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Cafe Racer Moto Girl - Motorcycle Riding on Ducati Video

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Join Stark Raving Madeleine and go for a ride! The Visibility Project begins now... we're traveling the globe searching for women who do cool stuff. Are you one? Girls motorcycle riding video, a small taste of a documentary project showing that girls do way more interesting things than the media would have you think. Rather then imitating blank pop stars and vacant celebrities, girls are doing amazing stuff all over the globe. It's time we saw it! Check out htttp;//www.starkravingmadeleine.com Join our Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to this Youtube channel. The more people that subscribe, the easier it is for us to keep filming more stuff!
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Text Comments (96)
Jacek Pac (10 months ago)
Siedzialbym z tylu przytulil i glaskal skorzana kurteczke
Jacek Pac (10 months ago)
Motocyklistka w skorze piekny widok
Damien Facchinelli (1 year ago)
Jacky touch
coalfirediesel (2 years ago)
Girls that get what motorbikes are about good stuff! they're welcomed and accepted down here, we've got quite a number of woman riders on bikes, they're real nice people to have along on a ride, and they keep the guys honest so it's all good.
fioul le destructeur (3 years ago)
Kitchen don"t have wheel
Sheldon Cierley (3 years ago)
Wow, look at all of the cavemen and their misogynistic comments. How much ya wanna bet they're all single and can't figure out why women hate them?
Carl johns (3 years ago)
That chick with the red hair can cook my breakfast anytime :)
Steven Kerr (3 years ago)
Love the misogynist remarks, hilarious. Just proof some folk weren't burdened with an overabundance of education
GARAGE 70' (3 years ago)
I like that :)
TotallyL337 (4 years ago)
SmokeRingsPipeDreams (4 years ago)
Why do woman always have to have special groups and promotional advertising to do things that men do?  Why do they have to make it a big political statement?  Can't they just shut the fuck up and just ride.  (the way men do) 
Sale_Shark (4 years ago)
Brill !!!
bj bjorn (4 years ago)
Love women on bikes!
DAHIR OSMAN (4 years ago)
this video feels great
Svend Salha (4 years ago)
Women that ride motorcycles are quite attractive, in my eyes.  The lady riding the bike in the video is beautiful!
cosycleaner (4 years ago)
We're fast, we're fancy...and we're stupid enough to ride bare-armed without gloves. Not advisable...
C. Walker (4 years ago)
MrMrflakey (4 years ago)
Cool..how hot are women (I didn't even say chicks) on bikes.. !!
Claudemir Dias (4 years ago)
nice bike !!!
speedsense13 (4 years ago)
Roman Dybala (5 years ago)
Yeah, and when it falls over they look all sheepish and where's a man?
flashfire331 (3 years ago)
+Kashaye Parker Yup. best technique ever! One of the first things they teach at motorcycle courses now a days. Makes life so much easier when you know how to solve a problem using the right method.  :) 
Kashaye Parker (3 years ago)
You do realize that the "walk the bike up backwards" technique was invented by a girl, right?  It's the most effective way to get a sideways bike back up on the stand.
flashfire331 (4 years ago)
Yeah, you can never read the tone on which a comment is written. Especially if it's written by a couple of clowns like us. Lol. I love people from Australia! And the country itself looks down right amazing! The riding must be wonderful out  there. Why is it the end of to season for bikes? It doesn't snow out there I hope. lol Out here in NE, the season is just beginning. Did you figure out what was wrong with the Thunderbird? The 65 Norton must be loads of fun. I like a nice vintage bike. Do you have any videos? I would love to see some of the routs you guys have out there!
Roman Dybala (4 years ago)
+flashfire331 Hi Flashfire331, funny how things go isnt it . Sort of started off as a bit of a shit fight then you can chill out. Seems the way people in America sometimes guess if its sort of English phrasing that its from England ,which is fair enough. We certainly get more exposed to American culture so its a lot easier for us to pick you. Im in Melbourne Australia and the riding seasons coming to an end . Was out yesterday on my 65 Thunderbird on a short local group ride to a local historical sight. Great weather but the bike was making weird noises so took her home and pulled out No. 1 bike, a 1966 Norton framed sportster engined special for some real hammer work. Two into one exhaust really makes a Harley engine sound tuff. What about you? Roman
flashfire331 (4 years ago)
Meh, I was just razzing ya. ~laughs~  I'm a hot shit in real life, and actually love meeting folks from over seas. UK right? 
cicada5001 (5 years ago)
Love it!
dybbuk4640 (5 years ago)
not impressed .. if this video depicted a guy on a bike, it'd be even more boring.
Jay Cross (5 years ago)
Chix that ride can be hawt! Of course some have goatees and bad tats...
woodlandcammo27 (5 years ago)
Ok.. you had your day of fun. Now back to making me a sandwich.
jtjack111 (5 years ago)
Wow. Cut shots of a woman riding in a straight line. How edgy. This is more pathetic hipster bullshit that makes women look not only like timid riders, but idiots who think road rash will be sexy when she drops it wearing a nightie.
crorivpro (5 years ago)
What ever,, She's beautiful.
TuringOracle (5 years ago)
I get that you don't give a damn 'bout your bad reputation etc, but this thing is decades too late to have any meaning besides an exercise in retro posturing. Unsure if it's meant to be serious. I have seen women riding for many decades and thought nothing unusual about it. Kind of sick of totally unnecessary feminist attitude. This doesn't need a 'project' or a call to arms. Just ride (and yes, if you are going to promote yourself as a 'role model', at least encourage other women to be safe).
jfsssp (5 years ago)
Gotta love all the trolls pretending to be so concerned about other riders wearing proper gear. Wrong clothes, wrong bike, who cares? Just STFU and ride.
Jon Williams (5 years ago)
wow... another hipster chick on a douch (I mean Ducati) bike riding in a t-shirt and lipstick~ YEaaa. subscribe so you can make more videos....ehhh no...no I won't. want people to respect woman riders? give us better reasons and wear motorcycle gear when UR on a motorcycle! ride safer people =)
Mr Kenn (5 years ago)
I don't care who rides, wear the gear!
oldcaferacer (5 years ago)
birds bikes and burn ups what more do you guys want
jeffry gagnon (5 years ago)
I hope she doesn't have to learn the hard way. Even @ only 35-40 mph, human skin is no kind of match for a slide on asphalt or cement. For either sex, riding in shorts, T-shirts, sneakers (any non-protective clothing) is just plain stupid. Wonder if she'd play goalie in the NHL w/out a mask and pads?
420 yes (5 years ago)
no cafe racers in this video.
samantha H (5 years ago)
i am a woman with a ducati sport 1000s wish more woman would ride in my area..but they are all harley slow poke grandmas ! :( I NEED MORE DUCATI CHICKS!!
D Y (5 years ago)
That's cool
ggallinmoko123 (5 years ago)
Go for it girls, Ride it like ya stole it! My Missus has refused to ride on the back of me again, so I sold the Trident and bought a single seat Triumph Cafe Racer, so if she does ever fancy a ride again, she gotta get her own bike now, sweet! :-)
BillCompo (5 years ago)
There is something sexy about a woman who can ride,and not just sit on the back of some blokes bike. It's allways been about having fun to me and the more women riders the better I say.
Craig Kirkpatrick (5 years ago)
girls just wanna have fun right? so why shouldn't they ride? right on, see you on the road and at the coffee shops!!!
radio53 (6 years ago)
If someone wants to ride in an open face lid and fancy clothes then it has nothing to do with you or I. Bike facists send me to sleep...zzzzzz
IOWIO MIOK (6 years ago)
Love this, join us of F-book IOWIOMIOK I will tweetit too. @10w10m10k
Barrington (6 years ago)
You are not a serious rider if you don't wear ATGATT .... Bullshit. You can't be a serious person if you worry about someone else's wardrobe. I guess someone is three fourths serious if they ride with a tee shirt on. You internet guys are funny. And stop trying to act cool by saying sexist comments. I dare you to say that in front of a woman ... not a virtual woman but a real one.
Craig Mitchell (6 years ago)
lol i FULLY UNDERSTAND THE RISKS OF NOT HAVING PROPER SAFTEY GEAR!!! and personally when I get my bike I'll be wearing some protection. BUT in america certain states allow you to ride without even a helmet. I find it funny its a girl on bike that brings alot of saftey comments out and not say AMERICAN CHOPPER of which is broadcasted to millions.
arriviste2020 (6 years ago)
Perhaps it's because women have more to lose than a guy when it comes to coming off a motorcycle, and not wearing any gear. Guys can get by with a few scars etc, show me a woman that can!!!
IMmoreRANDOMthanYOU (6 years ago)
She looks more focused on her outfit then her safety.
IdiomaticSwag (6 years ago)
Why are all the comments in every video of someone male or female on a motorcycle always focused on the lack of riding gear?!?!?, I guarantee the majority of those butthurt individuals ride in regular clothing on a typical day anyway.
zapwatt (6 years ago)
A gal is a dumbass for riding without gear. Leave the lace at home. . . if you're that serious about riding.
mr gruff (6 years ago)
women bike riders should be in stockings and suspenders,and a thong.simples...
truthhunter46 (6 years ago)
am i strange? i would LOVE a woman that could ride ,and if she was better at wheelies or knee draggin i would love that too!! but EVERYONE of my mates would hate it if they had a woman that rode!! i must have a few cells missing,ah ah , here in the uk we see very few women riding ,shame really as most of the guys cant ride so it would be fun watchin em get their ego crushed...
Torres (6 years ago)
I wanna married her , love the little glasses
perrydasavage (6 years ago)
Great vid! Some awsome looking gals and Bikes there! Hey, I'm an AGATT type of Rider ... but, a few times over the years, during hot weather, I did take a Ride sans moto jacket ... I don't advocate Riding without proper gear, but being all "judgemental" against those who choose to take a scoot in a t-shirt once and awhile is just childish ... it's their skin afterall ...
Motorsprts (6 years ago)
@arsyesis NOTHING is better...like Richard T. says "Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme" add a 52 Vincent and that would be heaven on Earth.
arsyesis (6 years ago)
what is more sexy than a chick on a bike ? the black leather, the boots, the hair out from the helmet... mmmmhhhh grrrrrr
jasonlajoie (6 years ago)
I saw one hell of a bad-ass, sexy as hell looking chick on a Harley quite some years ago. It's always stuck with me to this day - her power, her cool, and her awesome sexiness. I rarely get to see a woman riding a bike, mostly just at rallies, but it's still one of the sexiest things I can think of for a good looking woman to do. I'd love to see you riding around my town;)
BeamRider100 (6 years ago)
It's good to see more women riding. Stay safe.
George Peppard (6 years ago)
Yep. Just do it. Doesn't always have to turn into a pseudo feminist movement. Wimmen got the vote a long time ago, do try to simply be equal. Nothing special luv, plenty of wimmen ride bikes all over the globe. It's no big deal, it's not the 1950's. Maybe if you lived in Italy or France you'd appreciate how ordinary it is to see wimmen on bikes without a big sign reading "LOOK AT ME". Get over yourself.
DaFred1990 (6 years ago)
i agree with David for Arazona, Eric from Ontario, Chris from Maryland and Debby Lynn
Caio Ghiotto (6 years ago)
I think is really hot women driving bikes!
doinaway (6 years ago)
Maybe it's a location/cultural thing, but here in Scotland there are loads of female motorcyclists - and we have to brave the crap weather we have here too! :-)
Craig Kirkpatrick (6 years ago)
Come on girls get riding, I'm sick of looking at ugly guys on Harleys.......
Inês Pimenta (7 years ago)
I ride a bike and often people say: oh you ride a bike?! I guess for them it's rare to find a girl that rides...
Cjilgott (7 years ago)
If I saw anyone riding a Duc while wearing that twattish helmet and goggles ensemble, I would thrown something at them - irrespective of their gender.
rider (7 years ago)
teaching my girl right now. check my channel. she's eager to learn and pretty good already.
Christopher Sinclair (7 years ago)
i have mad respect for women who r rydas
Ellef Tollefson (7 years ago)
If you can ride then do it. Nothing like one dark night going home on a Norton 850 cruising at about 95-100, and a girl pulls up next to you on a tricked out Suz. 750 "Water Buffalo" . I never did find out who was. Nothing threatening about a girl on a bike. I do a 100 mi. a day commute in 100 degree weather, or -15 winters . I see a few now & again. Not many of either sex can keep up with me at 60 yrs. old. 22,000 mi. and i'll have my BMW 400,000 miler.
Blackbirdmatty (7 years ago)
My girl rides as well, nothing sexier then a girl on a motorcycle. I support this 100%.
Hugh Briggs (7 years ago)
My girlfriend has been riding since 1989 . Taught her to ride on my RZ-350. GOod for you sis.
rainbowbirko87 (7 years ago)
How many changes of clothes? Needs a fast bike cause she takes so bloody long to get ready.
MotoErgoSum (7 years ago)
Just don't ever crash face-first, or you'll destroy that pretty face wearing an open helmet... Keep up the good work, though.
5WE11 (7 years ago)
SkullLikeASecret (7 years ago)
Cool stuff.
Raphael Libowski (7 years ago)
@starkravingmadeleine Nice! I just picked up a 75 KZ400 at a swap meet for 200 bucks. Needs a little work before its up and running again. Definitely going to mildly cafe it out.
slave2leather1 (7 years ago)
@starkravingmadeleine, although I dont see You wearing leather pants, I must say you are still quite beautiful.
revnosebone (7 years ago)
I wish my wife would ride her own!
David Taylor (7 years ago)
Great video with a great song. Thanks for sharing. Live free and Ride safe
renzobkk (7 years ago)
Babe im officially in love with you! :) Come and ride my Ducati anytime you want! Stay healthy and cool. Ciao Renzo
johnnydoome (7 years ago)
That is just great !!!!! More power to your piston(s) girls and keep on riding.
Tomos13 (7 years ago)
I'm all for women riding but they did look squidly as someone can be. Gear is kinda important and every serious rider will tell you that.
loslogo (7 years ago)
gayest shit ive ever seen
Frederic Vial (7 years ago)
Cool vid. Who makes the orange glasses she's wearing?
Richard (7 years ago)
Woman Are Never the lesser than a Man
Madeleine (8 years ago)
@bulldog01209 Sadly, these are all real comments I have heard within the last two years and there are many more.
adeptacheese (8 years ago)
rad but thats a reaaal silly helmet
viggoM35 (8 years ago)
Cool bikes, when I used to ride years ago had mostly Kawasakis. Kz1000, GPz550, Ninja 600, 900, and 1000r. Now it's nothing but bimmers and Mercedes. I survived over ten years of riding so it was time to count my blessings and move to four wheels. ;)
Shogun09R1 (8 years ago)
Got Girl Rider? Yep...got mine on her '09 R6 :D
Madeleine (8 years ago)
@vegataxkc 76 KZ400... cool bike when it's stripped down. I prefer the Kawa angles over the CB's. My very first bike... sooooo cool.
vegataxkc (8 years ago)
sv650 a Duc and a vintage CB? Nice! I have a '77 CB550 Cafe racer (built myself) and '73 Kaw H1. Visibility and the ability to "wrench" on your bike helps dispel myths about women and motorcycles.
mi m (8 years ago)
Very nice. From CAFÉ RACER ESPAÑA, V´s.
SkateboardCalifornia (8 years ago)
Nice. I have a SV650 myself. I've organized group rides with upwards of 40 people and some of our best riders are the girls.

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