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Battle of Wanat Video Recreation

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This is a video recreation of the Combat Action at Wanat, Nuristan Province Afghanistan, on 13 July 2008. The attack resulted in multiple ISAF personnel casualties and disestablishment of COP Kahler.
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shawn Cramer (7 days ago)
Such a shame our young men had to die defending a spot that just got thrown away. The enemy attacks to drive out US troops, US troops withdraw, insurgent mission successful
Mike Dorf (13 days ago)
Anyone interested in this should check out the documentary 11 days and a wake up
Young Gunz (14 days ago)
Is this the one where the military was found negligent so the brass relaunched another investigation and interviewed only certain leaders and ultimately blamed a dead soldier? Classic army
pracxis sr (21 days ago)
Lesson not learn here : no one will ever won a war in afghanistan in last 300 years.
6stringgunner (27 days ago)
Another tragedy on hussiens watch. What a surprise!?!
Bellal Ahmad (1 month ago)
This is a video game
UOP zp (1 month ago)
The Simulation is like Arma Series Or a VBS series - Arma Cold War Assualt - Arma 1 - Arma 2
Alexander's Horse (1 month ago)
I was in Afghanistan at that time but not as a soldier. I want to pay respect to those brave soldiers at Wanat, especially those that gave their lives. They may have been lacking lots of things but not courage. God bless them and all who serve.
Tide16nc (1 month ago)
Bush Obama and Clinton 😡
Lance Pena (1 month ago)
Me: more of this pls OEC G&V: wanat?
Abdur Rehman Qureshi (1 month ago)
Locals supported insurgents because americans are terrorists
James Shedd (1 month ago)
I would not trade one American life for that hole dam inbread religious dump
James Shedd (1 month ago)
Should have pulled out then carpet bombed the shit out of that shithole ..better yet napalmed the hole dam valley
Shariman Dato' Yusoff (1 month ago)
Hahaha good for them.
Shariman Dato' Yusoff (1 month ago)
@RoyTV hahahaha hahahahahahahaha.
RoyTV (1 month ago)
Shut up
Bob Doom (2 months ago)
The English got fucked ,then the Russians ,so why are the Americans even there?....because there stupid that's why!!!!
The tax Collector (2 months ago)
Young brave men and women told they are protecting their country whilst lining the pockets of the banksters who fund this whole project called WAR.
Chuck Mellette (2 months ago)
don't forget placing your base in a valley, below hostile terrain.
Cesar Romero (2 months ago)
Why not pick high ground to build? Isn't sitting at the bottom of a valley leave you with too many vulnerability?
Cesar Romero (1 month ago)
@Jeff Israel not at all, I really appreciate your perception.
Jeff Israel (1 month ago)
High ground has its pros and cons. It is excellent for observation and controlling a broader area. If you have air assets high ground is not as valuable. It’s difficult to build strong bunkers simply through physical logistics, and a surprise close attack can actually leave you at a disadvantage unless you have clear fields of fire directly beneath you. A small hill with clear fields of fire is actually easier to defend, is friendly to vehicles and heavy equipment, and reinforcements and equipment can reach you from the ground as opposed to needing choppers to resupply. Plus, you can better control the movement and actions in a river valley by physically holding that valley and the transportation routes that run thru it. Sorry long winded.
Isaak (2 months ago)
That was kind of a shitty base... Idk about the terrain but they should have built it a little higher up the mountain somewhere like OP Restrepo was built. It also would have benefited them if they had more barriers and some more explosives to work with for the buildings that the insurgents were in. It is what it is I guess.
El Barto (2 months ago)
Those dudes only had 6 days and a wake up left before they went home.. Such a waste of life, 3/4 of the American soldiers at that location died in that attack, then they left that base two days later.. I’m pretty sure I’m not mistaking this with another attack, but I know it took place in wanat.
jay Spike (2 months ago)
Did the coalition soldiers rape and or kill women or livestock? They did at outpost restreppo
WorshipinIdols (2 months ago)
As a former member of the 1st Special Forces Group. I just want to say the regular army is hopelessly incompetent at Unconventional Warfare missions, or anything remotely similar to it.
Axelay (2 months ago)
Taliban are strong Fighters,.. they havent get a chance against them whit all their equipment. even the russians say this.
Axelay (1 month ago)
@15 is legal In Europe bro you have no clue about guerilla warfare,. its not only about eqippmwnt.. and what americans have 9 fallen deads till 2002 ,. are you serios,. its your Disgusting cnn,.fox ,. and and other scum lying media,. i tell you one think tehy tell abou Iraq its 1.500 deads ,. but i know of a tru tellimg s+urce its more than 30,000 . only ied videos exists in 600-800 hundred,. and you know how many in them humwess and bradleys ore buffalos,. ieds are so powerfull go watch brutal ied and you know waht i men.-the talibs use them too ,.but whit trucks to wipe out whole bases. the fact ist your Media talking bullshit
15 is legal In Europe (2 months ago)
Well the taliban had 60 killed, the americans had 9 killed. The americans also lost one 100.000$ TOW and 2 humvees, and I think also 1 50 cal, while the taliban lost (either destroyed or captured) 1 pickup truck, dozens of RPGs and who knows how many rifles, machineguns and ammo. That may sound like the taliban had it easier when it came to equipment, but an RPG to them is worth more than a TOW is to the americans, so there's that.
Shafan Mohammed (2 months ago)
If there is no air power America and NATO are piece of shits
Kyle B (2 months ago)
Great video, as a gamer I love this style of video.
The Drone Man (2 months ago)
NCO'S Are the Real Leader's...
Kenneth Tombs (2 months ago)
I think Lt Brostrom's father got it right when he said "no one had the balls to say don't do it." If they didn't have the troop strength or resources to protect these soldiers while they built the new base, they shouldn't have gone there in the first place. This video is bullshit and throws these soldiers to the wolves. It said that Chosen CO made wrong assumptions about the kind of attack that was coming and thus weren't prepared? They all seemed to know pretty damn well that they were getting handed a suicide mission where a large, coordinated attack was likely. Shoring them on things like Claymores, trip flares, concertina wire, appropriate machinery to construct defenses like 8 ft Hesco's, and WATER, was criminally negligent. Basically, four Humvees and a bunch of sandbags. Too many times we have seen investigations where the U.S. Army eats its young instead of holding higher-ups accountable. We see Army investigations where non-comms and Junior officers get hanged out to dry in business as usual fashion to avoid embarrassment or legal culpability for field grades and higher. It's a calculated, sickening, and demoralizing practice which needs to end. Honor to the dead hero's demands it.
Torric Roma (2 months ago)
Just saying, I love that they used ARMA 2 to do this "reconstruction"
Sean Hannigan (2 months ago)
So the boss was warned, ignored the warnings and 9 Americans died to higher ups not giving a fuck about their men. They fought hard and made us proud but they were let down by fools who just didn’t care about this operation that much obviously.
Stringer Media (2 months ago)
Great AAR Reconstruction.
Giancarlo Eiras (2 months ago)
@14:16 god damn it looks like that soldier dislocated his shoulder when he lifted his arm to drink his drank! Then he skillfully relocated his shoulder. I bet that hurt like hell though!
Ktap 11th region (2 months ago)
Ten Millimeter (2 months ago)
Rule #1 Go to the house of the guy who runs the town, have tea with him and then pull out your plugger and mark the middle of his courtyard for targeting. The very first FM is that coord and immediate suppression. If not, well then you'll just suffer time and time again and people will die.
WorshipinIdols (2 months ago)
Ten Millimeter ABSOLUTELY! Rule number #1 in counter insurgency (as u said) the local leaders must be made to know that we are here to help, and WE WILL! but if anything happened to us, you will be held responsible. Officially if your lucky. Unofficially if your not. We will put our necks out for u, we expect the same. If u betray us, the village gets leveled.
Daniel Gonçalves (2 months ago)
Amazing video and amazing attention to detail. I'm impressed with the amount of information given. Excellent work. The obvious conclusion is that when things go wrong just put the blame on those who were killed and use "shadows and mirrors" to hide the incompetence of the real culprits. May the brave men killed in action rest in peace.
Leo Martin (2 months ago)
Should have blown up their fucking mosque straight away.
Casper (2 months ago)
The unfriendly welcome of the first meeting with the Bazar's elders were obviously insurgents and then the supposed villager's meeting with the Company Commander was a attempted set up to mislead defense awareness. With this knowledge of the first unwelcome meeting and false villager's information I would think should have gave the CC major concern. Reinforcement should have been immediately called for dispatch to initiate a search of the Bazar and the Unit readied for possible attack on wait for reinforcements. The intelligence of Wanat and local observation by the Unit and Company Commander wasn't obviously jiving and should have set off Red Alerts.
Pedro Matos (2 months ago)
Im not American but i m proud of what our soldiers did on this battle!!! We need to fight back to defend our countrys
Brianna Barrett-Corbin (2 months ago)
I don't think this country or iraq are worth another American Life, just blow it off the map.
DaSpineLessFish (2 months ago)
@Wombadger >Israel and Saudi arabia involved in 9/11 >go to war and bomb some other country instead Great logic
Wombadger (2 months ago)
They started it... lol
DaSpineLessFish (2 months ago)
How about stop intervening with other people's countries?
Just don't go there.
Rusty Blades (2 months ago)
fish in a barrel .... done on purpose ... for study...
Andrew Magdaleno (2 months ago)
I loved the way the script and story board were styled like a report. No dressing it up, just packed with information. Thank you for your hard work on this, you got my sub!
Maverick L. (2 months ago)
They placed the blame on the 2nd platoon Lt. Who's task was to execute the strategy approved by the COC and without the necessary equipment and support. Great way to shit on the dead
Zaid Akbar Al Muharram (3 months ago)
Arma 1?
Pink Stalin (3 months ago)
lul isnt that ARMA II :D
Pink Stalin no, the original ARMA.
MALA2243 (3 months ago)
The men in that battle can be proud of how they fought in the battle big respect to them but the senior leadership of the brigade who decided to set up a base giving the high ground around the base to the enemy were asking for trouble and they got it but they as always didn't pay the price the rank and file did.
aslesh (3 months ago)
I feel very sad for these soldiers.. Specially... Specially @20.30 the soldier who didn't had any amunition left to fight. As indian I feel that America is doing very great job they have stabilised afaghanistan to a large extent .. otherwise it would have been terror factory for whole world. But I feel America is not going after real enemy and wasting there everything being in Afghanistan. That is Pakistan....
Omar Abbasir (3 months ago)
You Mr amitabachan you think invading countries will help India or other countries from people seeking revenge for bombing their family, use you spicy brain and think does war really help in the last 20 yrs or has breed more bad people. Use your brain. War is not good especially invading countries
Bulldog Bank. (3 months ago)
Bullshit. The generals should be in prison. Or better yet, hung to death for their crime in Wanat.
Mr Animator (3 months ago)
This arma 3?
Larry Lopez (3 months ago)
"Shit rolls down hill," sad those being shitted on are not here to defend.
Jay Jackson (3 months ago)
R.I.P. soldiers!!! We greatly appreciate your service! I wish we would get outta this stupid fuckin so-called war. I hate that we fuel our industrial war machine with the blood of our loved ones for financial gains. Not democracy.
The Drone Man (3 months ago)
way to blame a dead soldier that gave his life for this country, General Petraeus Even said the officers were derelict to their duties!!! Fing officer's a lot of good one's but a lot of bad one's. Armys capabilities and they send them into the valley wo proper offensive weapons and a defensive line to fight from.
Zig Zag (3 months ago)
death of american invaders is always a good story.
Andre The Templer (3 months ago)
Ever played delta force about 2001-2004? Same graphics! :) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WLL9qAJikhs/UZDrHrckFfI/AAAAAAAAAvs/ogQecOcAzpA/s1600/delta_force_xtreme_2_0_orig.jpg
flameout12345 (3 months ago)
IMO, the most devastating blow came from the locals.
bravo 20 (4 months ago)
individual self rescue,a fancy term for,save your own ass,as the commanders wash their hands
MrKnoxguy101 (4 months ago)
Well done sir.
Cory Horn (4 months ago)
Where were the Warthogs!?
To scared to engage the Cavemen
James Holcombe (4 months ago)
I guess brass does come with certain priveledges after leaving a company to get wiped out and then blame the company ncos and soldiers.
Bossman CALL (4 months ago)
Do stupid shit. Earn stupid prizes.
Stephen Mitchell (4 months ago)
Fubar.... wasted our brave men and protected high leadership! Terrible loss and those that failed their men were protected to save their careers. Who side are the leadership on anyway!!! Sad...
free man (4 months ago)
The Americans have been to every valley in this world ..it makes you think again why????
tanin tupmongkol (4 months ago)
Rule of outpost establishment.. Must be higher than surrounding terrains...must be far enough from village (enemy will surveillance inside the out post by mixing with the villagers)... ECT...these sadly failed belonging to all higher ranking commands who had made the wrong decision to choose that location to be the out-post..not even"WANAT"but also all out-posts in the line of valley ..including with 360'higher terrain ..is the additive advantage to the enemy(higher terrain wider eyes scoop..easier to pinpoint.. to choose.. to shoot.) not including with night time attack when RPG struck the humvy.the lights of flames will increase the brightness inside the outpost... showing off individual soldier"s concealment..DEEPLY REGRETED TO THOSE WHO SACRIFICED THEIRS YOUNG LIFES ON DUTY WITH MANLY FIGHTING ...BY HIGHER COMMAND OF THE WRONG ENGAGEMENT PLANING...SIR! This case is similar to the "BLACKHAWK HAVE TO BE DOWN" because of closely buildings constructions with multiple floors..narrow streets.. shot blocking streets..such terrain is advantage to the enemy to be approached by using BUILDING CONCEALMENT with shot period running approach.. Street by street...running up to upper floor.. using the windows frames to be the shield..Surrounding with the same construction buildings ..these terrain is benefit to the enemy..How can they withdraw their forces from the upper deck by chops while plenty of enemy opening fires around the operation building..it seems to be hard without over casualties... I am just only a man who adore the way of bravery...MY OPINIONS.. NOT COMMENTS..DEEPLY SUFFERING ALL THE TIMES WHEN SEEING ANY SOLDIERS DOWNED....BY IMPERFECTED OPERATION PLANNING.. With my great wishes to. those who dares .
bahamud70 (4 months ago)
Fusk,they dont hawe recoil :P
Mcnight Smith (4 months ago)
Time to bring our boys home from afganistan
Miguel Guzmán (4 months ago)
What is “AAF Estimate”?
Zoe Anderson (3 months ago)
Miguel Guzmán afghan army forces estimated death
c 23 (5 months ago)
Great video but it seems like who ever made this made it the way they were told too. The Marine investigator would tell different
A terrible feeling I wish upon no man, not even the enemey. This broke my heart ... Ssgt Dennis P K U.S Marines 0311 FALLUJAH VET
USMC_Classified (3 months ago)
Thank you for your service 🇺🇸🇺🇸 planning on joining the marines in a couple years when I’m of age hopefully your doing well ooh rah
Steven Combes (5 months ago)
This was an obvious case of Command CYA!!!
our soldiers rarely fail us. its their command. always command. and why? because their ass isnt at risk, thats why.
Robert L (6 months ago)
"Several hours later, the decision was made to withdraw as the battle had drastically changed the conditions in Wanat. The locals clearly demonstrated their support for the insurgents, and would not maintain the conditions necessary to support coalition projects." You've got to be shitting me. That says it all folks.
Donny Baumann (2 months ago)
Yes. Don't work for our government, or go to afghanistan.
Guerilla Warfare The Most Reliable strat Ever
deadboy600 (6 months ago)
Wanat, Restrepo, Keating..... what the fuck is with all these COP's on the low ground?! Basic Warfighting 101 is to always take a position on the highest ground possible. Makes no sense to me. "Let's build our outpost in this draw surrounded by mountains. Great idea!" Anyone interested in further details......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vJXqDhfTaA
rich42012 (6 months ago)
sounds like a Hillary/Obama stunt!
Mass Vape (7 months ago)
Obeace (7 months ago)
ArmA 2
Ray Phillips (7 months ago)
Its a shame with our huge Army and supply capacity these men where left out there with minimal support and placed in peril by their command choosing such as lame position. I am not talking about the company to platoon leaders, I am speaking of Col. Olstrom who decided this was a great place to build a base. The signs were all there that a attack was imminent and yet there was zero escalation of assets. The men at wan-at did not even have trip wire flares given to them to cover dead zones. This whole engagement was a disaster waiting to happen, as a disabled Vet myself I know how the Army will put soldiers through hell while the leaders sit in their little office like Caesar. The leaders should be out on the front every freaking day to observe and not micromanage, but fill in gaps that are so apparent a private could have seen them. Supply is the weakness and because they where shipping back I guarantee the bean counters stopped having a supply of accessory weapons, so they would be ready to leave . My heart breaks for these men and I am ashamed of the Army for whitewashing this incident to protect the officers and place blame on a dead Lt. Get off you asses Colonels and get out in the field but don't showboat , advise in private to the officers and help them have the tools they need. The mission had weak air support that took an hour to reach them, whatever happened to all hours air cover, it all comes down to the low deployment of assets to afghanistan. Pray for the soldiers still in harms way and lets hope the cadets and other officers get their act together so more don't die needlessly. I purposely lower cased the afghan names because I believe they are a bunch of back stabbing bastards and we should move the populations out of the valleys in force and place them away from the aaf. Who cares if they haven't changed to support us we need to crush the insurgents supply and method of hiding in plain site. The battle will always cause me to shed a tear for the men and their families thrown to the wolves.
Chris Topher (7 months ago)
One US Soldier is worth more than the entire country of Afghanistan. Pull our boys out and turn it into a crater.
Jeffrey Coley (1 month ago)
Alan Helton (7 months ago)
As a UAS operator overflying this very operation I can attest to accurate nature of this video.
Alan Helton (7 months ago)
3/1 got it bad after we left...
crzykoment (8 months ago)
nice arma simulation. arma really uses by military
Psygnostic (8 months ago)
VBS2 not Arma. Same engine though.
Doug Dickerson (8 months ago)
We can’t win in this country. We should cut our loses and get the hell outa there.
Gilles Guillaumin (8 months ago)
Too late, very too late. Too much american.
support team (8 months ago)
I am a Conscript from Asia luckily I have never seen action, when I watched the Video I placed myself in the shoes of the brave soldiers there and concluded that they are under armed. I would have at least 4 M240 (GPMG) 4 SAWS 2 Motars 4 84mm Gustav (Game Changer) with plenty of HE, smoke and Airburst rounds 4 M203s The GPMGs at least 2 of it is to support the mortar team and the remaining 2 to support the 84 mm Gustav. 4 SAWS to be paired with the M203s Now you have plenty of supressive fire from the MGs, the Gustav can plant a precise smoke phosphorous HE airburst round onto the moutainsthe mortars form a curtain of fire while the support MGs offers it suppressible fire the 4 scouts could be rescued if they had a Gustav with them.. I am no expert but I can see that they are very under armed and outranged by their choice of weapons AK47 definitely had more range and punch then M4s or AR15s
Lithe Steel (8 months ago)
What a waste, just kill them all. It will be very peaceful then.
You lack the Wits for a Job that big and they can deflect Nukes with sledge hammers
Dream Weaver (8 months ago)
Obama was a black bastard
DAJOKER808 (8 months ago)
It was a poor location, and he should have known that putting that base their would leave them in the kill zone
Sunny Tzude (8 months ago)
What video game is this?
Psygnostic (8 months ago)
VBS2, not a game.
prallund feucht (9 months ago)
to reinforce the belief in lasting occupation you need to have dead soldiers in the tv screen at home
Down Hill (9 months ago)
this is better than a movie. Good breakdown of what happened.
Cowboy Gunslinger (9 months ago)
I'd be looking for payback, friendly fire is an option
Hedrite (9 months ago)
Why does this look like Project Reality?
Pnw33Pdx (10 months ago)
Only the Army could butt fuck an entire platoon like this
Lee Benson (10 months ago)
Steve Zent (10 months ago)
I've played that game it was flashpoint
brakel8r (10 months ago)
Why Me (10 months ago)
Funny isnt it we make movies so the enemy know all our new toys and tactics and reactions and lessons learned. Great job, no wonder we need to buy new shit every year to defeat the enemy from the year before that. Oh and I do love how almost every piece of equipment is on YOUTUBE so everyone can learn to ability and capabilities of it. Dont think the enemy watches YouTube think again. Friggin idiots. Well the only good thing that came out of this is now all the Afghan police all live in Germany and Sweden and drink coffee while American and German soldiers attempt to secure their country.
Kenneth Tombs (2 months ago)
Why me - those Taliban insurgents may be scumbags, but they're pretty good at watching from a distance, everything we do. They definitely know their way around the battlefield weapons we bring to bear. They also seem to have a good grasp on how to best nullify our technological superiority without watching YouTube. I think the assumption has always been that they watch these videos and the combat training institute takes that into account. One thing for sure they shouldn't see is how the US Army eats its young instead of holding higher-ups accountable. Time after time we see Army investigations where non-comms and Junior officers get hanged out to dry in business as usual fashion to avoid embarrassment or legal culpability for field grades. It's a calculated, sickening, and demoralizing practice which needs to end. Honor demands it.
Wombadger (2 months ago)
Why Me it’s #shockandawe
Lewis Tasso (11 months ago)
I would have leveled all structures before leaving and executing any Afghani police and personnel for treason.
shawn tyrrell (11 months ago)
I am very upset that the KIA and WIA were not named. A very good friend was with Chosen Company, and has the massive scar and medals, from this battle. These soldiers deserve that. Brothers were killed and wounded.
Jeff Fowler (11 months ago)
The 2LT (deceased) was largely blamed for this failure when it appears that senior officers should have been disciplined. If this is true, and as a retired Army officer, this makes me sicjk to my stomach. I cannot think of a worse reflection on my Army.
Brianna Barrett-Corbin (2 months ago)
My father was Green Baret CSM and he has said the same thing. He deployed in January of 2002. He was in the area of Kabul.
Richard Jackson (11 months ago)
The earths flat...water sits flat on mass..a builders level prove this FACT....the people that hide behind this lie of a spinning ball are sending our kids to death...WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!
Gi Joe (6 months ago)
Ur actually retarded.
Porkchop Periwinkle (11 months ago)
The biggest lesson learned here: Leadership never takes responsibility.
MoreBroke ThanEven (9 days ago)
not always... they take responsibility when the missions are successful
Tina Hedge (17 days ago)
How many clownshoe officers actually looked back at this entire shit sandwich, and wondered WTF?!! How'd this even fukkkin happen?!! OK sir. I'll take this FUBAR mission on, but my troops will get their motivation from you leading the way, sir. What? You'll be arriving when? Oh. I see. And we'll get this set up for you ASAP, because it is mission vital? Yes sir! This looks so delish, may I have another shittsamich? I can? Thank you sir!
WorshipinIdols (23 days ago)
Matthew F I truly believe that officers are like coin flips. I have no idea what criteria is used to promote them, but it’s as random and ineffective at selecting good leaders (in any sense of that word) as flipping coins. Now, as far as NCOS there are definitely exceptions to the rule, but there is no doubt it’s a lot harder for a moron to make E-7 than For that same more to make O-4 at least. Or even O-5.
Matthew F (1 month ago)
WorshipinIdols this was a losing battle, the LT knew it going in. The battalion commander is responsible.
Matthew F (1 month ago)
Porkchop Periwinkle fuck yes
Crifstar (11 months ago)
The chain of command hung those guys out to die and they got away with it. They should be in prison
desolationrow (3 months ago)
@MALA2243 I don't explain to morons why they are morons. That's why they're fucking morons. You fucking moron, idiot piece of shit.
MALA2243 (3 months ago)
@desolationrow I,m sorry your a moron try talking to someone about it.
MALA2243 (3 months ago)
@desolationrow And why would you say that care to go into some detail clown.
desolationrow (3 months ago)
@MALA2243 Moron detected.
MALA2243 (3 months ago)
@Omar Abbasir It has nothing to do with Israel you pathetic Muslim loser. You clowns could get a blockage in your plumbing it would be Israels fault. You Muslim cunts keep committing terrorist attacks and plenty more of you will be in body bags.
Piontro Pechetrini (1 year ago)
The Only Problem with this video is that the Taliban had no casualties during that battle, and they manage to stay for two, YES TWO days in the camp base without being bothered by the USA army. USA LIARS!!!
Kenneth Tombs (2 months ago)
Yeah I guess that's true if by "not being bothered" you mean they were being ripped apart by weapons from Chosen Co on the ground, Apache helicopters, a Spectre gunship, various artillery, and a bunch of special forces soldiers. I'm sure it didn't "bother them" much either to be turned into a haughty bouquet of pink mist, rocks, and dirt over that period of two days. Many Taliban who weren't turned into road kill outright ended up having to be carried into Pakistan for surgery up to two weeks after the battle. I bet that was a good time to be a scumbag terrorist!
MALA2243 (3 months ago)
Yeah dream on clown.
EUPHORIC Le-WiS (5 months ago)
So, you're happy that you're controlled by terrorists?

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