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Men's Shoe Collection 2019 // 14 Great Pairs of Shoes for Men

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It's been way too long since I shared my shoe collection, and some things have changed. I've gotten rid of shoes and bought new ones. This is definitely not a minimal shoe collection, but I do wear every single pair shown in this video. My shoe collection includes brands like Allen Edmonds, Thursday Boot Co., Cole Haan, Koio and many more. From boots and loafers to sneakers and dress shoes, here are all of the shoes in my collection, in order of appearance: ▪ Sorel Cheyanne - http://geni.us/aeDwshA ▪ Thursday Boot Co. President - https://amzn.to/2Pe4Lng ▪ Thursday Boot Co. Duke - https://amzn.to/2Q5mkva ▪ L.L. Bean Jackman Mocs - https://fave.co/2QvCZHv ▪ Jay Butler Loafers - https://fave.co/2AC8NAx ▪ Bobbies Driving Mocs - https://fave.co/2Q4QbDH ▪ Birkenstocks - http://geni.us/vs02c (similar) ▪ Onitsuka Tigers - http://geni.us/DmIgLuv ▪ Koio Capri Bianco - https://rstyle.me/n/dct7xfn4v6 ▪ Ace Marks Oxfords - https://fave.co/2AHKtxo ▪ Oliver Wicks Double Monks - https://fave.co/2QAOayV ▪ Allen Edmonds Park Ave - https://fave.co/2ADRa3r ▪ Cole Haan Loafers - http://geni.us/55XtVK (similar) ▪ Shoe Passion Brogues - https://fave.co/2QsHMcF #shoecollection #mensshoes #NOTsponsored ——— RELATED VIDEOS ▪ 4 White Sneakers Outfits → https://youtu.be/7ER4ozbVvpM ▪ Best Summer Shoes → https://youtu.be/-3o4T7SMJhw ——— MY GEAR ▪ Camera → http://geni.us/J626i ▪ Microphone → http://geni.us/maFN ▪ Laptop → http://fave.co/2hgKaDF ▪ Grey chair → https://mdst.mn/slchair ——— BUSINESS STUFF ▪ Best YouTube music → https://goo.gl/UhwtMb ▪ Income Reports → https://mdst.mn/2yXS90B ▪ Biz Resources → http://bit.ly/2ymUxO7 ——— STYLE GUIDES ▪ Free E-Books → http://mdst.mn/guide-pack ▪ Premium Guide → http://mdst.mn/tmmsg ——— CHECK OUT ▪ TMM Blog → https://www.themodestman.com ▪ Podcast → http://fave.co/2vej94M ▪ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/modestmanstyle ▪ Twitter → https://twitter.com/modestmanstyle ▪ Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/modestmanblog ▪ FB Group → https://www.facebook.com/groups/modestmen ——— Edited by Ashley Saldanha // Contains affiliate links // Stay stylish!
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Text Comments (209)
gwimmer98 (3 months ago)
I’m a new subscriber and I love your videos because of the effort and quality you put into them. Your videos don’t seem like obvious cover ups for sponsored content but I feel like you really try to provide quality over quantity. Love it!
Adlan Haziq (1 month ago)
Stephen Emmons Darn Tough, Chup Socks and Anonymousism are good long lasting socks :)
TrashCanMan (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Hey! Love your videos. Would you consider doing another video that goes into more depth about dress socks? Whether it be about brands you like (either expensive or budget friendly), or be more like a list of guidelines for buying dress socks. Or maybe even just another episode about all types of socks. We wear socks almost everyday, and they are always worn at formal occasions, so I think they are an important part of an outfit. You have a great video on boxer briefs, and I think that a similar sock video would be helpful. I especially want to know what brands of sock are best: the ones that give me the most bang for my buck. Thanks again!
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Made my day with this comment. Thanks for watching!
olzhas barat (16 days ago)
poor tigers, clean them bro)
The Modest Man (15 days ago)
The Tigers have been retired (after having been brought back to life several times). Great shoes!
Lulu Sakal (18 days ago)
New subbie gal here! Exactly the video I was looking for, for my man :) Thanks!
Jid Ofole (1 month ago)
Scott McLinden (1 month ago)
I have a 4E wide foot always a chore to find nice shoes. I'm a new subscriber great channel.
Scott McLinden (1 month ago)
Well I guess you haven’t answered my question guess I’ll move on 👋🏻
Pokemon Master (1 month ago)
There is no way that you “should” treat your shoes.
The Modest Man (1 month ago)
Tyler Micale (1 month ago)
Brock, what size are your Thursday boots? I’m thinking about getting a pair of their double monks, but I’m not sure what size to get.
Tyler Micale (1 month ago)
The Modest Man Thanks.
The Modest Man (1 month ago)
More like 6, but I need snug loafers. You should ask their customer support to be sure.
Tyler Micale (1 month ago)
The Modest Man Do you think a 6.5 would have been right for the loafers?
The Modest Man (1 month ago)
Size 7. I found that their loafers ran big on me, but haven’t tried their monks.
Hiep Tran (1 month ago)
Hi Brock, love your shoes collection. What is your opinion about chunky shoes for the shorter guys?
Flame (2 months ago)
you get 0 clout with this
step (2 months ago)
Love them!
That tweed suit! Ugh. To die for. Nicely done, Brock.
MAJIK DIVA KNOWN BEST (2 months ago)
Great Neutral (2 months ago)
Is it okay to wear unbranded sneaker as long as the quality is good?
The Modest Man (2 months ago)
I pretty much only wear unbranded clothes.
npc (2 months ago)
Magnus Westerfalk (2 months ago)
The penny loafers are great!
Duc Tam Nguyen (2 months ago)
instant sub!! totally share/agree with your perspective of shoes are meant to be worn or look "lived in"!!
A. Rod (2 months ago)
dude, where do you get your polos from? and what size ?
S. (3 months ago)
Why don't you take care of your shoes? As much as it's important to be styled well and color matched, it's equally, or even more so, important to have clean and well maintained shoes. It shoes attention to detail and I almost associate it with hygiene.. Dear Men, always take care of your shoes! 🍀
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Shoes are meant to take a beating. They take care of your feet!
Richard - (3 months ago)
We're gonna need a bigger table - no but seriously, thanks for sharing. What additions do you have in mind for 2019? Your presentation style is top notch.
Blake (3 months ago)
Brock, just want to say that Oliver Wicks suit at 7:40 is freaking awesome. I've seen it multiple times on your Instagram feed and suit videos. That's probably the exact suit I would want in my collection. Also, keep up the great work with TMM.
miporsche (3 months ago)
Another fine video! I'm enjoying your series. I'm glad to see you're not afraid of thrift-store shoes. Neither am I. They can be such good value, and someone liked the shoes before I did, and since most everyone has better taste than me, they're usually more stylish than I'd have chosen for myself.
william 56734 (3 months ago)
you look like jake gyllenhaal but a skinny version
Andy Laye (3 months ago)
You need a pair of Dr.Martens...
miporsche (3 months ago)
I have some black Dr. Martens. Not as good to wear as the previous work boots they replaced. One small issue, mine are laced through perforations all the way up (no hooks), so to get them on and off, I have to unlace them down a ways. This extra minute of work makes me choose to wear something else most of the time.
Andy Laye (3 months ago)
The Modest Man try em....
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
+Andy Laye Comfort and quality are must haves, for sure. But I think it's also important to love the way your shoes look. Why not have it all, you know?
Andy Laye (3 months ago)
The Modest Man give them a try...looks ain't everything...
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I haven’t. Not crazy about the aesthetic, but good to hear that they’re high quality.
FtOrReEeSsT (3 months ago)
Wow, awesome collection! The Birkenstocks are the only pair I don't really care for. The rest of them are right up my alley, style wise. Thanks for the video!
Robert G (3 months ago)
Came to the channel for tips on how to match colors and somehow made my way through most of your videos. Would be a great if you could make a video on how, when, why to roll up your sleeves or your pants.
Self Explanatory (3 months ago)
Can a pair of all white GATs replace all white sneakers or are they each a class of their own?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I think they can.
Teh EasygoingPants (3 months ago)
The Koio's were the best purchase I've made this year.
Phantom Twigg (3 months ago)
Fresh creps
Deardo Herlambang (3 months ago)
Probably using shoe trees will make your shoes last longer.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Everyone says that, but I’m honestly not sure how true it is. Would be interesting to A/B test it, although that would take a long time!
USPATRIOT99 (3 months ago)
I got a waterproof rubber sole boot from AE. I tell myself I will not be babying them and they will be used.
Caesar Fadabi (3 months ago)
Pardon me mr brock i am out of topic, i have question for you, today i bought pink canvas jacket which i love it... but i remember your advice that you suggest to stick the neutral colour especially for shorter guy and today i bought some light colour jacket like pink... do you think i am wrong or maybe its okay?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Replied to your IG message 😉
I cannot take anyone seriously when they call those hideous sandals a “great pair of shoes.” No man should ever wear sandals. And what’s with the sneakers? How old are you? 13?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I'm 33. What are you, 87?
Paul Ho (3 months ago)
You are so photogenic.
kongmw (3 months ago)
Birkens master race.
Jose Sandoval (3 months ago)
SOOOO happy to not see Red Wing boots on here! Thank you MM!!
JR LEE (3 months ago)
I'm glad your parents have such good taste for quality in shoes. That Park Avenue is the only shoe that stands out in your collection. And instead of buying cheap quality shoes, go for quality over quantity. But overall, I enjoy watching your videos.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I'd consider all of these shoes to be high quality (except the Onitsukas...those aren't meant to last very long).
Matt Cavender (3 months ago)
Not one pair of Jordan's smh
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
+JR LEE Haha not sure why anyone would expect me to be a sneakerhead all of a sudden 🤷🏻‍♂️
JR LEE (3 months ago)
You are in the wrong channel if you are looking for Jordans or Yeezy. This is the modest man! Ain't wearing those basketball shoes.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
“Jordan’s are overrated.” Change my mind!
Joe Valencia (3 months ago)
Nice vid What are your thoughts on Allen Edmonds vs Ace Marks
Joe Valencia (3 months ago)
The Modest Man thank you!
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Both solid. AE is Goodyear welt, which is bulkier, but more cobblers know how to resole it (or you can use the AE refurb program). Ace Marks is a more "Italian" silhouette, which some guys think is more modern. Both are great, though...you really can't go wrong with either.
The Kavalier (3 months ago)
Looks pretty minimalist to me 😉
pattgsm (3 months ago)
You aren't kidding about not babying your shoes😜 I like that. It gives viewers an good idea on how these brands age with real use. I'm not as hard on my shoes so it takes years before they become beaters. Your Walnut PA's have aged beautifully. The only shoe that I wouldn't kick rocks in are the black oxford as I feel that I only need 1 pair and only wear for those few formal occasions throughout the year. For calfskin sneakers I d go w/ a rich brown, navy, grey, or green. I think these colors will patina nicely and add character to an outfit where as white in looks like a beater and better to go w/ a less expensive all white or black if I were to wear them as hard as you. Great collection for all situations👍
David Hapka (3 months ago)
Never never never on mandels!! 😝😆
David Hapka (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Well, if I followed your logic, why do your channel? 😉😁
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I guess you know better than 25 million people a year since 1774... Haha, seriously, I understand not liking something. I don't understand when people try to impose their preferences on others. If you don't like them, don't wear them. Why do care what anyone else does?
David Hapka (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Because a lot of men and women have bad taste? LOL
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
+David Hapka My wife loves them. She has a pair too. We wear them together. It's trendy to hate them, but why do you think they're so popular? The company was founded almost 200 years before Nike (1774). Think they survived that long because they make bad shoes? There's a reason these "ugly" sandals have made such of huge comeback over the past few years. Okay, rant over.
David Hapka (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Sometimes the truth is rude. The point about Birkenstocks was a rude but fairly accurate point, made to emphasize how bad those are. I haven't scrolled through too many comments here, but will bet money I'm not lacking company in expressing horror over the mandels. Like I said, those are a chick repellent. NO female is going to be feeling any dude rockin Birkenstock mandels. NONE! Honestly, isn't fashion all about attraction? Why bother otherwise?
monobg antonina (3 months ago)
Haha you're just a "modern" man who is too lazy to give a damn about his shoes and actually take some care. Nourishing and conditioning shoes don't remove "patina". They add to it. But what would a guy from a consumerist society know about taking care of your items.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
+monobg antonina Another comment! Keep 'em coming 🙏🏻
monobg antonina (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man I do actually. And? Do you think I'm out to get you?! Be happy with my "support". Whatever. Also trolls don't formulate opinions. But it's cute how you immediately label me as one. Real sheep thinking.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
You wouldn’t know this, but YT’s algorithm likes comments. Every comment helps, good or bad. That’s why I respond even to trolls. Thanks for the support!
monobg antonina (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Enough for you to reply which is also sad.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Sick burn, dude!
Asher Nevrekar (3 months ago)
Thoughts on Cowboy boots as a shorter dude?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Not a fan personally, but it doesn’t have anything to do with height.
Raymond Sbdon (3 months ago)
do you wear running shoe and go to gym
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I wear Brooks Ghosts for running 👍🏻
MT Truong (3 months ago)
I'm from France so I know the brand Bobbies but I was wondering how you found out about them!
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Nice! They emailed me a while back. I hadn’t heard of them before.
Javier Sotelo (3 months ago)
Brock, great video brother. I love my shoes too. I will have you send you a pic throughIG sooo. Thanks!
Victor Ramos (3 months ago)
Really dig the Ace Marks shoes. I got a pair of double monks and they're the most comfortable pair I've ever owned.
050156jg (3 months ago)
Brock, don't feel bad about the number of shoes in your collection. I own 10 pairs of running shoes, 12 pairs of dress/casual low cut shoes, and 13 pairs of dress/cowboy/snow boots.
Rino9996 (3 months ago)
What's in the hair in this video? Really digging how you styled it!
Jonny Son (3 months ago)
You don't even have an ultra boost. I can't take this collection seriously.
Jonny Son (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man lol agreed
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Uggs are also comfortable, but you won’t find me wearing them 😂
Jonny Son (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Well I respect that you at least gave them a try. Pureboost is a great alternative. Nowhere near as comfortable as the ultra boost but still comfortable. You're used to stiff dressy shoes anyway so the pureboost will be a huge upgrade in comfort
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Overrated. I tried to like them: ordered a few pairs but ended up returning all of them. If anything, I’d get some Pureboosts (much cleaner silhouette).
Myrslokstok (3 months ago)
You should speak about your wether situation where you live first. 12 pair is still modest I think for the whole year. Good jobb 😀🤗
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Yeah I’m all over the place: Southwest, east coast. So I have to have shoes for all climates!
Michael Cohen (3 months ago)
The light tan oxfords with the donegal suit is fire as the kids say. A tricky (for me) color shoe to wear but you pulled it off beautifully. Great collection and video.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Thanks! Yes that is a surprisingly great combo.
DBoy 37 (3 months ago)
Absolutely amazing video! I just found out about your channel about an hour ago. 1 question; what do you think of Vans sneakers?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I like Vans. Used to have a pair of grey canvas Vans x J Crew sneakers that got a lot of wear!
ozner francis (3 months ago)
Do pants next then shirts, polo jackets that you own 👍 it would be really helpful especially with pictures
Pranav Kulkarni (3 months ago)
I had a small doubt.... Do we have to show our socks while wearing chukka boots or no-show socks will do?? Plz help me, Brock!! Cheers!!
Pranav Kulkarni (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Thank man!! Appreciate your efforts.. :D
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Usually any kind of boot is worn with regular socks and pants, but I’ve seen lots of guys pull off the chukka w/ no show socks and shorts too. Definitely doable!
old pump (3 months ago)
YouTube ED (3 months ago)
Does ur shoes smell?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Francisco Burrola (3 months ago)
Who cares?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
You, apparently.
Gautham Venugopal (3 months ago)
Great collection of shoes sir..
Naqqash Latif (3 months ago)
Very good and a different taste with the low tops Brock.
mutahhar jalal (3 months ago)
First boots are kinda uglyy :/
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Function > form (although I like the way they look)
Howard (3 months ago)
where da yeezys?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Tried some UBs, didn’t like them 🤷🏻‍♂️
Steve Salem (3 months ago)
Do you wear your a Birkenstock’s with socks? 👎🏼
Keyser Söze (3 months ago)
No yeezys? No off-white collabs? No Jordans? Garbage collection imo.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Garbage comment imo.
Gabriel Feetham (3 months ago)
Hey Brock. Entrepreneurs say time is more valuable than money, and I understand the importance of passive income... But the thing is, they encourage working 80hr weeks... Which means they have less time than an employee. What are your thoughts on this?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I don’t believe in working 24/7, but I will say two things: when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work (at least not all the time), and it is possible to work really hard now for more freedom later. That’s sort of what I’m doing. But I enjoy working. Doing your own thing is fundamentally different from a 9 to 5.
Gabriel Feetham (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Grant Cardone, and Gary Vee, among other entrepreneurs such as Kevin O'Leary
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Who encourages working that much?
suckgames (3 months ago)
Hello Brock, i'm watching the modern man. I've been wondering what do you think about MVMT watches? are they good watches?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t call it a scam. But most MVMT customers don’t know or don’t care about what makes a watch “quality” from a technical standpoint, and they definitely don’t care about heritage, which is totally fine. Personally, I do care about quality and heritage, and I think most MVMT watches are ugly. So it’s a no brainer for me to avoid the brand.
Michael Chan (3 months ago)
If anything, you should be very opposed to MVMT. You can watch Ben Arthur, who will tell you it’s a very very bad scam.
suckgames (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man Hello, thank you, I'll stay away from mvmt.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
No, they’re not good watches. There are much better watches for the money. The only reason someone should buy a MVMT watch is if they love the look and get it on sale.
k tori (3 months ago)
Great! I had fun to watch.
Steve Steele (3 months ago)
Are they wides?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
All normal width 👍🏻
Junior Campbell (3 months ago)
You need to clean/polish your shoes
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Need is a strong word.
Rev. James C (3 months ago)
A decent collection. I had 20 pairs of shoes and boots a short while back. I ended up selling half a dozen pairs or so, as I was beginning to get irritated by the space they take up. So I picked out the best and put the rest on eBay. There are two or three more pairs - that a lot of people would bite my hand off for - that may face the chop. We’ll see how I feel in the new year.
SH Ansari (3 months ago)
No Chukka boot?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Retired two pairs this year and haven’t replaced them yet.
Freddrick son of Dermott (3 months ago)
Hey! The shirt you’re wearing in this video, it’s amazing! Where is it from!?? What would you call that? A polo shirt with buttoned cuff???
Freddrick son of Dermott (3 months ago)
The Modest Man super!! Thank you for sharing!! That is definitely getting added to the Christmas wish list!
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
It’s a long sleeve polo from Peter Manning NYC 👌🏼
Tanweer Majid (3 months ago)
Another great video. It’s amazing how average your shoes look.... Till you show us a pic of you wearing them.....then they look amazing. Been looking for a stylish, comfortable, waterproof warm winter boot for a while now. Most look so bulky and ugly. The sorel’s look better. Any other recommendations / good experience with a winter shoe? Separate video maybe..... hint hint 😉
moaz Samy (3 months ago)
What is your opinion on Skechers shoes? and do you recommend them?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I’m not a fan personally. I think there are better options out there.
Christopher Lippa (3 months ago)
Hey Brock. I've been thinking about grabbing a pair of the LL Bean Camp Mocs, but heard they run a bit narrow. Did you need to size up? Also, in totally unrelated fashion, are you still using the Blumaan Clay in this video or something else? Thanks!
Christopher Lippa (3 months ago)
Awesome. I really appreciate that you took the time to reply!+The Modest Man
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Oh, I’m using just a tiny bit of Esquire Grooming styling clay/cream. My hair doesn’t need much product right now.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
They do run narrow but also break in a lot. If you’re between sizes, might want to size up. I got my normal size, and they’re comfy after breaking in.
Billy Badass (3 months ago)
I just bought some Monkstrap Cognac Tramonto shoes from Ace Marks. I’ve never owned monkstraps before so I’m excited.
Will (3 months ago)
Hey Brock, just thought I might say I believe the fourth pair of shoes you show off are generally considered "blucher mocs" rather than camp mocs. Camp mocs are characterized by eyelets on the vamp of the shoe while blucher mocs have the eyelets on the blucher portion.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I think you’re right. These are blucher mocs!
Magnus Westerfalk (3 months ago)
Nice collection! Also miss Chukka boots. I agree with the workboots, also like boots with brogues and in different colours such as blue suede.
Sambulate (3 months ago)
I'm a little new to your channel, so forgive me if you've answered this over and over, but what is your shoe size? Also (and mostly), do you (or anyone) know of any brands in particular that make adult-looking men's shoes in small sizes? Usually, the smallest I can find are men's 7, which is too big. Boys shoes might fit, but generally don't have the sleek look of brogues. Thanks for your content!
ChestyMD (3 months ago)
Brown goes with everything!!! I like my boots worn, I love the rugged look
Anthony Johnson (3 months ago)
Loved the collection Brock, except for the Tigers and the Birks. They were right up front and I feel sort of hurt the overall look of your collection, especially the Birks. But all that said, you had some cool things going on with the rest. I'm glad you don't baby your shoes. Suede chukka's are really the staple of my collection, I think. Thank you also for showing how the lighter tan dress shoes can be worn. I have a pair that I feel are too contrasty with my darker pants. I have yet to wear them out of the house. I have to get more lighter and grayer mid value jeans and slacks to get them to work better and be more harmonious with the entire outfit. So when you mentioned lighter and mid grays, and blues for those at 7:36,...it really hit home. Thanks Brock.
qarhsi (3 months ago)
the goods: the thursdays and dress shoes! the okays: the 2 pairs of sneakers. the white/tan sneaker could have been with the good-list if only it was in better condition... the bads: whatever i didn't mention - not a fan of those. i hate the sandals lol. anything that shows feet/toes are a no-go for me. and also, it seems like most of the shoes aren't really taken good care of (deep creases/dirt etc), so that's that. cheers!
Jon Stern (3 months ago)
qarhsi It's the Thursdays and the dress shoes for me too!
Sergio Montes (3 months ago)
qarhsi I agree those sandals are the ugliest thing on earth!!
qarhsi (3 months ago)
+DBoy 37 they can be comfortable, sure. But I hate how they look. I don't own any footwear that shows my feet/toes.
DBoy 37 (3 months ago)
Have you tried the sandals on? If not, you really should. They're absolutely comfortable.
brettgibson (3 months ago)
Nice collection Brock. I’m a shoe guy too, probably have twice the number you showed today. I have several pairs of low top sneakers, loafers, drivers, boat shoes, a pair of chukka boots and some sturdy walking shoes and winter boots. Loafers / drivers / boat shoes are my go to footwear or sneakers. Think I’ve got a couple pair of slip on dress shoes somewhere. I have little use for them in my lifestyle, but still keep them. Along with a suit I maybe wear twice a year! The only difference is I do look after my shoes a bit more and periodically clean them up, waterproof them with scotch-guard, and the dressier loafers I like to keep cleaned and polished. I have a nice pair of Gucci loafers in oxblood leather with a high shine that I can dress up or down, can even pair them with a navy suit. I got them at a bargain price on sale about 3 years ago and they look great still. They’re a classic design and loafers will never go out of style I think.
Pujan Dewan (3 months ago)
Boat shoe is a big no for me.
James Partee (3 months ago)
Is it because of AlphaM? Because of him I don't like them either
Bad MF (3 months ago)
What is the jacket at 2:22? Looks nice
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
The Peter Manning NYC lambskin leather jacket, one of my favorites!
Gurpreet Singh (3 months ago)
Why you make so less video i wanna see you more make more videos & post pics of yours i love this channel you are really a modest stylish man .. so share more content.. sending you love from india bro 👍🏻
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Quality > quantity my friend!
lil_moby (3 months ago)
you gotta add a pair of classic black timbs to your collection, can't go wrong
Sherwyn Delmundo (3 months ago)
No Yeezy or any Jordans? U need some hypebeast stuff in that collection.
JR LEE (3 months ago)
Because this man is dressing his age.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Not my style!
Eloy Howlett (3 months ago)
What happened to those suede midnight chukka boots you had?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I never wear them. Probably going to sell them soon. It’s a tough color to match (for my wardrobe).
Savvy Life Strategies (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, Brock. I have a similar collection. I didn't notice any chukka boots, which I wear a lot. It is a great casual boot and good for inclement weather like rain or light snow. I have two pairs each in Allen Edmonds and Johnston and Murphy 1850. I also have one pair in Timberland. Something to consider. Great video!
Swastik Patel (3 months ago)
If I may, do check out the Timberland Wodehouse Chukkas. Slightly expensive but well made, look great and very comfortable.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I retired two pairs this year: brown leather and grey suede. They both got a TON of wear, so I’ll definitely add another chukka to the collection soon.
Chris T (3 months ago)
Brock is so sexy!!!
Soloman king (3 months ago)
Tankado (3 months ago)
No Chukka boots? I love them, they're really versatile! Imo every man should have at least one pair in brown leather or suede.
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I retired a pair this year. Plain brown leather chukkas from Cole Haan, they were one of my most worn shoes. Haven’t replaced them yet.
Jack Daniels (3 months ago)
I just can't see what people like about them. They just aren't something I've found myself able to get behind. Same thing applies to suede. Just don't like it. To each their own, I guess
diana porras (3 months ago)
Nice video! Greeting from Peru 🌚
Stylish (3 months ago)
Are you using shoe trees for all your shoes? Do you do no waxing for impregnation? Leather will still get the patina, it‘s just a wax which will protect the leather from outside conditions and scratches.
Stylish (3 months ago)
+The Modest Man aye! thanks for the answer!
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
I don’t use shoe trees for most of my shoes, and I do almost nothing in terms of care (besides cleaning off dirt and the occasional shine).
Epic Understated (3 months ago)
Hi Brock are Camp Mocs and Boat Shoes the same? I think the camp mocs can be worn with socks hence can be worn all year round don’t you think?
The Modest Man (3 months ago)
Yes, you’re right. Agreed!
Curtiss Wu (3 months ago)
You should see my black 1980's US Army boots that I got shipped here from Texas I think. They will probably outlive me haha. I get compliments on them from complete random strangers just walking about in London. =) An annoying problem I have is my walking gait, I would destroy the heel of any "smart" white tennis style trainers/sneakers as they are so soft. So Vans, Stan Smith's are a no go for me.
Ashley Saldanha (3 months ago)
Those ace marks😍
parrot mids (3 months ago)
Great video Brock! . . . . I haven't watched the vid but I know it will be good because I'm on TMM channel
Caleb Ford (3 months ago)
Love getting a peak into your collections..... wether it’s shoes watches jackets etc. great video 👍🏼

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