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Adults Get Drunk For The First Time

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Text Comments (8321)
Katelyn Cecelia (13 hours ago)
I drink a whole 26 of vodka to myself 🤣🤣
p3ng w1ng (17 hours ago)
These people never got drunk? I just got drunk last week 5/16/19 and I'm 14 and i drank 1 and a half bottles and already feel drunk. Me and my cousins were supposed to go for 2 bottles, but nah. We drank Smirnoff. It's good. I've tasted it before. Tastes like soda. Then after drinking, we just laughed hysterically without a reason. After that, we went to bed and we felt our body was heavy, making us want to go to bed. And that's the story. I drank with my 2 cousins, a 10 and 13 yr old.
Britton Farr (1 day ago)
0:28 he seems familiar hmmmm idr where from though
Britton Farr (1 day ago)
The guy that hides from top notch security I remember
Will 05 (1 day ago)
2 shots of vodka
Will 05 (1 day ago)
Someone come to England on a night out 😂
Cameron Shelton (2 days ago)
who else is drunk like me watching this? 😂🙋🏾‍♂️
Eno's (2 days ago)
How to get people to alcoholics
Dylboist (2 days ago)
I was watching this drunk I love everyone
Adrien Blanc (2 days ago)
I don't know why, but I'm watching this while I'm drunk😂😂😂 Edit: I'm drinking gin with juice by the way 😅😅😅😅
Katelyn Cecelia (13 hours ago)
Sippin on gin and juice
Eric Johnson (3 days ago)
A year later the Asian woman died from alcohol poisoning...and Mike is homeless begging for change for his next drink
Lord Bills (6 days ago)
Every blonde white girl cries after getting drunk. This is human fact.
Baxter (6 days ago)
Hooray! Liver damage!
Noora Ruuskanen (8 days ago)
It's funny cos in the UK its part of our culture to get pissed with ur friends at 13
alex kumar (9 days ago)
How many of you watching this before having 1st drinking experience
Lauren Luzier (11 days ago)
1:36 🤣🤣🤣
Babloo Leishangthem (11 days ago)
Seriously 4 shots and they fuckin lose it.
Royal element (12 days ago)
I got drunk for the first time today and I woke in next to a pool of vomit 😞
echo solo (14 days ago)
the drunk nothing
Arham Anwar (14 days ago)
@0:25 Alternate reality Adam Lavine
brianna marie (15 days ago)
the third shot is always IT
XGhost PlayZ (15 days ago)
The guy expression at 1:47-1:51 has me cracking up 😂
Baboon (17 days ago)
I need some rave lights and some good music when I’m drunk
WHY (17 days ago)
I wish I could get drunk 4 shots in
GET WoOoOsHeD (18 days ago)
Funny how they are faking gettibg drunk
Justas J (18 days ago)
6 shots and drunk? Give them each a liter of vodka at least
Crazy World (19 days ago)
F*ck im drink and im watcvvduign this and i Aldo can’t write
Matthew Haddadin (21 days ago)
That Asian chick ruined my vibe ....
Desiree Khan (21 days ago)
I feel like shots are also the worst way to get drunk for the first time because it’s so intense
DJ Moses ituara (21 days ago)
Fart & sleep 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Clorox bleach (22 days ago)
I got drunk and high for the first time when I was 11
Golden Subliminals (22 days ago)
*Anything is Possible * lol
H.S.M. (22 days ago)
My dads dying from drinking and he used to hit my mom and he was in jail and went to treatment now he’s in the hospital
kiLLRustoLeYum (24 days ago)
I just love the Asian girl.
Brosoldier (24 days ago)
1st time drunk did abt 8ish shots (dont remember exact) and fyi i prob weighed around 135ish, and that was a night that i remember but needed my friend to help me walk. now i weigh abt 140 or a lil under, and i dont drink much now but i can say that i can do prob abt 10ish to 14ish shots before i cant do any more. yet i can also say that i feel like im an odd ball b/c when im drunk my personality doesnt change much, just become a bit more depressed or happy and a bit more talkative. like rn *cough* *cough*
Xx_Michael_xX (24 days ago)
Xx_Michael_xX (24 days ago)
0:25 i slept in my vomit, at first you don't care but later you regret it. Now i got a little more training and can control myself
Z S (24 days ago)
if i got 4 drinks... i would just cursed the waiter because i want 4 more
Liza Grace (24 days ago)
They only had like 6 shots ?? Is that a normal amount ?? Am I the problem lol
iloveCats AndFish (24 days ago)
I think Getting drunk once in a while is a good opportunity for people to lossen up a bit especially if you're taking life too seriously.
Gabby Roberts (25 days ago)
What did they drink?
eerowe 24 (26 days ago)
I'm 16 right, last time i got drunk was the other weekend, my mum had left me home alone for the weekend to go see my sister before she goes to canada cause she is in the army, meanwhile my bestfriend and i have consumed a whole bottle of 37.5% vodka and are laid on the kitchen floor eating cold turkey and noodles. I have no idea how i am still alive. 🙏
wariox (26 days ago)
Love that Green Day refference at the end
Mafia1997 (27 days ago)
Want to get lit now hahahah.
Weight Loss Dietitian (27 days ago)
I hope you have a wonderful year and I hope you have a wonderful day
choocha (27 days ago)
once when my dad had way too much to drink, then vomit everywhere and that is why sometimes I think drinking is gross .-.
Kat Rad (28 days ago)
That was hilarious omg
"Im into experimenting now" 😎
Onyx Gaming (29 days ago)
Im 19 and I drink like 6 fl oz of whiskey at a tims is yhis a bad thing? And im bu myself
Minnah (29 days ago)
I just wanna know why people drink?
CCRASHY (26 days ago)
For fun, to relax, to be more easy going, etc
hay it's Kay (29 days ago)
"two shots of vodka"
Earthguy88 (1 month ago)
Putting them behind the wheel on an open road would take this experiment to a whole new level
Swole Bros (1 month ago)
The first time I drank I had half a of hand of captain Morgan and never got like this 😂😂
Idontfuckin Know (1 month ago)
I've fallen asleep in my vommit that guy looks like the dude from maroon five.
Kat Playz (1 month ago)
*youre the best and you’re the best and you’re the best* *and everybody’s the best*
Carl Johnson (1 month ago)
Lol I’m drunk right now being 16
HeftyLefty24 (1 month ago)
Who else sees Adam Levine?
You just need “two shots of vadká”
Herr Cirkusdirektör (1 month ago)
Who's drunk right now?
Gacha Bean (1 month ago)
2 shots of vodka
Your girl Sheila (1 month ago)
Im 15 and have been drunk several times guess i should feel bad now?
Utku k4h (1 month ago)
Are u guyz sure they only drink alcohol?
Hoaxyy (1 month ago)
next time try LSD
Shay (1 month ago)
The girl with glasses was so wholesome drunkly speaking 😂
Carl Chantavit (9 days ago)
Rihana Jan (1 month ago)
whimps lol
Crystal Lee (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but I don't think this is real...they acting stoned Not drunk...
GET WoOoOsHeD (18 days ago)
You can tell these idiots are all from buzzfeed
Hue Lieu (1 month ago)
Seems like amnesia reactions
Gamer Mike (1 month ago)
I wish I could be drunk
Rehan malik (1 month ago)
Lol only few shots made them drunk hahahahahah
Vi W (1 month ago)
Rehan malik Due to the fact they don't drink much alcohol so only a small amount will get them drunk. I rarely drink and 1 glass of pink gin made me giggly at the weekend and tell someone I love them. Gin is strong never drink it again.
Synthetic Vocalist (1 month ago)
Anyone else think that one guy looks like Adam? The lead singer of Maroon 5
NIGHTWOLFGAMIN (1 month ago)
Werdio s drink for the first time
LuigiVEVO (1 month ago)
It’s all fun and games until you lay down at the end of the night.
The Real Slim Shady (1 month ago)
But did they mash later I’m guessing this was the plan putting a male a female together
Keiran McCormack (1 month ago)
I'm drunk rn qayereaahhhhhaha lmaooo Edit: so drunk I cried at this video, anybody who reads this, you're amazing and I love you, don't let anyone bring you down, each and every one of you have a special place in my heart, live your ljge to the maxi, tomorrow's nof guarantee d
Poppy Mason (1 month ago)
Keiran McCormack thank you past you, you afr so 100 percent right
Armando Sturzenegger (1 month ago)
I get really h0rny
Person (1 month ago)
Mike sounds like Shawn Mendes
WD40- Brawl stars (1 month ago)
I’m 12
Yusra Aroob (1 month ago)
"ι ωαииα fαят αи∂ ѕℓєєρ αℓℓ иιgнт ℓσиg, ιѕ тнαт ωєιя∂?" σн иσ иσ, ∂σи'т ωσяяу
F (1 month ago)
wow they are weak
Aarif Mahmoud (1 month ago)
David Hill (1 month ago)
I first got drunk when I was 18 ( the legal drinking age in Australia is 18 which is where I live )
dana fornillos (1 month ago)
the first time i got drunk my friends told me i talked like a 1st grader and i was jumping around lmao
Jeydon Destiny (1 month ago)
Lmao the gist time I drank, I had 100% alcohol and had like a few shots and I woke up in my fire pit outside😂ah grade 10 memories
Armando Sturzenegger (1 month ago)
You could've been blind drinking pure alcohol
Francho Prada (1 month ago)
Get me a julian
Pat Tompson (1 month ago)
Man I miss the first time I got drunk it was the best.
Nick M. (1 month ago)
My first time was getting drunk off 40% liquor two days in a row. I had a 3 day hangover (some effects lasted up to 7 days).
Armando Sturzenegger (1 month ago)
If you remember then it wasn't that good. What a n00b..
Wizard101Undertaker (1 month ago)
2:23 im deadddd!!!
kaneki (1 month ago)
4:16 Just say d'ont drink
kaneki (1 month ago)
Alcool can make you die faster It's reali bad It make you die faster The uncle of my mother became to drink at age of 36 and he die after just 14 years with a cancer
Mallard Duck (1 month ago)
Me after drinking water
MSK (1 month ago)
That’s pathetic
Creanzey (1 month ago)
I’m 17 and had my first drink today, it was 5 shots of vodka. I didn’t feel a damn thing, is that normal? How much to get drunk?
Creanzey (1 month ago)
Kaleb Collins why do u want me to shut up?
Kaleb Collins (1 month ago)
Kidtetra 445 (1 month ago)
Mike escapes a alcohol
MAGGGIEE HAS MY PERSONALITY 😂😂 every time she laughed I laughed lmao
Hamilton ate my soul (1 month ago)
i got drunk once and uhm.......i am NOT doing that again i basically puked like..a lot
Autumn Sarah (1 month ago)
That dudes game is A1..... her hair smells like a fantasy thats so raw bro
tommy7462 (1 month ago)
Next episode....CROSS FADING???!!
LovingMe (1 month ago)
"i was always affraid of alcohol" Meanwhile a friend told me today I smell like Alcohol when I didnt drink in like 4 days
Real Kelodoow (1 month ago)
I want to be in my bed and fart😂
Ely San (1 month ago)
"The boulevard of broken dreams"

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