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dEUS - Hotellounge (be the death of me) (from Worst Case Scenario)

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dEUS - Hotellounge (1994) This video is taken from the 2001 dEUS 'No More Video' DVD. The song 'Hotellounge (be the death of me)' is available on the 1994 album 'Worst Case Scenario'. Visit http://www.dEUS.be for more info on dEUS, the rock band from Antwerp, Belgium. You can buy this video at 7digital: http://www.7digital.com/artists/deus/hotellounge-be-the-death-of-me-video/ Download This Song on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=14401219&id=14401190&s=143446 For an overview of all dEUS songs available on iTunes follow this link: http://itunes.apple.com/be/artist/deus/id13494122
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Text Comments (126)
nuno mendes (4 months ago)
Great music!
Julie Magagnoli (8 months ago)
"This elevator only takes one down", she said, "this place, this hotel lounge It's my daily bread... But I'm underfed" He asked: "are you living in the night? 'Cause I can tell you have a lousy imagination And as a matter of speaking I hate this situation... But it happens to be one of my pickin'" "Cause it's so hard To keep the dream alive 'Cause if it all comes down to this How will..." You move me, you move me You move me around around, I guess Take it back your analogue It's on the other side of this (x2) 'Cause if it all comes down to this How will... And then she said: "and have another cigarette" I tend to forget (but anyway I don't smoke that shit) And hoisted the flag But it keeps hanging down "You know this place, this hotel lounge It's my life, it's my choice And I'm in love With Ricky Lee Jones' voice" 'Cause it's so hard To keep the dream alive And if it all comes down to this How will... You move me, you move me You move me around around, I guess Take it back your analogue It's on the other side of this [Repeat: x5] How will glamour survive? [Repeat: x4] And if it all comes down to this... "This elevator only takes one down", she said, "this place in this same old town" "Do you see that man In the left-hand corner Do you see that woman Their love-story's famous"
Lilith Niemeyer (1 year ago)
Irgendwie Nahetreterei. Magisch...
Zoe Henderson (1 year ago)
still love this song after so many years.
Phil Turner (1 year ago)
Saw these lads in leeds back in the day at a small pub venue and we hung out with them and got high and drunk the following year we saw them at reading and they recognised us in the crowd. Made our day! Good music Amazing memories thanks for this ❤️
Aim High (1 year ago)
one of the best they ever made
R. Pneumo (2 years ago)
Tom looks so much like Mickey Rourke in this video. Still their best song...
See Saw (2 years ago)
.....and I'm in love..... with ricky lee jones' voice....
Patrick Vaillant (2 years ago)
Bernard Joseph (3 years ago)
very good song though//
Bernard Joseph (3 years ago)
its a bit gay//
Bernard Joseph (2 years ago)
art Garfunkel?
Rothnacum1 (2 years ago)
so is art..
Arno Burtner (3 years ago)
probably best Belgian band ever. God they had potential. Like Urban Dance Squad from Holland. Not comparable in any way but so goddamn unique in their own way.
sidevans1 (3 years ago)
one of the songs of the 90s. dEUS were great.
DrFaustus (3 years ago)
The most underrated band from the 90's ? Having not heard their first 2 albums 'worst case scenario' & 'in a bar under the sea' is like criminal.
Patrick Vermeirsch (1 year ago)
I really prefer The Ideal Crash, but this song here... is divine! :-)
Ian C Bishop (2 years ago)
sufjan1970 In the whole entire continent of Europe not Just their own little country of Belgium surely? I mean everything else is complete EURO-TRASH compared to 30 years nearly of one the best bands I've enjoyed since seeing them in their glory days of WCS.
sufjan1970 (2 years ago)
The best album ever made in Belgium!
Miroslav Kostadinov (2 years ago)
Albert Zaera l
Albert Zaera (3 years ago)
+DrFaustus #Amen!
Fly free.terre (3 years ago)
I hâte this situation
Stevie Nixed (2 years ago)
Fly free.terre but it happens to be one of my pickings
Popcornslave (3 years ago)
They look so young here :-) The role of Rudy Trouvé is often overlooked when discussing the influence of SKC and the impact his departure had on the band's signature sound.
Stevie Nixed (2 years ago)
Popcornslave rudy played such a big role. Also in dead man ray
Asun Andueza Latorre (4 years ago)
Liz Stangl (4 years ago)
TAKITANI (4 years ago)
Chef d'oeuvre! Masterpiece!
Oded Fried-Gaon (4 years ago)
nearly123 (4 years ago)
wow 20 years, much love dEUS
Tim Willems (4 years ago)
unfortuanatly they can't do that again
Oliveira Coelho (4 years ago)
Fabulástico - goSto bué
gaige smith (5 years ago)
There is something so beautiful and nostalgic about this song. The video is just so artistic and emotional it makes me feel good. Even though I'm 17 years old and an American, I love dEUS, I highly doubt anyone my age in America will ever here this masterpiece
gaige smith (4 months ago)
+Sandra Peeters I still listen to this song even now! I'm so happy to talk to people who still listen to Deus. Greetings from Korea! Take care!
gaige smith (4 months ago)
+Garry Iglesias I'm glad that people are still responding to this from almost 5 years ago! haha. I found this band 9 years ago and I've loved them ever since. I was living in New York but now living in Korea because I'm in the military. So greetings from Korea!! You take care as well
Sandra Peeters (4 months ago)
Hi gaige smith. I saw them, in a long lost past, before they really got famous here in Belgium. It's so nice that they still young people. Do you still like them? Do you know Zita Swoon? It's the band of one of the dEUS band members of the mid-90s. Hotellounge used to be one of my favourites, but my all-time favourite is Roses. I hope you still enjoy them, four years down the line... Take care!
Garry Iglesias (6 months ago)
+gaige smith - Glad to read this (4 years later...)... Anyway, dEUS is a GREAT band I discovered around 1997 when I was 20... I really love this bad, and it's sad that it's so underrated... Even in France (Belgium "sister")... But I had the pleasure to introduced a couple of dudes to them, and they liked it ! :). Bests, greetings from Geneva.
Odin de Bruijn (1 year ago)
you so special ;)
Isabel Seno (5 years ago)
Deus without Stef Kamil Carlens is still great, but it's not the same (although is still my favourite band)
Stu E (5 years ago)
they've got no souls
Satuz78 (5 years ago)
who are those 5 dislikers?? I want name and addres
Sumitra Suwal (5 years ago)
Great video clip. I'm here since my best friend unexpectedly started to be unbelievable with girls. He went from a nobody into being awesome. He pretended he didn't notice. He then explained it to me when he was wasted. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it... He's on a date today with a gorgeous girl... Lucky man!
Luke Dualé (5 years ago)
great song
Roman Poleshuk (6 years ago)
Morten Aske Rasmussen (6 years ago)
dEUS IS the government! Why would they need politicians?
andrer999 (6 years ago)
....and they don't have a government! :| I'm packing!
ipperz12 (6 years ago)
Trigger happy TV brought me here
Philippe Radelet (6 years ago)
As soon as Stef Kamil Carlens left the group, it was no more the same intensity and clearly there is a different way the songs are settled. You can say it is not a split since only one group member is disappearing, but at the end the group was never able to deliver same level of grouped "craziness & harmony" than in the past.
BEEEERRRRRT (6 years ago)
I wonder if other people from my age listen to this
Giommaria Piseddu (6 years ago)
one of the best songs in all '90
eviltoastman (6 years ago)
They never split up.
interista7878 (6 years ago)
This song made me the popular kid back when I was a 16 yo kid living in rural Sweden with a bunch of dudes listening to Metallica and such. Or rather - the complete opposite of what I just said... :P For some reason this song always made me think of "Islands in the Stream". Frozen daiquiri, Tom Collins, Cuba, cigars, wooden lounges and shit.
Néolia (6 years ago)
never 2 without 3 idiots
Néolia (6 years ago)
i really love that song...
Eduardo Mendez (6 years ago)
I have been looking for years for a rarity from this band. It's a song called Violins and happy ends. The refrain goes something like "looking higher for violins and happy ends". Could anybody upload it? Cheers
antigua701 (6 years ago)
"I'm in love... with Ricky Lee Jones's voice"...... best sentence in the song, GREAT GREAT BAND
Stevie Nixed (2 years ago)
antigua701 a bit like prince sampling joni
nirvgorilla (6 years ago)
This is bullshit. They cut off the best part of this song -- the ending.
Marco Rossetti (7 years ago)
I believe in dEUS
Stuie1973 (7 years ago)
openning riff stolen from HERE by PAVEMENT... but hey i saw them live backing pavement around 93 they were brilliant
Reisuke67 (7 years ago)
What's the frequency, Tommeth? You wore a shirt / of vi-o-lent green, uh-huh... |:3ミ
Steven Pierce (7 years ago)
@666flatliner thank you sooooooo much for finding the name of the song for me , I found an audio copy of it on here with only 15 visits :O , check it out :) . dEUS are up for nominations in a music award in Germany I'v voted for them even though I don't live there :P . with any hope they will visit england again and I will get to see them play again if they play up north :) . hope you are doing well and get to see Deus live this year :)
dEUSbe (7 years ago)
@chrisrich751 dEUS never split up.
Morten Aske Rasmussen (7 years ago)
Oh you belgians.... You have the chocholate, you have the beer, and you sure as sheit have the music! :) dEUS, Zita Swoon, Kiss My Jazz, the list goes on... :D I salute you.... (Allthough I think dEUS was at it's best in the beginning (WCS and In a bar...))
Steven Pierce (8 years ago)
@666flatliner do you know the actual name of the song ? or what single it was a B-side on ?
WCS is an epic album!
Oli (8 years ago)
This song takes me back. And it still stands up extremely well even today
canis77 (8 years ago)
Beautiful song from a great album
jrsblue (8 years ago)
@ifanbates It's because Belgians don't like Belgium, so why should anyone else do? I mean, I hate it when someone says that Brel is French... Personally I love Belgian music, especially Zita Swoon.
Steven Pierce (8 years ago)
Worst case scenario is out in deluxe edition , I can't wait for the bar under the sea so I can finally get that Sam song I heard them play in leeds waaaaaay back when :) ( or was it the ideal crash tour ? )
Stefan Jonas (8 years ago)
Sorry....my WESTERN! neighbour...... ;o)
Stefan Jonas (8 years ago)
In the end...I found it! dEUS is a great band and Belgium (my eastern neighbour) has a countryside as lovely as France or Germany and the Belgians are as crazy as the rest of Europe. Thanx for the music, esecially dEUS and K`s choice!
Evangeline Valentine (8 years ago)
@ifanbates Belgium is a beautiful country with great people. I'm so lucky to live close by !!!
Evangeline Valentine (8 years ago)
That's my all time favourite xxx
Christophe Palmans (8 years ago)
eindeloze klasse
Pooky1991 (8 years ago)
I was just introduced by Beavis and Butthead and being the music lover I am became curious because I never heard songs that sound like this before.
nana do (8 years ago)
dit mocht van mij gerust op 1 staat in de top 100 van de beste Belgen...
Famucha Martin (8 years ago)
My favourite song.. i really love it
sufjan1970 (8 years ago)
@NIINAAAAAAAAable dEUS on the Dranouter festival : sensational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henrique Costa (8 years ago)
Great band
jason rockwell (8 years ago)
@NIINAAAAAAAAable your english is perfect no worries and you're very cute!
NIINAAAAAAAAable (8 years ago)
@llewkcornosaj True, dEus is amazing but not a lot of people (even in Belgium) know them. Such a shame because this bands deserves better. Maybe because it's a bit 'alternative' music I guess. My love for deus will never stop. PS: Sorry for my English, I try my best ;)
jason rockwell (8 years ago)
@NIINAAAAAAAAable i heard this song in 99 and loved it and them and am from alabama and they are fucking great. this is one of the many thousands of songs stuck in my head but if i'm ever really quiet in my head this is one of maybe 10 songs that pops up. totally amazing
Hans Van den Bergh (8 years ago)
dEUS present Belgium
NIINAAAAAAAAable (8 years ago)
@Waspoeder123 Aha eindelijk iemand die me begrijpt ! 'T is waar dat de meesten het echt wel te ver zoeken. Ik bedoel, niemand van mijn vrienden luisert naar Belgische muziek, 't zijn altijd vn die Amerikaanse poprockbands zoals all time low en you me at six, die muziek spreekt me totaaaaal niet aan. Geef mij maar dEus , balthazar, Ozark henry, the van jets,enz..
Waspoeder123 (8 years ago)
@NIINAAAAAAAAable Je slaat de nagel op de kop, ik zit met hetzelfde probleem... Het is ongelooflijk wat je kan vinden aan fantastische muziek in dit kleine land, maar toch moeten andere mensen het altijd zo ver zoeken, meestal nog bij totaal talentloze, geldzuchtige 'muziek'groepen. En als je dan vertelt dat er hier ook goede groepen zijn, bekijken ze je alsof je van een andere planeet komt.
NIINAAAAAAAAable (8 years ago)
I really think it's strange that people don't know dEus. I mean, I am 16 I am a Belgian and practicaly no-one of my age knows dEus. But they are fucking great!!! Nowadays, everyone listens to american bands. Hello??? Belgium has a lot of talent.. Such a shame..
sufjan1970 (8 years ago)
definetely the best band ever in Belgium!!!!!!!!!!
fute bol (8 years ago)
@justmewatchingyou Idd, ik was ook aanwezig en vond het schitterend! En die 30000 man maakte me nog blijer :-)
fute bol (8 years ago)
@superZalm Je hebt gelijk
TontoHooliganto (8 years ago)
Brutally excellent!!!
fute bol (8 years ago)
@bartendersarcasm Ze worden idd véél te weinig naar waarde geschat. dEUS is voor mij echt van een ongekende genialiteit, veruit het beste Belgische werk aller tijden. Toch blijkt het conservatieve Vlaanderen niet te vallen voor Barman en co, onbegrijpelijk eigenlijk..
Jurgensenoct tm (8 years ago)
Este grupo me gusta un chingo y mas esta cancion....Lo conoci por una novia belga que tuve.....I love you Belgium...
Niels De Kerpel (8 years ago)
@bingetnicobingo haha Original ;p ,, tu es drôle oui ;p dEUS sont des flamands , pas des wallons donc fou le camp avec ton originalité sales wallons
Niels De Kerpel (9 years ago)
@bingetnicobingo haha vous etes contente maintenant avec les paroles francais? ;p
arthurreijgers (9 years ago)
Bloody well right!! (& don't 4get TC Matic!) How will glamour survive....
AllRiseForDrEvil (9 years ago)
Don't forget Donkey Diesel!
BelgianMusic (9 years ago)
true, i love their new stuff but this is just way out there
najbjergpoulsen (9 years ago)
dEUS moves me
Egmont kap-herr (9 years ago)
Grand! I love spaces left for my phantasy!
Joy Black (10 years ago)
Kim Pedersen (10 years ago)
Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiv :(((( Loving it..... again
julie ribot (10 years ago)
This elevator, it only takes one down...
Fan of Words (10 years ago)
Has anyone heard The Frames cover of this song? They did it in a medley with their own Star Star**. It's on one of the Other Voices albums, seek it out if you haven't heard it.
nana do (10 years ago)
yes it is, waltterivainoharha!
nana do (10 years ago)
Yes it is!!!!!!!!
fvampo (10 years ago)
married on this number in 1999 november 19th in Wassenaar Holland and the number stopped at I hate te situation, could be planned better, stil married and happy, saw them in Basel Swiss this oktober was great,
Fabrizio Barone (10 years ago)
Giano89 (10 years ago)
Grandissima italia che conosce i deus!!! canzone stupenda.
whitebarone (10 years ago)
non ti voglio smontare ma nel loro sito ufficiale il 16 luglio a Roma non c'è... se ti riesce vai a Torino il 14 luglio, SPAZIALE FESTIVAL. Ciao
whitebarone (10 years ago)
io vado domani al loro concerto a milano ..yeahhhhh
spixca (11 years ago)
cazzo!!! adoro sto pezzo!!!!

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