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Cars LEVITATE in China - Strange Car Crash

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Surveillance video at a busy intersection in Xingtai shows the moment when three vehicles are suddenly jerked back simultaneously, even causing one van to levitate and flip completely over. The weird thing? None of the vehicles ever touched each other. A forgotten cable wire left on the street is believed to be the reason for the crash.
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robert de groen (21 days ago)
Jimmy Bob Slaighter (4 months ago)
This world is broken
Xx Dragonfire xX (4 months ago)
Anyone else see that tire detach and re-attach
Samir Junaid (4 months ago)
It's clear, there's a thin electric wiring on the street
Yoon Min (5 months ago)
And they just walk...like nothing happen
Bryan Pajaron (7 months ago)
Acidtrip DXM (10 months ago)
张丁羽 (1 year ago)
Conny Van den Bosch (1 year ago)
It's normal, chinese cars are so lightweight that they already fly away when somebody sneezes.
Villain (2 years ago)
And some people just don't give a shit
Saartje de Hond (2 years ago)
But the answer, it turns out, is much more pedestrian. A fallen cable wire had gotten tangled up in the street cleaner vehicle visible to the right side of the screen, creating a tripwire. "I was driving slowly straight ahead," a driver of the van told CCTV.  "All of a sudden, I was lifted up. The street cleaner car snagged on the wire. The wire just so happened to be underneath our car and it sent us flying."
Legetine • (4 months ago)
Good explanation. I agree. 👍🏼
Counter Culture (11 months ago)
Yep, saw the answer on a science show. Some people were hypothesizing built-up pressure created in the underwater sewage system. The answer, as you say, was a cable that lay across the road.
high 69 (2 years ago)
all it did was hit a pole wire
Epic Quintessence (2 years ago)
antigravity weaopon.
Doctor Proctor (2 years ago)
Oliver Chu (2 years ago)
because of the right car ,a wire on the ground
liza 2111 (2 years ago)
It's cable wire was caught by the street skipper truck on the right.
Dumpling Squads (2 years ago)
Anja Brower (2 years ago)
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Marv3Lthe1 (2 years ago)
Whats Magneto doing in china?
mariahmerrymary (2 years ago)
Look up "Mystery of China's levitating cars solved" here on Youtube. It was a cable in the road that became tangled in the brushes of the street cleaning truck.
verycd2bobo (2 years ago)
Cuz magneto is coming.
heavyduty471 (2 years ago)
is videogame
robert de groen (21 days ago)
J. P. (2 years ago)
+heavyduty471 No, it's not ... it's a cable on the road.
Hunchee (2 years ago)
It wasn't a Ghost, There was a strong cable in the road that was lifted and pulled the cars along with it
spags99 (2 years ago)
+Chance Stallings And who do you think put the cable there????
dXb (2 years ago)
You people believe everything, omg... -.-
Saartje de Hond (2 years ago)
They knew almost immediately what happened. It's a cable. You can't see it but it's there.
Ping Pong (2 years ago)
+dXb then what is happening here?
Shobin Drogan (2 years ago)
Calm down people, I know some of you think its a cable, some of you think its gta cheats, well what I think is that its fucking aliens that's who and you have all the right to freak the fuck out.
Feng989 (2 years ago)
Masih Akbari (2 years ago)
TacoTir (2 years ago)
angie henshaw, I noticed what you wrote and you are correct...from my perspective I see the man moves his hands like if he were pulling the van ...maybe he has telekinetic powers (it sounds crazy but check the mentioned man)
johhhnson johnes (2 years ago)
+TacoTir lol you cant be serious
raphael hop (2 years ago)
it was a wire from the truck on the right
Jose Garcia (2 years ago)
ugh smart people always ruin people creativity mind
Adrian Romero (2 years ago)
parece programado por ubisoft
LOOk LiTtleBirD (2 years ago)
tire return to van, sec 11
LOOk LiTtleBirD (2 years ago)
check the tire lol
Angie Henshaw (2 years ago)
My husband and I were watching the video on my HD TV and used slow motion, has anybody else noticed the man on the right hand side of the screen? This man moves in a blur like the Flash in front of people on the right side of the screen and the up to the truck before waking away. Strange times indeed!
Michael Harris (1 month ago)
That guy was just walking briskly, he seemed to be moving in a blur because his motion first was blurred by a vehicle on the far side of the screen, and then another car pressing its breaks pretty hard...So with the low resolution, the eye puts all these movements together and it seems like he's moving much faster than he really is.
Saartje de Hond (2 years ago)
+Ron Van Duser Why, you can't stand it there's a normal explanation for it? 
Ron V. (2 years ago)
stupid bitch
Saartje de Hond (2 years ago)
Some people believe anything. In reality it was just a cable.
John Delynn (2 years ago)
+Pato Strno  nice catch
Usama Mohamed (2 years ago)
hahahah some one enabled GTA cheats
Feng989 (2 years ago)
ملك الإرسال (2 years ago)
ظاهرة تستحق الدراسة ،، ومعرفة اسبابها لسلامة مستخدمي المركبات والطرقات
Kanonymous (2 years ago)
+‫ملك الإرسال‬‎ wat
Nesk (2 years ago)
Well they were all about the same place horizontally, it could have been an industrial wire or something. Very fucking strange though
xsnut1 (2 years ago)
*YellowMan In Africa* (2 years ago)
wtf is this shit
*YellowMan In Africa* (2 years ago)
+Andrew Qin how can u talk 2 ur dad like that. Btw last night with ur mom was amazing
Andrew Qin (2 years ago)
+Face9Shotie ur fface
spags99 (2 years ago)
+Артём Ушатюк the end of the world. repent.
Eden (2 years ago)
*x-files music*

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