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Winter Train Ride in Rural Japan

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chelseafaninjapan (2 years ago)
great vlog! which prefecture is this?
Jordan in Japan (2 years ago)
+chelseafaninjapan This was taken from a Kintetsu train in Nara prefecture on the way to Osaka.
Blue (2 years ago)
glad to see you uploading again :D
Jordan in Japan (2 years ago)
+tehbluzekluze Thanks for sticking with me! There should be more on the way!
Cat. (2 years ago)
I like the sound at the start ^_^ Beautiful place!
Jordan in Japan (2 years ago)
+Arman Ashourlou Glad you liked it! The train announcers usually have pretty unique voices. I feel like they are in a competition or something for who can sound the most 'awesome'! lol

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