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Dreams about Death and Burial - Meaning and Interpretation.

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What do dreams about death mean from http://www.dreamsleep.net The meaning of dreams and dying dreams explained. If you dream you will die will it come true? The interpretation for death dreams and dreaming about being buried. You dreams decoded by Craig Hamilton-Parker the dream decoding expert. If you would like to know more: VISIT US TO ASK YOUR FREE QUESTIONS http://psychics.co.uk SUBSCRIBE FOR LATEST PARANORMAL VIDEOS! http://www.youtube.com/user/psychicmovies/ GET A PSYCHIC MEDIUM READING WITH US http://psychics.co.uk/psychicreadings SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! http://psychics.co.uk/ezine.html LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+CraigHamiltonParker/posts Facebook ► http://facebook.com/hamiltonparker Twitter ► http://twitter.com/chamiltonparker Psychic Family USA ► http://www.psychicfamily.com Psychics & Mediums Network UK ► http://psychics.co.uk
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Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
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Martha Mupolo (7 months ago)
I dreamed die myserf what does it mean
Dan Wopp (1 year ago)
Hello sir, my dreams has mainly involves finding a dead body almost all the time, like smelling something rotten and moving so.e object just to find a rotting corps, which have been going on for half of month
Joker (1 year ago)
Craig Hamilton-Parker HELP D:
Ali Hassan Liaquat (2 days ago)
Recently I died in my dreams. I got eaten alive by a bunch of new species of dogs. I remember what I was doing before that, but that’s not the point. Before dying I thought “is this how I’m going to die?” As if I was disappointed. Then I feel my brain getting crushed and I feel dizzy and I find myself in a dark space. I can’t see, feel or do anything but I’m there.. soon after that I wake up. I wasn’t scared or anything.. these dreams are so weird because I’m weirdly not scared when I die but rather disappointed how I died and how short I lived.
Fuz Beatboxer n (6 days ago)
I was nealing infront of a wave I broke in tears and say ed in sorry my god for what I've done please forgive me and when I fell over I woke up. What dose God want me to stop going
And_Im_Kanye_west __ (8 days ago)
I have loads of weird dreams, but last night I had a dream where I had breast cancer. But I didn't know. I just had a cut on my arm. What happened was, my uncle had a new girlfriend and they had a son and I had to pick him up and I died. It felt like you don't have anytime. The blackness just surrounds you. I said I LOVE YOU MUM and she was with me like what's going on? I died and came back to life. I woke up and I had a do over I said to my mum 'I need to go to the doctors ' and she said no. So I took myself to the doctors and I had to stay there. We went running to help our cancer a bit. I was depressed the rest of the dream. I felt worthless. Everybody dies. And we can't escape it. The weird thing is, I'm 12.
Johnda Sullivan (13 days ago)
I dream about people dieing, people I know and always happens to the people I dream about. I have also seen visions in my sleep of the persons killer HELP.
rose Johnson (19 days ago)
I had a dream I got into a bad car accident and crashed into a brick building and my spirit just walked out the car and walked away life felt so peaceful
eva.w167 (21 days ago)
The Teddy Of Gacha (1 month ago)
This dream, after awhile I new I was in a dream and I knew when I died in a dream I wake up. So I grabbed a gun the kinda just appeared.. And I shot myself in the head. 2-3 times but I actually feel the pain. And I gave it to My brother because I felt, no I KNEW he was in my dream so I wanted to wake us and then when I shot myself i woke but that dream was vivid. To vivid..
Maria Teodora (1 month ago)
I dreamed that i had palpitations and than died . The truth is that im terrified of dieing. Also woke up like it really did happen , it feels so true
Samantha Free (1 month ago)
Last night I had a nightmare that felt so real. From being diagnosed with cancer, to laying in hospice with my loved ones saying there final goodbyes. I could not respond back, and felt like my body was shutting down.
Phiona nabafu (1 month ago)
Please help I always dream everyday that am targeted to be killed either a building falling on to being trapped in an elavotor to almost falling in a pit This dreams happen everyday I end up screaming in my sleep then I wake up plz help me this is eating me up
Oscar Sevilla (28 days ago)
You must let go of your fear. Accept that if your time comes, then it comes. Then, you will find peace.
Ellie De fox (1 month ago)
In my dream my friend wanted to die and she tried to get run over and irl she has lots of cuts and scabs and in the dream she doesn’t
Orlbina Lafleur (2 months ago)
I dreamed of my own family arranging my grave.What does it means? I'm scared ,please help me
David Jones Cultura (2 months ago)
it's been 3months almost every night I'm dying from different places
snsjshxshjan sjsfdjisjes (2 months ago)
I dreamed that I killed my brother and I enjoyed it. I think I'm going crazy.
Jovelyn HabLa (2 months ago)
There is a recurring dreams that seems divided into episodes. I dreamt of it for the first time when I was in elementary. I just got off a van after someone fetch me from the airport. It seems like I came from long travel and I haven't gotten home for a long time. The there's a man waiting in front of my house that doesn't look very familiar. The continuation of that dream was when I was in high school .. as I got of the van the man who fetch me who is dressed like a butler asked me "what took you so long? (To get home probably)" And that ends. The last dream was when I was in college .. I got nearer to the man waiting in front of the house, I still can't see his face and in my mind I am building words how to explain and tell the man not to expect because I am not staying for a long time. But seeing him feels like he can hear me and his facial expression tells me not to worry because he understands. I wonder if someone is dreaming about the same thing. Is he my soulmate???
Daniel Joe Whitfield (2 months ago)
just had a dream I was my grandfather about to die. I said goodbye to my friends and they were crying. there was great fear and anticipation of that moment after (I have a death phobia) I was singing as I was waiting for it to happen. I was then with my grandmother and someone else who were also waiting to die. a moment later they were cremation ash. I kept thinking OK I'll just lay my head down and fall asleep. I wanted it to be quick. I felt myself turning to ash and felt my consciousness become thinner as my brain became dust. I expected it to be lights out nothing after. I was then in a hospital/funeral place and had a corpse leg, a bone. I was asking them to just make it quick but I was dodging that last moment. they bowled this huge white snowball at me (don't ask) to try and break the dead leg and get me ready to 'finalize' .. I woke up covered in sweat. not very nice but it is making me think. a guy said to me that for ppl.with a fear of death looking at ndes is the answer. I believe he's right
Ali Rose (3 months ago)
I had a dream that my son died. Something about getting his hair cut with baking soda and it was a "bad batch" and it seeped into his brain and killed him! It seemed so real down to the ashes sitting on the dresser! Please! I need help!!!!
Angel Games (3 months ago)
My papa passed away nearly two years ago, and my mom (his daughter), me, and my brother all dream about him the night before his birthday, even if we don’t know what the next day is. Well today happened to be his birthday and last night my mom had a weird dream. She was sitting at a table with her dad and he just kept saying “I’ll see you soon in heaven.” She said he kept smiling at her in some weird innocent way. This went on for the entire dream. Idk what to do... should we believe her dream or was it all just fake...?
Mika M. (3 months ago)
I had a dream that my bf is died. I literally cried when i woke up 😭
Patricia Wa Isaac (18 days ago)
Meaning he will leave you so pray for it
Lilly J (27 days ago)
Mika M. I just did too... I can’t stop shaking or crying...
Muhammad Ayaan Ghaffari (3 months ago)
Thank you
AnimeFrexak (3 months ago)
I have reoccurring dreams about my family members killing me it’s been happening since I was around 6 but they’ve died down but they still puzzle me
Bre Ruhi (4 months ago)
I had a dream of my father dying, so, in my dream I was having a normal life then all of a sudden it everyone's attitudes changed and my dad brought me to the side and hid this little wrapped up note, I took it out and it was big like a poster, It was filled with love hearts and "I love you", I read the first part and it said something on the lines that my father is going to pass away, I started screaming and crying so loud, and then my dream ended I woke up scared and crying.(when I left the dream my father wasn't dead yet he "WAS" going to die😭).
EmChronic (4 months ago)
I woke up crying like crazy and realized she wasn’t dead. I truly am scared and terrified tho. I don’t want to dream of tragedies happening. I don’t want to forsee anyone’s death, I don’t want any of my closest family members to die! 😭😭 I my eyes are red as hell and I’m balling my eyes 😭😭😭😭 I just cannot accept or believe what just happened in my dream. To lose someone too dear to me. My best friend in the entire world. My ONLY true friend in the entire world... That’s just unacceptable. It crosses the line! It would be “el colmo” like Hispanics say. And I’ve already gone through someone’s death. My dog. I had dreamt of him dying years before it actually happened. And when it happened I stay depressed for almost 2 years. I sometimes even get depressed all over again like if it never happened. I also dreamt of my sister having sex underage in our house with some stranger. And I continually had that NIGHTMARE over and over... as disturbing and traumatic as it was. And every time in my dream I would basically whoop my sisters ass for breaking the rules and for doing such a thing under the age, and for the disgust it caused me! 🤬 In my dream I felt a fury unlike anything I’ve felt in reality. I basically almost killed the hoe in my NIGHTMARE. A year later it turns out she had a boyfriend and was getting her ass plowed by him... right next door to me .. for almost 1 year 1/2 .. AKA.. my NIGHTMARE was 100% telling me something! 😱 Apparently; My dreams forsee the future.. the (sad horrible future) .. 1 or 2 years before it happens!!!! 😱 I don’t want it to happen! NOT THIS TIME! I’ve gone through too much already! One more tragic incident and I’m gonna become suicidal! 🤬 I’m done waking up to something so awful and so depressing!
hello, I totally understand you, but don't forget one thing: Living beings always have to go, that's how life and the world keeps on evolutionating and changing. Without changes, life wouldn't exist. We fear death because we fear the unknown; but death isn't a bad thing at all, just a change. :) lots of love, Maya
Lok Priya (3 months ago)
EmChronicle your situation resembles mine...i always have creepy dreams of deatb and death related clues and its because of fear that my family members may die. .i dont want anything like that to happen and i wish someone could help me
Aimless (4 months ago)
i think i died 5 times this night
Louistomlinsonsmolbean H (4 months ago)
I always dream about going down really steep stairs and halfway I trip have a really big fall then I die
Lonely Underdog (4 months ago)
I dreamed that I was on a ride which oddly was at my home in the yard. The ride broke down and suddenly I felt myself grip the seat where it began to fall into the ground. I didn’t feel afraid more or less. I was content with dying. The impact hit me without pain and it was a sudden death. It occurred and on impact it turned into a light then to pitch black with absolute silence. It was frightening at this point because I was unsure of what was happening. I woke up with a major headache and feeling as though there was something pressing on my chest.
Mr Duck (4 months ago)
I had a dream that i killed myself And everyone at my school just watch and didnt care and just walk away and i woke up
Gunzee (5 months ago)
i had a similar dream, the same dream twice maybe even thrice. If anyone is interested. I died in all three but they faded, the first time it was like one of those old movies ending. You know the film reel spins and you see the frames then it slowly fades to white. Basically I'm sitting in a cafe, looked like 70s new York with two friends. One gets up to go to the counter. Some guy enters and shots me in the back of the head. This was in third person right behind so I didn't see the guy enter. The second time it was way further back, and after I was shot it didn't end. I don't know what the message was but it showed I was the target. The other two guys, my so called friends didn't react. I don't get it, was it like goodfellas when Tommy gets to be a made man? Were the two with me even known? Or did I watch too many gangster movies. I don't know why but I get the feeling it was supposed to be me. The other dying dream was basically me drowning. Bloody the most funky dream I ever had. This time it was me set a few months in the future. On the way to a cousins funeral who passed away this month. Strange thing was after the drowning I'm in a strange funeral come dinner.
Dylan seewosurrun (5 months ago)
relieve. I dreamed that my bestfriend(girl) also that is my crush...was killed by someone i know while that person was cutting a chicken....and it was like sk real cause she's quiet and after he had cut her into pieces she was still breathing but she keep quiet i dont know why and the first thing she was doing was sending her parents a message after then i was dissapointed...like in real life i always chat with her from the beginning of the day to the end we are so close when i woke up i was so sad that i fastly come and search this video😊.(between im not good in english so i had to put caption but i finally understand☺)
QueenBee (5 months ago)
I dreamed about falling from the sky, wether it was a plane crash it was like real life.. When i was falling i thought to myself, so this is were it ends... is it gonna hurt? Should i go head first? Will my body be in pieces? Then i came on the ground I remember there was a sight of paint for a second
Mariokeane3155 (5 months ago)
I was in my dream and I couldn't get my favorite food so i died lol
helen shiko (5 months ago)
I got a dream killing my friend dad..am really scared
Jan’ Juice (6 months ago)
My dreams go in a pattern, a recurring theme is school shootings and end of earth type stuff
Majestically Savage (6 months ago)
I dreamt of my brother dying and I kept crying while he just laid there in a coffin.
Majestically Savage (6 months ago)
I dreamt of my brother dying and I kept crying while he just laid there in a coffin.
Dennis Lombel (6 months ago)
I had a dream where I dead in to sperate dreams one I died in and attend my one funeral and the other I died and walked to the light
Yoyo Her (7 months ago)
Really! Thanks a lot but that's not always true sorry
p-i-g-999 I (7 months ago)
I had a dream where I had a showcase thing in my school so my family came in and the school went on fire and we all died and went to hell
Jabari Cazaubon (7 months ago)
I still haven't got my reason , i only watched this video because I had a dream of my dad killing me I know my dad would never even think about killing me but why did I have that dream? Please reply so I could know.
Jerrell Knife (5 months ago)
Jabari Cazaubon are you scared of your dad if you ain't try getting closer with him that means hes just not the way he wants to be with his son he wants you to join something or something
ツYolkii (7 months ago)
I wasn't harmed in my dream, I think, but I woke up in my dream and someone's carcass was just hanging off my ceilings. I was crying about death earlier before I slept but *oof*. In my dream, I went to get my mom **-Instead of screaming my head off and hiding under my bed-** Annnd everyone was a dead mannequin :/ The mannequin amd cuts in it and 'Red things' (Blood sounds edgy) were liek coming out of the cuts. Aaand I woke up *in my dream* again annd he carcasses vanished anddd I forgot. Can't remember :v
SUGAR FREE OTAKU-SAMA (7 months ago)
I had a lot of dreams where I was chased by someone who was about to kill me but I can't run very fast or where i was about to die where the blade reached the skin of my neck and I woke up or I was watching my funeral as my body was about to be buried or I was actually killed!!!There was actually one dream when I was surrounded by dead bodies as the death god was about to Kill me!!!It was frightening!! I couldn't sleep properly...
YNW_ Sin (8 months ago)
I had a dream about my gf died what would that mean?
Joseph Fairweather (8 months ago)
I got stabbed in my dream and I didn’t wake up until I was dead and I woke up and still had the feeling on my body where the knife went in for a good 10min, why didn’t I wake up when I was stabbed rather then how i didn’t wake until I bled out
Sami Raman (9 months ago)
I dreamed of dying in a landslide. As i got buried i felt the pressure on my body till it killed me. Then woke up with a clear memory of it and a feeling as if it happened in real. I am a 40year old tough guy and rarely frightened about sth. But After this dream i was Scared like a child. That was strange.
Tori Monet (9 months ago)
My mom had a dream of my death and that’s as far she would tell me but just recently ( before the dream) I told her that I have anxiety and I feel as if I’m going to die soon. Does that have any connection to her dream?
Jerrell Knife (5 months ago)
Tori Monet you are going to die soon sorry my lovely
lily_d penguins lover (9 months ago)
My dad had a dream that he died and saw all his family, his mom and dad and all his siblings. He said he saw that he was going to heaven. What does this mean? Please anyone answer I’m so scared.
Lonely Writer (9 months ago)
I dreamed that I am dead I buried my own corpse
Dutawe (10 months ago)
I have dreams where i die almost every night at the moment... I am extremely suicidal. Could that be the cause? The first time, i shot my self in the temple alongside my friend, but he survived. Then I drowned when there was a tsunami in my school, then i cut my pulse, and just now i woke up after another suicide (I don’t know what i did.) I just lied down on the escalator and told (the same friend as last time) my friend “I don’t want to do this anymore”. All of these times I slowly just stopped breathing and i felt my heart beat one final time as i lied on the floor and my sight and hearing faded. I just think for a final 3 ish minutes until my thoughts stop too. After that happens for a while, I fade back into real life, where I’m sweating insanely much and my pulse is probably like 160 What could the deaths mean? What can it mean that my friend always is by my side, but alive? And why are most of them suicides?
Jerrell Knife (5 months ago)
Dutawe its a fear of your own fear if you fear something it's gonna try become the fears main goal
Zachary Lee (10 months ago)
I Remember I Had A Dream That My Grandma Died But She's Actually Still Alive In The Real World So I Always Wonder What That Dreams Means And I'm Not Really Sure What That Dream Means Can Sombedy Help Me Please
Hailey Jackson (10 months ago)
I had a dream that I was stabbed in the back by someone who kidnapped my family... I collapsed afterward and then I woke up......
Shannon (10 months ago)
I'm physic too great to stumble across your channel I feel I was just drawn to this video as I had a death dream two nights ago and I have been baffled about why I dreamt my mother died this video video came up in my reccomendations I think I finally understand why I dreamt it funny my sister in law is pregnant so I feel it's a dream regarding the unborn babies life
luis gomez (11 months ago)
I had dream that I was shot multiple times in my body and then I was shot in the head. After being shot I felt a warm oozing sensation going down the back of my head. Seconds later I woke in my dream and I saw my body laying on the floor and I looked around and I was in my house floating. I’ll then saw a window in my house and I looking through it and tried to look outside and it was pitch dark out I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of my face. Later I realized I was dead and I started crying. While I was crying I felt something hovering over me. what I saw i was never able to explain what it was, but while I was looking at the object I heard someone say and I quote “ this is my favorite song this is my favorite record” and I was never able to understand exactly what that meant. After I tried to reach out to grab the object then moved back and disappeared. When it disappeared I stared crying and saying to myself I was stuck here and moments later the object and appeased again. I then heard the same voice repeat “this is my favorite song this is my favorite record”. After bearding it again I reached out for it again and I was able to grab it and then I woke up from my dream. And notice when I woke up I had tears all over my face.
red 19 (1 year ago)
Thanks for this. I had a dream i was dragged underwater by a shark. I'm not a great swimmer either. And it dragged me about 15 metres under, i felt i was running out if air and then i poked its eye. It didn't let me go but i think i blinded it. It was soo vivid!
Breanns Life (1 year ago)
I Had a Dram Last Night that Some Body shot 🔫 he was a Black Man He Looked Physco i was Running and I remember i Died All I remember about in my Dream it was Literally a Bad Dream I haven't had a Night mares in Forever either till Last Night
Love Shihtzu (1 year ago)
Remembered one of my family member said maybe ur not gonna die coz its been like 30mins?i think but i remember saying to my self be brave remembered that my heart was like getting taken like it was gonna pop out or something like somethings taking it or taking my soul then i prayed and then waked up (i cried when i waked up)
Sayanita Banerjee (1 year ago)
I dreamt that my neighbour dead and her daughter in law become fainted.. as i really lose my mother i seriously couldn't find my mother even after searching so hard...so with no option left i had to tell about the decease of that person to my uncle and aunty.. and had a convo about that and i suddenly woke up
Hot Tea (1 year ago)
I had 2 dreams of me dying 1- me and my sister we're in my room and I get a notification on my phone saying a killer is loose and I look out my window to make sure everything is okay but I see someone in the road holding a knife and I tell my sister to run and she just runs out my room and I'm crawling to get off my bed but when I get closer to getting off I can barely move so I just hide in front of my bed and it was like I was spectating it and I saw them crawl into my room off my bed and he is standing in front of me holding a knife and I wake up 2-me and my sister is in this abandoned place and there was holes cracks everywhere. Anyway there is this giant hole going Niles and miles down filled with water and I tryed to jump it and I fall in and I saw myself just sinking farther and farther down in till i wake up What do those dreams mean???
I had a dream where I died in a dream but never went to where I needed and just hugged living relatives such as my mother
What does it mean
Luis Muniz (1 year ago)
Last night on my dream i saw my self on a mirror. I looked dead. Pale. Missing my left eye and the mirror looked broken. It lasted for a few seconds. Then i saw my self back to normal. Whats the meaning of it? Thank you
Jerrell Knife (5 months ago)
Luis Muniz changes of lifestyle more on the path that's what's u gonna look like
Clarissa Harrison (1 year ago)
i dream about death i know people try harm me they very evil i escape people try kidnap me last year in Arizona i ran then somebody try kill me in January god told me get out there i was so scared i start 😢 i was shook i saw evil present in that person
Madison Tignor (1 year ago)
Why do I have dreams about getting hurt and almost dying? I keep having a dream of not breathing...
Joker (1 year ago)
PLEASE HELP!!! I keep thinking about my celebrity died committed suicide from depression last month, this is him in my profile picture, he's name is Kim Jong hyun. I dream about that he's in heaven 2 weeks ago, but today I dream that I've died. It was a terrifying feeling, I was a ghost and nobody can see me but they can feel me if I get too close to them, they look scared. And then I prayed hard to god and I keep shouting his name but he didn't answered. And then this white light showing above me, she's a girl wearing a normal clothes like human wears, I ask "can you save me?!." I forgot what she says but I remembered she's from the future and she's fake and didn't want to help me out, then she abandoned me alone. Then I woke up crying, I thought my celebrity died in a safe place, I thought if he also ended up like that too. 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰?!!! HE'S A GOOD GUY AND HELPED A LOT OF PEOPLE BUT NO ONE NOTICED HE'S PAIN. I'M A GOOD GIRL ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Husseeno (6 months ago)
9s • was he in a white suit
hannah j (1 year ago)
i dreamed of standing in the middle of castle ruins, it was dark out i don't know why i was there never see it before but i remember what it felt like it was fear not in me but what ever was around me fear that was so awful it was painful i was wondering around then i turned around and a it looked human be i don't think it was it had jet black hair a white night gown on it grabbed me and shoved me onto the ground, it then faced me i didn't have eyes or a mouth it said to me Look what you have done youv killed us all Hannah were all going to die why did you do it Hannah for you have killed the holy spirit and with it ever thing else then it started pushing me into the ground deeper an deeper then i woke up and just had a dream last night it had earth quakes in it and hundreds of dead whales littered the land
Rap/freestyle videos (1 year ago)
I woke up an I couldn't move then I some how went to sleep but it was in my dream than I woke back up in my dream an I got this weird feeling through out my body than I walked down stairs on the couch I told my mum I was dying that I couldn't see an it feels like I'm leaving this earth. This wasn't the first the time either
jackwgn (10 months ago)
Rap/freestyle videos ive had that happen its waking up in a panicked axiety, and you feel a sense that you are dying, have you taken any psychedelics in the past?
Daisy Wheatley (1 year ago)
I had a dream about family thinking I was dead and I even thought I was dead I got burried and I was a ghost my parents were hysterical and one morning I got out of bed and went into my brothers thinking I was a ghost i began to talk to him and he woke up and saw me he came up to me and gave me a massive hug shouting she's alive and then rushed me down stairs to my parents room and woke them up in said good morning and they were so happy they rushed out of bed and looked at me before hugging me but I even thought I was a ghost until I woke my brother up and he you'd me I'm not dead then the dream was over in don't really understand this dream can someone send please help
unknown seavey (1 year ago)
I had a dream that a man tried to kill my mom and sister but he only killed my sister then I started seeing a brain with lines with marked parts then my mom told me that you never know you love someone until you lose them and then I saw it get marked in my head and when my mom told me I started crying and that’s when I woke up. (I woke up and started hugging her )
Kel (1 year ago)
Had a dream of many dead bodies and making the grudge sound
Mary C (1 year ago)
Ihad a weird one iwas pluging an outlet or something nd all of a sudden i started getting electrified iwas trying to yell for help but icouldnt move or speak then istarted to feel my body weightless going down iwas slowly trying so hard to open my eyes in the real world but they jst couldnt open until everything stoped and iswear icould hear my heart through the inside pumping so hard! Iwas scared nd ikind of dnt want to returned to sleep
Grace Lockhart (1 year ago)
If you suicidal can that cause death dreams?? Like I'm so scared some ones going to die or even me I wanna find out why I keep having dreams like this
Grace Lockhart (1 year ago)
Thanks its just really stressing and im 13 so.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
It's just your own insecurities and fears that are causing these irrational premonitions of death. No need to worry.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
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Selia Colechia (1 year ago)
I have had to many dreams of people dieing and of me killing myself 😓
fred the worm (1 year ago)
I had a dream that my teacher gave Everyone dollars to give to our family members And i couldn't find one then it turned to night time and i was in a party..then i saw my dad Crying i dint know why so i went to him and i saw my own grave with flowers and teddy bears and that's when..I started but my dad told my that i died When i was little and he told me that i was born again or something happen that i appeared and then i started to cry more then i got a few flashbacks when i was like 7 or 6 in my old house then i woke up i had dried tears then i started to cry more what dose my dream mean? and im 11..Why dose It Happen to me And i was crying When I was typing this ..
what techno inspire (1 year ago)
I saw domin saying me good I fill sindoor in domin
Oh la la Muah (1 year ago)
Please help. I've had many vivid dreams in which I am killed with a gun, I can see my self but I look like different person, i can see my self as first and third person like watching a movie. Last night I dreamed I was talking to a friend when this guy came behind her and started going into her purse, he showed me a gun to intimidate me, my friend noticed and we tried to run but the guy shot me on the head, the sound was so loud and real,my body felt numb and I saw myself falling face first after that everything went black....why these dreams are so vivid and straightforward? Btw, i never feel pain.
Oscar Sevilla (28 days ago)
+Jabari Cazaubon what makes you say that
Jabari Cazaubon (7 months ago)
Based of what you just said I think you're kinda depressed, if you don't think you're depressed check what's happening in your life or get some therapy
D Pencil (8 months ago)
Oh la la Muah I didn’t feel pain either I had a dream some guy robbed my vape I chased him he put a gun to me. Then I tried to take the gun but he got it back shot me in the chest multiple times it felt real I couldn’t move, then I got shot in the head, everything turned black for 5 seconds then I woke up.
YNW Hunnid (1 year ago)
What if I dream of me dying
Crazy GamerNo.1 (1 year ago)
My dream was that their was a natural disaster my dad ran to the other way later texted him if he was ok and someone sent me a picture of him dead then i found him but he was dead and i was scared to go back to sleep i haven't told him. yet😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
John Paul Agcaoili (1 year ago)
I had a dream that Donald trump raped me. I barely follow American politics but I don't understand why I keep having these weird rape dreams. 😩😩😩😩😩
Daniel Joe Whitfield (2 months ago)
John Paul Agcaoili fake news
Secret 5 (1 year ago)
i had one of me putting a handgun to my temple and i fell to the floor and was alive for 2 more seconds then died. what does that mean?
Selia Colechia (1 year ago)
ScaryOff_ Stories I had a dream that I hung myself becase so one was torchering me and the only way to exape was to end my life and I remember standing on the edge of somthing then letting go and my cheeks felt like they were very worm and stolen and I could here the blood rushing and the slight riding in one of my ears, then there was a slight tast of blood. Befor I saved myself if I was dead yet then it all went black as I felt the presents of someone else. Then I woke up
desert fox (1 year ago)
The problem is, that most people tend to interpret dreams literally and are not able to interpret it symbolically. But if you know Craig´s basic explanation it is much easier and makes more sense. So the best is to read his books of dream interpretation! Then you are on the safe side!
Kaylani O'canas (1 year ago)
I had a dream one time that my grade level was going on a "thank God we lived through 8th grade" field trip to somewhere (we were all on planes, I don't think I wanted to go on the plane) and these people were trying to kill the students on board of the plane (I somehow knew about it and was trying to stop them) ANYWAYS I somehow knew that the plane was going to crash and kill all the people and next thing I knew I was on the plane seeing the thing coming toward me and killing me and everyone on the plane ....and then everyone end up in a like office building (I'm a Christian I believe in heaven) and I was thinking to myself "this is what heaven is like?!" And I got disappointed cuz they say it's beautiful,and I'm over here dreaming of an office....BUT when I 1st got into "heaven for me" it was like Subway doors opening and yeah..everyone seems so scared at 1st then eventually calmed down...I WAS FREAKING OUT and yeag
Yasaman Gaminchi (1 year ago)
How about a gate to death
kureiji luka (1 year ago)
I had a dream that a girl pulled me in the bathroom and then kiled her self and looked me in the bathroom and no one saved me
Young Prodigy (1 year ago)
I Had a dream that me my mom and brother where outside and a man with an afro stole our car and tried to kill us so we ran inside locked the doors and he got in but we where in my room I had a knife and opened my window and got in my backyard and jumped a fence and escaped with my brother and mom
Fujji Queen (1 year ago)
I dreamed my brother died, I dreamed about him and me being on a roller coaster track and the roller coaster was coming and I somehow dodged it before it hit me but it was too late for my brother. As I looked at he's body thinking that he didn't die I tried to wake him up thing he had a concussion as soon has i realized he died I felt instant regret and thought that I should have done something or I should have been killed instead. Sad part is the ending of the dream which is that the media used his death as exploitation. What does this mean!?
Clash Mail (1 year ago)
Hmmmm I dreamed that someone shot me in the chest more than 6 times and when I died I wake up.....what does this mean?!😅
Hailey Jackson (10 months ago)
Clash Mail same, but I was stabbed xd
Wisdom Time (1 year ago)
I had a dream the angel of death took my daughter.
MountainMan677 (2 years ago)
I have dreams about dying and it seems so much better than life. My life is not so good physically and facing alot of really soon to be bad life changing events
MountainMan677 (2 years ago)
Yea considering I was a police officer who lost his job for not falsifying a report to get someone charged with a crime. because I didn't I lost my job then a year later was charged with 30 felonies for not playing ball. Yea I'm depressed lol. lost everything and there are people in this world that are out to burn it
Craig Hamilton-Parker (2 years ago)
I think your dream may suggest you have depression.
VerTixx (2 years ago)
I had a Dream of my sister died but suicide I cried when I woke up.😥
TJ_Trez (10 months ago)
Same but it was my brother
Luzlyn Estil (1 year ago)
Bleach same
Kels B (2 years ago)
MightyDuck same
Kirk Sambahangphe (2 years ago)
I've dreamed of me being dead countless of times now. Common reason of my death is aeroplane crash. I'm starting to feel morbid now. What does it mean?!
Connor Shekelstein (1 year ago)
MissDragonborn I was hung in mine
Nikki W (1 year ago)
Kirk Sambahangphe you may be afraid of planes, I recently had one because of being scared of boats. Are you going on a plane anytime soon?
Rico Yap (2 years ago)
i had a dream where i died in a car because i was too young and i drove the car into a river or sea,a place full of water,and after i was dead i can even fly and i went back to my own home and my mother starts crying,can someone tell me what does this mean?
RandomBritish Guy (2 years ago)
CutieFace I had a dream that I shot myself for a reason I forgot but I do remember choosing the spot that will ensure I die instantly. The thing that terrifies me is the surreal moment of me leaving the world and my eyes closing in my dream
Rico Yap (2 years ago)
+Craig Hamilton-Parker is there a way i can stop thinking about it and have some positive feelings?
Craig Hamilton-Parker (2 years ago)
+CutieFace the dream is about your emotions being out of control
Craig Hamilton-Parker (2 years ago)
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Xander Xander (2 years ago)
help! i just dreamed me dying and my soul walking on earth and trying to talk to people and i lived a normal life with my friends as a ghost. what does this mean?
Craig Hamilton-Parker (2 years ago)
May symbolize that you feel that people ignore your good qualities.
Sidney Corral (2 years ago)
On the night my grandma died I had a dream about her and a terrible nagging feeling, I felt it again last night but with my dad being featured in it instead. I am... I don't know, I'm just terrified.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (2 years ago)
These may just be your fears.
Tino Sanchez (2 years ago)
my girlfriend recently had a dream of the grim reeper she told me the she was standing with the grim reeper looking at me and herself sleep
Nate Moreno (2 years ago)
I had a dream that I was on a ship in space with the flash and everyone I knew and he knew and in the dream I predicted my death and how everyone else would die just like me but the flash lives in my prediction and how we were gonna die was that the ship would explode and I'm only 15 but in my dream I had a wife and we both were starring out the huge glass window into space and I hugged her so hard then the window broke we launched forward into space and kept going and I could feel myself being cold and having the air sucked out of me also my insides being torn and it looked and felt so real but while I was alive floating in space for only 20 seconds I see an explosion again hit the ship then realizing it was an enemy or alien ship shooting at us then my body gave up and all I saw was black and then something was about to drag me through some portal after I died and then someone else came and punched this thing that looked like a person covered in read fire and the other guy was covered in blue fire and told him "hey that's not fair you know the rules" and the red dude was like "fuck the rules he deserves this" and the blue fire dude said "come on man you have to let him choose his destiny" and I said who are you and they didn't answer and it ended just like that
Hawk Boy (2 years ago)
I had a dream I was shot in the head and died but instead of going to heaven it was more like beetlejuice when the couple thought they were still alive.
Ashley Saldivar (3 years ago)
i had a dream last night a guy drove up in front of my house as i was looking out my window blinds i nervously ran to a room himding behind a door he kicked the door in seeing the day time light entering the house and with in a sec i was found and shot in my neck and head omg im dead all i saw was pitch black and was talking to my self how do i know im dead? it was a haunting feeling now able to wake up out of the darkness was a sign i have lost my life felt so real
Secret 5 (1 year ago)
Ashley Saldivar it was cause u were still asleep is why you saw pitch black.
Ashley Saldivar (3 years ago)
*Not able to wake up
curtis williams (3 years ago)
My grandfather has recently been telling me that he has had a dream that somebody touched him from behind and he spoke " your dead" this really freaked me out.I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thank you.
Jerrell Knife (5 months ago)
curtis williams I had same dream something touched me and said your dead
iiTz Immortal (3 years ago)
My most recent dream was very odd. But the main part of it was that my brother died. It could be because he's having a lot of marriage problems and career confusion.

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