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sheriarty; [black sea}

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«go down with me, fall with me, let's make worth it»
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lookingforastar (1 year ago)
song: black sea by natasha blume
emagneticfield (12 days ago)
This is a definite odd couple. One is passionately obsessed and the other is frightened but intrigued. Jim and Sherlock are both batshit crazy. These characters are made for each other. Sheriarty rules Johnlock is BORING
emagneticfield (2 months ago)
Black Sea. The song describes the feeling of perfectly merging into each other. Body and soul and an even deeper connection when love is involved. Great song for this video. Wish it could have been longer as the song is four minutes long originally. Reminds me of something I found and lost years ago. Too deep and I must not babble on......
vellichor. (3 months ago)
god everytime I watch this it gets more and more incredible 💕
default (4 months ago)
Это пиздец будто охуенно
Irene Adler (4 months ago)
this is brilliant.
Vanessa Aldaco (8 months ago)
I feel like if they did have a relationship it would consist of pure sex
bitch (9 months ago)
*"ooh. Have you had sex?"*
stylinson holmes (10 months ago)
gökçe demir (10 months ago)
my fucking god this is amazing im gonna cry
Zimorodka (10 months ago)
This is perfect, I love it!
Alexa Dark (11 months ago)
@[email protected]'m totally speechless! This is amazing! The rhythm, the parallels, the editing, the music, this ship...AARRGGHH!!! This is a masterpiece!
MonstersxKiller (1 year ago)
LisaWinchester (1 year ago)
hey winchester (1 year ago)
HOW ARE UR SKILLS EVEN REAL. daaaaaaamnnnnnnnn that dialogue from the beginning, the "me?" and the sex and tHE WHOLE VID TBH 😍 tHANK YOU FOR THIS PERFECTION
mblaqminoz (1 year ago)
OHDAMN can i say i absolutely looved your subtle zooms in/out & shake fx you used here?! you killin me. Incredible. Perfecto
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you! oh, I just played with pan/crop and followed the movements of the characters. it was really fun to make (:
Alina AssA (1 year ago)
Обожаю эту песню! Шикарно вышло, весьма понравилось! Спасибо!!! <3
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
и вам благодарю! (:
-Saylana - (1 year ago)
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you so much!
gay. (1 year ago)
god, i love these two. more than johnlock, if i'm being quite honest.
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
yeah. just never get bored with these two.
Melina Johnson (1 year ago)
Я заслушала эту песню до дыр, страшилась, что она мне надоест, однако Ваше видео придало композиции новое звучание. Эффект подвижности кадра (я даже не знаю, будто еще это именовать) делает легкое приятное (!) головокружение, что присваивает видео некоторую динамику. Это потрясающе~
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
благодарю огромное (:
mad world (1 year ago)
this is perfect epic song and favourite couple you'are amazing!
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you!
DreamingOfDestiny (1 year ago)
sdfjksdf THIS IS SO PERFECT! this song is so great for them & i really love the way you edited it. the movement in the video is so cool and really well done! i love this so much! stunning work! <3
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you very much! I wanted to make something light and flirty, but it turned into about death and suicide. ugh xD
Please create a video of dramione.You are a great clip maker.
Yana Novikova (1 year ago)
Это Просто. Нереально. Завораживает, будто совершенно исполненный пляска. Глаз не отвлечь.
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
благодарю огромное (:
MsSweetSerialKiller (1 year ago)
I'm yelling this is so good omg.
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you!
SOAKING (1 year ago)
Girl that was MAGIC!! Love your editing xoxo
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you so much!
L.Lawliet (1 year ago)
This is soo good you've chosen the clips so well they flow amazingly. Thanks for making this, it's beautiful :)
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
you're welcome and thank you too (:
cessy 0412 (1 year ago)
Please don't ever stop making sheriarty videos~ Once again amazing!
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you (:
AMAZING!!! SO EPIC! parallels on point <3
lookingforastar (1 year ago)
thank you (:

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