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Why Dead People Appear in our Dreams?

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Why do you think we dream of dead people ? Is it our subconscious or it's a real connection ? Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed the video ! Join our Spiritual Community in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/universalloving/ Music by: Sirius Beat - The Feed (Royalty Free Music) Link: http://youtu.be/eY1nzpfIZJA Why we dream is still one of the behavioral sciences' greatest unanswered questions. Researchers have offered many theories—memory consolidation, emotional regulation, threat simulation—but a unified one remains, well, a pipe dream. Nevertheless, people continue mining their nighttime reveries for clues to their inner lives, for creative insight, and even for premonitions.
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Angel truth (3 days ago)
Astralboobaby (5 days ago)
I just made a video about this subject matter, using experiences that I have had with my recently departed mother... Hoever, I have had validating experiences with the dearly departed my entire life... It's good to see more people opening up about this very real phenomenon.
Roki Todd (13 days ago)
I see a lot of comments about family members ( moms, dads, Grandpents) that have passed away, But last night for the first time i saw a friend of mine that passed away in highschool. The situations in my dream that I think lead to me seeing him were filled with fear, anxiety, and failure. I turned around, and he was standing there in white clothes ( he always wore black when he was still alive ) and I remember just being shocked and filled with disbelief. my mouth was just stuck open in awe He tried calming me down by saying some funny things, but unfortunately I woke up before anything else happened. POINT BEING i've always been skeptical about stuff like this, but idk. Seeing someone i havent seen in 10+years, and him just making me feel better in a time of need was great, and makes me way less skeptical.
Mohd Mustaquim (18 days ago)
Michael Jackson appears in my dreams.
sherrell Watkins (6 days ago)
Mohd Mustaquim (10 days ago)
+sherrell Watkins 😊😊really
sherrell Watkins (10 days ago)
Mines too
x carraski (19 days ago)
Can someone tell me I had a dream and I couldn't feel my body and then I shouted grandpa grandpa I love I love and then I woke up it was like a dark place plz someone tell me
Brat Baby (19 days ago)
No robots!
I had a dream of Jonghyun 😩 R.I.P Jonghyun u did well.
Yesla (24 days ago)
I saw xxxtentacion in my dream today, we were in a hospital with 3 physcos with poison in their syringes and killed X and then me but I woke up instead of dying
XXX SavageVidz XXX (27 days ago)
my son was killed in 2011 he was 22 never in a billion year's I thought I could serve this loss my baby my son all I could do was scream the pain unbearable later couple months I fell asleep late with my son on my mind heart still filled with pain in a dream I seen my baby he was smiling so big I ran over to him wrap my arms around him I felt him I could smell him I cried it hurts so bad but I was so happy to see him I stood back and looked at him still having that smile on his face he said Mom I love you I told him I loved him he said don't cry mom don't cry I'm ok I wrapped my arm's around him held him like I've never before still crying stepping back he walked away I awoke still crying but I new he came to me it was him my son thank you
Nova ESC (1 month ago)
My fajters brother came to my his sisters dream
Ishita Arora (1 month ago)
From the last couple of days, I had the dream of my grandmother who passed away 6years back. Every time in my dream she asked me to give something mostly related to milk product. Last time she told me to give milk to her so that she could drink and this time for Lassi (Butter Milk). Could you please infer as I really get stressed due to this?
Fropi Do (1 month ago)
I had a dream last high, a couple dead and I'm not sure if they are my grand parents, I'm walking in the cemetery then I'm shookt , I stepped old piece of roop on the floor then I heard screamed once , in the sub of the rood on the floor I stepped on, I'm shookt I jumped when saw old girl and old man together then I run fast, I've seen alive guy too and also my cousin, what does this mean please
wrathfulshark (1 month ago)
Xxxtentacion my friend came in my dream
Dan C. (1 month ago)
This is error. The dead cannot communicate with us. The bible is very clear, 'the living know that they will die but the dead know not anything.....Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.'
Midnight Turbo Foxy (1 month ago)
i did see ghosts in my dreams halp even my dead grandparents
dani marie (2 months ago)
My friend died on September 1st he did suicide and I recently had a dream about him he was just staring at me
Zola Animates (2 months ago)
i always dream about dead people how people die but idk who they
Ana Hernandez (2 months ago)
I have dreams of just random people dying and i just think its weird
Triathlon Cunnilingus (2 months ago)
*R . I . P X*
hzemx (2 months ago)
I see my grandma in in my dreams ( often )
sweet like a pixie stick (2 months ago)
i dream about my aunt with brain cancer :(
Taylor Cowart (2 months ago)
what if your dreams are very demomic and extremely graphic? ive been waking up 5 or 6 times a night always around 3am to 6 every night for the past 2 months or so , i try to think about something else before i go back to sleep but it keeps coming back, ive never believed in any of this before but its really scaring me now.
Pa Bo (3 months ago)
I used to dream about my aunt after she passed away 3days she was come to my house and ask to meet my mom it's was ok at first but then i realized she dead ! She was so scared and ran away from me when i tried to tell her that she died ! But the reason i come here today is because last night i had a dream about Jonghyung ( kpop star ) he passed away 1 year now but suddenly he come to my dream and follow him ( you know what i mean ) now i'm scared to sleep !
Vedran Horvat (3 months ago)
Early reply.
Vedran Horvat (3 months ago)
So you're telling me when i die, i will have the ability to enter people's dreams?
galychu • (3 months ago)
But can the devil come and pretend to be someone?
Park Skyhill (1 month ago)
galychu • yes
BoodaBless127 (3 months ago)
I dreamt of my grandfather one time and in the dream he gave me $50 in the form of a 20, two 10’s and two 5’s and then another time I dreamt of my grandmother and she gave me $50 but it was a velvet 50 dollar bill with pretty designs on it and she told me to get my credit together lol then I dreamt of them both together as I navigated threw a very dark house they were in a room as I walked by I doubled back after I realized it was them and when I approached them they changed into different ppl and I told them I thought you were someone else and cried to them about my grandparents and they comforted me. I really wonder why I dream these things. There are more dreams of them as well.
Alisha Legrand (3 months ago)
My dreams happen frequently they happen every night there is this one specific person that comes into my dreams every single night ever since she has died her name is Dolores O’Riordan the lead singer of the cranberries she has came every single night since the day she has died which was January 15, 2018 sheets came every single night since every single time she comes there is always something that she has to say or tell me but not only that I don’t exactly know why she comes every night all I know is that she’s probably one of my Guardian angels or Guide for my dream around I’ve had this ability ever since I was young and I tapped more into it when my great grandpa died but is soon as the Loris died she has came strongly through every single time hasn’t changed she has came every single night I’m pretty sure she’ll probably come tonight too she came last night and she’s probably going to come tonight
lilddonovandark (1 month ago)
yes my fav singer i've been listening to for about 2 or 3 months appears in my dreams almost every night for about over a month it started before and around the time of their birthday. some are vivid and some are forgettable or i'll remember pieces to it but when i wake up i know she was there.a good number of them has a message and sometimes she's just there. you could say its cus this person is on my mind but i've had plenty of things on my mind and hardly dream of them or if something is on my mind and if i dream about it somehow it eventually comes true in the "real" world. its weird tho cus this person has been dead since i was a toddler (20 yrs old now) so i wouldnt have got to meet them anyways.i may have even seen 2 "hallucinations" of them when i was about 3-5 which is even weirder but it was prob something that looked like them but who knows that was long ago. it's hard for me to say the name of this person tho cus this is all strange but i can't lie i sure do love it.
GambinoStromboli_ 3905 (3 months ago)
My grandmother said the night her mother died , in a dream she saw that she was close up going towards a light and told her “I’d do anything to be in your arms again “ she then said a couple few seconds before the dream ended when the 9 hits the 5 , I’ll be in your arms again Amy , that is my grandmothers name . One day my mom said that the baby was being born some day in July and my grandma said that can’t be right , I was born on the 9th in 2005 like she said she was told in the dream and my grandmother always talks about how me and her mother are so similar that she feels she’s still with her whenever she’s around me and hugs me . Should I believe her 😂 ? Should we start paying closer attention that these signs really mean something
Gene S. (3 months ago)
Why the artificial voice? A natural human voice would be more inviting and warm, more likely to enable most everyone to watch in entirety.
Killdemzzz 1 (3 months ago)
I saw alot of my dead friends this morning i sweating and freaking out and il what they said and when i woke up i looked to the left and saw my friend and he was bloodyed up and said this is a good look no and he said this is your fault thats what they all said but hes harrassimg me he wont go the fuck away hes under a shelf i lost my shit one of my friend is staying night and i freaked out when in bathroom splashed water in my face looked up and he was in my mirror reaching for me and i punched the mirror and my friend came in and i was stillf freaking out i cant sleep hes close to me and i can hear there voice saying its my fault josh its your fault i died
Sed B (3 months ago)
I just had a dream that I stabbed someone at my job and the whole time I thought he was dead , well couple days later the police came to my neighbor house because my neighbor was the manager at the job I worked at , as the police man was talking to my neighbor me and my sisters was walking right passed them as they were talking (mind you my sister don’t know anything about the stabbing) as my sisters got in the car I went to the side and ask my neighbor what was going on and he explained (I acted as I didn’t know ANYTHING but of course I did) after that I got inside the car and headed to school (the whole time I was telling my self in my head “dam I’m going to prison for life”) as we approach my school I got out the car and began to talk to my friends and outta know where 2 guys begin shooting at these other 2 guys (crips vs bloods I believe) everyone started running and me and my sisters came upon this old lady home and as they were shooting the old lady was just sitting on the porch as if nothing was going on , we burst into her house not caring if she cared or not. Me and my sisters went into this bed room and blocked the door with anything we could find that was heavy enough so no one could knock down the door. (The crazy part is the guys with the guns followed us well at least one did but eventually he somehow got in the room and threatened to hurt us but the crazy thing is he didn’t have a gun he had a Needle and he some how knocked my down and as he was about to Poke me my lil brother (btw my lil brother was never an my dream until the guy was nearly finna poke me) anyways he called out my name and said “grandpa wants you” as if everything was normal and that’s was last thing I remember before I WOKE up (mind you my grandpa been deceased for about 6 or 7 years now. This is also the second time I and a female have chased and almost killed but I always wake up right before it happens (this dream gave/give me Anxiety to the point where I had to cut a couple lights on in my house and ask god why this keep happening to me ?
Flaming Gun (4 months ago)
Lil Peep is a celebrity yes but last night I dreamed he invited me into his house and I fell into another dream where he was talking to my family and I couldn’t get him to look at me he wouldn’t move but I asked him if he was alright. I woke up crying and my mother also dreamed about her asking him to go to our thanksgiving dinner.
AllMighty Chopper (4 months ago)
I had a dream about Robin William I have never even know him only he is my favourite actor In my dream he was a good friend
skull grinder (4 months ago)
How do you not know if this is the devil talking to you boom
Zodiac Wars (4 months ago)
I had a dream I was dreaming of a friend who recently died
Ray Chi (4 months ago)
I’ve had dreams about my mom but she dies at the end every dream and i haven’t had a dream where she hasenr died it makes me sad
Jim Moore (4 months ago)
I quite often dream of my mom and dad my grandparents and my uncles who have died but in my dreams they are not dead they are not ghosts it is the present in my dreams and they are all still alive not once have I had a dream where they come and tell me that they are dead and if there's a heaven or hell I just dream like none of them ever died so what is that all about
t (4 months ago)
t (4 months ago)
once i had a dream where i was in a grave yard then a ghost of my dead gran said you will die right here and it will happen right now then so many ghost and zombies came and i cood fill the ghost bite me and one of the zombies said come to me and i said why shood i trust you your a zombie then he said just do it if you wont to live so i did then he took me to my home and said why wood you trust a zombie im like all the others and i said befor you kill me tell me why my mum and brothers and dads and baby sister souls are there and the zombie said once a sine test spilled the wrong thing on a fake zombie then the zombie came to life and the zombie grabed the piostion and spilled it on another fake zombie then the sine test got eaten and then the zombies made a baby and then it cep on happening the your mum and dad tryed to save you and it did work but now your here and then i started crying and then the zombie said are you okay and i said if you wont to eat me just do it then the zombie cryed and said im not gonna eat you now and then the other zombies and ghost killed me and my gran said i was that sine teset and i did that on perpes so nothing made the same mastake as my mum then i died and when i was dead i said WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!! then my gran said it was the only thing i wood do then i woke up.if you read this plz tell me some of the most scary dreams you have had and give this a like
Charles Kellas (4 months ago)
My wife has been getting these dreams since she was a child, she says these dreams are so real and sometimes will wake up crying. She also will dream of an event and it will actually happen.
I’m lactose Intolerant (4 months ago)
I just wanna freak myself out lol
arturHD (5 months ago)
Omg as soon as i was listning scared, litrally a car went passed and there were lights shining across the wall. I though that was someone and that scared the soul out of me. Im not sleeping after that.
I dreamt of my pet dying in my dreams, what does that mean? He is my closest friend i dont want him to die.
Megan Wilkinson (5 months ago)
My grandmother came in my dream lest night it was so beautiful and she had a message for me
Jeanette Sykes (5 months ago)
This information is not biblical
keelsmac01 (5 months ago)
I had a friend come to say goodbye to me. He had cancer. I told him I’d go with him, he said no you can’t. While this happened I happened to be sleeping. He wasn’t dead when I went to bed. He died that night while I was sleeping. My friend called me the next morning to tell me he died. Wow...it was amazing.
melvin stonestreet (5 months ago)
i dream about my dad stepfather my friend and my brother to i miss them so much i love them so much to
ιν. χχιν .мм (5 months ago)
The first dream i had after my mom died was horrible. I remember walking out of the elevator pushing her in the wheelchair. Then i thought to myself omg she made it back she didnt die 😢 it was just a bad dream....i turned her around to look at her. she was alive and she even smiled but she looked dead her gums black and face pale white. I woke up in tears. Now she's in every dream i have including my nightmares but its better then not see her at all.
Zari b (5 months ago)
A few months after my cousin died I kept praying that I would somehow be sure she was okay wherever she was. One of those night's I had a dream and my cousin was yelling " Zari IM OKAY. I'M DANCING IN THE CLOUDS. IM HAVING SO MUCH FUN! " and in the dream I was the only one that could hear/see her. She was wearing all white and seemed so happy. That dream warmed my heart and now i truly believe shes okay.
Julie Anne (5 months ago)
I still dream of my daughter and her father, it has been 13 years since her dad passed and almost 6 years since she did. i don't see them alot but when I do i talk to them and it seems as if all is normal.
Luis Sanchez (5 months ago)
In my case not good
Hanna Utoslahti (5 months ago)
I just woke up 8:23, i had a dream of my father who died when i was nine, we talked avout so much, i told him -where have you been? Then he said he was in sweden eating chips. -how are you here then? Are you in our world but still another? (Everything looks the same but its another world) the world for dead people. HE SAID YES. It feels like i know what happens after death... When the dream was ending i screamed ”I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!”
Jaclyn M. (5 months ago)
My dad passed away 2 years ago....2 months after he died, I had 2 dreams about him, on the first one, he was just holding my hand and smiling. On the second dream, he came up to me and said: "Don't worry, everything is going to be OK" I suffer from anxiety and worry daily about everything...😣 I miss him daily 😢⚘💔
Flat Earther (5 months ago)
I saw Michel Jackson in my dream!!
sherrell Watkins (10 days ago)
Me too
Sophiya Thapa (6 months ago)
Yesterday I had a dream of my grandmother... she was wrapped in a beautiful dress and jewellers and also asked my grandfather when is he coming with her ...but suddenly she started chasing me she turned into a scary person and she cracked the photo of her and grandpa which was hanging on the wall but only hers broke and that photo turned her eyes black and hair messy then she chased me again. I was so scared it felt real..then she bit my fingers I woke up .. I was freezing cold but my feets were very warm I felt her breathing behind me.. neither I could shout nor I could move myself..I waited for the morning to happen...my whole body was aching but when I woke up the pain was gone!
sacca lisa (6 months ago)
I dreamt yesterday laying in bed with dad,he kissed me intimately and was touching him,he pushed my hand but he was kissing me then I just woke up and very scared,😭😭very confused bec He's passed on years back,pls can u explain what it means
I had a dream where my dead grandfather was wearing a blue shirt and was on a computer in a room What does this mean?
Jai Divya (6 months ago)
Plz I have to see my dead husband and dead daughter plz help me
MykoPlayz (6 months ago)
Hi. I'm dead I wanna say why we are going in your dream, cuz we wanna tell you the last word god gave us chance to tell you. Jk I'm not dead but I will try xd
Chooi Edward (6 months ago)
1.When a person dreams, the person is actually in another dimension. Everyday people refer this as dream.!! 2. In the cosmos there are several dimensions that a particular person exists in them. When a person dies, the person is eliminated from this dimension ( earth) only, not from all other dimensions .
tyamada21 (6 months ago)
When my younger brother died of cancer he was 300ks away and appeared for just a second in front of me smiling at the same time. He looked like a porcelain, so perfect and healthy. A few months later on fathers day, I had a dream and there he was as real as the day itself. He was in what appeared to be a park - it was a summers day - he looked contented and perfectly healthy. We communicated telepathically - just simple stuff - a single bed mattress was suddenly standing up by my side - I thought that he must use it there to lay in the sunshine - as I looked down towards the bottom there was a huge tear/hole in the mattress and I felt concerned - my brother noticed and just waved it away, as if to say don't worry about it. He had 4 young boys and after I woke up, I decided to call them. The eldest one answered and sounded half asleep still - I asked him why and he said his 2 dogs had kept everyone awake making noises out the back. My brother was a commercial artist and had a workroom in the backyard - my nephew explained that during the final days, his dad had layed on a mattress under the fan watching TV. When he died they'd stood the mattress up against the wall inside his workroom. That night the dogs had managed to force the door open and tore a hole in the mattress.
Sion K (6 months ago)
Tyamada21 hi so sorry to hear about your brother one of my brothers died a few years back it was sudden he didn't know feel or see it coming he was killed by a gun shot to the back of the head while he was having dinner at his home, when he died i started to have dreams of him being angry towards me for no reason, i would feel guilty because i had said something to him that i didn't mean i remember my dreams turning out to be a nightmare i could feel his angry presence around me. One day i couldn't take it and i would make a prayer to him and asked him to stop and dont appeared to me again, few months after i didn't see him anymore in my dreams or felt his presence around me when i moved out of my mom's house and was settling into my new apartment a few weeks he appeared to me in a dream in the dream i ask him why he's beeing so mean towards me I'm not the one who've taking his life? and didn't i love him and treated him like a brother? He never came to me again in that tone now and then i would see him smiling looking as if he has just been born looking fresh glowing and more peacefully
Blanca Rodriguez (6 months ago)
What does it mean when you are in deep r.e.m. sleep but don't dream at all...?
Maria West (6 months ago)
Lets just pray for them for the Rest and peace för the soul
Bitrus Ibrahim Mingyi (6 months ago)
The dead do not appear and can not appear to the living. The Bible says all souls and spirits belong to God. When a person dies his or her soul and spirit which are inseparable either goes to heaven to be with God or hell fire to be with Satan and demons. What people see in dreams as departed ones are actually familiar spirits. You can command them in the name of Jesus Christ to go away and they will!
lilddonovandark (1 month ago)
the bible liess about alot of things so i wouldnt take that seriously
Sion K (6 months ago)
Not to be rude or telling anyone what to do but, but have you seeing your love ones or know anyone that past on apared in your dreams? Do you rebuke them in the Jesus name to go away cause they're demons and did they? How do you know that haven and hell is what the bible describes it to be? One souls go to heaven and the other gose to hell i find it difficult that everything people see think and believe as to be or to do with is demons. From the time we were born we learn and teach that everything good or bad as something related to demons, for this we constantly living our lives in fare because of these believes and teachings that is comes to a point we don't know how to separate what is what true divine from what we were thought it to be true. Asked someone what a true demon or the devi looks like without describing on the features according to what the bible say, no one! No one can give you a real description without the demon having horns, so Stop! Stop telling people that its a demon. People like you wake up every day living in fear without out thinking of saying a prayer fear of being a demon attacking you evil spirit entering your home family and what not, beliving that if you don't watch or do what gods says he's gonna strike you down, if you're not walking in a righteous path you're going to hell!! I wish you people all the heavenly bless while people like me or others who do not wakeing up everyday constantly waiting for demons or evil spirit to jump scared us🤐😞😔😨😱😈💀😒😂
Barbara Lynch (7 months ago)
When anyone I personally know passes, soon after I have visitation dreams with them and they always give me one sentence, that only I would know what they are talking about. It's very comforting to me, as they are giving me a message
Lorraine Dali (7 months ago)
I keep seeing my boyfriend brother that I never met he tells me things to pass on to his brother , I'm not scared but don't really understand it much he died when he was a younger boy he's now in his 30..my grandmother came to my boyfriend but he knew things about me as a young girl conversation I had with my gram gram I never told him or anyone ..I feel vunable and feel I can't really tell anyone I since I was a younger girl always knew things were going to happen and they did I get a overwhelming feeling come over me I can't control it I thought the older I got I depressed it but the older I got it is there ,I recently told my boyfriend that I feel things and that I'm different I no i am .my third eye has just opened still new at learning about it .I'm have been getting lot of headaches. But I need to learn and know because lately I've been having alot of messed up dreams .I guess I'm all over the place it doesn't help that I'm a emotional person I'm trying to figure out my life someone help me I don't no what to listen to or to meditation how to begin what to listen too this part is all new to me
Paul Allooloo (7 months ago)
whats the background trap / piano music song called? i want :P
Genevia Mintz (7 months ago)
The dead no nothing of the living
Cora Hewitt (7 months ago)
When ever someone in my family dies I see them sitting next to my bed in my dream.
the dead dont come back
Elijah Vu (7 months ago)
I wanna see my uncle again
FRANCESCA MUSCAT (7 months ago)
I dreamt about my uncle and aunt 3 times
Ester Willis (7 months ago)
Let me tell you why you see so called dead people. In your dreams. You see the so called dead because they no longer have their bodies and they have over come this Earth(Terra) they have finally given back the earth what belongs to it. You will at times see their images beause you have locked the images of the dead especially family members, friends, aquaintences people you met. But you know their bodies have died. Your subconscious mind has them lock into your memory. You may dream about them every time you close your eyes. Also remember that now that they are free from the body they may be allowed by God to visit you as a warning for something. God does whatever he chooses. And don't forget that there are demons who portray themselves as human forms also. I wouldn't be afraid because you are Spirit also but you have a body. We are SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY. Believe or not it is still the truth.
Julie Pownall (7 months ago)
I dream about my mum who passed away at christmas 2011 l loved her & miss her so much
Judith Forgony (7 months ago)
Sometimes they asking for prayers
Mary Richardson (7 months ago)
My best friend died in 2008. My husband of forty years, died in 2009. They have come to me in my darkest hour. I don't ever remember then talking to, just walking beside me in a park like area. The first of 2018, I had a series of dreams with my husband. He was always there to help me. In one dream the steering wheel broke off of my car, he was there and fixed it with a zip tie. Another I lost my car, there was a snow storm. He came in his pick up and we drove towards our home at the time. I sat next to him, just like use to. I knew he could get us home safely. I was very calm, I had peace in my Heart knowing he would always be there to see me to safety. I've always had dreams.
Magdalena Bernadette (7 months ago)
My daughter had a dream that my mom told her that she has breast cancer,my sister went and got checked and it came back positive that she had breast cancer, she never would have gotten checked out if it wasn't for that dream.
Chicken Nugget (7 months ago)
Im seeing xxxtentacion in my dreams its hurting me
sherrell Watkins (10 days ago)
Me to
YOLANDA KELLY (7 months ago)
Emelita Hernandez (7 months ago)
I dream of my late father sleeping on the sofa.I told him that i want sleep beside him.Then when i woke i was really on that sofa where i saw him sleeping.
Eric Demaris (7 months ago)
What if the dead people in your dreams are your relatives and in reality they're not dead they're only dead in your dreams standing in the doorway of your bedroom staring at you not moving not saying anything what do you ask them what they want all you get is beer like it the truest form of evil that you could ever sense but these people are not dead they're only dead in your dreams
Bec Hurlbut (7 months ago)
Sunny D (7 months ago)
I have dreamed about my childhood friend. I also dreamed about my grand dad. This happens periodically.
Fortnite Clipz (7 months ago)
Idk how to put this but last night I had a dream about my dad who died 3 years ago. There was this place we would go to and I loved that place so I went back to it and felt the energy and I started crying hard. When I woke up I had no idea how to speak or feel and I can’t stop crying now. Wtf is going on?
Laurendina Miller (7 months ago)
Ask the Lord for saving Grace of God.
Cindy Costello (7 months ago)
I'm not saying this doesn't happen. I just wonder how the people who create these types of videos know these things.
Willissa Butler (7 months ago)
I dreamed about Whitney Houston , my two twin sisters, Chad Butler aka pimp c. my ex mother in law my aunt Brenda my ex boyfriends mother named Dorothy price my great aunt ruby my other aunt ruby my grandmother Beatrice James Brown, ester rollie from good times my son's father, ,my cousin Joe children's, Vanessa Jefferson, and tupac. He is now alive and is my fiancé because I saved his life September 13th
Charlotte Reyna (7 months ago)
I have had several dreams of my mother who passed very unexpectedly. Sometimes she is with my grandma, her mother, and sometimes she is with my father who is still alive but has Alzheimer's. Each time we are just doing mundane things like cooking or shopping. There is no dialect, just a connection and strong feelings of love, belonging, and well being. I wake up feeling very comforted after these dreams. They are so strong, that often I am holding my hands in the same position as I was in the dream ex: washing dishes, ect. Other times I wake up talking aloud to them. I feel that they are waiting for me...
Kenny Keffer (7 months ago)
You need Jesus
robert valderaz (7 months ago)
My mother comes to me in my dreams, I have seen her and we spoke of things affecting my life at the time. And she showed me where she existed. It was awesome.
sinclear savior (7 months ago)
why do live people appear in our dreams?
Cool Gamer (7 months ago)
When I was walking down my house I looked above and I saw my brother. But he already passed away. He came down and he looked at me.He said “how are you”? And I said “I’m good thank you.” He was like an angel of god aka Jesus Christ. My mum looked outside of the window and she walked out the door and say who are you talking to? And I said, “My brother!” And she was like wow! Then she went back inside and I keeped on talking to my brother! And then I wake up about 5:00 am Exactly on that time. So I don’t know I’ve my brother was lying with me when I went to bed because I felt him touching me on my back just a little tap. So yeah he was like blared our like Blurry. So thats my story!
joy austin (7 months ago)
I ve not had any dreams in awhile, I want a visit from my mom. The past years I ve had past relatives to come speak to me in the bodies they had hear, I love this memory, my grandfather passed away,. we had a gathering at his older sisters house,. I was in the sitting area, ( not the living room). It was a room where guest .sit be greeted esp if a gentleman courted a young lady,. I loved idea of that room, I went to sit, one of my papaw's brothers were there in the room (idk that was his brother) we started a conversation, I asked how he d been, got on the topic of fishing, the last time I went fishing was with my dad when I was 12. Then he invited me to go on a fishing trip and I said I d love to go, even if I was by or on the river, I love water and nature, then he said something that caught my ear, we have never forgotten you, you may have thought we did, but no we didn't, I told him thank you. I had been wondering about that area my dad's realitives in, it's way in country, I have had felt forgotten and abandoned by them.....I was told, I hadn't been,. Then on drive home, I was talking to my aunt uncle and I found out that brother had died, I loved I was comforted by his words, every now then I ll make a post that says. I d like to get a post card so I know when a elder was coming to see me.
Michael Mars (7 months ago)
Michael Jackson appears in my dream and I enjoy it
Morton Carol (7 months ago)
My father=in=law appeared to me, right before he died. His message, to me, was that he loved me & he understood how his son was treating me. He asked me to put my head, on his shoulders. That was the only time he appeared to me. I felt such love for him.
Michael Spinks (7 months ago)
Hey...I see dead people. *Ba dum tss*
Michael Spinks (7 months ago)
What..a little humour NEVER killed anyone... *Ba dum tss* I'll leave...
Clandy Jeur (8 months ago)
Because your ancestors awaken you to help them, because they believe you can help them while you are alive today, because they fail when they alive but today the WORDS OF GOD OPEN for each of us today to stand for them and help them come back again and starts all over again with our children's and grandchildren. Believe it or not, it up for each person alive today. If we love them it makes us choose what is right and good only. We all born to seek soul not materials because if we die, we will die naked too; it like when we born on Earth, we come out naked when we were baby. That's everybody choices!!! That's why WORD OF GOD said; HE WILL wipe away all our tears and sorrows.
KCCAT5 (8 months ago)
My grandmother used to visit me and my dreams. I even said to her once how could you be here you're dead and she said I know. The whole time that she ever spoke to me in my dreams though her lips never moved it was really weird. One time after my mom passed I stopped seeing my grandma my mom came to me in a dream she didn't talk I saw her in a house and she was preparing for the arrival of somebody. Shortly after that dream my sister's mother-in-law who used to be neighbors with my mom passed away. I never dreamt of her again.
Luna The Article pony (8 months ago)
Huh well I be having dreams about my grandma and my friend rose and I found this video to explain why I been having dreams am only 11 years old my grandma always plays with me when I go to sleep she will always tell me about the future but, I be having dreams about people I don’t know and I need someone to tell me how am I having stranger in my dreams
Lisa Lentile (8 months ago)
my mom watches over me

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