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Teen boy's room design ideas

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At the mention of the phrase "the perfect room for a teenager" each represents something of their own: a cozy or technical, or a spacious, on the other hand, compact. The main feature and unlike teen bedrooms of the child's room - it's pronounced individuality in everything from the decor to the layout. music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZvnbsfXRk0 NoCopyrightSounds
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Wall aby (6 days ago)
Cb Vlogs (20 days ago)
3:34 is my dream room
Doe Maar (1 month ago)
I have got the tumbnail room
Eva Mountain (1 month ago)
Ugh finally better than that girly stuff
Voqid Kun (1 month ago)
I liked the one with the r8 on the wall
Hriday Shah (2 months ago)
I have better than all of these
JAyden (2 months ago)
Give me a picture
Gaga HD (2 months ago)
Andy Fennell (2 months ago)
All that's needed is a bed (duh), a table, a lamp and tissues...
The Gaming Channel (3 months ago)
The 14th picture is just like my bedroom.
My favorite room is 2:35 because it has more space and I'm a contemporary dancer!!!
Ravi Sharma (3 months ago)
My room is not that highly furnished and decorated so sad..
Lizbomb Plays (3 months ago)
1:25 Great idea! Of course everyone loves art, is good at playing instruments, loves to read, does well in school, and is athletic! Love the ideas but think they'd be better if they were more themed around specific things, which you did with a few such as the galaxy room which turned out great. If you put in too much it won't work because it will be too cluttered and there is sure to be something the teen dislikes Edit: Just noticed some of these don't even have beds XD Edit again: Realizing now you put the same rooms multiple times and just changed the angle the pic was taken at
where is the poor people room
Nice my room is so big💥😂
leandro_thedank YT (4 months ago)
My room is small
Lael Hansen Toe Sucker (4 months ago)
Can we stop getting just fucking pictures and hear about the accessories and where we can get them from
you tube (5 months ago)
Which song is this?
zig (5 months ago)
Adam Trew (5 months ago)
these rooms are so small. bigger please
Courtney B (4 months ago)
Hey am Court
Kvng Slum (5 months ago)
White privilege
CrossHare (5 months ago)
A person of any color or race can have these rooms
Larias TUBE (5 months ago)
I'm girl :)
manu sharma (5 months ago)
Can't u make video of bedrooms in budget
buzzobee (6 months ago)
2:42 best
Thijmstickman (6 months ago)
Huge beds
TSM_ Dank (6 months ago)
Lol like if your room is 10000 times smaller than that
Robbie Glass (15 days ago)
Manu no one cares you spoilt bamy shite
Manu (23 days ago)
wtf these rooms are small af my rooms way bigger than these
2:21 is the best room for me
i s a a c (7 months ago)
who can afford any of this?
iiJellyCubes (6 months ago)
OverKnight 52 if only that was possible for me :P
OverKnight 52 (6 months ago)
clipsQC actually not that all expensive Most of this is pretty cheap especially online Id say $300 most, if you have a bed and frame I only spent $100 fixing my room, i added a tv mount ($25) leds behind that and behind my desk and a desk $50 for all) and i broke some of my old head rest from my bed to make it fit my room better now its a shelf that holds all my action figures from when i was smaller... i mean some of those rooms do have a lot, but most of it can be built with some ingenuity and home depot
liamisdead (7 months ago)
@ 0:53 where can I get that bed frame??
T James (5 months ago)
BadVibe at mars
Michael Lang (7 months ago)
All of them are cool but where is the bed
Ratnasharma Ratna (8 months ago)
Saím Lúc Rag (8 months ago)
All these rich white kids get there own section of a house whereas here in sunny ulaanbaataar i share a bedroom with my grandma. And she snores god dammit. She snores loud AF. Like, she full on screams in her sleep.
Stacey Harris (9 months ago)
Stacey Harris (9 months ago)
the pretty pretty (9 months ago)
Someone plz make my dream come true I wanna have a best bedroom ever
Night Gorilla 719 (9 months ago)
Rich kids they almost all had iMacs
Shelby Morgan (9 months ago)
These look like fuckin apartment rooms whoever did the graphics bullshit on the walls whats wrong with just plain paint walls.
Slight (10 months ago)
Where can you get these full wall decals?
lele d (8 months ago)
Slight Amazon
XC Aylward (1 year ago)
What is that song
Beautiful Home (1 year ago)
see the description under the video
brandon velez (1 year ago)
Rynormix (1 year ago)
this weee man thinks im fucken rich
Alexandria Scarlett (1 year ago)
1:14 love this one
Jace Flips (2 months ago)
Alexandria Scarlett same that’s my favorite one on this list
Bob Hung (7 months ago)
that is really epic :o
Saadat Tariq (9 months ago)
Alexandria Scarlett same bro
Antonio S (9 months ago)
Damion Earle (1 year ago)
Noob (1 year ago)
Where's the poor edition?
Jxnxthxn_hx__ (2 months ago)
S S he’s making a joke, It’s litteraly the poorest thing on roblox the standard noob 😂
Sierra S (11 months ago)
Caffeine i corrected it
Caffeine (11 months ago)
a device?
Sierra S (11 months ago)
be thankful to have wifi device that works and a roof over your head
:D (1 year ago)
My room is 3 times smaller than all of those 😂😂
Vfx Lounge (8 months ago)
Affan Ahmed Some Of them might be
Affan Ahmed (10 months ago)
:D no its not.. the way they have designed the room make them look bigger
Madelyn Villanueva (1 year ago)
Only rich can afford this
SultanAhmad (1 year ago)
Pls someone tell me the name of bed 00:06
Noob (1 year ago)
the address for that bed is ---->https://www.allmodern.com/Wade-Logan-Belafonte-Upholstered-Platform-Bed-WLGN1931-L12-K~WLGN1931.html?refid=GX85079482516-WLGN1931_19504230&device=c&ptid=278057617118&targetid=&PiID%5B%5D=19504230
Jamie Porter (1 year ago)
Where do you get the bed from 0:06?
Colincrpersie 19 (1 year ago)
My room is so small because there is along walkway when you walk in so I can't do this. My sisters room is bigger
GG Channel (1 year ago)
I cry when i see this bcs i know that i will never have on off this dream rooms;'(
Old Man Jenkins And your grammar is bad.
GTGaming (9 months ago)
Squidoodle lol the irony
And your like 80
Mcjuggerfat (1 year ago)
Your like ten lol
Vanix (1 year ago)
Why can I not have any of these
Archana panigrahi (1 year ago)
Sai (1 year ago)
This video just makes me feel so sad about my room even though i just changed it:(
Sai same
+Jonnyyyy stfu dumb bitch! U a cunt
+Trwo and Sassiestink I sleep on the floor
Vfx Lounge (3 months ago)
Jonnyyyy lmao so rude
Jonnyyyy (3 months ago)
Trwo and Sassiestink ha poor cunt
Zesty (1 year ago)
Rich white people rooms.
itzjustjxnathan // (5 months ago)
search up what division street is. it will change your mind.
NillaWaffle (5 months ago)
Zesty wealth has nothing to do with skin color. You can be any race and any skin color and be stupidly rich or dirt poor. But people can also change their lives around we don't always have to let our situations stay the way they are
James Swinehart (6 months ago)
OverKnight 52 I have an attic room too.. Ugh what do I do about the slanted wall 😭
OverKnight 52 (6 months ago)
Poo Is life asians get paid a shit load They were actually getting more money and hours then whites by the 80’s, statistically speaking .... my room is a little modern and old, led lights, tv wall mount... toys and helmets It looks like a youtubers room with out the lighting 😂, i want to get some of those replica helmets, also have gear like my bows on the wall and i want to get a stand for them to replace it... im not white Nor asian 😂 And im not “rich” (well i dont think, i am; my friends do....) i kinda get a pass... the whole attic is my room (its split into two... and i work too so... my floor is like a man cave/movie theater) .... i just want to expand in my ideas but most of this is too basic and impractical, and well i want something more techy, plus 😂 these are rooms, with straight walls mine are slanted... 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
G.P Gameplay (7 months ago)
it all depends
Jazmin L (1 year ago)
Great video. Name of paint colors would be useful :)
explazion (1 year ago)
why do only like 10 have beds?
iam jp (7 months ago)
explazion others sleep in footpath
King of Vlogs (9 months ago)
explazion lolz yeah😝😝exacly
Lee Lee Rocks (1 year ago)
explazion They have futons that convert into beds
Beautiful Home (1 year ago)
Здравствуйте, поэтому что использовать диванчик, будто спальное пункт более практичен и сберегает место
cena jose (1 year ago)
DuckOfFire (11 months ago)
evan ivey ya bet me to it😂😂😂
evan ivey (1 year ago)
cena jose darude- sandstorm
cena jose (1 year ago)
thank you
Beautiful Home (1 year ago)
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