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The Perfect Summer Shoe || The Loafer || Dress Better || Men's Fashion Lookbook || Gent's Lounge

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The Perfect Summer Shoe || The Loafer || Men's Fashion Lookbook Today we are talking all about how, when, where to wear one of our favorite shoes for summer, the loafer. The Loafers: Gordon Rush - http://bit.ly/2qWr4WH Paul Evans - http://bit.ly/2q0uwL8 Just a Men Shoe (similar) - http://bit.ly/2pPrUVc New Republic - http://bit.ly/2pPES5n Magnanni - http://bit.ly/2rvvYHf Swims - http://bit.ly/2pPNYiq Comment your favorites below! _______________________________________________ Connect with us: Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1LjQ0ZZ Follow George on instagram - http://bit.ly/atlsNmsn Follow Blake on instagram - http://bit.ly/blksctt_ Join our Community - Chat with us : http://bit.ly/1rS55px Shop Gent's Lounge Products: http://bit.ly/1yGQ1zR Business inquiries - Reviews: [email protected] "How to style loafers vlog 2017"
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Text Comments (407)
Gent's Lounge (2 years ago)
They are definitely blue! -G
Eric Scheffler (11 months ago)
Savage. That guy on the real just found out he was colorblind
aawster (1 year ago)
dahuckinator (1 year ago)
jammster (1 year ago)
Zawadi Shop (1 year ago)
Charcoal grey
Damien Hayes (2 days ago)
Definitely grey
Roy's Keith (3 days ago)
Abdullah Eid (7 days ago)
They are grey lmao
Gent's Lounge (7 days ago)
That seems to be the consensus.
Brian M (7 days ago)
Grey inside, but then looks like a dark faded blue outside. You can tell a little bit better by the tassels at 2:40.
Brian M (7 days ago)
2 years later, we have the right answer haha
Gent's Lounge (7 days ago)
Finally! They are a bluish grey. Like the color of a "blue" great dane. -G
Danilo Brun (8 days ago)
They are grey man !!!! Have you ever considered that you are a color-blind person ???
Danilo Brun (8 days ago)
It's ok man. They are maybe bleu but not in YouTube. Anyway, I appreciated your blog.
Gent's Lounge (8 days ago)
Never. I've taken the tests....
Philip Hansson (12 days ago)
Bobby Austin (12 days ago)
wisc flank (15 days ago)
Grey all dey!
T Mak (16 days ago)
minafouad78 (19 days ago)
Where is the patent penny loafers !..
Gent's Lounge (19 days ago)
In our latest video!
Chandan rock (19 days ago)
Gent's Lounge (19 days ago)
Thank you!
jules vatin (23 days ago)
the wall behindis blue. the loafers are grey
Ebenezer Griffith (24 days ago)
C4tbus_padredTM (25 days ago)
David Miller (1 month ago)
they are gray
Christopher Hann (1 month ago)
There grey
Gent's Lounge (1 month ago)
You sure?
Dylan Martino (1 month ago)
Obviously Grey
MANTWERE 20FOREVER (1 month ago)
The Grey Loafer (I like)
Ibukun Adesope (1 month ago)
Those tassel loafers are grey
Aztec989 (1 month ago)
butterkaffee (1 month ago)
can't go too jfk!
Akmal Alamsyah (1 month ago)
Can you wear sock with them?
Gent's Lounge (1 month ago)
Sure, we do.
John Valverde (1 month ago)
Drake Clevenger (1 month ago)
Gent's Lounge (1 month ago)
Kirk Robinson (1 month ago)
They're grey dude.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Gent's Lounge (1 month ago)
You sure though?
THE ARTFUL CODGER (1 month ago)
Well...if it were a.....DOG......🤔 Hmmm! And He'll yeah... the swims are WORKING.. ! THANKS MEN...!
Carl D. Schroeder (2 months ago)
Grey, not blue.
A Toxic ADC (2 months ago)
David Hapka (2 months ago)
GREY!!...someone needs an eye exam 🤔😎😄
Anmol Bharat (2 months ago)
Those are definitely red!
Suleiman Solz (2 months ago)
Get that man correction lenses for his color blindness
Jahan Jannat (2 months ago)
Those r gray bro
Alex Carr (2 months ago)
The blue loafer with red laces looks like a child's shoe.
Alex Carr (2 months ago)
The suede shoes are charcoal gray. What color was printed on the shoe box label?
Heinhtet hhtp (2 months ago)
they are grey
William Shelton (2 months ago)
Marshall Cohen Carter (3 months ago)
Lmaoo George is fucking colorblind.
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
I still say blue.
Lil Gush (3 months ago)
Culichi 667 (3 months ago)
harsh vardhan (3 months ago)
Top 5 picks https://youtu.be/RKDWUWVzgUE
D A (3 months ago)
How about going out like college date party thing
Amit Verma (3 months ago)
Jay Velasquez (3 months ago)
Well your so-called "drivers" were called driving mocs or driving moccasins and before that, they were simply just moccasins invented by native Americans
Gent's Lounge (3 months ago)
Jay Velasquez (3 months ago)
Team Grey and I hate 50 shades
James Murray (4 months ago)
I guess all your socks are in the laundry?
Gent's Lounge (4 months ago)
TyRon KitzeRow (4 months ago)
Czar Duhaylungsod (4 months ago)
100% blue grey
ann76 vlogs (5 months ago)
Grey Loafer
colin macdonald (6 months ago)
Ha Ha Grey and you dont have to say "These Ones" you just say "These"
Omar Nuñez (6 months ago)
Grey hahaha
Karan Sharik (7 months ago)
Boom i just found a great channel man💐
Ferdinand Vazquez (7 months ago)
sphumelele Didi (7 months ago)
I'd never wear those swimmers they not kasi style
Eiichiro Oda (7 months ago)
I got the glow.com
RIshaun Pringle (7 months ago)
T S (7 months ago)
Billy C (8 months ago)
Grey grey grey
WhatMyTeacherWears (8 months ago)
hahahaha those are GREY!!!!
Ada baby (8 months ago)
Zareli Noise (8 months ago)
I liked most of the loafers but the driving moc is not a loafer and it's not meant to be worn on the pavement. Also that horsebit loafer with the white sneaker sole is horrid, either get sneakers or loafers but not weird hybrids.
Jonathan Benitez (9 months ago)
I would absolutely wear the swims! I don't like sandals at all so these work great!
Jonathan Benitez (9 months ago)
Those are definitely grey tassell Loafer's
Guest House (9 months ago)
OMG on of yoy look just like Harry Kane with beard
Henry Lam (9 months ago)
those are certainly grey
Irving Lopez (9 months ago)
Grey all the way man
Inspir3d (9 months ago)
The swims loafers look horrible. Like Crocs trying too hard to be classy
Carl Heyerdahl (9 months ago)
100 % Grey lol
Hell Boy (9 months ago)
Those are grey ...but it appears blue for some ppl.....becuz some are right brain users and some are left brain users...according to your brain type its color appears.
MILLIONS IN MOTION (9 months ago)
I’m colorblind and those look grey lmao
J. Russel (9 months ago)
They're grey.lol
claudiuloko 1 (9 months ago)
You have to learn the difference between a loafer and a sleeper. It's not hard . Do that before you give other people advice
Saurabh Kumar (10 months ago)
Its gray colour dude
Isaac Quipse (10 months ago)
the swims are ugly...
Jared Troy (10 months ago)
They are totally Gray
Daniel Ross (10 months ago)
Very gray
TT (10 months ago)
m woo (10 months ago)
This look is so gay. Especially with tight jeans and no socks.
Jose Lopez (10 months ago)
If your going to go in the pool don’t use footwear that looks like it belongs outside the pool. It looks tacky in my opinion.
Juan Garcia (10 months ago)
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (11 months ago)
The driver is my favorite
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (11 months ago)
They are grey bro
BoomBox256 (11 months ago)
Grey hands down, but those HORSE BIT loafers.... NICE!
Nico Herrera (11 months ago)
michael olvera (11 months ago)
I just pulled out my shark skin leather loafers out. ready for summer
Bigismdaboss (11 months ago)
Dam, my man is color blind for real! Shoes are definitely GREY!
Gent's Lounge (11 months ago)
Are you sure though? -G
abdel hak benyache (11 months ago)
Grey hhhhh !!! Definitely grey
David Ramirez (11 months ago)
Dude those grey loafers look way feminine. I'll skip those
Paul von Düsseldorf (11 months ago)
Abdullah Al Adel (11 months ago)
Those are grey George.
Classy African (11 months ago)
Andre Bjerkvik (11 months ago)
I think they are grey
Peter Rivera-Pierola (11 months ago)
Definitely grey!
Dee Baby (11 months ago)
They hairstyles sucks that wave swoop side part omg im glad im a natural hair man 😑😒🤦‍♂️
kirwi kirwinson (1 month ago)
Dee Baby it’s the standard dapper white guy hairstyle right now.
colin macdonald (11 months ago)
Grey guys FFS
Nicholas Cheap (11 months ago)
Taylor 88 (1 year ago)
Morpheus (1 year ago)
Gent's Lounge (1 year ago)
Blue. -G
David Vieira (1 year ago)
Well... that’s one way to find out ur friend is colour blind LOL

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