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how to choose/buy learners guitar online (hindi) guide video.

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https://www.hindiguitarcourse.in/shop-guitars/ how to choose/buy learners guitar online (hindi) https://www.hindiguitarcourse.in/shop-guitars/ -----------------------------------------------------------------
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Shailendra Kumar (2 months ago)
sir Mai koun SAacoustic guitar Mai abhi seekh rha hu mai amit Kumar kushhwaha +917017320836(+918979985823 Mai aap si bat Karna cahtahu collme
Good semi acoustic Guitar in low budget link please....
Shashank Tripathi (1 month ago)
I have budget maximum 10k i want guitar to record my music for relaxing & sleep sound etc. And I also don't want background noise. Which guitar I choose?
SHUBH-HUB (29 days ago)
Go for Yamaha F310
Shashank Tripathi (1 month ago)
Sir about Yamaha brand it is best seller on Amazon
akshita (1 month ago)
Hello sir, what do you think about ibanez md39-nt model? Is it better than Yamaha F310? thanks!
Prayash Empire (1 month ago)
Sir arijit singh ka guitar🎸 ka naam kya hai.
Prayash Empire (1 month ago)
Sir, Arijit Singh jo concert main bajate hein oh kansa guitar🎸 hai, usks naam kya hai, pls🙏 sir reply.
Shailendra Kumar (1 month ago)
I believe Taylor company ka..
mr. dpk (2 months ago)
Bahut accha bhai
Every eMotiOn iS AwEsOme (2 months ago)
Sir Yamaha f310 ya phr fs100c which one is better for beginners
Meena Pant (3 months ago)
my son is studying in class 6th standard, which model of guitar we should buy for him as he has take Guitar as a SUPW under western instrument. kindly advice.
Meena Pant (3 months ago)
Shailendra Kumar thank u so much
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
If you have budget then buy good guitar for long use : like yamaha, Fender acoustic guitar : these instruments cost 8-10 thousand only
SnehRaj Sinh Jadeja (3 months ago)
well explained I didn't liked the guitar companies you've choosen though English ka kam prayog kijiyega
VATSAL PATHAK (3 months ago)
Paiso ki.kmi hai....Sir juarez ka kaise rahega 2000 rupee bs hai mere pas
SnehRaj Sinh Jadeja (3 months ago)
honestly kahun to jourez mat lo bajane me maza nahi aayega aur do mahine me bigad jayega fir kabad me...
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Juarez thik rahega for few months.. Tab tak sikhna shuru kar sakte.. Baad me aur achha le lena.
Nishikanta Nayak (3 months ago)
Achaa nhi hai truss rod nhi h usme
tripti agrawal (3 months ago)
Thankyou so much Sir... this video is really very helpful... Thanks for the recommendation..
Hassan Shaikh (3 months ago)
Bhai app ne jo pakda hai ye kitne ka hai
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Maine 15 me liya tha
vivek kumar rajput (3 months ago)
sir its asking to pay money
Kamalsandhu Sandhu (4 months ago)
Thank you sir... Mere liye bahut helpful hai ye video... I m learner 😉
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Thank you
Sanjana Haldankar (4 months ago)
Sir ... yahama or granada which guitar is best to buy??
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Yamaha is best option for reliability
Mahesh Sharma (4 months ago)
How do you think about Yamaha FG830?
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Yamaha is best
singer Hradesh Sharma (4 months ago)
Hovner guitar good for beginners
Karan Baghla (4 months ago)
Sir yamaha f310 kaisa hai.....muje 10 thousand tak guitar lena hai....acha sa guitr batao with model....plzzz plzzzz
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Bahut achha hai
Shailendra Kumar (4 months ago)
Yamaha f310 is nice one 1⃣
Abhishek dave (5 months ago)
Nice video sir
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Thank you
shalu modak (5 months ago)
Below 3000
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Difficult.. You can get Kolkata made guitars. Like grason givson
play for passion (5 months ago)
Maine fender ka electro acuostic guitar laya eain sir 8500 main kya woh theek price main mila eain
play for passion (3 months ago)
SnehRaj Sinh Jadeja (3 months ago)
fender ka konsa model
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Yes.. Fender beginners are also good
kavita shettar 119 (5 months ago)
My budget is below 4000 I'm 13 yr old and I'm buying my first guitar could you please suggest me one
Madhu HJ (6 months ago)
3000 me learning ke liye best guitar batao
kumar manoranjan (6 months ago)
Who guitar are best for online
Shailendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Yamaha f310
Tanya Yadav (6 months ago)
I'm a beginner which acoustic guitar should i buy under 5000?
Bablu Kumar (6 months ago)
As I have gone through your recommendations through the link given below. Please suggest/clarify below queries. What are the semi electro models for YAMAHA F310 and Ibanez PF15 BK Is there any difference in sound quality and durability between Ibanez PF15 BK and Ibanez PF15 ECE-NT
Basant Singh (6 months ago)
What about yamaha f310! I wanna bought that
Ankamtilnei Bekungbul (6 months ago)
Is Gibson J45 and Martin D18 a good guitar?
Hamja Husen (6 months ago)
Sir mai guitar sikhna chahata hun. Aur mere pass guitar nahi to mai kaun sa guitar kharidu sikhane ke liye kaun best kahega
Nishani Mitra (6 months ago)
Sir guitar v shikha dooo plzz sir...new songs k liye😊
digesh Sinha (7 months ago)
Best teacher
anoop shukla (7 months ago)
Great information given by you
I'm lefty and my budget for guitar is maximum 10 thousands which are best for me being with guitar?
Rakesh Roy (7 months ago)
kaka kara Bar (7 months ago)
Sir ji I have 3000 in pocket I want to buy a guitar,,,which guitar I sud buy plzzzz rply
Om Parkash Sharma (7 months ago)
Aapka ye guitar kitne ka hai ??
DivVi's Facts (7 months ago)
*Sir i can spend 8..10k pls tell me which is best cort ad810e or yamaha f310?*
Priyantan Nag (6 months ago)
I have seen a lot of reviews between these two, and I think Cort ad810e is value for money. Body quality is same and u get the amp port along, wherein you will have to spend 3000 more on Yamaha f310 for the same. I guess you have got your guitar until now! Which one did you buy?
sudipta chakraborty (7 months ago)
Sir apka gar Kolkata ma ha
Avanish Vijay (7 months ago)
for 15k? please reply
Psy- Clop (7 months ago)
Are you from kolkata sir?
Sweet Embassy (8 months ago)
Hi sir muje gitar bajana nahi aata par muje bahot shokh he sikhne ka to Kya muje gitar kharidna chahiye ya nahi or konsa kharidna chahiye
Jatin Talreja (8 months ago)
Zabel is Best it not for beginner please tell me sir
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
not best but good enough..
Pravin Anant More (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot,....
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
thank you..
ashish singh (8 months ago)
Sir Hertz HZA 4010 Na kaisa h..
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
yes.. hertz is very good guitar.
ashish singh (8 months ago)
Sir under 6,000 which guitar i buy.
CHAUHAN kuldeep (8 months ago)
Amazon se Online kharid sakta hu Sir Isme 5200 h or discount mai 2000 Plz replay
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
yes.. amazon achha hai.
Satish Mujalde (8 months ago)
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
thank you..
Aqua Gaming (8 months ago)
Sir can I learn guitar from YouTube I mean from your channel without going to any Teacher?
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
you can learn on my website https://www.thebasicsofguitar.com/
Frost (9 months ago)
I'm a beginner, so what brand of guitar shall I choose?
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
YAMAHA-310 is the best
GOVIND MATONDKAR (9 months ago)
cool guy..
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
thank you
Aryan Raj (9 months ago)
Sir mera budget 8000 hai to kon sa guitar lun
Shailendra Kumar (9 months ago)
Aryan Raj Yamaha 310 is best
Navin Jat (9 months ago)
sir kitne inch ka guitar sahi rahega i am 21 year pld
Shailendra Kumar (8 months ago)
full length guitar 39-40 inch
physics lover (9 months ago)
Sir i have 3000-4500 can u plz give me suggestion which guitar should i buy??
dheeraj rai (9 months ago)
Nice bhaiya
AMIT SHARMA (9 months ago)
Hi sir, In my guitar there has been lil bit gap between fretboard & Strings. Can you please suggest how can I fix it?
Chittaranjan Biswal (9 months ago)
Bhai mujhe dukandar ne 60000 ka dikha diya.
Techtricks HB (9 months ago)
Hey should I buy hobner 265 f cut semiacoustic guitar
Faizan Raza (9 months ago)
Sir! I am beginner and a left handed so which guitar will be better for me in cheap price . Please reply me as soon as possible
Pawan Kumar (10 months ago)
Sir as a beginner guitarist I hv HAVANA jumbo Guitar ll it is really good to learn in the same or I should Change my guitar
NIRANJAN MALIK (10 months ago)
sir, signature ka guiter kaisa hai?
Sreshtha Roy Gupta (10 months ago)
Sir my budget is 5k... This is the first time I am going to buy a guitar and I am a beginner with 0 knowledge.... Which type of guitar should I buy
Divyanshu Sen (10 months ago)
how is vault ea 40.compare with yamaha f310
Arup Das (10 months ago)
What about Trinity or Havana guitar? Is it worth 8k? Spec: smei acuostic and have inbuilt tuner.
rakesh kumar (10 months ago)
Sir m abhi seekh rha hu aur mera budget 5000 tak h to plz suggest me kon sa gitar purchase kru
Sagor Debnath (10 months ago)
Sir i want to buy a Cutaway Acouctic guiter under 8000 taka in Bangladesh.. Please recommend some guiters for me.
Alok Bhardwaj (10 months ago)
sir ten thousand hai mere pass too kon sa guitar lu sir sir mai biggener hun sir mere friend Yamaha f three liya hai
Alok Bhardwaj (10 months ago)
sir Kya Yamaha online karidana accha rahega ya shop se le o thik rahega sir ye bhi bata dijiye ki koi problem too nahi hoga online karidane par please sir reply
Chirag Bhati (10 months ago)
kaps or kendencs forntline konsa achha he plzz make video plzz sir
all in one (10 months ago)
How I can set my guitar tune
Shailendra Kumar (10 months ago)
I have made a tuning video.. please see.
Nikhil Dave (10 months ago)
2,400 guitar ap ke vepsaepe rakhe vo le sake he
Harsh Patel (10 months ago)
Sir Fs100c yamaha kesa hai for beginners ?
Harsh Patel (10 months ago)
@Shailendra Kumar fs100c ka bhi ek video banao...
Shailendra Kumar (10 months ago)
Great. all yamaha guitars are good..
vishal pilankar (10 months ago)
Sir best guitar size kaunsi
JPS. Vlog (10 months ago)
what is your guitar's brand??
KOUSHIK SARAF (10 months ago)
I go with ur opinion and i buy kordnce 🎸
R2 j (11 months ago)
sir what about intern 38c ...
shudhanshu kr (11 months ago)
Also there is a buzz in 13 E fret but when I put capo on 1st fret it doesn't buzz
shudhanshu kr (11 months ago)
I have recently bought fender sa105ce and it sounds weird buzz when played openly string it is not a fret buzz why
Rahul Garg (11 months ago)
Diffrence between 18 frets, 21 frets
Pranab Nath (11 months ago)
Kadence guiter kesa he sir ji
DEEPAK KUMAR (11 months ago)
Mujhe sikna hai kitna din lag jayega
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
bahut saare din.. hard practice ke sath.
DEEPAK KUMAR (11 months ago)
bikram sahani (11 months ago)
Hello sir, I am a beginner. Budget fixed hei, bt mei Kadence k guitar lena chahta hun, isiliye mene 3500 mein Snapdeal se Kadence ka http://zipansion.com/2nyDl order kiyahun. So is it worth buying?
srirupa (11 months ago)
Thank you sir....one complement from my side is that please keep smiling like this....in this video you look very lively and jolly.....anyways ....koi ek ultimate guitar boldijiye which would be one time investment for lifetime and price is not an issue....only thing it should be my lifetime partner...please sir .....I love music so I love my instrument as well.... I don't prefer to change it .....so once for all ek guitar boldijiye...please it's my humble request....one guitar that would be applicable at beginner as well as advanced level.....kindly name best the guitar...
srirupa (11 months ago)
Thank you Sir
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
thank you first of all for comment and complement. Yamaha-310, fender-115, or Tekamine guitar, range 9-12 k would be good for that all need. You can also chose Ibanez acoustic guitar from bajaoo.com, range 11-15 k. thank you.
KS Jamwal (11 months ago)
Thanks Shailenra for sharing your valuable knowledge. The video quality is really great and material superb. Which was yours first guitar .....if i am allowed to ask.
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
thank you sir for comment. I had my first guitar from my Kolkata teacher. A locally made YEmaha Guitar; that was nice one.
Zia Rizvi (11 months ago)
Sir plz tell me that kaps ka guitr kaisa hota h mai whi le rhi hun
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
Kaps Guitar are very good. you can buy.
Hidden Talent (11 months ago)
Which is best sir kadense frontier series or Yamaha f310 i am very beginners please help
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
yamaha-310 is better I think.
Anoop Rana Manger (11 months ago)
Hi there! Tell me this ibanez model number of that guitar that you are holding in this video,
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
its Ibanez artwood, aw 300 maybe
Tanu verma (11 months ago)
Your video is very helpful sir but i still have a question I wanna buy Larry's company guitar, it was good for me but I was just confused about the company cuz I don't know much about that , they said it was a sister brand of fender ,, Please suggest me
Tanu verma (11 months ago)
Shailendra Kumar thank you sir
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
yes. that guitar is also very good.. you can buy that..
mannu talwar (11 months ago)
thank you boss
Manoj Kumar (11 months ago)
Bhai me apse baat karna chahta hun
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
Faltu Dummy Channel (11 months ago)
Sir i need your help, should i buy cutaway guitar or full body guitar, coz iam an very absolute begginer. Reply me sir.
Faltu Dummy Channel (11 months ago)
Shailendra Kumar simple means cutaway or full body. Plz mention it.
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
buy a simple acoustic guitar..
Aaru Rana (11 months ago)
M sikhna chahta hu kon sa lu sir mere range 3hjar h plss reply
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
please find on amazon..
paritosh kala (11 months ago)
really good one ,pl keep it up
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
thank you mr paritosh
BHARGOB DAS (11 months ago)
sir I am 23 years old .I want to learn guitar. which guiter I have to buy?
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
great.. buy any new guitar according your budget.
Piyush Dhasmana (11 months ago)
sir m having krafter guitar is it ok ? btaaao plisss m39cbk
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
yes .. its good.. and you know better because you play..
Bikas Dey (11 months ago)
Thanks for sharing sir
Shailendra Kumar (11 months ago)
thank you..
Ashish verma (1 year ago)
Sir wts about intern guitar
The Guitar Chronicles (11 months ago)
bhai theek hai guitar price wise.

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