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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show(2007)- Heidi and Seal Duet

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Heidi Klum and Husband Seal sing a duet at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show!
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Diana Gaitán Gaitán. (10 hours ago)
Hasta parecia que lo queria la ZORRA esta,como me caé mal esta trepadora que no deja verga parada!!!👎👎👎👎 tan lindo Seal!!!!
dajuan ruffin (3 days ago)
I think baby spice actually sung this for heidi.
Dana Falcone (6 days ago)
No io non sposerei mai un africano! Io nord corea
Qual nome da música??
bernamej (18 days ago)
That’s right goyim, you’re looking at true love here; now please stop your racism and start popping beautiful vibrant whigglets before uncle Moshe starts a world war to punish you for the Shlomocaust.
Bruno Angelo (19 days ago)
She aim the money.. No way is the love.
чернильница ебаная
sue lisha (27 days ago)
They r my favourite couple b4... So sad cz they split...seeing her with Tom right now who r more good looking n younger still can't compare to tis..
Kenai Alaska (1 month ago)
Goat Cheddar (1 month ago)
shakil sayed (1 month ago)
Kitta Burigat Ka hai seal
Regina Ewu (1 month ago)
Das war das Traumpaar für mich. SCHADE, dass diese Ehe scheiterte. Wo ist Seal heute? Der Mann ist super.. fantastische Stimme, attraktiv und gutaussehend!
Poster Lover (1 month ago)
That’s? Is love ❤️ omg im so jealous
Sabina M. (1 month ago)
What i See i a very beautiful Cuple & they makes a very good Performance ( Seal & Heidi was in this time ** IN LOVE **)....
Miri Loo (1 month ago)
Honestly loved that time
E. R. (1 month ago)
Erotik pur..schade drum. Mag beide gerne.
Carlo Bruno (1 month ago)
U are. These people
Kelly Cornell (1 month ago)
L-O-L-A, Lola........girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it's a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world except for LOLA, lo lo lo lo Lola.......lo lo lo lo Lola
Trokscap Trokscap (1 month ago)
Seal, Master of Cuckhold.
Priscila Fanes (1 month ago)
Amoooo voz sutil 💕💕😍
Ricardo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Qué bien se Conserva Heidi... No canta, pero se Conserva muy bien hasta la fecha
sue carrigan (1 month ago)
It saddend me when they split up, nothing seems to last these days, including me, it was our 25th wedding anniversary, and I'm about to take a new turn in my life,
DEPY K (1 month ago)
I loved them as a couple and was so sad when they got divorced...
Maria Cavalcante (1 month ago)
Lindo sou fan
Minerva Fessler (1 month ago)
Increíble que pena tan hermosos que se veían juntos
Srija Chakraborty (1 month ago)
They looked really good together.
Emily (1 month ago)
what’s wrong with his face?
I love Jesus (28 days ago)
Lupus disease, autoimmune
Jenny Molinelli (1 month ago)
Angelina and Brad , Heidi and Seal WTF people???
Grazyna Peiler (2 months ago)
Katastrophe sie kann nicht singen
Sandra Brandt (2 months ago)
Love ❤
Célia Oli (2 months ago)
Nura Kg (3 months ago)
I think Seal is so handsome, for me.. (I'm not a black girl,Asian )
I love Jesus (28 days ago)
+shakil sayed yes he is very handsome. Beuty is in the eyes of the beholder! Remember that
shakil sayed (1 month ago)
You think seal is handsome lol
Nura Kg (1 month ago)
+Mee Young No, and why LOL??
Mee Young (1 month ago)
Nura Kg Vietnamese? Lol
Jim Clarke (3 months ago)
Heidi in my bed )))
And Star (3 months ago)
He’s a looser
I love Jesus (28 days ago)
You really hate him🙄😁😁😁😁 she is the looser, missing that chocolate cock that made her with him all those years and cheating on him made her loose him
Sacred Pearls (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji92TqTiovY Check out this modeling show.
Jose Dxb (3 months ago)
Hitler is having a heart attack in his grave
Evan Aksel (25 days ago)
I’m dead😂😂😂
ewin (1 month ago)
sanou faye (1 month ago)
Yin Yan (4 months ago)
seal's face is so fucking ugly, and heidi is so pretty
Corina Mejia (4 months ago)
I like chocolate, i like seal ❤😁
Pandalover Sophie689 (5 months ago)
Mikey_Suze Four (7 months ago)
Why did you ever divorce Heidi Klum? Why Seal why?
I love Jesus (28 days ago)
+And Star she cheated
Mia Orange (1 month ago)
K Nana Oh wow! You serious? They seemed so happy......
K Nana (1 month ago)
Because she cheated on him with another man
And Star (3 months ago)
Because she came to her senses and got rid of him
Achilles Zalman (7 months ago)
the power of BBC ..
helena (9 months ago)
remember watching this live
AusteRainbow Music (9 months ago)
im so sad that they divorced...i jist found out... :'(
AusteRainbow Music (9 months ago)
Thunder Storm (11 months ago)
Just no.
Daisy Ganancial (1 year ago)
The bodyguard is handsome...
Kabita Naorem (1 year ago)
so ugly
Chloè CaliLife (1 year ago)
Well to the people who say he's ''ugly'' he used to be Heidi Klum's bae sooooo he had it great
I love Jesus (28 days ago)
😁😁😁😁 true
Gabrielle Kovtunenko (1 year ago)
i had no idea she could sing
Swagneto013 (1 year ago)
Seal, MY MAN!
AzNightmare (1 year ago)
*wtf, didn't know she sings..*
Adele A. (1 year ago)
Woh..Seal is my favorite singer ever! He's so sexual and his voice is amazing... The looked great together...
Mia Orange (1 month ago)
Adele A. Agreed.
cherisse neverson (1 year ago)
You guys saw at 2:03 when Heidi messed up and sang a line her mic seemed off? She was most likely not signing but I love this performance.
Kristen Sprunger (1 year ago)
I still love them together.
Monick Freitas (1 year ago)
voltei nesse vídeo 10 anos dps p curtir uma nostalgia
theobald123 (1 year ago)
but seriously though, this is a terrible song.
Hyunsoo Kim (1 year ago)
Heidi Klum got dumped by rich italiano Flavio Briatore and has baby named Helene, Seal accpeted this baby and got married to Heidi Klum really nice and gentle guy. He hates every one year celebration by Heidi insists but followed her opinion cause he loves her. but finally she dumped Seal and cheat on him.
I love Jesus (28 days ago)
Crazy woman
Sabrina Söllner (1 year ago)
Oh my good this dress. The dress look so ugly. And how she look oh my good. A really good song but this drrrrreesssss
Jefson De Souza (1 year ago)
Esse cara é fd ...The best musicbeautiful girlfriend perfect day
Chris Topher (1 year ago)
Heidi Klum is gorgeous. Seal is a good singer. Put them together, they look awful. She probably married Seal because she loves big black cock.
Olivera Cavic (1 year ago)
I love love them together ❤
TheLululililala (1 year ago)
Boy she can't sing 🙈
mara bicet (1 year ago)
Esta pareja me gustaban mucho.k lastima k terminaron
Seal e Heidi formavam um lindo casal
Iasmim Silva (2 months ago)
Lara Anne Pinter (1 year ago)
I love them both so I don't care if the are lipsyncing but they do.
Maha Zaou (1 year ago)
Missing the days when Heidi kicked the runway.
PSchmt (1 year ago)
this is si romantic
Brayan Santos (1 year ago)
Damn he's so ugly asf
Makayla (1 year ago)
Brayan Santos you are
Manorat Saphongxay (1 year ago)
Rosy R (2 years ago)
This was true love. You can see it. And feel it. So sad when they divorced after being married for many years.
DEPY K (29 days ago)
+rando It was true at that moment but it seemed something changed later...
Lisa Lisa & toe jam (29 days ago)
If it was true love, she wouldn't have cheated with the body guard and they would still be together.😑
DEPY K (1 month ago)
Not many years just 9...
Katherine Ujhazy (2 months ago)
JOHN MC DANIEL'S wow, didn’t know you knew her personally. apparently being abused by your husband makes you a bitch.
Gray Toonic (4 months ago)
you must be ignorant. womder how Heidi falls for Seal? she said she saw him on a gym's tights...and she sees the BIG package..and bang! true love 🤣
Michelle Marie (2 years ago)
This would be better if Heidi could actually sing. She was lip syncing if you guys don't believe me check out 2:02
vanessa_keitumetse (1 year ago)
I think she was just singing along to his words.
Leslie Lewis (2 years ago)
They were so in love...
matisa .lopez (2 years ago)
how beautiful is my Queen? ? ?❤❤ heidi😻❤
alexandre souza (2 years ago)
alexandre souza (2 years ago)
malandro esse ngao catou a loira no final kk
Karine Rodrigues (2 years ago)
Eles foram casados durante muitos anos...
Jia Nguyen (2 years ago)
OMG Heidi's voice was so beautiful!!!!
Iry Wallenholm (2 years ago)
Such a cool video! :) Keep up the good work ;) Hugs from Sweden
carolesweat0411 (2 years ago)
Seal Please come to S.E. Oklahoma/Choctaw Casino and Perform SOON!! 11-30-15 x Carole (I would so love that)
Victoria Aldapa (2 years ago)
Wtf everyone is talking about how they look, if he is black and she is white, all i see it's a beautiful couple that used to be in love and making an amazing performance!
Garen Kolzaar (3 years ago)
Now she comes crawling back to the white man after her failed marriage with this guy. And they say "once you go black you never go back". What a load of bullshit!
Charles Baylor (1 year ago)
I thought once she went black, you didn't want her back Lol what a load of horse shit.
rexa garvin (3 years ago)
Seal cant watch this,flashbacks of forbidden love,kicking his ass!!
Glenroy Heath (3 years ago)
Awesome couple they were, black men takes all the gorgeous women in the world cause they love that chocolate package that comes with it lol
Michael Schmitz (4 years ago)
Alright I'll admit it, this was awesome.
2008topshelf (4 years ago)
That is truly a free woman walking this planet.  Because not too many women with her beauty would be ballsy enough to give public acknowledgement of her affections for a blackman, much less marry him.
mvah07 (1 year ago)
I don't know where you are coming from but I'm from Germany and a lot of girlfriends think he's beautiful
+2008topshelf - its more common among Europeans than you know both men and women because they don't have the same history as the United States. Its also more common among the very celebrated and the very poor for obvious reasons. Believe me Seal has plenty of women to choose from like Heidi in Europe if he wanted. Most Europeans are n't Neo-Nazis or bigots against blacks. I know this hurts to hear for many Americans, whether black, red and white.: )
2008topshelf (3 years ago)
Yeah, I'm speaking from perspective of the United States.  Another, contemporary actress that would be substitutable into this assertion and would get the same observation from me would be say, Scarlett Johannsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Maria Sharopova or, even Taylor Swift.  (some of them have perhaps even thought about it.  I can't say its a completely escapable thought)
+2008topshelf -maybe not in your in your country, or family rather. : {
Elane Horhi (4 years ago)
They should get back together again!  They are made for one another, PLEASE!!!!
Masha Smirnova (1 year ago)
I'm sure you do...
Rhenz (1 year ago)
you dont know the whole story -_-
Masha Smirnova (1 year ago)
she cheated on him...
Taylor Kearin (4 years ago)
Heidi is lipsynching
joan jarabejo (4 years ago)
what happened to his face?? lol
SilverIrbis (1 year ago)
+Bala Krishnan Sorry just saw your comment. Thank you :-)
Bala Krishnan (2 years ago)
+SilverIrbis Sorry to hear that....
SilverIrbis (4 years ago)
He has Lupus. No LOLs, please. It's no fun. I have SLE myself and believe me it is BAD.
Carolyn Ekuka (4 years ago)
To those misfits that called this man ulgy, why does every dam body have to meet society standard?. What does looks have to do with  anything? Everything is not about looks.
Fe dizon (2 months ago)
Yes, and i think he loves heidi so much and their kids, reapect for each other still there
Kadyrbek Nurlybekov (3 months ago)
Max Media nah he is ugly
one eyed ike (3 months ago)
Carolyn Ekuka bc shes pretty
Kadyrbek Nurlybekov (5 months ago)
but he married he because if her looks
Max Media (5 months ago)
Both of them look super awesome!
Carolyn Ekuka (4 years ago)
England Baby!!!!
Anita Luca (5 years ago)
pretty couple but her singing is more of a whisper in a mic.
Chani (7 months ago)
She can’t sing that’s why she’s whispering
Hazel Levesque (1 year ago)
Anita Luca ja
clicchick (5 years ago)
I wanna cryyyyyyyyyyy
inyourface48 (5 years ago)
I wonder if the "Help" is as talented as seal to write a duet on there "wedding day" if it came to that??
Jolene8 (5 years ago)
I still can't believe they're divorced. Makes me want to cry seeing this.
fernand0 (5 years ago)
This is a true story of beauty and the beast
Kadyrbek Nurlybekov (5 months ago)
Imana Nubelbiya no that's just true
Agent Orange (1 year ago)
fernand0 Lol
kinkyafrogirl93 (5 years ago)
kinkyafrogirl93 (5 years ago)
I wish to one day find live like this =)
Elton Brown (5 years ago)
Amazingly wonderful chemistry
flyinglittleducks (5 years ago)
They were so lovely together! <3
Jessica Shen (5 years ago)
I love heidi but she should stick to modeling... Not to be rude
Aurora Dawkins (5 years ago)
It would be really nice to be able to see an interracial couple on here without bitches making slick comments. Race really means nothing if people love one another. Love trumps hate. If you don't like it, you don't have to watch it. You think they cared what you bigots had to say about them? Obviously not. Shut up and please slither back underneath the rocks you all came from so you can be miserable by yourselves.
Ivy Ivy (5 years ago)
They were so beautiful together :'(

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