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Learn how to connect Woocommerce to any rest API

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Software tutorial on how to connect Woocommerce to any rest API. Need to do a custom integration with an API? Learn how to enrich, map and extract data from Woocommerce to your custom API.
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Dom Incorporated (10 days ago)
Hey There, This is interesting. I have been using woocommerce now for about 4 years and really have not got to far into the rest api. What i really want to do with it is take products from one store, and make them visible on the other store. Just like a tinted window. One way view. Please update some of the comments and lemme know what ya think about this and if you think I can use the Rest API to do so.
Baldwin Jackson (5 months ago)
I have been trying to connect my WordPress site backend with the woo commerce rest api to create custom dashboard for specify products order. I have used the following code to fetch all the details related to order: try { $results = $woocommerce->get('orders'); $products = $woocommerce->get('products'); $customers = $woocommerce->get('customers'); $result = count($results); $customer = count($customers); $product = count($products); //you can set any date which you want $query = ['date_min' => '2017-10-01', 'date_max' => '2017-10-30']; $sales = $woocommerce->get('reports/sales', $query); $sale = $sales[0]["total_sales"]; } catch(HttpClientException $e) { $e->getMessage(); // Error message. $e->getRequest(); // Last request data. $e->getResponse(); // Last response data. } Source: https://www.cloudways.com/blog/custom-dashboard-using-woocommerce-php-rest-api
Praveen Kumar Kalbi (7 months ago)
I need customer login
Raubi Gour (8 months ago)
apne aap ko he pddda rha hai lol
Abdullah Al Imran (10 months ago)
what plugin do you use?
Adolfo Yanes (11 months ago)
백lively (11 months ago)
hi how are you. currently i building up my website with wordpress. but i’ve get in trouble about REST-API. i received .wsdl/xml documents from another company. i wonder that i can use these documents in this program. those are based on soap. I need your help or little tip. Please mention it:)
Iván Calero Torres (1 year ago)
Hi, Can I import the products of the API to my wordpress woocommerce?
Fernando Aguilar (2 months ago)
Have you found any way to do this?
3dhakim (1 year ago)
what application do you use to connect the API? I like it. Thank you

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