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Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

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Text Comments (135690)
Máté Tamók (1 hour ago)
Természet Ellenes !
dwight pfeiffer (1 hour ago)
Wise lesbians don't get emotionally invested in Bi girls, they will leave you for a penis every time and break your heart.
The only people I’ve told that I’m lesbian is my best friend and my mum
plantgirl (3 hours ago)
Basically the bisexual song if you "do" to "too". Hi. I'm a half closeted bisexual (i haven't told my dad yet). Love to all the other lgbtq+ boos ❤️.
kattness the dog (3 hours ago)
1k I'll tell my parents I'm bi
dwdeline55 (4 hours ago)
Lezbos of the lipstick variety
jodi 1247 (6 hours ago)
I'm bisexual I have almost been out for a year but I have known for about 8 years and I have never been to pride, so my first pride is coming up soon I just wanted to know is it good and should I be nervous?
BlueJayOnTheTraxx (6 hours ago)
Repent and turn to the Lord, you dont have much time. If you wait to do it once death is at your door it'll be too late. I pray y'all see the truth. God loves you and he wants to see you in heaven with him. God bless whoever reads this.
Emma Thompsett (6 hours ago)
this is a song i blast at full volume and scream to when my parents aren't home; cuz I'm a closeted gayeeee
Annamarie Dannehl (6 hours ago)
Not lesbian buuuut this song is soooo good!!!!😂❤️
GlitterUnicorn (8 hours ago)
No offense but, this isn't how God made us, he does love us for who we are but kissing girls is a sin, and he doesn't love us for our sins, No hate.
Perry Wilson (8 hours ago)
This music video made me realize I’m _mad_ gay like for real
Said Alsharif (8 hours ago)
I like girls too😘😍❤️🔥🐱🐱❤️❤️
Allie McAlister (8 hours ago)
Legit everyone like " stay away from guys " , " they're the devil " , " only have one thing on their mind " , etc. Well they don't have to tell me twice
Duc Chung MD (9 hours ago)
Gay Pride Song “I’m Gonna Live Today”
UKpanda Channel (9 hours ago)
Damn she beat the crap outta him. 😂😂
Evey Stone (10 hours ago)
This is a meaningful message to people
Caitlyn Kerlinger (7 hours ago)
So one day I texted my grandmother I was a lesbian. She called my dad and was screaming it over the phone at him. I really don’t feel like my dad had a problem, he just was a bit concerned and asked why I was saying that. My answer was I don’t know, because it was true. I would think my grandmother would respect me for that and love me even more for it. But that’s how I found out she’s a homo. Any ways I have now realized I’m bisexual. When the girls kissed in the video I started crying, I fully support it and see it as beautiful. I don’t understand how my grandmother and the many other homosexuals like her don’t understand, we are all humans and we all should love eachother and be happy for who we are. I got to go now. Good bye. Always love yourself for who you are and how you feel. ❤️ Edit: I forgot to say that I told my cousin and she fully supports me unlike my grandma and I’m not sure about my dad. She didn’t say I was too young and was happy when I told her I had a girlfriend! But I’m single now and going to a new school so I hope I find someone like me that I feel I can love and trust.
FOODmaKesMeEaRfQuACk (10 hours ago)
I was 6 wen I looked at song
Alice (12 hours ago)
*Cries in bisexual*
TheBanditOfApril21 (13 hours ago)
Uh girls are so pretty??? Like. They're so soft and their laughs are really beautiful and their smiles just light up a room. They're so pretty and a lot of them are nice, if you couldn't tell I like girls a lot
Yeeunji • (14 hours ago)
I've never had a crush on a girl (I'm lesbian 👉🏻👈🏻) but since I'll go to a new school I hope I'll find a gurlll 👉🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻
Fernando Carmona (14 hours ago)
More mind control to trash our younger generations... here we go
irena todorovic (15 hours ago)
Dom207 Clips (15 hours ago)
2k Likes And I will tell my parents that I’m Lesbian
Tara Ramlall (16 hours ago)
Quỳnh Quỳnh (16 hours ago)
When I come out My mom said: Please stop it 😔 ...
Yeeunji • (14 hours ago)
Quỳnh Quỳnh she doesn't accept you ???
ovi c. (16 hours ago)
devils work... sick sick sick
ovi c. (16 hours ago)
btw. painfuly bad song...
Ada wongz (16 hours ago)
Reminder to all this is the most cutest beautiful mv ever
Namjj Hunbpt5 (17 hours ago)
100 likes and I'll come out to my homophobic ass dad Day 0: People are doing it and 1k sounds greedy- so I'm going for 100. I'll update every day ig so it'll be a long ass comment- Day 1: Day 2: Day 3:
Hot Tea (17 hours ago)
I don’t remember this in lemonade mouth?
Marta Murias (18 hours ago)
Keep coming back
Mustafa AL-iraqi (19 hours ago)
Fuck on gay
UrboyCrazy (20 hours ago)
Trash. This is a sin
Alice (10 hours ago)
U sucks.
Danielle Shaw (20 hours ago)
I’m not bawling. I’ve got something in my eye
Ary _Freek (21 hours ago)
I can't undestand the dislikes. This is beautifull
Jada Patton (21 hours ago)
Okay I shouldn’t have laughed when he pulled her hair but I did oh-
Instant Ramen (23 hours ago)
Mom: I dreamt of you being pregnant Me: Hahaha...don’t worry I’ll never In mind: cause I’m gay
Christinalyn Jabagat (23 hours ago)
what title movie is this???
karma bhutia (1 day ago)
i like ur music ❤
crackedghost (1 day ago)
just really feeling like a lesbian in this chili’s tonight fuck
M (1 day ago)
2k likes and I tell my friends I'm bi 😮
lila !! (1 day ago)
this song's been out as long as i have and the line "i'm real and i don't feel like boys" still hits so hard... lit rally just cried x
#RIPTILIKUM (1 day ago)
I’m not like all the other comments I actually just like this song
Santa Abby (1 day ago)
i heard this song when i was in denial of my sexual orientation like i tried so desperately to convince myself that i was straight and liked dudes, but i felt this, i loved girls but was in denial, but now i’m out i’m a lesbian and i’m proud of it!!!
Josue Garcia (1 day ago)
tell me if you feel it too
i lish (1 day ago)
im not gay but i _love_ this
Kammu Kamaru (1 day ago)
Twice랠 (1 day ago)
I’m start being confused about my sexuality by this song .
lovesmusic916 (1 day ago)
I'm still here!! *sips watermelon Arizona * DA FUCK!
Demetri Rapoport (1 day ago)
honestly the music is good and all trust me but the music video and watching the characters develop and soon to the kiss (MY INNER GAY IS SCREAMING WHEN I FIRST WATCHED THIS I WAS SO HAPPY YOU DONT UNDERSTAND) makes this sososoos much better. the actresses did a great job
Ivan Volkov (1 day ago)
IL violate those fukn lil bitchz lol
Jess o' Belle (1 day ago)
I love this too much
Random Guy (1 day ago)
Most of these comments are proof that people aren't born gay.
Toxic DemonWolf (1 day ago)
I love this
So you can clearly see who I am by my name and I’m bisexual so here’s me revealing to a whole bunch of strangers and not my friends and family 😂
Tuyukin Animation (1 day ago)
This is my most favorite song before watching this bcs I support LGBTQ+
nobody important (1 day ago)
Did anyone notice it’s kinda like a Disney crossover Stefanie Scott = Lexi Reed, Ant Farm Kelsey Chow = Mikayla Mokoola, Pair of King Hayley Kiyoko = Stella Yamada, Lemonade Mouth
DENZONIA [][][][][] (1 day ago)
Getting gayer and gayer everyday
Loxagina (1 day ago)
family: "stay away from boys" me, a closeted lesbian: 'UH, NO FUCKING PROBLEM"
Loxagina (1 day ago)
2016: Im gonna marry a rich man! 2017: omfg lgbt relationships are so cute! I support them. 2018: *watches lgbt yters* 2019: oKAY SO,,,
elliot (1 day ago)
in september of 2018 i watched this video and decided i was a lesbian. i recently realized i’m a straight trans dude, but this video is still so fucking powerful
Twice랠 (1 day ago)
I was meeting this girl in my tuition class . damn I fall for her naturally and guess what . She’s straight more than my hair tho .
Georgina Adam (1 day ago)
I came out as bi to my mum last night and she was so supportive so now im listening to this for the 10000th time and crying I knew I didn't just like this song......
army boy (1 day ago)
Aaaaaah soo cute
hellobee (1 day ago)
I’m scared to tell my parents I’m pans even if they already said “we support lgbtq and atheists no matter what” it’s still akward
Fatima Hekmet (1 day ago)
Girls fight for their girls like boys do 💪🏻
Fatima Hekmet (1 day ago)
2015 : Wow , this song is perfect 2016 : Wow , this song is perfect 2017 : Wow , this song is perfect 2018 : Wow , this song is perfect 2019 : Wow , this song is perfect
AniMere (1 day ago)
3 years later and I still rewatch the first gay video I saw that made me realize I wasn’t straight
2013 : Uhm eww 2016: still not normal 2018: it's okay I guess 2019: why do I love this now? Me in the future : Bich u should have tell ur family.
Julie (1 day ago)
Okay so why should we care about labels again? We love who we love and that's it. Lol I don't even think I fit into one label, at first I thought I was gay but then actually no etc Labels just make things even more complicated, like I would be a : bisexual with 75% gay tendencies, if we consider the perfect bisexual as the 50/50 point, I would be the 75/25 😂😂😂 (and if we added precision into those numbers it would be WORSE) SO yeah kids, don't absolutely try to label yourself. If you want and you can ok fine, and if you can't ok fine.
Angalyssa Bosco (1 day ago)
Wait wait wait Is that girl from ant farm!! Lexie!
Mitocondria S. (1 day ago)
Wtf is up with the nasty ass cigarettes in lesbian videos :(
julia mat (2 days ago)
Hayley Kiyoko: girls like girls like boys too Brendon Urie: girls love girls and boys
Sam Falcasantos (2 days ago)
Mom and Dad: Don't date boys because you're too young Me: *starts dating girls*
Alexi Wolfie (2 days ago)
I listened to this song and then freaked out cause I figured out my sexuality 😅 Surprise mom ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤⚪️
Xan Bell (2 days ago)
You know... I'm almost 30, and growing up it just became normal to expect nothing I see in media to represent how I felt. I clung to my Tegan and Sara. Now it's like a wave, smacking me in the face with gayness and I couldn't be happier. I thought life was supposed to be unfair but this shit is unreal, thank you.
Gude Jan (2 days ago)
I'm so fckin sad rn pls
Patrick Hoe (2 days ago)
REET, I LOVE This song video it is so good!!!! LGBTQ for life!!!!
1k likes and I’ll tell my mom I’m dating a girl (Ain’t sure if I’m a lesbian or bi so don’t ask!!)
Juliana Echeverry (2 days ago)
Yo soy lesbiana, pero con esta canción, me siento el doble :v
Leah Wiker (2 days ago)
alittlebitch (2 days ago)
até hoje esperando que façam um filme desse clipe
Julia Rose (2 days ago)
I first found this years ago and it honestly was I think the turning point for me discovering my sexuality. It's nice coming back to it after all this time and remembering.
Mimi Nato (2 days ago)
Wow this was so cute... and sad? In my time lool we had t.a.t.u but was all marketing T____T. This video was very right to the heart , thank goodness people are more open to this things now...
Nikitha Chwe (2 days ago)
Itsuki- Gamer (2 days ago)
Respet LGTB ♡♡♡❤❤❤
Will sing fo food. (2 days ago)
I love this song so much. The story is amazing and really touching. Keep making amazing things ♥️♥️♥️
0 (2 days ago)
Xantair (2 days ago)
So strong
Manuelly Vitoria (2 days ago)
Someone in the world (2 days ago)
If I get 2k likes I tell my whole family I'm lesbian please don't like
Someone in the world (2 days ago)
Everybody in the family : got a new boyfriend? *looks at your best friend *. Me: No he's not *awkward gay look *
Sandy Huynh (2 days ago)
2016: hmm cute I just like the song 2017: Do I like girls? 2018: yep definitely like girls 2019: ugh yea I confirmed I am bi but I can’t tell my family or they disowned me Who’s Asian here knows what I’m talking about
Demons Ch8ld (2 days ago)
Third time watching it kn the same hour I'm so gay
lili rawr (2 days ago)
*_[screeches in gay]_*
Kim_ _Haneul (2 days ago)
That awkward moment when you are pansexual in a comment section filled with gay and bisexual people
Glow Up (2 days ago)
Every time I see somebody in my family after a while Family member : " have you got a boyfriend yet ? " Me : " no " Family member : " oh why not ? " Me : " cOz mY sEcReT gIrLfRiEnD wOuLd Be PrEtTy PiSsEd " Whole family : ._. My dad : " ME TOO ... wait what ? "
Poppy Seren (2 days ago)
is anyone here up for a relation ship? i`m 13 single duh i like vsco style and i like vintage kinda stuff my favourite shows are stranger things, river dale, american horror story, teen wold and vampire diaries comment down below if interested x
Poppy Seren (2 days ago)
for the last 2 ours i have been sitting in bed watching this on a repeat singing and crying. i`m 13 and for the last year i have tried to force myself to like guys. i forced myself to watch "cute straight couples " videos. i tried so hard. after a thew months i decided i would try and come out... it was horrible i couldn't walk throe the school hallway with out people shouting at me that i`m a skanky lesbo, tranny, ugly cow, and lots more i got told to kill myself on a daily. so after a thew weeks i couldn't deal with it anymore, i told everyone one off my friends dared me to come out as gay to see what would happen. everyone believed me. fast forward to now i`m still coming out as straight evan tho i know i like girls. i hate it. i`m pretending to be someone i`m not every single day. all the popular kids make your life a living hell if they know your part off the LGBT. i dont know what to do. if you see this please help me i dont know what to do anymore

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