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Xiaomi Mijia 2 Fishbone THE Best Sneakers on the market for 55$ !!

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Xiaomi Mijia 2 Fishbone http://bit.ly/2uwjAJl Sneakers http://bit.ly/2uwymQl will make U never back to Brand shoes like Adidas Nike Puma etc... Because Xioami shoes are super cheap, Ultra Comfy and Quality is more than U could expect ... BG Xiaomi Mijia 2 Fishbone http://bit.ly/2uwjAJl GB Xiaomi Mijia 2 Fishbone http://bit.ly/2uwymQl Xiaomi Urevo GB http://bit.ly/2KJ7NS7 Crypto support for more RAD stuff BTC wallet: 1KWiyNqXgNuAu6VkW27V1JWprWH7kXBmZF DGB ( digibyte ): DC7MvdeYmcR1KAVfDRrNdVju92FTJHp3TH Cheers & Stay Awesome ! I rendered this video on the newest Delicious Xiaomi Notebook PRO i7 https://goo.gl/7Wj8Kh ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ As always You can expect that I am honest in opinion/review, NO click bite or just buy to make me rich. I like what I am doing so you can be sure that if said that something is good then for 99,99% it is . Otherwise I am just saying straight, " Don't even think about it! " ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ Support me these shops GearBest https://goo.gl/iNzRtd or BangGood http://bit.ly/2yk5YGy or just post postive comment to make my day 😉 ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌
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Text Comments (40)
Mariusz O. (1 month ago)
Też zakupiłem ...buty wykonane fajnie. Mają dość wysoki drop i podczas chodzenia stopa nieco w nich pływa. Pięta też słabo jest trzymana ...za to w palcach super wygodnenie. Podeszwa pod piętą twarda ...amortyzacja raczej kiepska. Do biegania kompletnie nie nadają się ...idealne na letnie szmaciaki.
a- kS (1 month ago)
Does it come with smart chip
AppManiac YouTube (1 month ago)
The one selling in India does not.
Freny John (1 month ago)
I usually wear 9uk ,but in the case of puma I wear 10uk [ one size up due to pumas narrow shape] so which size should I choose for this shoes? Does this pairs fitting is like puma?
Delicious Pirate (1 month ago)
I was wearing Buty Puma Archive Lite Mid Mesh at size 45 EU and xiaomi at same size 45 fits perfect
vipin das (1 month ago)
What about the quality and wat abt its weight
Kartikey Srivastava (1 month ago)
Can we get some sort of long term review?
pavkrn (1 month ago)
A wear and tear review would be much appreciated.
Delicious Pirate (1 month ago)
What would you like to know
AnuraG SharmA (1 month ago)
Nice video, how comfortable it is in comparison to Adidas ultraboost, & how is the ageing of shoes after wearing.. Also plz suggest which color looks insanely beautiful out of available color options.. Reply..
Delicious Pirate (1 month ago)
I will say it simple, xiaomi are most comfy shoes I had so far 🍻
vishnu panchal (1 month ago)
How is the solr can you compare it with addidas or nikes
vishnu panchal (1 month ago)
+Delicious Pirate how is the cushion? Actually i'm thinking to buy because it is just launched in India but idk how good it will be so i request you a video when you can go in details
Delicious Pirate (1 month ago)
better and cheaper, at least after one year xiaomi still looks good while I should change adidas or other famus brand 🍻
HM Ammar (1 month ago)
Are These Shoes Good For Long Running? And For Some Sprints?
Delicious Pirate (1 month ago)
I didnt try long run, but are super comfy
Anil Bala (1 month ago)
Hi do you suggest for gym?
Anil Bala (1 month ago)
+Delicious Pirate ty for the prompt reply
Delicious Pirate (1 month ago)
not for heavy lifting will be great cause mesh helps with airflow so at the end of the gym, your feet doesnt stinks and feels very comfy in this shoes.
Rahul sharma (1 month ago)
Bhosdi ke itna chutiya kyo ho gya hai . Jyada excited mat ho
Rahul Mishra (1 month ago)
Sahi bola
fayyazb (1 month ago)
Looks great! Did it last long and was comfortable till it lasted?
Delicious Pirate (1 month ago)
After one year, shoes are still great 💘🍕🍻
Pedro Raposo (5 months ago)
I usually wear 42 EU. Your 45 size you bought, match your Nikes, Reebook, whatever else?
Mariusz O. (1 month ago)
FPVtv DRONES ...zacząłem od rowerów u Ciebie oglądanie a teraz buty ...też mam zamiar je zamówić jednak we wszystkich komentach pojawia się opinia by brać numer większe. U Ciebie nie znajduje potwierdzenia. Nosiłeś NB w tym rozmiarze dla przykładu??
FPVtv DRONES (5 months ago)
Yes is the same, so if u buy42 it will like 42 nike 🤜🤛🍻
ajaira duniya (5 months ago)
This or adidas ultraboost? I am really confused. Purpose: jogging
FPVtv DRONES (5 months ago)
I would try xiaomi , adidas shoes you can buy anywhere 😘🍻🤜🤛
Ibrahem (6 months ago)
That's redixlus
drtn (6 months ago)
Delicious Pirate (6 months ago)
Wait what xD
Márcio H (6 months ago)
tênis feio
tenchichrono (6 months ago)
How are the shoes now? That is crazy.
Delicious Pirate (6 months ago)
RAD 😍🤩🍻 Amazing quality
Alejandro (7 months ago)
My size in skechers is 44 (EU) would be the same for xiaomi? By the way it costs 199 CNY = $29. When the price is around $40 it would be ok
Delicious Pirate (7 months ago)
My size is 45 so I ordered xiaomi 45 aaaaaand fits perfect ! :)
S K (8 months ago)
I have placed an order for this today through AliExpress. Are these shoes durable like Nike?
Delicious Pirate (8 months ago)
I could say that this Xiaomi are even more durable than nike ... , my last nikes died after 2 months (glue broke between bottom / upper part )
gordon mculloch (8 months ago)
They 👀 👌
Martin Branikovic (8 months ago)
Good shoes

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