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homebrew - Making 26% alcohol is eaaasy!

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I love this stuff. I've been doing this since I learned how yeasts anearobically ferment. Every kind of alcohol gives a different drunk, homebrew is unique. You can also use fining agents (e.g. gelatine) to get rid of the debris at the end. It may take a couple of rounds of cooling/decanting to get rid of it. please drink responsibly and follow your local and federal laws. I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this video for excessive intoxication or illegal activity. Proceed at your own risk. I also highly recommend not to alter this process so as to attempt an increase in alcohol percent (e.g. distilling) as it may yield poisonous levels of methanol. This video is for scientific education purposes to demonstrate the applications of anaerobic fermentation. download the written instructions here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B0Din0Zhz7aKMDE4OGJkMzMtN2QzNi00YjU0LWI2YTYtODY1OGM5ZGI0ZmQ3&hl=en
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passtheBuck Canuck (1 day ago)
Done this, BUT used fast rise bread yeast.. Does the alcohol grade brewing yeast make it taste any better....Not that it matters.... MOST US AIN'T MAKIN IT FER THE TASTE....KNOW I'M SAYIN???
Jamie McG (1 day ago)
Or use a funnel
I saw no science
Your music sucks tho
Grant Kiple (2 days ago)
Most important step is to have a black kitty supervising 😍
spam lite (3 days ago)
Prison jungle juices dude must be a excon.
Feels Good Man (4 days ago)
That's a lot of yeast bro
MR PICKLE'S (5 days ago)
That's a lot of yeast for 2l lol it's gna taste like fart and your body is gna produce a lot of carbon dioxide from your ass these 22abv yeast are meant to make a mash or wash to distill into spirts,, get some champagne or cider yeast for fruit alcohol drinks,,,just a friendly tip pal we all make mistake
Andre Treml (5 days ago)
Can I use instant yeast?
Ethan Schafer (6 days ago)
I'm 11 cant wait to try this
Überflip Tilapia (6 days ago)
this is some classic YouTube shit
P e w D i e P i e e (6 days ago)
Juice + Sugar + Yeast Wait 5 days Leave in Fridge for 3 days Drink
Ric of Vic (7 days ago)
Creating all that CO2. Would AOC’s GND approve?
Ricky McKim (7 days ago)
Got busted in County Jail making wine.24% They tested it.Got the recipe from doing Prison time.Message me if u want it.
dan smolen (7 days ago)
Funnel outsmarted 'ya huh?
red headed stepchild (7 days ago)
Megan Castle (7 days ago)
Lol wish I knew this when I was in high school
Big Bud (7 days ago)
Go get some liqour at the damn store you broke mother fuckers!
Al Capone (8 days ago)
murphy did a great job, i salute him
Brian King (10 days ago)
i doubt that it was 26% proof as with the yeast you used takes it to a maximum of 8%, even champagne yeast would not get that volume...you would have to distill it and also the juice you used would be concentrate, you can not brew concentrate juice as it would contain saccharin and polysaccharides,
raiderking69 (11 days ago)
I just wanted to see more shots of the chick.
Orion (11 days ago)
You might as well drink camel piss mixed with vodka
dude thats a fuckton of yeast. wtf lol
the measuring cup you used for the sugar is for liquids only dum dum.
TheExtremeEvoker (12 days ago)
Thanks, I need something to relax on, this will do!!!
gizmo no (14 days ago)
L V L S (15 days ago)
I've got my latest batch on the go, it's being stored in a relatively warm place and the turbo yeast is acting a fool. I always leave mine for a minimum of 2 weeks before dropping in the required amount of campden tabs then filter like fuck. I also don't faff around with 2 litre bottles anymore, it's only 5 litre bottles every time
David Smith (18 days ago)
After I make it I always use Sprite or 7 up. Because it's nasty, sprite and 7 up make's it drinkable..
L V L S (15 days ago)
After I filtered mine using a charcoal filter 10 - 20 it's pretty tasty
Simon Boucher (18 days ago)
1.8 L bottle of grape juice. 2 c sugar. Wine yeast. Instant pot. 48hrs on yogurt setting. 18% wine.
Lil Beets (18 days ago)
I just butt chugged this crap I'm fucked up can't move....love the cat btw
Lil Beets (18 days ago)
+Jeff Schleg turbo yeast
Jeff Schleg (18 days ago)
What type of yeast did you use? Like bread yeast, wine etc, if you don't know then what brand?
CasperYaBoi (18 days ago)
You should've shaken the bottle 1-2 minutes before adding the yeast. It's more healthier for the yeast.
Karl ! (19 days ago)
I done this with bread yeast and Apple juice years ago. Tasted fucking disgusting.....drank 2 litres of it though and was pissed as a fart. Gonna get myself some proper alcohol yeast and try it again.
MangTastic TV (20 days ago)
Instructions not clear enough my dick is caught in the fan
C S (20 days ago)
It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know about this in high school
Bill Collins (20 days ago)
Eric Fuentes (22 days ago)
Maybe 6%
Didn't understand the cat part.. now my cat is filled with yeast and I still don't have alcohol
S Li (23 days ago)
Mothalova made a straight funnel... Top opening was marginally larger than the bottle... That's just called a tube.
If this works I wouldn’t recommend anybody try this.
kushiebudz SiRDanK (24 days ago)
Fucking eh budz !!! Canadian 🤜👌✌
RedEyePergo (24 days ago)
why not just use a real funnel McGuyver ?
Jaymz Gaetz (25 days ago)
Ok that's enough millennial metrosexual music. Call me gone in 20 seconds
Mickle In a Pickle (26 days ago)
Cat is hanging out to get fucked up on it..
Ahri Fox (27 days ago)
Does your cat ever get high with you?
Dark Sorcerer (27 days ago)
Now pour that shit into a clean bucket and stick it in the deep freezer for a bit and check on it every so often. When there is a layer of ice on top, take it out and toss the ice! Do this until no more ice has formed and you get drunk from a couple shots of this instead of half the jug 👍🏼
Worst wine making tutorial I've ever seen. Enjoy drinking that yucky hooch
AnyWho (28 days ago)
you should have pointed out in video that your not suppose to drink the settlement on bottom of jug after its fermented, i mean i understood the meaning of the decant pic at end of video but i know there a lot of people with dim bulbs out there that missed the meaning there ... <just sayin>
Tal Yemini (29 days ago)
It is safe to drink?
Jeff Schleg (18 days ago)
Yes it is
flogger (29 days ago)
What about the methanol in it, how do we know it's at safe levels
Peter Melnyk (29 days ago)
think you need more yeast....lmfao...youngsters. ..
Steven Meadors (30 days ago)
Alcotek 48 will give you 20% in 2 days. There is a guy selling moonshine turbo yeast on e-bay makes 28% in 7 days with only fermenting. It works, did it 8 times and ave. 21-27% in 7 to 10 days.
donald barnett (30 days ago)
Alcohol content won't go over much over about 17% at that percentage the alcohol kills the yeast. To go above 17% or so you must distill ,freeze water out or absorb water out.
justin knight (30 days ago)
Zero chance of that being 26%
Alex (1 month ago)
This is a classic old canadian hoser drink - called the red cherry shart explosion martini Hahahhahahaha what a douchebag, retarded canadians loool
general zzodd (1 month ago)
Murphy approved!🐱👍
Mr.Pardo (1 month ago)
Do NOT use that much yeast. You'll be spraying liquid shit like a water hose for an entire week. Literally only need like 1/3 of a packet of bread yeast. And ONLY use 100% juice, the retard that made this bought juice that was probably filled with preservatives, which is harmful to yeast. Also, Let it ferment for 7-14 days for a stronger beverage. And don't use Citrus based drinks either, as its to acidic for yeast. But besides that this method is 100% real.
Jill Peters (1 month ago)
Thanks for the close-up of screwing the cap on. I had to replay it several times to get the idea, though I will never reach your skill level.
Bernardo Barajas (1 month ago)
Id heat it up to boil off the methanol
Andrew (1 month ago)
Does this work with Shasta cola?
Jeff Schleg (18 days ago)
If it's just flavored like a fruit no it has to be actual fruit juice and 100 percent too
Andrew (18 days ago)
Jeff Schleg what about fruit flavored shaz?
Jeff Schleg (18 days ago)
It has to be 100 percent fruit juice drinks so no
Jim Yost (1 month ago)
Why would anyone want to make 26% wine that tastes like medicine? The consensus among most winemaking gurus is that the best tasting wine has an alcohol content that's between 11.5% and 12.5%. Most of them say that when the alcohol content goes above 13% that the taste drops off exponentially per the higher the alcohol content. That probably explains why the most expensive and best tasting wines are somewhere near 12.5%. If all this guy is looking for is a buzz then why does he waste time making wine that tastes like medicine when he can make whiskey that tastes great? But then too, if this guy made whiskey he'd probably make it over 90% (for the buzz), which also tastes like medicine. I wonder if his favorite music is by the 1970's British rock group Medicine Head. :O) If you want to make wine the right way I suggest you buy the right winemaking equipment and follow Jack Keller's recipes. I'm 72 years old now and I've been making wine for 12 years, and after having made a lot of mistakes I'm finally at the point where I never have failed batches anymore. I buy a lot of my winemaking supplies from Label Peelers (they have everything you need for winemaking and they have reasonable prices). Most of the recipes I use are listed on Jack Keller's website (@ Jack Keller.com). I have also found some really good recipes on the Washington Winemaker's website.
Ray Raby. (1 month ago)
Haha love the part about the funnel...good video I'll try it thanks....
CJ Laity (1 month ago)
I doubt that resulted in 26% alcohol. I thought you were going to cold filter it or run it through a still, but five days fermenting isn't going to result in 52 proof alcohol.
zizoboy heaven (1 month ago)
drunk as fuck .
Jeff Schleg (1 month ago)
Can it be less then 2l? Like a 14fl glass bottle and put sugar and yeast into it? Wouldnt it take a shorter time too?
Victor black (1 month ago)
can u use pepsi lmao
Jeff Schleg (18 days ago)
No. It has to be 100 percent juice.
Wierd Flex (1 month ago)
What if you just use water and not juice ?
Hugo (16 days ago)
It Will work, as long as you boil the water before you use it. Because water has fluorine in it and that Will kill the alcohol. So just boil it and add sugar and theres no problem with using water
Jeff Schleg (18 days ago)
Nothing will happen. It has to be 100 percent juice. The yeast eats up the sugar from the juice and basically shits out alcohol. Because water doesn't have any type of sugar basically the yeast will do nothing and just have water with yeast.
A Vague Place (1 month ago)
i just want to thank for introducing me to happy banjo its become literally one of my all time favorites since i first heard it here lol
Ghasem Ghomy (1 month ago)
My friend you added too much yeast just 10 ~15 g is enouph
Poodleinacan (1 month ago)
But what about the methanol? .... Well, since it's not distilled, it shouldn't be too much of a danger.
Alex teh birb (1 month ago)
The music in this vid is fucking terrible
Phil Winters (1 month ago)
1 bottle of pinot grigio at 12% gets my fiance where i need her, all this talk about 20% and above is a waste of time to me. 12% is her sweet spot thats all i care about. Lol
Kenny H (1 month ago)
Not smart to use plastic, alcohol bleeds out chemicals into the liquid.
Conz 808 (1 month ago)
That is way to much yeast.
David Martin (1 month ago)
Angel Meza (1 month ago)
Id rather just ask a homie
Intellectual Mercenary (1 month ago)
See kids you don't need to find some one to buy you alcohol, Just make it yourself.
Dindu Nuffin (1 month ago)
Almost like making pruno in county jail
RUNNING WATER 77 (1 month ago)
What a crock of shit 26 percent..only a moron would do this
Geralt of Rivia (1 month ago)
Fuck this shit Just buy vodka
skully 10 (1 month ago)
Your music sucks
Chuck Iringtwice (1 month ago)
Homemade boonesfarm!
pietje kloot (1 month ago)
Made this in jail... Man I was fucked up
GL0RY G0D (1 month ago)
Notice he didn’t put a drop of this stuff in his body so why would you 🤷🏽‍♂️DONT PLAY YOURSELF
GOD DAMN IT (30 days ago)
Why would it have to show him drinking it. He's just showing how to make it.
GL0RY G0D (1 month ago)
Just drink your own pee to all the kids that’s dumb enough to try this 😭
Patrick Maginnis (1 month ago)
The cat even thought wow how much yeast is he ramming in that bottle lol!
jadekayak01 (1 month ago)
please explain how you get 26% alcohol. even if you are using "spirit yeast" it will only yeild about 20% max before the alcohol content stops the yeast working. also that bottle of juice costs more than $5 and thats before you add $.8 of suguar and $6 of yeast. thats a total of $11.80 for what looks like a 2-3litre bottle. not quite your stated price range
Laser Mayonnaiser (1 month ago)
Oh... So it takes over a week to make? I'll just buy a four loco or two
Laser Mayonnaiser (1 month ago)
Where was this video when I was too young to buy alcohol??
Luthor Leathers (1 month ago)
This shit is dangerous but good for the poor
Dustin Mcpherson (1 month ago)
Used enough yeast for fucking 10 gallon
Andrewpeeonyou (1 month ago)
What does "decant the Brew mean? "
It means pour it into another bottle.
fuck u (1 month ago)
Will it work with a gray cat?
Richard Alexander (1 month ago)
Idont believe
Just add a roofie and presto!
Frenkie (1 month ago)
So i am 13 years old and ordered everything i need, since i can‘t buy because of my age i have to make it myself, thanks 👍🏿✌🏿
Frenkie (11 days ago)
STEN Gaming And Music lol
STEN Gaming And Music (11 days ago)
Yeast isnt illegal.... its used for rising dough.. you didnt have to do that lol
Matt Oviatt (1 month ago)
Ghetto Mead got ya
Khukho Nguyen (1 month ago)
Thank you after Fuck
alberto abarzua (1 month ago)
Salud mother efer
Mike Stan (1 month ago)
Are you that fucking poor
Adam Fuzzybutt (2 months ago)
I'm a home brewer and can tell you without a shadow of doubt that the cider/wine he made wouldn't be 26%, nor 20%, or even 15%. with such a short brewing period, your looking at maybe 5-10% at best. Also without use of a hydrometer both before and after brewing there is no way to tell at all what the alcohol content would be.
Adam Fuzzybutt (2 months ago)
but hey, hes probably too stoned to notice anyways

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