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When looking for love on dating apps turns dangerous

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Police believe 27-year-old suspected murderer Danueal Drayton used dating apps to target his alleged victims.
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Vickie Johnson (6 hours ago)
I went thru the same thing
Stephanie ammy (8 hours ago)
Bruh if he is outside your house call 911
Alex Larson (9 hours ago)
Too bad she didn’t have my dad, he would’ve shot the dude in the face, dismembered him, and put his head on a stake in our front yard to send a message to the other guys like him.
Princess Arshad (12 hours ago)
This is so ridiculous, this is so sad. 😪
Amanda aga (12 hours ago)
I bet he’s a Gemini 🤦🏻‍♀️
Dee Dee (12 hours ago)
The real problem is when u find out the hard way and get that restraining order, nothing can actually protect you. It's just a piece of paper. They can't get to you but other ppl can. Like you can't get a restraining order on the whole world right?
Carly Fournier (12 hours ago)
Crazy people are on the internet and off the internet too. Whether you are using an app to meet people or not do background checks on people who you are seriously interested in no matter how nice and put together they seem. Involve those close to you who you trust in your life let them meet the person you're interested in ask them what they think about the person. Get to know the person properly. Heed all the red flags even if it's just one! There's plenty of people to meet, ladies and gentlemen, don't be desperate! A serious marriage site is a far better option than a dating site even then you must still do your checking. Skip dating, ladies and gentlemen, courting is the way to go.
Kendrah Terrell (14 hours ago)
Oh hell no 😢😢😢
Omar Tercero (16 hours ago)
Well I can't see the marks on her neck with my 4k TV...
Gerald Warren (20 hours ago)
So this guy threatens to kill your son & family::you go meet him!?! DUMB AS HELL!
Tia Joy (1 day ago)
Narsassist demonic nightmare... Yucky
She is so pretty tho
Enigma 85 (1 day ago)
I just went through this and almost got killed from a guy I met off of a different app. I am still a little scared. This brings back a bad memories for me and I want to cry but I wont let myself cry anymore. I cant believe people are so evil and would do this to someone.
Realladi 228 (1 day ago)
How do you use a App to meet rape and kill women.... obviously none of the crimes where solved but how hard is it to connect those women to a App they were using to meet a guy more specifically him...it had to have been a long history of communication between this monster and the women he violated and or murdered ...this is completely unacceptable police work!!!!!
Valerie Bradshaw (1 day ago)
I've seen him before I think I was about to talk to him thank god I didn't meet him
Nick Jaramillo (2 days ago)
How do you reverse image when you check out someone's pictures?
Nick Jaramillo (2 days ago)
Pamela Martinez (2 days ago)
I'm so sorry she had to go three this. But please keep in mind there are some women that do this shit too. And there's no such thing as a smart criminal.. ppl you just have to be really super careful what you do and who you trust no says. And thank God them workers saw and helped her this case could of ended so much worse.
GasmineWithAG (2 days ago)
💔 I’m happy she’s ok
Crissy K. Daily (2 days ago)
There are people who are married to spouses like this. Dating is just a risk period.
M VO (2 days ago)
Cris .LaFlames (2 days ago)
Throw him to isis
Sweet Lady (2 days ago)
She liked it that he treated her like that. She would of left him alone as soon as she noticed his behavior. 😒😒😒😒
Jhalen Hanshaw (2 days ago)
3:09 You know hes from New York 😂
Nefarious Makaveli (2 days ago)
Pof is a joke
AD Drizzy (2 days ago)
Bitch ass nigga killing women sick fuck hope he's dies in jail
Miami Twotone (3 days ago)
Her fat ass needs to stop
Tudor Me (3 days ago)
I have a hard time felling sorry for black women, who get the living Hell beat out of them, and abused by these Black Thugs; they like men that are mentally deranged and retarded. Just look who the father of their kids are.
Wisdom 1245 (3 days ago)
Ski Jr (3 days ago)
Where was her baby daddy
donjz777 (3 days ago)
Man, his eyes looks like he wants to beat u up. After seeing his eyes, I don't know if I can turn my back on the guy. His eyes says, I'm your master, your my slave and I own u. Why she picks him up after, he threatens her??
Christine LaSalle (3 days ago)
"The judge couldn't have known he had chargers somewhere else " um what? There is a database. Now because of their negligence people are dead. SICK!!!!!! They need to start doing their job.
mohamed amin (3 days ago)
He looks young what a failure
Scorpia of Rose (3 days ago)
It doesn't take much to fool a woman. Wow!! It just takes words. Time and actions reveal who people are and their intentions. Ladies we keep losing due to a lack of logic, desperation and common sense. 😥😥😪😫
Benjamin C (4 days ago)
Tinder , plenty of fish ...... ditched it ages ago . Plenty of shit crazy out there .
Kailyn Brown (4 days ago)
He is cute
K-Lu Lorraine (4 days ago)
Why are people having to tell adults to not meet strangers online and hook up in person?
Bessie Smith (4 days ago)
They announced not pronounced....her understanding is lacking yet she is hopefully now educated in relationships i pray. We all need a higher power when we start going against our own doubts of others once they show you their truth. I keep warning a close friend about meeting these "attractive" guys especially when your self esteem is lacking.
Kennedy S. Brown (4 days ago)
cam out the 4 (4 days ago)
Guys a pussy notice how he ran off when the dudes showed up because he wouldn't act tough with men
Jesse Garcia (4 days ago)
Voices in his head. That's a fk lie..hes trying to get off easy...
Lima Lima (4 days ago)
This could be a some kind of dumb, broke assed, half assed, bitch assed, hood gangster reality show!
Lima Lima (4 days ago)
What is this? Da gangsta life? Oh that's brilliant!
Mariamu Yusufu (4 days ago)
Pray to God to give u a husbund
Shamira Miller (4 days ago)
When those three men showed up to save her, that was the Grace of Almighty God! I pray that she realizes that it was Jesus that rescued her through those men! Thank you lord that they were willing vessels.
Gods Klanof (4 days ago)
That guy is a dog-shit!
Jay Santiago (4 days ago)
He threatened to kill your son and you STILL met up with this fool. Nah. Bitch you’re dumb and wrong. Bye
[BLANK] [BLANK] (4 days ago)
See people get on dating websites don’t even know the people they talk to
Patriotic American (4 days ago)
First of all, let me say thankfully the victim is alive and well. Secondly, for someone who says that she thanks God every day, I wonder (before this event happened), did she pray to God every day? Did she ask God to provide her with a man? Did she follow the rules that God has laid out? or did she come to God after this attack? She says she deleted ALL of the dating apps which means that she had more than one. How many Godly apps did she have on her mobile device prior to this attack? Thirdly and most importantly, why the fuk would you go to lunch with someone who has threatened you AND your child? <--- that says a lot about the mother in the sense that she's putting her own selfish needs and wants before the safety of her innocent and defenseless child. I'm actually thinking that the mother should be charged with child endangerment. So now the child has another absent male in his life and we wonder why our society is so fuked up. If these independent, "I don't need a man", women would spent half the time glorifying the Holy One and following the BIBLE than they spend on dating apps, social networking sites, fake hair, fake body parts, filters and glorifying false Gods than looking for something that many of them claim they don't need or want (a man), than situations like this wouldn't occur as often. When you put God first. He will lay out the plans for you to be happy but we live in a society where man/woman wants to do things their way (be their own Gods) but you see what happened to Eve in the Garden. Learn your history so you aren't destined to repeat it in the future. Women, the ONLY man you NEED in your life is God and until you get right with God, everything else will be wrong as this video proves. In closing: Why do you need dating apps? You can't meet a man in REAL LIFE? ONLINE IS NOT REAL LIFE. Let's keep it real, she saw his pic and thought he was cute and wanted to get it in, things didn't work out nut now she's fearful and Godly. Haven't we been down this road before? #NoShade but truth is truth.
Ray F (5 days ago)
Meeting any guys/girls from an app dating is extremely stupid. If your dumb enough to do it well............. good luck
Rayven Toliver (5 days ago)
Uh uhhhh suh that’s my area 😂
Mell sobless (5 days ago)
I heard about this case from the young lady father's friend after she died...sad
henocsome (5 days ago)
Damn he is the first black serial killer 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kensia Maria (5 days ago)
She wasn’t even looking for love? Umm i got you girl .. dick appointment 🍆😛
Good Living (5 days ago)
So he threatened to kill your son and family and you STILL go and see him after that.
Silvia a (5 days ago)
I started talking to my man on the app meetme now we have a little girl together and we've been together for 4 years and he treats me like a Queen
david bell (6 days ago)
Cant believe i really know this dude smh its crazy how you can go through elementary and middle school school with someone and they turn out this way damn dan
themorphman100 (6 days ago)
What sensationalized bullshit, delete the dating apps? It has nothing to do with the dating app, she was seeing him, it could happen if you met someone in a bar then 3 months later he/she turns in to a psycho. I have had some great night nights from these apps. Liberals and snowflakes want to fuck them up now too? How about get a brain, meet in a place where you can have a drink, then use that brain. If something feels wrong go. Jesus, this world is full of brain dead snowflakes.
ATLien bratt (6 days ago)
Whew he was crazy ass hell ,Thank God she still is alive
Melissa Good (6 days ago)
Just know, CUTE can be CRAZY too!!!!
Sam Nubs (6 days ago)
The problem is when these women see other women with good men they Invision there is a possibility she can find the same thing but it does not turn out that way. They end up meeting mentally I'll men.smh
Baron Samedi (6 days ago)
She’s stupid!
Aries Rogue (6 days ago)
But wait where's #BLM????
Christen Gardner (7 days ago)
This scares me because my fiance and I met on tinder and I'm planning on having kids
Tchalla (7 days ago)
I mean this in the most sincere way but women can be so naive and gullible with these idiots they meet.
Olivia Griffin (7 days ago)
if he threatens to kill your flesh and blood 😧 bitch that’s the BIGGEST red flag !!! 🛑🛑🛑 RUNNNN!!!!
Kim Jackson (7 days ago)
My ex acted like this! Sicko
Carrie Sanders (7 days ago)
The government keep helping him.
antwan brown (7 days ago)
Hey bitch, im on pof too, hit me up. Gang Gang👉👉 and one of these👋 across those cheeks.. no not your ass you freak.
Ms Lulu (7 days ago)
POF does not mean plenty of fish it means plenty of felons because that’s all that’s on there real talk!
angel lay (7 days ago)
You can hear in his voice he crazy
Mizz Lady Monique C (7 days ago)
Oh shit he's from my home town
Mizz Lady Monique C (7 days ago)
Dumb ass bitch she still went to see him after he threatened to kill her son
Roaring Lion (7 days ago)
27 intelligent & Mentally Deranged.
Mark Bacchus (7 days ago)
Every time a girl kiss u they say it taste weird
Mark Bacchus (7 days ago)
Yo breath stink my nigga
tuluca tango (7 days ago)
Just use a dildo
Mr. UNICRON (7 days ago)
The boyfriend is a maniacal, raging lunatic and the girlfriend is a dumbass.
lovelly309 (7 days ago)
Are you freaking crazy, you went to see him off after he said he will kidnap your son and threatened to kill you. What's wrong with y'all females and then you online meeting people then let him meet your son. Gurllllllllllaaaaa you bugged out fo reallllaaaaa.
Sophia Evans (7 days ago)
OH HELL NAW, this kind of shit makes it hard for me to deal with anyone
Brandi White (8 days ago)
Never will I ever meet someone off line that’s just being desperate
datruth datrith (8 days ago)
I got off pof site.
datruth datrith (8 days ago)
Y'all dumb females always jump for a pretty boy and find out a syco
Vincent Jones (8 days ago)
I'm glad she's ok
Vincent Jones (8 days ago)
Know wonder I cant meet a good woman off there all of them are scared now because of this clown
Christian McCann (8 days ago)
So a stalker threatened to kill your son .. And you go see him to see him off to California .. Girl sound s desperate/lonely
cutie 82 (8 days ago)
Omg 😡
Sarabeth Romanovitz (8 days ago)
POF is not completely bad. You just have to go through many to find some good ones. I have not run into many of them from there. However my ex husband who wasnt a bad guy I met from there and have 2 kids from him. It just didnt work out. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 15 months now and I met him from that site and he is a sweetheart. So as long as you can get a sense of someone it can have good outcomes.
MOJO RAW GUITAR (8 days ago)
Good for YO stupid ASSS,, App dating,, keep up the great work,,dumb ASSS
Bella Simmons (8 days ago)
So... a nigga said he gonna kill your child and u meet him for lunch and then drive to a park with him. Wow
Bella Simmons (8 days ago)
Somebody should strangle his ass!
Sierra Bates (9 days ago)
Damn he sexy... Why he gotta be crazy?
Cece's World (9 days ago)
jalena milller (9 days ago)
Whenever you go looking for love something bad happens. Real true love finds you.
Red flags means go for it these days💔#CRAZY
Sayed Youssef (9 days ago)
Its not online dating in general, its POF! It had the most ghetto-ist (lack of a better term) fattest, hoodratish, prostitute invested women on there. I deleted it after a day. You all know it's true, as mean as that sounds. But women on there are bullshit. I'm sure guys are too.
JL January (9 days ago)
That sucks he is even cute
willie peppers (9 days ago)
Stop going through people phone
Cherokee Runner (9 days ago)
To many sicko on theses chats sites I'm very very happy to be alone
Cherokee Runner (9 days ago)
Badoo chat site stay away big time

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