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10 Different Roles Within a Company

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Subscribe to the channel: http://www.youtube.com/valuetainment?... The bigger your vision is, the more important it is for you to build a team. One of the challenges that people have is they want to be something they're not. Everybody wants to be the Shaq or the LeBron or the Kobe instead of realizing their area of strength. In this video, I talk about the following 10 different roles in a company. Biz Dev - 1:14 Visionary - 2:19 Operations - 7:01 Finance - 7:49 Expansion - 8:15 Marketing - 9:36 Legal - 10:55 Information - 11:51 Product Development - 12:47 Sales - 14:13 Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: https://www.valuetainmentstore.com/ For more information and for detailed notes for this episode, visit http://www.patrickbetdavid.com/roles-within-a-company/ Valuetainment- The best channel for new, startup and established entrepreneurs. Schedule: New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on a broad array of entrepreneurial topics.
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Valuetainment (4 months ago)
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TBL TV (2 months ago)
Thanks Patrick
ayan deshmukh (2 months ago)
Does informant = analyst
Rush (3 months ago)
I am a visionary and marketer but currently wearing all hots..but I like to know few thing in each so is a process..
Sompong Moss (4 months ago)
Love your teaching. I wish I found you 30 years ago.
APURVA NANDAN (4 months ago)
1.Visionary 2.Information 3.Biz. Dev
Dean Kommu (5 months ago)
I'm a fan you patrick. nice video to understand everything
navdeep rathore (5 months ago)
in the survival phase how to gather all these roles for the company?
CHANDRA MOHAN (5 months ago)
Great video ... Thank you
LMathews (6 months ago)
Pat, I am 1. Visionary, 2. Operations, and 3. Information guy
LMathews (6 months ago)
Dude I really love ur work, my spot of motivation and insight here
Rania Kamel (6 months ago)
thank you
Vitto L. (6 months ago)
And then Steph Curry became a visionary in 2018
sherif hakim (6 months ago)
Thank you for the valuable imformation.
Kairos Siddhartha Kaizen (6 months ago)
still very murky on the difference between bizdev and sales.
Michael Butler (7 months ago)
Hi my name is Michael Butler I have recently launched my first business (Window Ninja llc) performing commercial and residential window cleaning based services in colorado springs and I have been casually following valuetainment for about 6 months. In the last month ive started following religiously. I have tons of questions regarding building system for business. Today I will only ask a few🌹First, do you have any videos that are specific to systems building in general or for specific roles in business? 🌻Second, I've realized I could spend a long time developing systems, are there specific system that I can build by following and adjusting someone elce systems, like sales or marketing. 🌸Third, what would you say about how to build a system for building systems. Thank you for the value you provide in you content, It is greatly appreciated, and admired Michael Butler, Window Ninja llc @windowninja.co
Tasha Cook (7 months ago)
wuzgo anon (8 months ago)
Timely presentation. I will be sharing this with my team as we grow. Thanks, Patrick.
Peter Pasula Hair (8 months ago)
Patrick .....You are a GOD in my eyes...I love Valuetainment. (I am an eye person like you) ... ..I am Obsessed with your updates . I can not get enough of what you say . I have been running my hair salon for almost 2 years . I have just employed my second stylist and I am implementing as much of the content that you dish out in my business as I know how. I drive 1 hour to and from work. This is the best way for me to listen to your Channel. Like you said in one of your segments ,you know when something hits you and you say to yourself YES YES YES ... Your You Tube On Galiath Blew me away.. I would love to do a Skype call with you.Peter Pasula.
Edward Lau (9 months ago)
Patrick you are a truly an inspirational guy. But damn, that T Shirt bro, just aint a good look. Get a Patreon page and I will be more than happy and honoured to support what you are doing.
Steven Moore (9 months ago)
Thanks for a really informative and helpful video. It's interesting to wonder why we all have different strengths. All of them are needed through working together to build a successful business or attain some other goal. It occurs to me that this isn't a freak of nature - we are all "given" different strengths. It is not for ourselves, or even our organization, that is the primary reason for this, but for the greater good.
MARCELINO JR. DE PERALTA (10 months ago)
Thank You Sr.Patrick, Learned a lot from this.
Terrell Jones (10 months ago)
great content. Do a Video on how to find sales team members for small companies like tshirt companies. is fiverr or other sites like OLJPH the only place.. i wanna market online .. how do you market to other websites, not shops...
cwazy kwazy engr (11 months ago)
I need this.
ashsqx324 (11 months ago)
your videos really timed perfectly and speak to me. we have a family business where my parents are the weak link esp my mom. ive had to re set up the business from scratch after it went bankrupt due to my parents poor business skills. now old workers dont like me because i make them follow the rules...so every old worker tries to avoid me goes to my parents to get permission to go against the rules and put us in trouble. she is not very smart and easily tempted so they know how to play her. then she lets them break rules and our company suffers. same with dad he is gullible and they take advantage of that. every day my hard work is sabotaged by my parents as they continue to create and recreate legal and financial trouble for the business. i try to explain to them not to do this but somehow they just dont have the intelligence levels to understand how a business needs to be run
Andrea Stevens (1 year ago)
Very valuable!
Jennifer Stone (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this video. You did a wonderful job explaining everything.
Laszlo Mag (1 year ago)
Fantastic content, yet again. Thank you!
Vinicius (1 year ago)
I just realized that i need to working on self knowledge, because i can not tell which of those are my strenghts... Great video tho!
Zuberi Attard (1 year ago)
I love valutainment
Michael Johnson (1 year ago)
IT Chief is google. lmfao.
trinidad guzman (1 year ago)
Great sales strategy at the end!
LunarX (1 year ago)
Too bad 90%+ of us see ourselves as the visionaries.
Ramon (1 year ago)
Great vid man, I've got all the qualities listed (except sales) but I could never decide what I need to do for another's business as I have to go to school to get my degree in business admin due to the lack of opportunity. Im definitely going for COO or CEO after graduation.
Liam Donaldson (1 year ago)
As always, very helpful video Patrick BetDavid!! Thank you for sharing.
Mohammed Hashim (1 year ago)
Great video. Chief information officer 👮 a guy named google.
Lee Alex (1 year ago)
Hi, how do you tell between a biz dev guy and a sales guy? I'm asking this because I've been in sales/customer services for a large retail bank. My results were fairly good and I was one of the fastest ever to have got a promotion to another department. Although I'm familiar with the sales techniques learnt, I always felt like most of my businesses came from great services (that I'm sure of), being willing to do more, genuine care and leveraging the brand's name. I gain trust quickly but out of the company I've never sold anything, so I've always been wondering whether I can really call myself a sales person. I've currently switched fields for better hours for further education, but since the study is almost over I'm starting to think about what to do and where to go. I've been told I'd make a good entrepreneur because I'm logical, want to make a difference and I care about people, but I'm not sure about that at this stage. I'm leaning towards a job now due to family commitment and lack of capital and ideas(I'm 25). I know it's difficult to get an answer without even even raising a question but I don't think a generally "what do you think I should do" would help much and I don't even know what are the right questions to ask.
Felipe Quintero (1 year ago)
Great video!
hi pet, as u told that SALES guy wud makes highest revenue fr th firm, acorsing to u what shud b th ratio of it? i mean if i am paying Re.1 to Visionary thn wht ahud b pay to SALES HEAD...? Pls guide...
Tom is Fun Park (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video Pat! These aren't super exciting but they are important. I think it was informative and to the point! Thank you!
Romil Mistry (2 years ago)
Still going- great video Pat. I believe my order would be... 1. Visionary 2. Biz Dev 3. Operations
Bredou Alban Brice (2 years ago)
10 Different Roles Within a Company Key Takeaways: 1.Business development 2.Visionary 3.Operations 4.Finance 5.Expansion 6.Marketing 7.Legal 8.Information 9.Product development 10.Sales
Hava Nagila (2 years ago)
What are the top three strengths? Which one is the dominate one? What can I do to become better at it?
clark bolding (2 years ago)
biz dev handles relations with others, visionary can cast a picture of the future, operations is very logical and understands the steps to take to reach goals, finance handles everything with numbers, expansion officers understand other markets and how to enter them, marketing creates a good presentation for the customer, legal, information is able to aggregate data and offer feedback to the visionary, product dev constantly finds better ways to serve the customer. The most important of all is sales. I'd say my top 3 are 1. Marketing 2. Vision 3. Sales
Denzell Wallace (8 months ago)
Those are my top 3 strengths as well
Steven Moore (9 months ago)
Those 3 strengths are a powerful combo!
Monica O (2 years ago)
Thanks for the insight on this. If you were to have one person or second on the team beyond the CEO who would that be in the earlier process of a startup to succeed?
Alex H (2 years ago)
When I'm stuck in traffic or in a waiting room, I re watch valutainment videos
Gibran Saliba (2 years ago)
I needed this video. Thanks Patrick
T K (2 years ago)
Whoah. Great stuff.
Cris Nkayilu (2 years ago)
what's the ten different roles of ecommerce start up
Alex V (6 months ago)
Now I’m 14 but I have been studying e-commerce for a while now, and it also has this basic setup like a business, I would say it’s more condensed though and you wouldn’t need as much you just need to get around greater and keep it steady before making greater advancements
Tere Groyon (2 years ago)
awesome content. thanks!
the Harris family (2 years ago)
great video.... but this man called S. Curry a role player. I ain't mad.... great video!
Humberto Garcia (2 years ago)
Mr. Bet-David, I'd say the marketing and product development needs to be looked at again in 2016. It's becoming more and more important for marketing and the development of the product to be intertwined because the product is ultimately the most powerful marketing tool. Taking feedback and matching the product/positioning it to your audience will become a force multiplier for marketing campaigns.
pabblo esccobrar (2 years ago)
this is great but i own a small business,and i do all of these roles how can i equaly do all of them without dying
Wake Up Fulfilled (2 years ago)
Companies and leaders are role models - not just with the business community - but in the broader world. - Chip Conley
Steven Moore (9 months ago)
Or, should be
Nagaraju Raj (2 years ago)
Hey Patrick, could you do a video on how to reach deadlines on time as an entrepreneur!
Saif mwali (2 years ago)
Hi Pat, I have an important question related to this video: If you created an company and someone is joining the company and get 1/3 of the shares of the company . How do you determine whos going to be the CEO of the company? And the second question , The one who created the company with the vision of making it succesful , is he the visionnary ? and CEO? Thank you for sharing your expertise
Juan Del Toro (2 years ago)
Pat out tech startup is facing difficulties and we'd appreciate your advice. We initially raised seed money from angels enough to dev and get our product to the market. After they gave us a portion of the money they tried to hustle us in order to get a better deal, we didn't succumbed to their demands so in breech of the agreement they backed down from the investment just before we were to go to market, leaving the company insolvent in debt to external stakeholders. Since then and for the last few months we're trying to raise money, while trying to keep our creditors at bay, but everyone we approach is suspicious and concerned about the debt. We had offers to join accelerators but with everything in place and literally a breath away from the market it doesn't make sense to do such thing and start all over. VCs like what we're doing but they are hardheaded and will only sit down with us on an A round. What would you recommend doing? Would you hire someone to take over fundraising?...
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+John how's the business doing? How are the numbers looking like?
Juan Del Toro (2 years ago)
How would you go about clearing up reputation? Honesty doesn't seem to work in this case. We're venturing into the asset sharing marketplace. Cheers.
Danail Irinkov (2 years ago)
conversion to sales coming toooo soon.... ;) and too hard :D
BakedUp (2 years ago)
you fire me up
Laundry Town (2 years ago)
Hi Pat. In what order would you generally recommend hiring people for these roles? (Maybe just top 3 if you don't wanna go all the way down the list) For example, if you're starting up and you wear all 10 hats, which one should you take off first and hire someone to do? 2nd? 3rd?..
Paul Democritou (2 years ago)
I'll order that t shirt soon and even wear it while I do some videos as soon as I'm done with hospital sine I got to go in for a while (fighting cancer) Great work.
Stephne Runciman (2 years ago)
Thank you so very muc ....just for learning purpose if I take myself out of any of those categories....as a startup business which are the 3 first (1,2,3) people that you need to find for your business?
Prateek Singhal (2 years ago)
Please dive deep into this one!
Prateek Singhal (2 years ago)
I'm not a business student in school but this is what I wanted to learn about. Really really really helpful video. Can anyone recommend me some book to learn more about the different roles in a company? preferably, web service/software company.
HananVentures (2 years ago)
I am a 3rd year business student and trust me even there they don't teach us these things -maybe not yet, I'll give them benefit of the doubt-.
Marcin Cudowski (2 years ago)
Just found your channel on Facebook. And wow, so motivational. I love the way you think and go about things. I aspire to be successful in the future. Starting my journey already. I'm 19 studying Accounting and Finance at university, and currently working as 'Business Support' helping out the director and main manager of the company with all sorts of work. I love it. Love being involved in how the company and seeing how it is run from a directors point of view. Will be definitely subscribing and watching more of your videos. I bet you've heard it before, but good work, keep going, I'm sure you will.
Jeane (2 years ago)
Patrick - we need women's size shirts! Any coming up?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Jeane Andrade -- here's a link to women's shirts: https://valuetainmentstore.com/collections/long-sleeve-collection ~Rebecca (a member of Patrick's team)
Imad FALLAH (2 years ago)
can you please make a video about studying and school
Julius Altmann (2 years ago)
Jonathan (2 years ago)
hey can u be my mentor
Perona Kill (2 years ago)
Hello! I just launched a small clothing business (my shop is in my basement) are there any cheap ways to advertise my business locally? I am already using Fb, and I really need more sales.
AĞIRSAĞLAM (2 years ago)
Another great video, thank you Patrick! I have a question, you had a goal of reaching 100k subs in Yt till August 31. You did great, however couldnt reach the goal. What do you do when you dont reach your goals in your deadlines? Tips for deadlines please!
Fabio Platero (2 years ago)
Love t-shirt
Lindani Mchunu (2 years ago)
Pat , you are the best , I have matured in marketing and selling myself as a results I'm getting offers.
Theo J Ellis (2 years ago)
Definitely one of your best videos. Each company role can be seen as a personality. And can be based on what you're naturally drawn to. Visionary is me all the way
Antoni Groulx-Comeau (2 years ago)
Awesome content Patrick ! Thank you for helping me getting better in each video. I really enjoy watching them !
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Antoni Groulx-Comeau 👊🏼
Michael Eady (2 years ago)
I brought a t-shirt :)
Michael Eady (2 years ago)
I Am An Entrepreneur T-Shirt
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Michael Eady which one?
Dylan Bohlmann (2 years ago)
loving your content!
John Lim (2 years ago)
Thanks Pat. You don't know how much this video means to me. I graduate with a general business degree a year ago, often questioning myself which of the business sectors I should pursue, my passion, my strengths, and stressing myself out eventually. This brief video gave me some ideas on what I should focus on.. Even though I'm not an entrepreneur but your videos never fail to inspire me. There isn't many people around who are able to share such knowledge as simple and straightforward as you do. Thanks again Pat :)
lucky jurcik (2 years ago)
Tanks pat.I am definetly in Marketing more than anything.
Michael Reyes (2 years ago)
Absolutely Great Content, thank you so much
Jesus Calderon (2 years ago)
Very powerful, made me realize who I really am! Thank you Pat!
Mysterium Philippines (2 years ago)
ey Pat I love your channel. can you do I video on each of these roles? Id love to Learn more
Chrissy's World (2 years ago)
It would be great if you had stores of your products of Valuetainment or was in stores to try on and purchase.
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Chrissy's World Here you go: https://valuetainmentstore.com - VT Support Team
Nataki Jean-baptiste (2 years ago)
Omg PAT I need your top
Nataki Jean-baptiste (2 years ago)
+VALUETAINMENT Thank you Pat I never like to buy other people brands unless it's part of my team loving the TOP can I get them Over to the UK ?
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Nataki Jean-baptiste (Taki Love) http://www.valuetainmentstore.com 👍
ArmenT000 (2 years ago)
Love the content, Pat.
Haroon khan (2 years ago)
superb #Valutainment
Jerrick Drew (2 years ago)
Yo pat, I recently got a job as a salesman at a gym and I was wondering if you had any tips to help me be a more effective salesman? Thanks bro!
Jerrick Drew (2 years ago)
thank you so much man!
Valuetainment (2 years ago)
+Jerrick Drew build curiosity on the phones and ask lots of involvement questions while they're at the gym.
ViK a.k.a Victor Moyo (2 years ago)
Wow.... So true about sales. You just confirmed that I need to monitor my sales guy he's relaxed. Such a timely word, I've got some work to do. I also need to delegate and not try do everything just coz..... Thanks a lot Pat...
Karl Der Große (2 years ago)
gr8 mvs m8
Fernando Soares (2 years ago)
Pat, what if a person is average on a role, but it's his dream? Should he pursue it or it's waste of time?
John McCaskill (2 years ago)
I would do my best to inspire him with direct feedback. If it doesn't improve I believe it's time to part ways.
Alloy Jack (2 years ago)
Joze Lopez (2 years ago)
Pat i dont even know what to say you are nothing less then amazing. i was a dabbler in the begining when it came to your vids but i am a fan after the two last vids. you not only motivaite action, i get real usable information true insite real life salutions. keep doing what you do my friend for you do it very well.
Brandon Head (2 years ago)
I'm definitely finance and marketing.. and I might be visionary and/or sales but I'm not sure..
adtc (2 years ago)
I couldn't help but laugh at the mention of Google XD
drzpapi413 (2 years ago)
Very good informative video as always!
Jay Kongo (2 years ago)
Powerful, really needed this one 👌
gizou lamoure (2 years ago)
Great video. Thank you.
gizou lamoure (2 years ago)
Great video. Thank you.
Ezekiel O (2 years ago)
awesome man! I'm young but I think this is one of the greatest entrepreneur video I've seen.
Dave Lotito (2 years ago)
Another amazing video Pat. Thanks again for everything you do👍🏻
Dixit Inspire (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot!! Will definitely try to apply into day to day life... Thanks!! You Rock!!😊

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