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Adidas Adi Sun flip-flops

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Eddie Duarte (2 years ago)
post a video of you wearing them
Harry (3 years ago)
What's your favourite Adidas OG? Love your videos keep it up mate!
Harry (3 years ago)
I personally love the Ardwicks.
AdiSneakerFreak (3 years ago)
+Harry Hester cheers Harry, really appreciate the nice comments :)  Hmm a favourite pair of Adidas... this is very tough mate ! lol
woodlin37 (3 years ago)
16 quid? bloody hell, it would kill me paying that much for a pair of flip flops, id go for a  primark special at around 3 quid, cobra...nice.
AdiSneakerFreak (3 years ago)
+woodlin37 haha :)

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