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Life along the river : Water color by Direk kingnok

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Water color by Direk Kingnok.
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lily wang (1 month ago)
David Soekana (5 months ago)
The lights are beautiful in the painting👍 Fantastically reflected the blue and yellow color on the house and on the water! More cozy than an oil painting. Congratulations to Direk Kingnok! I love to paint to👍
sharon olsen (2 years ago)
This is beautiful painting... but the part I needed / wanted to see the most was cut or accidentally missing... very unfortunate... That said.. the colors and "feel" of the painting are wonderful
MsIamLolly (2 years ago)
Hello, what kind of watercolor do you use? PS May be somebody know?
jerald (2 years ago)
holbein i guess
Luz Montoya (2 years ago)
Sue Chesley (2 years ago)
Saimoom Mushabbir (3 years ago)
that detailing !!!
knazmi7734 (3 years ago)
what watercolor brand you use?
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Rohan Soliman (3 years ago)
Aruzhan Berdibekova (3 years ago)
sari atika (3 years ago)
Cool.....i hope to see you.. ^_^ i'm from indonesia
anandavimal (4 years ago)
Leaving out the most difficult part of the video at 7:15!
Sudhanshu Nirbhavne (1 year ago)
I think he started a fresh one. It doesn't look the same.
chicken (2 years ago)
Lmao quite right
Susicolourfull vazquez (4 years ago)
Visit my canal susicolourfull vazquez. Beautifull watercolor
PassionateAdventures (4 years ago)
I don't have any idea why the painting was changed mid-course, around 7:15!!! He had to restart?? That is very confusing, from a "learning" point of view... Anyway, still a great painting but I missed seeing what would have been done with the first drawing...
Namulun P (4 years ago)
Xinxin He (4 years ago)
Masters level................
Deb Wells (4 years ago)
Amazing in every way!
NMranchhand (4 years ago)
I'm just saying (4 years ago)
Very talented indeed. Great showcase of technique. However, the first part till 7:11 is a different painting than the second part. Even the pencil lines are different. I'm sure both paintings are really good at the end.
Sharon Mayne (4 years ago)
Truly amazing.  
Regalizy Paranoid (4 years ago)
คาราวะหนึ่งจอกฮ่ะ :D
Sharath Holla (4 years ago)
Masterly execution.brilliant..!
Lasha368 (4 years ago)
Love it! Excelent choice of colours!
meka tota (4 years ago)
letuanakala (4 years ago)
Thanks for your beautiful picture :)
Anastasia Zolotova (4 years ago)
Fell in love with your work! Gorgeous 
NICOLA DALBENZIO (4 years ago)
Still captivating to watch.  What large brush did you use for the washes?
Elise (4 years ago)
i believe it's the chinese type of brush
coffee break sniper (4 years ago)
netnapa ponjun (4 years ago)
sam k (4 years ago)
Jy. (5 years ago)
U're using calligraphy brush!! I love to use too! :D
Suzie Overman (5 years ago)
Gorgeous! And the music really makes the picture breathe!  Good choice!
Rang Klos (5 years ago)
credenza1 (5 years ago)
Conjuring the spirit of Huckleberry Finn
Andrea Batten (5 years ago)
Brilliant, thank you :)
KT PK (5 years ago)
Bravo! Fabulous!
hokume adgozelova (5 years ago)
Its very hard job
hokume adgozelova (5 years ago)
Its very hard job
Tanny Sum (5 years ago)
this is gorgeous!!
Sri G (5 years ago)
wonder full demo,Thanx to Direk
Kishor Vadnal (5 years ago)
Sir ur great 
onetwothree57 (5 years ago)
A real pro! Great and inspiring!
Shirley Peters (5 years ago)
Love the white smoke! I've watched this many times. Love it!
JS (5 years ago)
Thank you for showing the painting details of this intricate beautiful painting. Just one little thing, I find the background music is a bit annoying, but when the frog joins in. It is lovely.
Yusuke Matsumoto (5 years ago)
TheZsoart (5 years ago)
cartoonprofessor (5 years ago)
Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this with all of us :)
emmvdleka (5 years ago)
Thank you for showing this! Beautifull, light, and the way you use your brushes is very special! Hope to see more of this. Don't you have a video with instructions for sale?
Eugen Gorean ART (5 years ago)
Eric Sareyka (5 years ago)
You're right! The result is beautiful but - Mr. Kingnok is not communicative. He loves himself and gives no reply. Pity!
Thailand People is the draw.
Caroline Alexander (5 years ago)
He starts off with very very light washes, and as the paint dries, it dries paler, so once he puts a darker wash over it, it appears white. He did not use gouache, because you can still see the pencil lines on the roof until he paints over them at the very end, and white gouache would lift any colour below it, messing things up.
Kianq Lucky (5 years ago)
hello, can you tel mee what paper you use?
Geweldig, maakt niet uit hoe je het doet.
Sophia Ann Elizabeth (5 years ago)
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!
don77frye (5 years ago)
This little fellow right here is right !! You cheated !!
SuperCybermouse (5 years ago)
So beautiful ;-)!
Danja Beba (5 years ago)
Great job done, master!
carol biggs (6 years ago)
Thank you for this
Takis Teo (6 years ago)
Thank you for sharing!
Lyn Evans (6 years ago)
This was lovely. A master craftsman. Thank you.
ajayvenu1 (6 years ago)
bronwenquick (6 years ago)
WONDERFUL painting. Thank you for sharing
Аня Войтюк (6 years ago)
It is a beautifull Art!
DancesWithMetroids (6 years ago)
Great job, what's the music called?
Sasha R (6 years ago)
skazka! aj zahotelasi samoi poresavati!vdahnovleaet!
Osama Al Janabi (6 years ago)
So amazing, the colors and brush strokes are fantastic, thanx for sgaring and hioe you have more paintings like this to share
snowyowl12 (6 years ago)
I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this video. your control of your brush techniques is awesome!
Txon Pomes (6 years ago)
Wonderfull. Many thanks!!!
Ratna Wati (6 years ago)
Julieanne's Idea (6 years ago)
Yes its like people are being given a gift from a master artist and then they are whining about it! thank you again for sharing your beautiful work and a deftness. I long for your skill and will watch your videos many times to learn as much as I can thank you again Direk
Julieanne's Idea (6 years ago)
This is utterly gorgeous and thankyou so much for sharing it with us
Alex Duff (6 years ago)
Woooow me vendes ese cuadro???
kapila dhrmasena (6 years ago)
really good.&..Cool.
vete ala mierdaa te pasaste el pedasoo mas chidoo
Suwong Mano (6 years ago)
good painting....
LinePigeotpeintre (6 years ago)
lilmissbhaven36 (6 years ago)
I like how criticizing people has become a normal practice. Why should he show you ALL of his work? Why do you need to know ALL of it, it sounds like you already know it ALL. I love it. Love the choice of colors. Love the composition. A masterpiece.
Hippo Potamus (2 years ago)
lilmissbhaven36 I think the complaint is that half of this video is one painting, then, halfway through, it switches to another, very similar but clearly different painting that had a different beginning. I suppose it's enough to be grateful for to see this at all, but it lacks continuity - the painting we get to see finished is not the same painting we saw started.
Dragon's Roar (6 years ago)
Wait wait....what water colors are you using that just stops moving like that...when I'm using them they are uncontrollable.
Roger Storm (6 years ago)
Hi! Excellent watercolour. Seen it several times and tried to emulate your style. What is the music? Very nice too.
Suyono Yono (6 years ago)
bagus sekali...
TheHeraldic (6 years ago)
very normal
GruesomeGertie (6 years ago)
Is it normal that I'm listening to brutal death metal whilst watching this?
ruyiwan (6 years ago)
what kind of paper u used??
Giant Smile (6 years ago)
wow amazing...( เก่งมากครับ น้องดิเรก )
John Salmon (6 years ago)
Excellent Mr Kingnok. Please could you let us know what your choice of colours is and what is that nice brush you used at the beginning. Thankyou for sharing your work.
Armando Juarez Ortiz (6 years ago)
just practice and practice'
You paint but you also play classic guitar :) Am i right? :)
larshoneytoast33 (6 years ago)
I would love to do soemthing similar to this. But i have an unfortunate problem. I am colour blind. So watercolours is somewhat difficult for me. Could you please enlighten me on what colours you used for the trees and sky? Thanks mate, I love your work :)
Tim S. (6 years ago)
The guy is realy talented! No doubt!
Muffin Man (6 years ago)
As I saw one and two VDO , the artist so kindly put more how to mixing color for new painter,He did't messed up or can't do with watercolor , Don't get him wrong, he is superb . about the house and smoke everyone have style and a secrete if we open minded we can learn from each other
Muffin Man (6 years ago)
monsur habib (6 years ago)
awesome dude.....simply awesome.....
Terra Gaia (6 years ago)
not fair!!!! you skipped the most important steps!!
Rafael Rosario (7 years ago)
Wao, you are so good. That liked me.
d low (7 years ago)
I like how you started over, unless you are using white or gouache, the trees on the left didn't have the same sky holes in it as it did when you switched to the clip of the house finished and the shadow side of the house all of a sudden became lighter, which you can't do with watercolors (unless you use white or started over).. I assume you messed up and then switched to a clip of a retry.. what happened?
joterate (7 years ago)
Amazing painting with the soft colors,Direk! Congrats!
Daria Kalinina (7 years ago)
Im nobody after this
ros ias (7 years ago)

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