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Lenovo factory

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Helping Mind (1 month ago)
Growing smarthphone company.
RINKU ALI (3 months ago)
Lenovo best smart phone. Lenovo z5s in waiting for India. Lunch date in India ?????????.
Shogun Ferdi (5 months ago)
ini pabrik di Serang Banten
Shogun Ferdi (5 months ago)
my Android is Lenovo A7700 , i bought since this product launching
Tulasi Ram (8 months ago)
I am use Lenovo vibe k8 note
Arun Yadav (8 months ago)
Where are company address
Shumail (9 months ago)
Best in the best Lenovo mobile
Gajendra Mertia (9 months ago)
Samrt lenovo mobile
Shiwam Singh (10 months ago)
shivam singh bishwaniya
Abhi limbu (11 months ago)
plz send me a link of lenevo S650 Chinese model
Sushil Kumar (11 months ago)
Z5 launch date in india
Sourabh Pran Borah (1 year ago)
Mera vibe k5 plus ki motherboard gaya...
തിട്ട കമ്പനി Lenovo ന്റെ എത് ഫോൺ എടുതലും കമ്പ്ലൈന്റ് മാത്രമേ ഉള്ളൂ
hardik verma (1 year ago)
lenovo ke phone bakbass
Ranjit das (8 months ago)
Chup chutia Tera phone bakwas harami
Utkarsh Pandey (1 year ago)
this is best smartphone Make company lenovo makes best smart phones
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Utkarsh Pandey , Lenovo,Moto, Xiaomi,one plus are best Chinese companies,they have started assembling smartphones in India but still made in China
Chowdary Chaitanya (1 year ago)
where this factory place city name please replay sir
Shogun Ferdi (5 months ago)
serang Banten Indonesia
Jasvir Grewal (1 year ago)
ex they
Anurag01 Pandey (1 year ago)
Chowdary Chaitanya ,not factory just an assembling unit in Pondicherry to save import duties, Chinese companies are dominating indian market (70percent market share)
Moideen Kannur (1 year ago)
ilove lenov
Izan Haider (10 months ago)

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