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SEAL - CRAZY MUSIC: Seal. IMAGES: of an Italian photo model. I do not own the copyright to the images nor the audio content. This video is for educational purposes only under the fair use act Copyright disclaimer Under Section 107 Under The Copyright Act , allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. My earlier channel 096HRXlive was suspended by WMG/YT . This is just my upload deleted by YT/WMG hope you'll enjoy it while it is still up. Thank you all I am owerwhelmed by your 84.000 views and your wonderful comments I know you do not understand how much it means to me but I assure you it means a lot. Hope you still love this !! xxxxx
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Text Comments (17)
Thesuziebear (4 years ago)
This man is just so so beautiful.
1AGRIPPINA (5 years ago)
1AGRIPPINA (6 years ago)
Ha ha ha yeah his all your yours from now on XXXXXXXXxx
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
As I am the only person to comment on this man in the last two years he is mine by default,X
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
Bugger HRT this always get's my juice's flowing. X
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
I want his man stripped and sent to my tent. X
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
@femlycan You know him? Please tell him he makes this old lady very happy. X
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
Yum Yum. XX
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
Beautiful beautiful man. X
Thesuziebear (6 years ago)
Who is that man ? I'm a 70 year old nun but he's got my juice's flowing...XX
László Dudás (7 years ago)
A zene mindenkinek ,képek a csajoknak :)
sunflowerofpeace (7 years ago)
wow!! gives whole new meaning to this song..CRAZY ;)))) grazie indeed!!!
I like Seal but... wow!! this hottie drives me crazy!! x
femlycan (8 years ago)
Ohhh My sister were are so much alike.... You love Anderi too. i know him.....
dugul21 (8 years ago)
OMG!!! who is this guy!!!! I always liked Italian hotties but this guy is ridiculously hotttt!!! And the song makes it even better!! great video thks for posting ;) Agree 3:46 is the best photo!
1AGRIPPINA (8 years ago)
Thank you Seal's a wonderful singer.
femlycan (8 years ago)
I have missed you my love, I am glad you are back wit a total F*^*@ vengance. This so rocks! Son snooth, so beautiful, such a sexy subject... WoW. I know what else I want for Christmas, Him!!!. LOL two words: Favorites, and Playlist 5/5 love. and always you can tellw me who this hottie that I am now going to stalk :)))

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