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Spice Girls - Egos and Icons - Part 5 of 5

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Melanin King (11 months ago)
2:36 everybody thinks she's scary but she's a little pussycat 😭😭😭 victoria was a savage. Even her comment about geri "there's more room on the couch" drag herrr
Jimmy Duvall (1 year ago)
Oh my God I was at the Helsinki concert and had never found any videos of it glad I found this even though it's a small part of it
Hussein Dawodu (1 year ago)
Jimmy Duvall. Upload the full show with Geri
Shaunny (2 years ago)
"There's always much more room on the couch" 😩😭🤣 Victoria throws major shade(2:10), and she doesn't even know it.
atomicLogic (6 years ago)
"Mel c with missy elliot" umm that's Mel B lol

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