plastic container, put on the lid, and pop it into the freezer. They're fine that way. Perfect for fritatatas, scramb eggs, or for baking. There's never a problem with the whites when I do it this way. I just worked up 4 dozen on Sunday after finding them on sale for 79c/dozen. Try it yourself. I also squeeze enough lemon juice to make a jug of lemonade, freeze that juice, and pull it out whenever I want. Eggs, butter, nuts, and lemon juice are most always in my freezer.
Joanie D. (1 year ago)
Norma Hogarth ---Growing up on a farm, occasionally we had more eggs than we could use right away. I had the job of breaking the eggs in a bowl, two at a time, and whisking them slightly. Then I poured the eggs in a cheap sandwich bag and twist tied it ----then all the little bags would go in a larger freezer bag. Since a lot of baking recipes call for two eggs, it was easy to get out a baggie of eggs and thaw it in a cup of warm water. It really saved the day many times!
Norma Hogarth I agree. I've done it for years.
hopefloates always (1 year ago)
can you freeze basil leaves?with a food saver vacuum machine
Living On A Dime (1 year ago)
Yes but they would need to be dried first.
Laura Richards (1 year ago)
I like to clean Blueberries and clean with vinegar n put on a sheet tray n freeze n take out n eat some or put in a blender for a smoothie or save for Blueberry Pies for Bdays n Holidays mmmmm yummy for fresh tasting
C Gt (1 year ago)
I freeze nuts, too, so they don't go rancid. Flax seeds and hemp hearts too.
mspixiedust100 (1 year ago)
I appreciate your cookbook!!
mspixiedust100 (1 year ago)
Tawra, wondering if your mom Jill lives with you?
Jill Cooper (1 year ago)
No I do'n't live with them. I have always lived close - the same town and for awhile across the street from them- but a few years ago they moved to CO and I am still in Kansas. I was going to move close to them but house prices got to be too high for me to afford back there. I go out there twice a year.
Adirondack Lily (1 year ago)
mspixiedust100 her mother lives in Kansas.
Donna Turnbull (1 year ago)
so surprised I knew about and have done all of them except the yeast. I will now be baking more as it usually wasn't worth the price of the yeast for one item and throw the rest away. thanks for the great tip.

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