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Introducing Motorola and Lenovo’s brand new manufacturing facility in India!

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Get a sneak peek into and Motorola and Lenovo’s brand new manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India. Take a look at the attention and care that goes into assembling each handset. The phone that you love is now made in India!
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Text Comments (126)
Trap Track (13 days ago)
i want a manufacture factory atleast 10% not from china or other country.
Helping Mind (1 month ago)
Hope they will discover new generation smartphone.
Moto has Done suicide by selling brand to Lenovo
YT Anonymity (3 months ago)
How could be that US company, Motorola had been bought by Chinese company, Lenovo ?! Shame,they're better when they were still independent and they're much better than Lenovo. Motorola should leave them to restart their business and innovate their new phone again to catch up those famous smartphone out there such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony phone, and also wiped the Lenovo product itself
Daniyal Ahmed (3 months ago)
Salam hai india ko yr.
HIMANSHU THAKUR (6 months ago)
great ..... made in india
Different is Better (6 months ago)
I thought that phones are assembled by robots 🤔
swami akash (6 months ago)
मोटो g5pluse दोन महिने हुए लेखे बँटरी समस्या आ रही है बँटरी 10%है तो अगर मोबाईल चार्जिंग पे लगाएं तो 9% 8%7%6%5%4%3%2%1% 100% लेखा रहा है
punith kumar (8 months ago)
Kevii (8 months ago)
I just got mine today Motorola E4Plus very nice phone performs very good. I like when it says HELLO MOTO .. Reminds me back in those days
Logical Indian (9 months ago)
@motorola india is plan to update G4 plus is dropped ???
Manoj varnwal (10 months ago)
moto g5s plus Oreo update kab hogi
shailesh c (10 months ago)
suna tha service center Jane see mob thik hote hai but Moto service center Jane see to Mera Moto c plus aur bhi jyada kharab kr Diya service center walo ne..abhi Tak 1saal ka warranty bhi nhi hua koi abhi Tak 3 din me 2 bar service center jaa Chuka hu.koi fayada nhi.koi hai Moto ka offcer Jo Mera problem solve kr ske...?
Raghav Sharma (1 year ago)
That tilak will fall on chips and damage electronics
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Great start , keep it up Lenovo 💖🇮🇳
all about fact (1 year ago)
When Motorola g4 plus is get Oreo update ,
Jashik Shamin (1 year ago)
Most of them not wearing gloves...
Abhikush Singh (1 year ago)
can u give me one chance to do job in the your mobile company but I have one year experience in the package line I was package TL my number is 7982055238 thank u
Haroon Huzain (1 year ago)
If the moto G6 specifications were like this,☺ 1) 5.5 curved Gorilla glass with full HD display. 2) phone looks slim & weight less 3) camera not bulged from back case. 4) SD card+ 2sim(4G LTE) slots 5) octacore Snapdragon 630 6) latest Android version 7) 8mp front camera + 16 mp rear camera(with flash) 8) 4GB RAM+ 64GB internal storage 9) 4000mah powerfull battery @ RS 15000 Now days other phones provides better 4000mah battery. I don't understand why Moto provide this battery capacity. (If Moto made these features,it always be better quality😍)
Amit Kumar (1 year ago)
Very very bed survice and bed phone maker company
Joel Joe Pious (1 year ago)
Lenovo you ruined the brand Motorola 😤
Tanvir Shaikh (1 year ago)
plzzzz change the headphone design new design lounch hurry up plzzz request you motorola team 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Anil Kumar (1 year ago)
Lenovo destroyed moto
Anuj Raj (1 year ago)
do you know lenove service is very poor.if your data cable is not working and if you have to exchange is then you have to leave your mobile for one day just for changing data cable
sonu kumar choudhary (1 year ago)
currently in india there is no manufacturing plant of any smartphone
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
sonu kumar choudhary , absolutely correct,no semiconductor fabrication plant so no manufacturing of smartphones, laptops, PC's, smartwatch,smart TVs,......etc)
sonu kumar choudhary (1 year ago)
it just a assembly palant
Narayana Samy (1 year ago)
sonu kumar choudhary
Yadavendra Yadav (1 year ago)
sonu kumar choudhary but its fine. Atleast we get some jobs dont you think? But we must now focus on manufacturing also.
Praveen Praveen (1 year ago)
please upload the Lenovo modulitis
super fan (2 years ago)
moto hello moto g5 plus phone at new phone lunch 2017
Salamat Ali (2 years ago)
so this is why the new motorola phones have been crap
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Bhai,ye sirf assembling hai, components are made in China just to save import duties
Anmol S (2 years ago)
Feeling great having ordered a G5 Plus and watching this phone. This is what is real women's empowerment. Mother's recipe phones :-)
Bandhan Jha (2 years ago)
Maa ke haat ki smartphone
Amit Kumar (2 years ago)
jo pakistani fake id se india ke liya nagtive comment kare ga uski maa mar jaye gi aaj
jasu jasmine (2 years ago)
ya...lenovo kills moto
dilip biswas (2 years ago)
Cdd Ff (2 years ago)
Cdd Ff (2 years ago)
Shankar Nadkarni (2 years ago)
its good to see that my moto phone is manufactured in India that too in the hands of women..its like getting delicious food prepared by your mother..
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Bhai, sabhi companies Jo ki made in India ka tag lagati hai wo made in China phone Ko India me assemble Karti hai,to save import duties
Saswat Kr (2 years ago)
Shankar Nadkarni ubjno
Saturnz (2 years ago)
I have a Moto G4
Manish Gaming (2 years ago)
iPhone 8 launch india ?
akshay kahar (2 years ago)
because is hardware and software i like
niladri pandit (2 years ago)
akshay kahar (2 years ago)
lenovo is the most popular smart phone
Jithin Joseph (2 years ago)
Moto X style Display Complaint... speaker Grills falling Off No response From the Customer Care or The South India Region Customer service associates.... why are you cheating us like this?!!! Shitty Company this is first and last time am buying Moto Products
Ashraf Khan (2 years ago)
Jithin Joseph I'm cl ushdbbdj
Harish Salvi (2 years ago)
nice n great
Saurabh Pimpalkar (2 years ago)
I want to buy Motherboard for nexus 6. can they sell motherboards? if yes then please contact me
Rodrigo FCB (2 years ago)
Abdul Navid (3 years ago)
moto x 2016 5.7 qhd screen Corning glass 4 820 Snapdragon 4gb ram 32-64gb inbuilt, 200gb storage far sd card 16mp f1.8 triple flash 5mp front f1.8with flash water resistance moto maker front facing speakers ir blaster fast charging on back of moto dimple price rs 40000
Alex Lin (2 years ago)
haha never happened
Abdul Navid (3 years ago)
moto G4 5inch 1080p 617 Snapdragon 2gb ram Corning glass 4 16-32gb inbuilt sd card supported 16mp n 5mp both front n back Flash water proof as g3 front facing stero speakers led notifications moto maker fingerprint reader ir blaster 2800mah battery fast charging price under rs15000
Abdul Navid (3 years ago)
if motorola needs to win in 2016 moto E3 5inch 720p screen 2gb ram water resistance 8mp n 2mp led notifications 425 Snapdragon proceeser moto maker 2500mah battery
Puru Khilari (2 years ago)
motorola gave more than this in E3 power didn't it. Don't know about E3 tho.
Abdul Navid (3 years ago)
wooo i dont know that motorola is assembled in india, iam using moto g3
Serving it Cold (3 years ago)
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Serving it Cold , assemble in India
Carbon cricket FX (3 years ago)
better get your QC up I had to RMA 2 nexus 6 for scratches and failure to boot
Rohan Chopra (3 years ago)
my moto g turbo is made in this factory says made in India iam so proud of my country
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Rohan Chopra made in China, assembled in India
Rohan Chopra (3 years ago)
my moto g turbo is made in this factory says made in India iam so proud of my country
Raj Saha (3 years ago)
Superb. !!! What all phones are going to be manufactures here?
Ashish Tiwari (3 years ago)
As a student I really Happy to see this but this is assembly I wish I see the manufacture of Processor in India Thank's
Krishna Beena (2 years ago)
Ashish Tiwari Qualcomm or Mediatek doesn't have manufacturing facility in india for making chipset
Aravind C (3 years ago)
its assembling factory not a manufacturing factory
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Good,but it is pure assembling unit, only box is made in India
skylark304 (3 years ago)
+Aravind C you start at least
Prince Gahlawat (3 years ago)
It's just an assembly plant
sumit kumar (3 years ago)
cool video
Jaishank Singhi (3 years ago)
Good move by motorola, really appreciated... :)
Soumik Mukherjee (3 years ago)
Sandy 2k (3 years ago)
can anyone please tell me the name of the background music ??
Lalit Enumula (3 years ago)
still you don't have moto maker in India and that's a shame
Ashu Suryavanshi (3 years ago)
wow pretty impressive ... Good work Motorola :)
Rohan Adsur (3 years ago)
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Rohan Adsur #assemble in India
Moto Maker or GTFO
Prattya Banerjee (3 years ago)
proud to own moto e 2nd gen #makeinindia
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Prattya Banerjee #made ñ China, assembled in India
Akash Nil Chatterjee (3 years ago)
First, let me congratulate Motorola for investing in India. You guys have done an outstanding job. Kudos. Second, no more excuses, we want Moto Maker now, it's high time you gave us that feature.
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Akash Nil Chatterjee , assembled in India
Sameer Pagare (3 years ago)
Motorola is very poor in terms of Service. Had to submit the phone for more than 3 months just to change the back panel.
HD iTube (3 years ago)
OMG!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jayant Gosain (3 years ago)
Now, At least provide online customization to Moto phones like US & UK
Karan Bhardwaj (3 years ago)
#Motorola will the Moto x style be available in India
Premraj Prabakaran (3 years ago)
Superb Motorola !!!! Chennai facility- Hope soon Moto makes a budget smart watch like how the did Moto E or Moto G in mobiles
Ratul Nandi (3 years ago)
Great to see you guys back in India! Always been a #MotoFan
Vikash jaiswal (3 years ago)
I love my india
Ujjawal Raj (3 years ago)
Great ! Come and Make In India.
sanketanchan (3 years ago)
What's up with the all women assembly line?? So much for equality I guess!
Amrit Zoad (3 years ago)
Now I can believe that #MakeInIndia is happening! :)
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Amrit Zoad 💖
Rohith Rangu (3 years ago)
So, Lenovo doesn't trust Lenovo when it comes to display hardware? @2:03
Ur IndianConsumer (3 years ago)
Lovely...This made my day !!!
Vijay Ninel (3 years ago)
Hahaha ... 2:16 -"Made in China". You cant escape Made in China completely I suppose. This seems to be a very small operation but its a good start. This factory been lying idle since 2013. Good to see Lenovo revive it.
Narayana Samy (1 year ago)
Vijay Ninel RI
Yogesh Deshpande (3 years ago)
+Akash Nil Chatterjee Foxconn plant is coming up near Talegaon MIDC , Pune. Hope to see some Make in India for Electronics Hardware which could cater to these handset assembly plant in India
Akash Nil Chatterjee (3 years ago)
+Vijay Ninel Exactly, all we have here is an assembly plant. To make chips Foxconn needs to step in.
Vijay Ninel (3 years ago)
+Raviraj Samant Yes, some low level assembly has been done here though most of the components are probably imported. Its unlikely that the battery and display are made here either. Even the plastic casing is probably imported because we dont have sophisticated plastic injection molding technology. The thing lot of people (including Modi) dont understand is to have one factory making stuff, you need to have 100 factories supplying it with components. All that infrastructure and volumes are not here now.
Raviraj Samant (3 years ago)
+Vijay Ninel The headphones are made in China duh! The rest of the phone is made in India. (maybe the processor and RAM module is imported) doesn't make it entirely made in China bro! :) Same like how Samsung memory cards are made in S. Korea but the adapter is made in China.
Mandeep Singh Sootdhar (3 years ago)
Moto Maker plx! #Motorola
Arsh Gupta (3 years ago)
when will motorola moto g3 16GB be available again on flipkart ?
ericcartmansh (3 years ago)
That's a lot of manual steps to make a phon!
subhashis singh (3 years ago)
Moto love meets Make In India ......... Totallly awesome   ..... love it ... MOTOLOVE+MAKEINDIA
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Pure Assembling in India,not manufacturing
Arya Mhamunkar (3 years ago)
start moto maker in India now...
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Arya Mhamunkar ,just assembling by all smartphone companies
Rupesh Chaturbedi (3 years ago)
good going keep it up......Indiaaaa.....
Vishwas Reddy (3 years ago)
Moto maker India this time for sure.
Siva Kumar (3 years ago)
I need job at making place
sandeep gaur (3 years ago)
proud to indian #makeinindia
Anirudha Somvanshi (3 years ago)
good go moto
naresh sharma Kumar (3 years ago)
Good choice
naresh sharma Kumar (3 years ago)
Good choice
majid Sheikh (3 years ago)
wow amazinggggg...
Moheed Bhati (3 years ago)
good going motorola :-) :-)
Jayesh Janardhanan (3 years ago)
made in india
Tarpan vyas (3 years ago)
All women employees?
Siddharth Panda (3 years ago)
Fantastic. This is a massive step and its in India's favor.
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Siddharth Panda , this is just assembling(just to save import duties), completely made in China,still a good move

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