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How to Make Petrol or Gas from Crude Oil.

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The video shows how crude oil is mined and how petrol, gas, jet fuel, etc., are 'refined' from it. The scenes take place in Texas, USA.
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Dreamy Haze (10 hours ago)
Hewwwwston mayne.. Not hoooston 😓
albertTM (1 day ago)
This man is a crude MOFO
david mccallum (2 days ago)
This guy is still using the extremely tired and very old LIE... that oil is a fossil fuel. Oil has NEVER been from fossils. Oil is replenishable by the natural chemical processes beneath the earth, and the planet has as much as there is water. LIGHT SWEET CRUDE needs the least amount of processing by use of a hydrocracker unit in the refining process. Essentially a large steam separating system into the various grades between tar and propane. To believe otherwise, is fantacy, scientific heresy, & a marketing ploy to manipulate global economies, governments, the military, while doing their all to prevent advanced technologies from going public that would free the masses from their totalitarian grip, all in the big game of depopulation and to dominate the masses. He's saying there's only 10 billion bls. yet to be extracted. NONSENSE. He's using the energy value like it's a wonder, saying there is enough in his example for 770 round trips to the moon. Here's a .link to one of many now public sources, for those who have no knowledge of the reality. https://youtu.be/hu_R3gp84TY Of course, the real fuel is helium 3, already being taken by a huge mining operation from the moon, used for the superluminal space fleet, housed in the black forest of Germany underground. One shuttle craft load can supply the ENTIRE US ECONOMY FOR A DAY. How's that for power. Their energy systems off planet, uses cold fusion, and has already been seen by a public source. Reserves are continuously being replenished, extraction technologies being improved, increasing efficiencies in it's use, and wider applications like plastics. In fact, both Israel and the USA will become the largest producers and the USA will produce so much oil, it will be the largest exporter of oil on earth by 2025. It is worthy to note, that OPEC... is running out, and there will be no profits for the globalists to skim capital off like a Vegas mob operation. No more extreme manipulation by OPEC, who will be buying it from Israel and the USA. Oil.... will largely pay off the entire US national debt. In fact, the largest pool of oil on earth, will be extracted from the region of the SW corner of the dead sea, along with it's mineral extraction for soil & crop operations. The pool in Israel, contains 27.3 TRILLION barrels. The military industrial complex however, is not about to release it's grip on tesla developed electricity, like the zero point. He got his information from his father, who took it from the vatican in the first place, and once Tesla developed it, they took it from him and use it for themselves.
T Soprano (5 days ago)
I thought a "nodding donkey" was when you ... oh, never mind.
Jim Prong (6 days ago)
No, it LIFTS the oil to the surface, it's impossible to "SUCK" it more than about nine meters or thirty feet, depending on the density.
Ed Hughes (7 days ago)
Big steel tank build a fire and evaporate the octane and use a condenser coil to drip it in a drum. I have seen street guys covered in oil selling gas buy the gallon. Thousands break in to oil pipe lines to fill buckets of crude. This is common in Africa and middle east. Low cost too.
the hunter (8 days ago)
Is in biggest refinery in us Uses bike
Sumit Nair (8 days ago)
@9:50 The volume doesn't seem to add up. 73+35+20+6+34 is not equal to 159 litres of crude oil.
Allen Tompkins (8 days ago)
CRUDE OIL .. AND GASOLINE AND DIESEL ARE ALL PETROLEUM ....YOU FUCKING MORONS ...YOU CANT MAKE PETROL YOU CAN MAKE GASOLINE OR DIESEL BUT NOT PETROL ....ARE BRITISH SCHOOLS THAT BAD ALL IT TAKES IS PICKING UP A DICTIONARY AND TURNING PAGES ..YET YOU MORONS CANT SEEM TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT .. pe·tro·le·um /pəˈtrōlēəm/ noun a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons that is present in certain rock strata and can be extracted and refined to produce fuels including gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil; oil.
Ilan Bloom (11 days ago)
Prure propaganda for the fossil fules industry. We are all paying the costs of environmental clamatity this greedy industry has created. Plain dumb narrator. The future "flower power" is already here. Electric and hydrogen cars, solar, wind and wave energy.
Ralph H (12 days ago)
I'm meant to be working, how did I end up here ffs! lol!
chales dor (12 days ago)
Is anyone else tired of these English baastards.
Troll Master (8 days ago)
Im tired of these murican bastards.
Alex Ouellette (13 days ago)
Basic school kids with a grade 7 education level please exit and return to your colouring books and crayons
Camaronsmith Carlos (14 days ago)
Nice video..but ya still some sorry basters...lower our gas...
The Don (14 days ago)
And to think that all this could be eliminated with simple Hydrogen. And it's only waste by- product is simple water. It's coming. If we can get the people that make all this money from keeping it from happening. Maybe then, we can also stop global warming.
rob wells (16 days ago)
and he carries the samples in a glass bottle not plastic lol be careful boys i like my gas guzzler Chevy : )
Justin Tyme (16 days ago)
its all just a game to keep you buying in to fossil fuels when ideas have been murdered in vain [with love America ] these ideas allow us to have infinity energy , while we all been told to believe through our poor education making free energy is impossible #lenzlaw????? , people of youtube its very possible to make energy for free at 2.72Hz, but what is near impossible is making 50/60Hz energy as its a frequency you'll need a heavy power factor value every time . HA YEAH , one more thing space isn't real & commercial aeroplanes are electric 250 metric tonnes of fuel in the winds???? hahaha i think not , plane schematics show hydraulics #GOVEGAN
22robr (16 days ago)
Oil is a natural mineral that the earth produces naturally; it is not from fossils.
Mo Faz (18 days ago)
explain on 9:54 of this video." every 159 litres of crude oil produces 73 liters of petrol 35 liters of diesel 20 liters of jet fuel 6 liters of propane & 44 liters of other products bitumen,asphalt,sulphur.
Ante Bekavac (18 days ago)
8:47 melody from ''Seconds from disaster'' documentary...
mrcrtking (18 days ago)
Does Kryten run on oil?
Simon Bak (18 days ago)
Ha! That is Robert Llewellyn, host of Youtube's most famous show about electric vehicles and renewable energy.
untitledC64 (19 days ago)
yes i suppose the question in the title was vagauely answered, but it also raises even more questions, he skipped like every thing in between the drilling rig and the pump jack, like how do they know if its goign to be crude oil or natural gas, how do you go from vertical drilling to horizontal drilling 2km down hole, does that guy actually bike around the refinery to meet with the testers everyday?
Gary Fox (20 days ago)
And they distill barrels of Pure Grain Alcohol
Patrick Read (22 days ago)
Who ever thought we would have flying cars that would be cool though; hey! mabey in the future we will have flying cars!
God's Child (23 days ago)
8:11 dat face
Justin Noker (23 days ago)
it's 3 AM and I work tomorrow why am I watching this, and how did I even get here?
Go MGTOW (24 days ago)
In 50 years the world's oil supply will be practically all 'GONE'. Sure there will be a small amount oil here and there but it will cost $500 per barrel just to extract it. What are we going to do when the NATURAL oil is gone at that point? Sure Algae oil can be created at $200 per barrel from solar sunshine, but will that be enough for our needs?
moist faucet (26 days ago)
I think we need to ask the world Middle Class Family kids, to go to war in the middle east to make sure oil still cheap. it is more about them than the poor. because they are the largest consumption on earth. Why the poor have to suffer ? Don't keep asking the US and British do it for you.......you have no SHAME.
ivan velasquez (27 days ago)
They forgot to mention the pulling units. And how they go in there and put the production string in the hole in order for that pump jack to pump the oil out.
VoeViking (28 days ago)
Why, why do they get this clowns to be television presenters.
Ron Hutchcraft (28 days ago)
Thumbs down for an incredibly stupid Video! And one horribly annoying host. Oil is a pollutant that must be done away with ASAP Electric is the Future for Cars & Transportation. TESLA & ELON MUSK that's the Ticket
GB UK (24 days ago)
So how do we make the vast amount of electric needed to charge our electric cars...... Fossil fuels or nuclear
Top Tube (29 days ago)
1:33 Does this rabbit related to anything about pumping oil?
union310 (29 days ago)
I bet they love electric cars lmao
union310 (29 days ago)
Those Ewing's have a lot to answer for
Dhruba Biswas (30 days ago)
Dont worry soon it will shut down
INERT (1 month ago)
Ugh, what's that inhaling snort he does at 0:11?
Joe X (1 month ago)
Use technical terms. Sucker rod pump SRP not nodding donkey. It sounds terribly unprofessional.
GB UK (24 days ago)
It's for Britain, we don't have pump jacks here. SRP would mean nothing to us
Joe X (1 month ago)
Everything was good but the condescending tone of that bitch boy made it distasteful. Its supposed to be educational not a video about your fucking opinions. And btw electric cars are taking control of the car market so suck it bitch.
vf12497439 (1 month ago)
“Smells like rotten eggs” well that’s not sweet crude then. H2S or sour crude is definitely good too, sweet crude is what we’re looking for.
matt davis (1 month ago)
Red Dwarf
Perktube1 (1 month ago)
Lol, Hooston. Btw what is the name of this show? I rather wanted to see the one on the Swiss army knife.
Elmo (1 month ago)
nowadays robert hosts youtube channel fullycharged which is designated to eletric cars XD
Chris Carson (1 month ago)
Starts at 7:52.
ba ab (1 month ago)
Why all the bother? I can make gas from just a few beans.
Maxine Goodhew (1 month ago)
I love the part they over look how much and how cheaper we can mass produce this than ever before .but we pay out the ass. there is no way with technologies we have today compared to 40 years ago this shit should cost so much per gallon. I call BS
colin mabey (1 month ago)
What are the long term consequences with removing the oil..Do they even know or care...I guess they don't give a s**t..It's all about the money.
bg5561742 (1 month ago)
West Texas my home
GalactiNaut (1 month ago)
8:47 that soundtrack though...what is that, I want it.
2012isRonPaul (1 month ago)
Diz Dem (1 month ago)
Nothing but Distroy our planet...
Tony Nameless (1 month ago)
Did you know that crude oil is your great great great great grandpa decomposed under pressure for hundreds of years and them pumped out to the surface ? Next time you start the car, say "thank you great great great great grandpa" Every finding of oil means one thing. That this is: large burial site of of either animals o humans. Most likely humans because only them live by thousands on one place especially back in the day. The story about Noah's flood also supports that massive burial of people allover the world, localizing crude oil resources basically reflect the major cities locations or what ever places people gathered to save them selves during the flood, like a giant cave filled with thousands of people eventually becomes your daily dose of petrol LOL Weird ha ?
Run away (1 month ago)
Then why is gas so high in the USA if Texas is the biggest production plant. And why does the government buy from a different country??
Wayne Eddy (1 month ago)
Get Informed (1 month ago)
U might dont like it but I am sure u enjoyed the benefits that oil provides... such is life, progress doesn't mean perfection
Fly Oz (1 month ago)
So theres only 5 years of oil left??? 60Bn since 1900s and they have or approx 12o years and they reckon theres 10B left so 6 years
Corn Dog (1 month ago)
The title should be...How do they keep doing it..Greed!
sheldon pereira (1 month ago)
Tex ass
andy klompenburg (1 month ago)
I see the Oil and Gas PR department alive and well on youtube. Imagine only having to pay a few people say $20 hour to type up this spin...Money well spent! Drill baby drill...
bfedkjwerfegregfrerg (1 month ago)
2:34 The H2S detector attached to the peak of the helmet is useless.
Demi Nada (1 month ago)
And it was stolen from Mexican people. Also gold in CA, silver in NV and much more.
Dustin H (1 month ago)
Those men are slow af adding rods
Zachary Snider (1 month ago)
He completely skipped over half of the process on extracting the oil.
0011clem raptor (1 month ago)
yeah … a $1.60 a litre at the moment for e10 . what a fucken rip off.
Robert Stewart (1 month ago)
original crude oil was never refined it was put straight into the tank of original internal combustion engines
Abdullah Alshehri (1 month ago)
2:11 Amen👍😂
Mr mc Gomez (1 month ago)
Bluudclaat (2 months ago)
Drove past a refinery in QATAR.. that was as awe-striking as any wonder of the world. Such a sinister representation of human energy needs
François Dillinger (2 months ago)
Anyone else see the h2s detectors on their hard hats?
Hugh Jorgen (1 month ago)
now that you mentioned it yea I did
Matt Berg (2 months ago)
Having built scaffolding in Whiting, IN BP Refinery I've gotten to see at least from quite a bit of refining processes. I liked to ask questions when I could to at least know what's going on around me. It's an amazing process and very chemistry involved. Been inside pretty much all the vessels in the refinery, very cool stuff
Hugh Jorgen (1 month ago)
I've never been but I'll bet it is some really cool stuff
Brenton Ryan (2 months ago)
And to think NASA employed Roughnecks for that mission to Space and to save the Earth andblow up that Asteroid that time
Michael Valente (2 months ago)
Its amazing how much energy is required to produce gasoline. It just goes to show how inefficient this product is and how inefficient the internal combustion engine is. It just make more and more sense to have an electric car over and ICE car. EVs are charged by an existing power plant. There s no digging for a dirty product; no transporting of this product; no refining of this product and no transporting of the finished product. Just makes sense to switch to an electric car.
Bryan Henry (2 months ago)
Tesla please hurry up and fill the world with fast and safe quiet car 🤫
Randy (2 months ago)
Shes full of it she said if it dont need there specs it dont go out the gate, they just blend it back into the process she's not fooling anybody
William Prokipchak (2 months ago)
Maybe someone else addressed this but at 9:50 he explains how in every 159 liter barrel of oil, they extract, when you total it all up, 168 liters of products. Ignoring some rounding off, it's hard to believe the process is (near) 100% efficient.
0011clem raptor (1 month ago)
yes , I was thinking the same thing.. how do you get 168 litres of product from 159 litres of original product???
bear northpole (2 months ago)
140 year old technology.
Laiken Bellesario (2 months ago)
Good God I love oil. Good god I love being a Sinclair.
Christopher (2 months ago)
Yeah thanks to the Rockefellers.
paul geldreich (2 months ago)
What a smug asshole! Future flower power my butt! Ever hear of Hydrogen?
Ige Kehinde Charles (2 months ago)
#oilandgashortages #subsidies
UFCMania155 (2 months ago)
I live in Edmonton, Alberta and we have lots of rigs here too...but our oil is oilsand
PyramidHead138 (2 months ago)
"And if it doesnt meet our customers expectations it doesnt go out the gate." doesnt It have to go out the gate to GET to your customers?
New GOogle name (18 days ago)
PyramidHead138 LMAO nice ne bro
PyramidHead138 (2 months ago)
no, oil came from everyone and everything that died in the flood in the days of noah
sam guapo (2 months ago)
OMG ITS ROBERT LLEWELYN, LLEWELYN, LLEWELYN!!! It's so not him. This is so far from Fully Charged.
Ding Bat Driving (2 months ago)
It's funny how we extract something from the ground like it's a never ending supply!
D Adams (2 months ago)
drink that texas tea
cr4zyu (2 months ago)
Oil, 250 million years old & full of carbon 14 (C14). A chunk of C14 the size of earth would decay completely in just one million years. So, oil being 250 million years old is a lie. The Pennsylvanian oil files at one time were all used up & abandoned, yet over the last 60 years 'somehow' they largely replenished themselves. Oil = Only Intentional Lies. There's plenty of oil & it's all mostly controlled by the banking elite, except for Russia's vast reserves. Hence why American & British interests are trying to start a war with the Russians. Stopping the Russians from building a pipeline across Syria to the Mediterranean coast is the big issue. Like the Berlin to Bagdad railway was the hidden but primary cause of World War One. "Those that ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them." That's yet another reason why the 'sheep' have been kept so dumbed-down. "Children; drink your fluoride laced water, have plenty of vaccinations & keep those mobile phone microwaves close to your head."
Faderfade WOT (1 month ago)
Question: How do you think oil is contained within reservoirs? Do you think it is one giant pool-like container?
Borat Sagdiyev (2 months ago)
thanks white man
saturnsongs (2 months ago)
That Fossil Fuel Theory crap is the biggest hunk of DOOKIE that geologists have ever fed us.
Mr.Marshall Ck (2 months ago)
2018... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!--- Yeah..👍✌
neurobits (2 months ago)
it's informative. but also sounds like propaganda "until the flying car comes". Cars that doesn't need petrol are already available. blah!
Cameron Harris (2 months ago)
Only 10 more barrels when they have gotten 60?? That’s fuck all
Rishi Viner (2 months ago)
That man is from scrap heap challenge
Cotronixco (2 months ago)
4,000 to 6,000 years later. Not 250 million years later.
Balintino G (2 months ago)
hemp produces massive amounts of oil and it can replace all petroleum products. also, it only takes 4 months for hemp to grow.
Jeffery Barmann (2 months ago)
Dragoon TV (2 months ago)
The Oil Tycoon State, aka Ted Cruz Country
scott left (2 months ago)
Every second idiot thinks America imports its oil from the middle east.
Umar Iqbal (2 months ago)
Funny to see a man saying this is the future in a 2010 video.

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