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Bumble Dating App - MGTOW

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Bumble Dating App - MGTOW "Hey Sandman, I want you to check out this article called: "Bumble Is Exactly Like Tinder Except Girls Are In Charge." It seems like a total cuck-app to me. I had no idea that this app existed until just a few minutes ago, when I came across this article on my Facebook feed. This article explains that girls have all the control on bumble, which is true, according to my research. The founder isn't even trying to hide that fact, openly labelling it as a "100 percent feminist" app. Apparently, the main difference between this app and tinder, is that only women can be the first to initiate conversation, so as to protect these women from "unwanted messages from prospective gentlemen". In reality, the problem with apps like tinder is these women with colossal egos matching you, and then ignoring you, because they are attention-seeking whores who think themselves superior to every male on the app. But we have to make women the victims right? And don't even think about the international outrage that would occur if there were a similar app developed giving the same power to men only. How about this for a bit of irony: If you notice later in this article, before she left Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, (founder of Bumble and ex-VP of Marketing for Tinder) filed a lawsuit against co-founder of Tinder Justin Mateen for "sexual harassment" through "unwanted messages". She could have just deleted him from her match list, but she showed her true gold-digging attention seeking whore colors with this move. These liberated women are getting out of hand. They are cheap beyond imagination. This just goes to show the gynocentric beginnings that Bumble stemmed from. What type of man would sign up for this absurdity of an app? You have got to be fully testosterone-deprived as a male. I just can not comprehend this way of thinking. This is a prime example of what liberated women are capable of in 21st century america. As Bill Burr would say, "no one corrects them, because they want to fuck'em". My final thought is that online dating has become so gynocentric, that at this point its just silly. What are your thoughts on this article, and the app? Keep up the good work Sandman!" Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for your donation and topic request. If women are forced to make the first move on Bumble you'd think that such a thing wouldn't work. But about a month ago another video sponsor sent me information about using this app and getting women to respond to him and go out on dates. His response rate was no where near as high as Tinder and I believe OK Cupid but it still worked. Bumble in a way is genius on the part of Whitney Wolfe the founder of Bumble. It probably wasn't her idea and she might have stolen it from Justin Mateen. When they were creating Tinder together they probably thought about not letting men respond to women the same way women respond to men. Bumble Is Exactly Like Tinder Except Girls Are In Charge https://techcrunch.com/2014/12/02/bumble-is-exactly-like-tinder-except-girls-are-in-charge/ Women Lose When Men Bumble http://thefederalist.com/2015/09/18/women-lose-when-men-bumble/ MGTOW Mystery Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L-JvGkZpR0&feature=youtu.be 9 images licensed and paid for through BigStock.com. All images are shown below in the order they appear. 1. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-74667385/stock-photo-woman-in-bee-costume-isolated-on-white 2. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-2224361/stock-photo-grumpy-bee-costume 3. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-6698923/stock-photo-carnival 4. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-3423972/stock-photo-grumpy-bee-costume 5. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-2224349/stock-photo-sexy-halloween-costume 6. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-3423993/stock-photo-pretty-halloween-girl 7. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-6218902/stock-photo-bee-costumes-woman-looking-surprised 8. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-45260272/stock-photo-woman-in-bee-costume-isolated-on-white 9. http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-148364999/stock-photo-woman-wearing-bee-halloween-costume
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Text Comments (289)
Steve Sargent (29 days ago)
I like to match with hoes and then when they message me I say,” oh, sorry, I should’ve read your profile before swiping.”
J722 (1 month ago)
I just signed up for Bumble after listening to this video. It is absolutely filled with gold digging wall smashed women. There isn't a single good looking one in the whole bunch.
John Verbasi (1 month ago)
I filled my application said I'm 57 retired on over 380,000 thousand a year and now i get about 40 - 80 matches a day from 18 -70 year olds fucking gold digging whores i never reply to their constant begging
Nick M (2 months ago)
Ive fucked a few whores off of it lol
mike riolo (2 months ago)
I think you called them predators. Guys !! boycott bumble.
Genus Musa (3 months ago)
Dating apps are pathetic. Females are narcissists and just want attention, so don't give it to them.
Anthony LaManna (3 months ago)
I bet without a doubt, that these type of women MGTOW talks about or is staying away from, are without a shadow of doubt liberal brainwashed zombies.. For the content MGTOW men have expressed, I've never saw one actually prove that these witches r liberal... I'm telling u guys, like Michael Savage says, liberalism is a mental disorder
Joeslinx (3 months ago)
Okcupid completed a study where women deemed 85% of men to be below average. Let that sink in. And these are just the men confident enough to join the app.
Cranky Corvus Gaming (3 months ago)
Bumble is nothing but a miserable thot validation center.
MultiTurdz (3 months ago)
plow those horse
Alex Nezhynsky (3 months ago)
It's not a feminist app. It's a fascist app.
R G (5 months ago)
Blocked from Bumble last year by writing MGTOW in my description. Female coworkers still complaining that there are no good men left, that there are no gentlemen. Stuck in their grass huts.
Hiair (5 months ago)
An they will keep saying that they are not whores that sell themselves to the highest bidder.
Samuel Hall (5 months ago)
I stopped using Bumble because you have to check it every 24 hours or risk losing matches, whereas Tinder is more permanent and thus is better.
TIME IN A BOTTLE (5 months ago)
Bumble might have been the first app that put women in charge but POF plenty of rotten fish beat them to the punch. in 2013 owner of POF Markus Frind implemented rules that wouldn't let men contact women a set number of years younger than the men. However the hypocrite Markus Frind allowed women of any age to contact men of any age. This is why no man should evern use POF. As for the Bumble Bee app, there should be one fixed description except name location and age or a set of credentials that can be copied and pasted into to every man's description and let those money horny hoe's have to sift through all those duplicated descriptions to find they're all the same. They'd eventually get the idea they're not in control after all, but I think MGTOW is the man's new version of Bumble Bee.
Anthony Sforza (5 months ago)
"It's like Tinder but the women are in control." So... Tinder?
SuperNothing (5 months ago)
When using Tinder a while back, the repetitive rejecting swipe-rights made me feel like a heel. Yet, unrequited swipe-lefts made me feel constant rejection, so I deleted the app and went back to using Facebook and my social sphere to more successfully lure women. With that success came the witch's cauldron full of feminine trouble once again. I most recently discovered the transcendent joy of sex dolls and have not looked back since. If every man on the planet spent an hour alone with one of these synthetic lovelies to do whatever they chose, both Bumble and Tinder would crash like a beehive of feminism dropping from a tree and we could all stand waaaaay back and watch the fun!
Yakov Putin (5 months ago)
Every woman who contacted me on bumble asked me my height. Wymns too dumb to add height to profile.
Jacques Nicolay (6 months ago)
Just download the app, try it yourself, get back on the YouTube comments in 24 hours.
joe caterman (11 months ago)
This app bumble is fantastic to men. Why should 80% of men waste their time and effort (and life!) chasing after 80% of women who will ignore that 80% of men and only reply to the top 20% of men? Its totally stitched up in women's favour... feeding their attention seeking appetite. if we rate attractiveness 1-10, then what we're seeing is ALL women from.... say, a 3/10 to 10/10 only willing to date 8/10 and up men. What bumble actually does it stop men wasting their time and effort messaging women and also stop women from doing online dating for a ego boost... to reiterate... to stop them using men they would not date for a ego boost. If women want to be extra picky, let them put in the effort to write the countless messages the men have to write just to be ignored. There are only so many men to go around... we can't all be 6'2 with amazing degrees and chiseled jaws, just like all women can't be under 25 with amazing figures, perfect skin, large beautiful eyes and etc. Most of us have to accept each other's flaws to a certain degree A lot of these women are highly unrealistic... and they'll find that out a lot sooner when they have to do all the work and taste rejection from the top 20% of men they're chasing... then they might come back down to earth. If not, then it really doesn't matter... because we won't be wasting our time on there. ALL dating apps should follow this approach. The alternative is 1000's of hungry men feeding the egos of women sending countless messages that will be ignored. At the end of the day market forces win... they'll always win. There are roughly equal number of men and women... so women, although more men find them attractive than they do men, they will have to just accept a man on their level if they want to settle down... its that simple. They can be a 5/10 walking around with glasses that hide any guy who is under a 8/10... but its no different to a man who just watches porn, really. They're unlikely to actually get the guy... if they're extra lucky they might get a very short fling.
Lee Scuderi (2 months ago)
Dude...Bumble still doesn't work like that. Ive been on Bumble and while I got many more hits and messages from women they were all from women who were way below the standard of woman that I have ever dated in the past. I just did a suicide swipe on all the profiles to see what comes back and its all overweight women who are below average. I would say im above average in looks and have ALWAYS dated women who were a certain caliber...basically my match. Cute with decent bodies...not models. A bit above average in looks. On bumble it was just like everyone other site...nobody wants to date their own match. Everyone is trying to go way out of their league. So instead of getting women close to what I normally date its all women way below my league. Bumble is like all of the other sites...doesn't work because nobody is honest with themselves.
Yep, I've found the same girls on both Tinder and Bumble. They even have different bio descriptions and pictures- slutty pics on Tinder and normal pics for Bumble
Marlon Moncrieffe (1 year ago)
I appreciate Bumble's honesty at least
Wayne Taylor (1 year ago)
You are a genius
Totally Legit (1 year ago)
I'm gonna sign up to reject the matches I get directly
Joseph Kupper (1 year ago)
On these apps when a female says "No hookups or friends w/ benefits" it means she already has those and has a whole different job in mind for you the online dating sucker.
Matthew Rodgers (1 year ago)
A guy went on bumble, put a funny profile... didn't get a single match in 2 days. He took a bank receipt showing 300k and the next day he had literally dozens of matches. Girls being all "sweet & sincere" to him.
Lee Ernesto Boles (1 year ago)
I might make a fake profile and set up dates with these girls, go to the coffee shop, and watch them looking all confused about why they were stood up
Thirtiesguy (1 year ago)
I can't imagine this app really working, women (aka adult children) are terrible at communicating.
zed zu (1 year ago)
I'm not sure women handle the rejection that men go thru.
SpaghettiandSauce (1 year ago)
Bumble is going to give some women their first ever experience of rejection.
uwantsun (1 year ago)
content good, but ripping through your read as fast as you can, takes away. Listen to ANY morgan freeman narration and learn to use commas a a pause and use periods to separate ideas. Or take a speech class at your local CC. Please...
Fart Crapper (1 year ago)
Fuck your speech synthesizer
Brandon Sebastian (1 year ago)
I can't handle your robot voice, as much as I agree with you.
Michael Wargo (1 year ago)
I don't mind. It's like I'm the girl. I just sit around and get messages. Easy poon. I love what women think feminism is. It just means more sex, and less commitment from us. Life is better than ever.
Mario C (1 year ago)
I used Bumble for a week and didn't get even messaged. Absolutely useless
Cuphead , (1 month ago)
Jk don't touch these women
Cuphead , (1 month ago)
+Wonder Boy No Use tinder
Wonder Boy (3 months ago)
You should try Grindr bruh
L Hoyt (5 months ago)
Mario C What did you expect?
Oppai Senpai (1 year ago)
what does the average man look like?
Tri Nguyen (1 year ago)
Forget online dating. It's not worth it. MGTOW is the only way to go
Male Mentorship (1 year ago)
19 women thumbed this video down. Crazy weirdos.
Meso Anto (1 year ago)
thumbs down to this video I don't like the idea of using people I don't want women who use men
Jon D (1 year ago)
What these females don't understand is that the wealthy, good looking guys (preference pending) don't NEED online dating to hook up, and if they did, they know that they are the ones who can have any woman they want, and the gold diggers would have to actually be pretty well worth it (physically, financially, socially, etc.) for these guys to even look at them. How many wealthy, good looking, guys do people see with ugly, fat, and broke chicks? I would say none. The only guys who are genuinely interested in females like this are ones who are friend zoned and thrown to the side for someone (or some"thing") better. Chicks like these are encouraged thinking that since they got one guy, know they can get better. Except . . . their definition of "better" is a guy who can choose who and what he wants and get it when he wants. And she is not it.
1 (1 year ago)
Honestly, the reason why women are how they are today with their high standards and 80/20 rule bullshit is because of men. You men did it to yourselves, all you guys do is gas up women on social media and real life at clubs and parties and inflate their ego and white knight them so much that you've all created monsters who think they're goddesses on earth. At the end of the day, it wasn't women who made themselves mystical creatures who are in charge of the sex game, but men who gave them that power. And I don't see it getting better either. GG men, we fucked ourselves beyond repair and this is the reality now
tryskel golic (1 year ago)
the only thing you find on online dating site is goldigger nothing more
Harry Phantom (1 year ago)
Educational link. Sandman
Alpha Et Omega (1 year ago)
Women are control freaks but at the same time they desperately want a man to lead them
Sub-Zero (1 year ago)
is it just me or is there 9/10 profiles on theses apps women who are single mothers? lol you can clearly see that no man wants to date theses women
CHAD LE CHAT (1 year ago)
Dumble dies fast. I aprove because as a rich, hansome alpha with nnappropriate healthy self esteem I never would even think of such humiliation like signing up for being sized u by icky bitches with inflated egos
Vidar D (1 year ago)
in negotiations the person who contacted the other party has a worse position. effectively this might put women in the position of seeking the male approval. it might actually work well for men. the down side is that not many women will ever be willing to make the first step.
ghosttimer (1 year ago)
Bill Burr probably getting a lot of shit from Nia. She probably saying see what you did lol.
marsnz (1 year ago)
Get professional headshots taken in a cockpit/doctor office etc Create fake 'looking for marriage' profile Watch the goldmining operation begin Never respond.
Barnaby ap Robert (1 year ago)
J Logan (1 year ago)
for the most part women run any dating site bc they have all the power on whether or not they give you response or not
D A (1 year ago)
"She's sitting with you but her eyes are on the door So many have paid to see, what you think you're getting for free? The woman is wild, a she-cat tamed by the purr of a Jaguar Money's the matter, if you're in it for love you ain't gonna get too far ... uh-Oh, here she comes Watch out boy she'll chew you up uh-Oh, here she comes She's a man eater"
Heed My Warning (1 year ago)
Thank you for mentioning the Black Mirror series. I especially liked the episode where people had "popularity points" and everything in their life revolved around it.
Jay Colby (1 year ago)
Courtship V.S Dating https://jaycolby.com/2016/12/21/courtship-v-s-dating/
So in tinder they already had an absolute advantage. Bumble is the crown jewel of hypergamy.
I'd rather Masturbate keep your damn dating website
L Hoyt (5 months ago)
Rainbow-_-kitty1 Kitty-_-Rainbow1 not enough men are willing to even discuss this obvious solution to being horny. Good for you and me too.
Faith Alone KJV (1 year ago)
Actually the lady helped to start Tinder, got upset because the co-founder tried to not give her a co-founder status so that he could rip her off to not give her credit as a co-founder. So the guy was actually just being an ass. So, she did what many people do in tech, take an idea and find a good pivot. And don't worry, you can use both apps at the same time, which is what people do--one for hook up the other for true marriage potential. You guys are silly because the truth is is men get possessive and women are making good money too. So, it only becomes a factor when you have a child. If you fear gold digger then just marry someone who has their own gold and doesn't sleep with you before marriage. Don't be a hypocrite. Actually be a man and don't try and bang her and then claim she is a bitch for giving you what you want and doesn't want to risk having a poor baby daddy. In short, chose a good woman but make sure you are a good man first. Own your shit.
Atlas Rebellion (1 year ago)
Cucks use online dating apps. Go say hello in public.
Pestilent Parrots (1 year ago)
While I agree with many things you say, the cadence of you speech becomes unbearable after a couple of videos. You should only up the tone of your voice at the end of a sentence when asking a question and there are predictable, unneeded accentuantions... You sentences are like wave lengths on a graph. Just some constructive criticism.
Fart Crapper (1 year ago)
I can't fucking fathom why he sounds like that
F B (1 year ago)
For the most part, women have "poisoned the well." Only stupid or very inexperienced men will drink from it.
Jeff D (1 year ago)
I get a real kick out of those clips where they dress accomplished eligible bachelors down, then they get rejected by gold diggers, with "higher standards ", only to find out the dudes are rich. The looks on them bitches faces-- PRICLESS!
nagone11 (1 year ago)
I had a fairly attractive women tell me just a few days ago any man going on these dating apps for women are suckers.....
82ghost (1 year ago)
All of you have it all WRONG! This app is perfect! It's like going fishing where all you have to do is set up some good bait on a few poles and someone does the fishing for you. Just put up a good profile, nice pics and let Bumble fly away and do the work!! No more scrolling from pic to pic, no more spending hours sending out mass messages. You just sit back and wait and bumble will give you a buzz when you get a hit. YES, it's a dumb feminist app but it can be a bit of a time saver in the long run.
El Verde (1 year ago)
Bumble is a complete joke. It is way worse than Tinder or Happn, since most women dont have the backbone to take the initiative and start making the first move. The only guys who will get any attention in Bumble are the top 10%. It is a cuck app, period.
Lauri Tikkanen (1 year ago)
It's going to be very quiet in Bumble... Everybody knows that the women usually never initiate conversations in dating apps. They just don't want to do that but instead require the guys to start with at least a "hi, how's it going".
AirPlayRule (4 months ago)
And if you copy/paste a paragraph, instead of ignoring u for just saying hi or hey, they ignore u cause they sense u copied/pasted.
LeTHALxHeaDBanG (4 months ago)
Yup I was on Tinder before. Not one girl talked to me first and if you just said hi and tried to get a convo going that way, you’d get ignored even though she swiped right on you! Bahaha.
joe caterman (11 months ago)
no, they moan about hi, how's it going... they want a full paragraph of investment from a man there's a 90% chance they'll ignore anyway.
cowchipsbotme (1 year ago)
How is this different from other apps? They don't respond anyway. It doesn't matter. They already have to initiate conversation on these sites. God, I am just . . . so tired of dealing with women. I just quit my job because I didn't want to be around them anymore. Bickering, whining, asking me to do the heavy lifting, flirting when they have a boyfriend, sexually provoking but then acting offended when someone responds the same way, freaking out over small things, reacting instead of being proactive and learning from mistakes, shifting blame, etc. I feel great about leaving.
Pentru Barbati (1 year ago)
Well the all online dating thing is the same shit women chose men hope to be chosen ...
Yk Sin (1 year ago)
Fully testosterone deprived 😂😂😂
Sun Rise (1 year ago)
Men will just lie about, the work they do. I think rocket engineer, sounds good.
Cuphead , (1 month ago)
I'm an American surgeon that graduated from Harvard and I make 10b a year
L Hoyt (5 months ago)
I like Rocket Engineer! When they ask what it means we can say Masturbator. Ha ha lady!
Charles Lee Ray (5 months ago)
Paul Ross psh rocket engineer... I'm an ex cia, spec ops, double agent
ShadowMsh (1 year ago)
Bheh, if I were using dating apps, I would like one that would filter which females are pretty and rule out every single one who is not :D And believe me, age selection is not as effective as we'd expect.
acreessjustine (1 year ago)
So if women are egotistical whores use bumble, what are the men who use tinder and message the women and the first thing the say is that they want to cum in our face? No really, I'm interested in what we should call them.
Tropical Magic (1 year ago)
join and dont reply?
Queen Bee he said....ooooo!
Watching this at 4:22 am
If men would have an app like that, it will just be GAY!
Jimmy Cruz (1 year ago)
Never used any app. Street dude so I just talk my way into ass and then break their little hearts even after warning them that I'm not into romance.
RSC (1 year ago)
Speed dating is the same. While a man is at a speed date, it's the guy that does the leg work
Tobi AK Freeman (1 year ago)
haha everyone make a bumble account, and don't ever reply, lower some self esteem
Eze Todoroki (1 year ago)
Bitch Dating App.
Lone wolf productions (1 year ago)
i used to get ..what are you wearing? i used to type a bin bag , dear stalker , and converse nikeys lol
Blz Ahz (1 year ago)
Women want control of mate selection, like females in the animal kingdom choose their mates. Many male birds and even the male pufferfish construct a nest to attract females, and then the female comes to check it out if it suits her. She'll move in/take over the nest *if* it suits her, and then it's the male's job to get more resources for maintaining the whole deal; it's her nest now (talking about entitlements) much like a gf moves over to your place, starts redecorating it and finally kicks you out, if you have no use(e.g. a better provider comes along) It's their instinct (commands hardcoded in their DNA, much like a computer program) that drives them. Only problem with that coding is that there's no "reset entitlement status after being dumped" line, meaning that if a -2/10 chick bangs Ryan Gosling, she'll expect that to be her level indefinitely, even if poor Ryan was held at gunpoint, blindfolded, heavily drugged and did it out of pity, yet accidentally.
Blz Ahz (1 year ago)
They can't even compute why they can't just pick the best ones or why "lesser" men are bothering them. To them it's like breaking the laws of physics, it's so wrong that these "lesser" men approach them that they feel like it's crime. The best thing is you can't teach them out of this delusion, it's hardcoded and it's hardcoded into their hardware. There just isn't the capability of self-reflection in them, sure you can try to update their software, but the hardware hardcoded factory-reset will always beat and nullify any update.
Lone wolf productions (1 year ago)
i've come to the conclusion that if you need an app for anything...your lost lol online dating pmsl
John Peter (1 year ago)
When I became a Mgtow I dont approach or initiate conversation with women or pay them attention. Men who Initiate convo with women are fools fuck that. A true Mgtow wont start convo with women. MGTOW4LIFE
mavishill (1 year ago)
I was on a online dating website. Recently while reviewing all my spending, I was shocked to realised how much I have wasted so far on the subscription. I cancelled it immediately. It's not worth it. Not to mention, I've never found a gf through it. I suspect half women on there are probably fake profiles. And other half, fatties, "Instagram girls", basic bitches and golddiggers. I suggest every guy here should review his finances.. and check if your cards are being charged automatically. Cancel subscriptions you don't need, don't use, or have not ever benefitted from or can do without. Save your money. I cancelled most subscriptions except Netflix and Stan.
Butch Crassidy (1 year ago)
If I was dating, I would probably more inclined to use something like Bumble, just because it lets me sit back, and let women come to me.
Microphunktv (1 year ago)
Haha.. i think i know wich episode your talking about from black mirror : - )
Tony Bulley (1 year ago)
Great vid! I'm on both apps and cleaning up 😎
Joseph Coll (1 year ago)
dating apps and websites never helped me. women just wants money from me.
Joseph Coll (1 year ago)
Agreed. in the past I wasted a lot of money on this girl. I am going to save. thank you!
Jonathan Joestar (1 year ago)
Anyone using this should be shot in the back of the head. It would be a mercy killing.
Charles Lee Ray (5 months ago)
Dude it's pathetic for granted I was on a dating app before a few years ago but it was to try and get nudes I was 16
nagone11 (1 year ago)
It sure would.
Demonos3 (1 year ago)
so what I'm hearing is; download app, put up profile with best pic you can muster, then every time someone hits you up you respond with "The fuck do you want?" just don't put up real info... and no real pics since these bitches be lying all damn day.
Demonos3 (1 year ago)
or call her a fat ass cow. really, really dig into her self-esteem.
lpd1snipe (1 year ago)
Why date. Avoid the "gash" and keep your cash.
Eco Mouse (1 year ago)
Don't worry... it's lame. You have to have a facebook account to even use it. Secondly, feminists are railing against it as being inherently sexist from the start. And same sex couples don't have the same access (unless you happen to be lesbian)
Rosscoe Schopenhauser (1 year ago)
All online dating is bunk.Like marriage,its a rigged game and not time efficient.
Thomaspoa (1 year ago)
Ummmm, how exactly do they make money off Tinder? If you answer with "Advertising," you'll have to tell me how much money you've spent on adds you've seen through Tinder.
Thomaspoa (1 year ago)
+Daniel Hobgen Maybe. I have a Brazilian friend who did great off Google adwords, but every American I know lost money on it. Americans are constantly bombarded with advertising.
Padrone (1 year ago)
Strong independent women should want more?
Will Winters (1 year ago)
Just go monk guys. Its easier and more resolute. No middle ground to wrestle with. Women view men as tampons with wallets. Men should just view women as another life support system for trees. They are just too volatile to deal with otherwise. Again, just make peace with that and you'll live a lot better both inside and out.
Will Winters (1 year ago)
I was there once myself and I wish to hell someone gave me this advice. I also wish I would have had the wisdom back then to have heeded it. You can try women as an outlet, and ONLY an outlet. FWBs are great here but know and stick to the boundries.. Women change personalities and minds with the passing of the day. One of those moments might very well land you in court, one way or another. Remember, you've been warned from experience here. Go with porn or prostitutes after 30. You wont be missing much.
Dwayne Taylor (1 year ago)
Will Winters What about the younger guys?With the high hormones it will be harder for them to go monk.
linuxman777 (1 year ago)
Today I saw a white woman begging on the street today. I gave her no money and said she wasnt black enough to get my sympathy. Felt good to stick it to the white woman.
Karl Marx (1 year ago)
Dude you are awesome!
Thomas Hibbard (1 year ago)
I do not identify as a MGTOW at all, but you bring up some very good points in your videos that no one will ever talk about, keep up the good work, and even at parts where I disagree with you, I still hope your points become more heard, just to help counter some of this stupid SJW BS.
Just The Worst (1 year ago)
SciFi speculation: Why do you think women are working so hard as an organization to get more women into science? Because the tech being invented caters to the interests of men. Sex robots and three dimensional porn is rocketing ahead, and these things appeal to the desires of men more than women. Build a 3d printer with protein packets, and program the super sexy VR woman to fake cook (Aren't there youtube videos like that?) after your sexual encounter and you will have the full girlfriend experience, but with a fixed price tag. It would not be hard to set up an entire 'date' program, really. As a consequence women are being made obsolete and see that the only chance they have to stop that is to take over and direct the future of technology. One of my favorite characters from Player Piano actually teases a woman about how easy it would be to make a sex robot, it just has to be soft and warm. Granted these are all just crazed conspiratorial ravings...
Nathan B. Champine (1 year ago)
Oh, the outcry has yet to start. Wait until a few of the women get swiped to the left on Bumble. The wailing cry of misogyny will be loud and humorous.
Just The Worst (1 year ago)
"Bumble Is Exactly Like Tinder Except Girls Are In Charge." soo exactly like tinder then? and every single other dating app or website for that matter? or all of human history? Since when have men been "in charge" of dating or sex? I guess 1 in 4 men on college campuses are, sure, but normal non rapist men, you three know who you are, have never been in control of dating. The saddest part? Men are SO in charge of dating that they will sign up for anything that gives them hope of finding sex without having to face personal humiliation from stuck up women that they are becoming more and more afraid of, and will go on to do literally anything they can think of to try to get the attention of a woman.
Craig Renard (1 year ago)
Just The Worst fucking truth mate especially the saddest part

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