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[POV] Picking Up Girls (w/ GoPro) At Bars & Music Festivals - Nameless: INSOMNIA

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FREE PUA TRAINING 🡆 https://kissherunder60.com/freetraining Learn how to kiss a girl under 60 seconds on the dance floor without having to say a single word (closing soon). Subscribe! http://bit.do/sub_nameless Watch me pickup girls at bars and music festivals with a GoPro on my head. 🡻FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT🡻 https://www.patreon.com/john_k_nameless My Life Purpose Book https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078Z1PZ24/ Watch more videos on the dark side of self-improvement here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgvB4KEQP-w&list=PLwlPLaWHmDTbiTFbRkrjO_ICo8wrrhPkR DISCLAIMER I do not own the music. This fan-made video is for artistic purposes. This soundtrack is the property of Sace and Loneliness. For issues concerning the use of music in this video, please contact me at [email protected] Music: "Sace x Loneliness - Without You" Sace : https://soundcloud.com/sacemusicsc https://www.instagram.com/sace.sthlm/ Loneliness : https://soundcloud.com/ukowens1 https://twitter.com/yrloneliness ____________________________________ GET IN TOUCH WITH ME HERE: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/john_k_nameless Website: http://www.johnknameless.com Official FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/148601255922731/ Facebook: http://fbl.me/thenightismyrefuge Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/john_k_nameless/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/John_K_Nameless MY TOP 5 FAVORITE BOOKS #1: "Living On Your Own Terms" by Osho: http://bit.do/living-on-your-own-terms #2: "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius: http://bit.do/meditations-marcus-aurelius #3: "The 48 Laws Of Power" by Robert Greene: http://bit.do/48-laws-of-power #4: "The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem" by Nathaniel Branden: http://bit.do/6-pillars-of-self-esteem #5: "The 50th Law" by Robert Greene: http://bit.do/50th-law
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Text Comments (88)
Michael Trossbach (4 days ago)
Holy fuck.. This is an incredible video
Nameless (1 day ago)
Thanks Michael!
HochFrequenzFreak (10 days ago)
Really cool Video! But why the fuck is nobody asking about the camera on your head?
Nameless (9 days ago)
They do haha trust me :)
Nameless (1 month ago)
*Wanna learn how to get girls from festivals and nightclubs?* *Checkout my FREE TRAINING HERE* 🡆 https://kissherunder60.com/freetraining (closing soon)!
ThaNoiZy (1 month ago)
Hey nameless, I am making music under another name and I wonder if u would be interested in doing a video similar to this as a musicvideo for a track that I made? Mail me on [email protected] Awesome video, love the vibe
Nameless (1 month ago)
Thanks. Message me on FB and send me your track
Tomáš Machalínek (1 month ago)
Hi Nameless, do you study or work? What is your job man if you work? Thanks :)
Nameless (1 month ago)
Work at a bank part time atm :)
Donne Sids (1 month ago)
Since first video man... so fucking cool
Nameless (1 month ago)
Thanks man! Yes since the beginning :)
V CHAND (1 month ago)
Its piking bitches man. You can't pik a girl
Nameless (1 month ago)
Nick Papillon (1 month ago)
I was just re-watching this video and man.... THIS DESERVES A LOT MORE LIKES!!!
steve (3 months ago)
the girl at 1:55 is my friend. The bold guy on her right is her boyfriend lol
Nameless (2 months ago)
Yes, shoot me a message on facebook anytime.
steve (3 months ago)
Nameless I have some questions I would like to ask you in private. Is tht possible?
Nameless (3 months ago)
YinAnonYang (3 months ago)
You know youre good when you can talk about darude-sandstorm to a girl
Nameless (3 months ago)
+YinAnonYang hahahaaaa
YinAnonYang (3 months ago)
Nameless (3 months ago)
GMZOGGA (3 months ago)
From which series or movie is "David i fucking love you." "I swallowed your cum" and so on... I heard this quote so many times i cant find the source.
Muhammad Kamran (3 months ago)
Nameless (3 months ago)
+Muhammad Kamran YES I'm releasing a product on it in the following month stay tuned!!!
ray padilla (3 months ago)
yea life is too short
Nameless (3 months ago)
Agreed ray padilla !
gone (3 months ago)
may i message you via twitter or discord for business inquiries? i don't use facebook, so i can't message on there!
gone (3 months ago)
your private messages are disabled, i tweeted @ you though
Nameless (3 months ago)
+gone Sure. See in the video description link to my twitter!
Johnny Bam (3 months ago)
wow man you have improve your video editing and quality and everything so damn much, thanks a ton for these videos you really help me improve as a person. By the way no homo i think u are pretty attractive to get these looks from women instantly
Nameless (3 months ago)
Thanks for support Johnny Bam it means a lot! I just approach a lot and eventually get great footage ;)
SlickNick (3 months ago)
Hey man. Love the vids. Quick question, is there a chance that if I try and make physical contact with the girl that she could flinch or reject me and it would make things awkward? How do I not worry about this? You help me so much man thank you so much.
Nameless (3 months ago)
It always happens. If she pulls back, take a step back and just keep talking and try again later!
shockwavetm (4 months ago)
How tall are you?
Nameless (3 months ago)
David james (4 months ago)
Nice vid bro, as always!
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thx David james means a lot!
Pathos life (4 months ago)
Of excellence man.. of pure f***ing excellence !!!!
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks Anthonis as always! :)
Robin Massey (4 months ago)
I don't know what it is. Something about the cold hard truth of what life really is and how it plays out.
Stargistic _Trent (3 months ago)
I fell ya man
Nameless (4 months ago)
Agreed Archdukey !
A. P. V. (4 months ago)
All this clubbing and festivals seem seem so alien and obnoxious to me, but you made into something interesting and watchable. That's probably what art is. Keep it up! :D
A. P. V. (4 months ago)
Probably the music is what makes most of the difference, now that I think about it.
Hussein Naji (4 months ago)
Surprisingly motivating and amazing editing. Dude if U get some more hardcore and faster dancing footage, U should use the song "pursuit of happiness Steve Aoki remix". Great job, I personally don't like one night stands, it feels like I'm throwing away my value to people I can't trust but holy shit, I love to talk to girls at parties
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks for support Hussein Naji it means a lot! Ill check that song out
Amazing. Will you ever do a video on *how* to attract girls?
Nameless (4 months ago)
I can't see any link having been sent but I did find a video entitled "How To Pickup Girls At Music Festivals + Kiss Under 30 Seconds". Is that the one?
Nameless (4 months ago)
+S Tillman lookup how to pickup girls pov. I made a video on it and sent you a link
Reisfeld (4 months ago)
The thumbnail makes your video look 'lower quality. Stock up your photoshop skills and change the "Clickbaited" style thumbnails into something that rather lookd high quality. Video is edited perfectly keep that up.
Hussein Naji (4 months ago)
girls and boobs arent clickbait if they are in the video, so dont worry
Nameless (4 months ago)
Very useful feedback thank you. Yes, we are competing with the internet here so it's an in-between with being artistic and getting clicks. My previous thumbnails with clickbait boobs got me tremendously more views, so it's a hard balance to strike. But yes, it's all taken into consideration. Keep the feedback coming
JSAN L. (4 months ago)
So your Video is mostly gray tones, so it has an specific color range and art style. Your thumbnail should represent that -> So use mostly the same color range with a few, well placed accents. -> Use fonts which represent the message of your video. Don't use many different Fonts. Ultimately the font should still be easily readable! So I'm relatively new to your channel and when I clicked on the first "Picking up Girls" Video it would probably be a "how to pick up girls - example" Video and not some nice art like this, with some kind of message (I hope :P). In my opinion the title is also just not really fitting, but I guess you don't want to change it now, so I think you should try the hardest to make clear that this an beautiful artistic video and not some kind of pick up tutorial/example video like described earlier.
Hussein Naji (4 months ago)
Nameless the edited image is great but the font of the text sucks ass, change it to something more serious and darker
Nameless (4 months ago)
+Reisfeld Thanks for the feedback dude. What do you mean by "high quality"? I'd like you to expand on this because I'm not sure I get it. Trying to get better so I need specific feedback. Thanks.
Beleuta Teodor (4 months ago)
Awesome video man :D Just was curious as you're making a lot of content on social dynamics, self-development; Have you managed to delve in the business world and hustling yet?
Nameless (4 months ago)
+Beleuta Teodor You can say that YT is business. It's not just merely a hobby :) tryna grow it into something bigger
TheShufflejimmy (4 months ago)
Thank you dude you gave what i requested i am also on a music fetsival Keep going brother
Nameless (4 months ago)
+TheShufflejimmy Thx for support!
Nick Papillon (4 months ago)
This montage is probably one of my favorites. Out of curiosity what's the worst night you've ever had? The other night I got rejected by a girl who later hooked up with another guy and had a overweight guy steal a girl from me. Every time I have horrible nights I feel insomnia.
Hussein Naji (4 months ago)
Nameless fucking genius dude, U showed that U don't give a fuck which girls LOVE
Nameless (4 months ago)
+Nick Papillon Hey nick glad you like it! That sucks lol, happened to me too. I've had a night when a hot girl spilled a drink on me and everyone around me looked at me like a freak. Then, another girl saw this and just started pushing me wtf. I quickly recovered by making myself even more of a fool. I climbed the stage where nobody was meant to go and just started dancing. People cheered me on until security told me to climb down lol.
vxize (4 months ago)
Another banger man! Keep them coming
Nameless (4 months ago)
+vxize Thx! :)
Imacat (4 months ago)
Québec ;)
Nameless (4 months ago)
+Imacat Yes ;)
Nico oo (4 months ago)
Great work Nameless greetings from Perú🤑🙏🌫
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks for support Nico oo it means a lot!
Vanessa Marie Mars (4 months ago)
Yeah, you are Nameless...but as we say in Norway, you’re making “a name of yourself”. What you showed us now is fucking brilliant dude.
Nameless (4 months ago)
Well said, thank you!!
Tamas 56 (4 months ago)
I really really enjoy your content. The style man. The style is so... inspirating, deep and its soo good :D.
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks it means a lot :)!
Dave Yvan (4 months ago)
Love it
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thx Dave Yvan means a lot!
jegaad1 (4 months ago)
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks for support jegaad1 it means a lot!
Skido (4 months ago)
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks :)
42JDD (4 months ago)
Damn, I think this is my favorite! When you make these do you have beforehand a storyline you want to tell or... how does it work :)
Nameless (4 months ago)
Glad it's your fav :) I struggled with a bit of perfectionism on this one... but glad it turned out well. The storyline usually comes to mind midway through the editing process... Most of the time I have no idea how it's going to turn out. Then, some ideas just magically occur to me.
Glo Bro (4 months ago)
n o i c e
Nameless (4 months ago)
Funny spaghetti (4 months ago)
This is amazing . THIS is what you can call *quality content* ! Keep up the amazing work!
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thx Funny spaghetti means a lot!
Birjo (4 months ago)
Nameless (4 months ago)
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