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Adults Get Drunk For The First Time

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Text Comments (8436)
Thor Odinson (6 hours ago)
No, no, i started drinking right after junior high, partying hard since then. I spend EASY over $100 at the liquor store to get hammered, way to expensive to be good at drinking lol
Dev Gaming (8 hours ago)
tnt19954 (11 hours ago)
On beer 5 right now and dhcksoxjsiwhhdbchx
Mia Clayton (1 day ago)
3:18 she reminds me of sadness from Inside Out😂
Steven Fucetola (1 day ago)
Be proud you never got drunk !!!!
Gjkkkcx Vghkkhg (1 day ago)
Ron Weasley (1 day ago)
03:17 my mood swings
cupcake Macaroni (3 days ago)
when your mom gives you that FUNKY MUNKY medicine and you make that face
Cesar Carbajal (3 days ago)
"I wanna cry but dance at the same time"😂
Phillip Gitz (5 days ago)
I mean drinking 5-6 shots doesnt make you drunk drunk.. its 100% a set up video.. /crying or saying stupid stuff like i wanna fart all day isnt from driking its from stupidness.. the blonde girl thought she took an extasy and had long arms 😂 i mean come on lads were not that of an idiots.😂
Janvar Pitelkov (5 days ago)
Did 20 shots and 2 beers within a half an hour last night, my stomach hates me today
Yewo Mwandira (5 days ago)
Is that Adam Levine at 0:21? 😏
Hanna Basuki (6 days ago)
Drunk is borrowing the happiness and sadness from tomorrow
Leah May (6 days ago)
Watching this because I need a drink but can’t have one. This helps me feel like I am where I need to be 😭🍺 Edit: “The alcohol took me on a magical mystery tour that ended in the boulevard of broken dreams.” I... CANNOT!😭😭😭
Charlie Gerald jr (6 days ago)
For me 1 drink 🍷 and I will make you laugh
ZNH Outdoors (7 days ago)
Man they are all light weights
Willis (6 days ago)
ZNH Outdoors tends to be the case when you’ve never been drunk before
Live Bolstad Skartun (9 days ago)
0:21 Adam Levine??!?
Amy Duncan (10 days ago)
*"don’t drink to that extent"* He had like three shots 😂😂
RocketFella armani (11 days ago)
Yeah right
you dont know me :33 (13 days ago)
'i want to fart and sleep all night long' OMG MEE
Melanie-Rose Westbrook (13 days ago)
Are they high or drunk? "I have extra sensory receptors..." what?
Willis (6 days ago)
Melanie-Rose Westbrook depends on the person/drink/strain
DaaN S (13 days ago)
How do you get THAT drunk on 4 shots?!?! I want sum of dat
Willis (6 days ago)
DaaN S depends on the percentage of alcohol
Osbaldo .Vasquez (13 days ago)
Drinking on an empty stomach.
uzwal leembu (13 days ago)
Maggie 😍🥰😘 i am in love
Gemma Jowett (14 days ago)
Why does that old guy look like an old Adam Levine
Pulse RELOADED (14 days ago)
That Great Value Adam Levine doesn't need alcohol ... He needs anti depressants
Zackova (14 days ago)
0:01 hahaha no
Sharad Vashist (14 days ago)
Once I drunk too much and lived 120kms far from my native place.... I got my Nissan micra and drive 120kms at 1pm and reached home.... It was a blackout when I wakeup I don't know how and when I was drive..... After that I take a pledge when I drink do not drive and when drive no drunk...
_AutumnMaple_ (15 days ago)
"Your hair looks like a pillow" *straightens hair the next week*
SWEET POTATO (15 days ago)
Maggie is a precious human being that must be protected at all costs.
Alex Stendhaal (15 days ago)
4 shots... Wut.... Do I smell extra light lightweights? If I chug 4 beers in a row I'll still be able to walk in a straight line, but they're just... Lol it's kinda funny 😂
wandering soul (15 days ago)
@ 1:52 - 2:03 that is EXACTLY how I feel haha
CJ Russ (15 days ago)
You sure it wasn’t laced with LSD?
Ethan Serafica (16 days ago)
Damn the escape legend himself is here
KAITLYNN WHITTEN (16 days ago)
"I wanna fart and sleep all night" i dont know what to say 😂😂😂😂XD lol
Diamond Olohiow (16 days ago)
Im already high cant imagine bieng high ow lawd
Supreme Fire (16 days ago)
Weed is better 🚫🧢
AlucarD DraculA (17 days ago)
Yeah well you forgot to add that they were medicated, cause they're all bipolar and fux no i will not drink around them.
KARINA LEBRON (17 days ago)
Do this with people getting high for the first time
CheddarBeezy (18 days ago)
Any two people that drink together can become friends
Sexy Beast (19 days ago)
Who else is watching this whilr drinking
Baba Lu (19 days ago)
Im 14 and I can drink a lot more than them wrng grmmr srry
Lucas FFF (19 days ago)
if you think your a heavyweight drinker, come to Europe and we'll show you what drinking is
Fat Cat Kevin (19 days ago)
*tWo sHoTs oF vOdkA*
Rich West (19 days ago)
'Please drink responsibly'. The whole video is about the opposite.... Oh, the irony
Daygoboy Louis (20 days ago)
Just remember kids, alcohol is fun until it isn't.
Joe W (22 days ago)
I been drinking for 27 years. Budweiser and Jim beam. My wife of more then 16 years is amazed that I don't go to jail, I speak clearly that she can understand me, I don't fall down, I don't get behind the wheel. don't get violent to my kids or wife or neighbors, work ever day. Pay all my bills. Bad things has happen during my drinking times and so has the good thing. Just gotta know ur limits. If ur an angry person then shouldn't drink. If ur happy person then you should be alright. If ur sad or depress wouldn't be a good idea ethir, I have all 3 of these feeling because of the things I gone through and put up with in my life. My wife don't drink and my 5 kids we have don't either except my oldest but he save his drinking for weekends and not work nites. But at my age I'm getting older and there concern of my future health issues I may cause. Someday I hope I can kick the habit but for now it's my stress relieve. My saying is drinking every day is not good but don't make it a bad thing out of it. I thought I put out my thoughts to share. God bless
mudrasikhva ivankov (23 days ago)
i think mike is really looks like adam levine. Isn't ?
phanmeiser (23 days ago)
This is why we do weed, kids
Randome Dude (24 days ago)
Pfft I’m fourteen man I quit years ago.
Emerson Pinto (24 days ago)
Childrens get drunk for first time.
Spoodaman (25 days ago)
Please drink responsibly, but also watch these people getting drunk for the first time.
Mystic (25 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
KL Cassidy (25 days ago)
What is the hottie blondy IG?? God is asking
Amar10 ! (25 days ago)
These Americans drink 3 shots and womit us slavs have to drink half a liter of vodka to feel it lol
McKenzie Gott (26 days ago)
I love the girl with black hair shirt
Johyn (26 days ago)
the stomach feels like clams guy should come forward with his gayness and stop refusing this fact to the world
Charlotte_TheWeirdGal (27 days ago)
I’m watching this because my 9 year old brother and 7 year old sister drank wine and feel drunk and are about to puke
d d (28 days ago)
Yeah, they're definitely faking it...
Nothing to see here (28 days ago)
I wanna drink for the first time. But I know that if I do it, it will probably lead me down a bad path.
Jerlin Sneha (28 days ago)
My first time was trash 😅
Hungry Lion Politics (29 days ago)
Did they get that drunk on 4 shots🤣?
Krzychu Zalewski (29 days ago)
I'm 15 and when I go to a party I take 0.5 liter of 40% vodka and I don't pass out or puke
Brutus Maximus (30 days ago)
Great, now I want to drink irresponsibly.
Core Puncher (1 month ago)
You clicked for the blonde chick. See I'm psychic.
Abel Garcia (1 month ago)
I'm drunk rn
nightwalker 983 (1 month ago)
Funny how horny people get when they're drunk
itsjust josh (1 month ago)
Not as good as twaims
Annie Honeycomb (1 month ago)
“Happy, but also sad” is a MOOOOOD
Orlandloo (1 month ago)
Tf these adults are drunk with 4 shots, last saturday i got drunk with 16 shots 1 beer and 9 joints and im 14
Orlandloo (17 days ago)
intrusive i mean i actually DID this... in total was 16 shots 1 beer half of two drinks from two different girls and 9 JOINTS! Yeah a really great saturday....
intrusive (18 days ago)
Sure, do you mean you thought of doing that? Or you actually did it?
TomDom - Roblox & More (1 month ago)
OMG Mike buzzfeed
Ma1h (1 month ago)
this is not how it feels when your drunk X D
Ben Brunel (1 month ago)
I feel like their more high then drunk
Zaitran (1 month ago)
I dont know Why but every time I get drunk I watch this. Anyone else?
Jason Lee (1 month ago)
Anybodeeeeee watcbinf while drjionb k?
Kinsleyshaw (1 month ago)
Omg he actually puked
Warfighter- Rango (1 month ago)
I did 3 shots in school lmao didnt even felt drunk nor dizzy
Laura Is Temporary (1 month ago)
now i know how my sober friends see me at parties. i'm uncomfortable
Rex McComb (1 month ago)
You shouldn’t have to drink to be some one
Kendra Bernot (1 month ago)
i think this is totally fake lol
Virus Kun (1 month ago)
My 15 year old cousin drank beer before she was drunk lol
011102 2018 (1 month ago)
I'm drunk noew
Joseph Douglas (1 month ago)
I remember my first 🍸 i shitted on myself oh 21yrs old LiFE style memories.
CreepinOutDaZiploc (27 days ago)
Hypocritikill (1 month ago)
Goof Ball (1 month ago)
Thats not how you feel like when you're drunk, did they take shrooms ?
Matthew Macinnis (1 month ago)
Ok mike has been drunk on the hunt tv show on mikes hard lemonade
T Z (1 month ago)
Who organized this?? You don't take people who have never gotten drunk and have them take on straight shots??? For the guys, you get them drunk on beer with maybe a shot or two . . . For the girls you either do wine or mixed cocktails with a low quantity of alcohol, because women really need to like the taste, or at least not mind it that much, or they will not like the experience as well as the hangover . . . So again . . . . what moron put this whole thing together?? It's like putting a person who has never driven a vehicle into F1 Formula racing car and asking them to full throttle it around the track.
Oneza HD (1 month ago)
Adam levine what are you doing there
Tristram Credland (1 month ago)
Real question who banged the blonde
Jessica Larkspur (1 month ago)
Would you mind getting drunk for a video? *please drink responsibly*
Girlfriend (1 month ago)
Is that mr kidnapper guy?
Cormy SyStem (1 month ago)
Two shots of vodka
Celeste DayRider (1 month ago)
tip: always drink water when you consume alcohol, this way you wont completely prevent a hangover, but you can minimize it.
ifyouwantbochin (1 month ago)
Maggie, let me buy you a couple of drinks
Rain Montemayor (1 month ago)
great lesson drunkards
Ashley Reinhardt (1 month ago)
Pfft, lightweight people.
Jessie Ortiz (1 month ago)
Lol they all became drunkies and now they are in rehab
cody p (1 month ago)
This is why weed is better or atleast drink and smoke weed lmfaooooo
Morgan Crahen (1 month ago)
MorE like adults get paid to act drunk
Greenblood 82 (1 month ago)
They just drank 4 shots cmon thats not that much xD
Dna Drewzy (1 month ago)
This was so funny
TheOneYouLove (1 month ago)
What’s wrong with them? 😂😂

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