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ULTIMATE FORD MUSTANG DRIVING FAILS, EPIC MUSTANG CRASH COMPILATION Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved .
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Pharron Rhodes (1 day ago)
It seems that high powered mustangs just don't like inexperienced drivers. Just like a real mustang the horse. It senses yo uhh don't know what you're doing and throws your ass.
President NotSure (2 days ago)
Mustangs dont run on fuel, they run on blood.
1:22 sounded like the Mario laugh
ThePudgyBudgie (2 days ago)
Guys. If you’re going to get a powerful muscle/pony car please be very responsible with it. Stop thinking that you’re some hot-shot hoonigan because chances are that you’re likely a teenager or young adult if you own a generic recent-model mustang . If you’re going to do crap like this please save it for when you and your vehicle are in a safe and a contained environment away from any potential hazards including other vehicles and any people that may be in the surrounding area. Government and state laws are originally in place to prevent fatal accidents from stuff like this so please obey them.
FILOdeathlord (2 days ago)
To bad all them bleeding hearts and politions let these people keep their driving privileges so they can cause more problems in road congestion, insurance rates, and endager all our lives.
mike stang (3 days ago)
WOW! That's insane 95% of the Mustangs' were 5th generation and the unskilled douchebags behind the wheel, what's up with 5th gen Mustangs' power to weight ratio then mix in an idiot behind the wheel, you get all these FAILS, stay away from people leaving car shows is the takeaway, that's all shows not only Mustangs' I have seen Hemi' shows not much better.......
Heavy AND plastic car
crist-alpha alod (3 days ago)
Gary O (4 days ago)
Mustangs and their drivers are embarrassing.
Pinga Cojone (4 days ago)
Idiots driving ir Shiites car
Peek-a-boo145er (4 days ago)
Bought a brand new stage 3 roush w pulley change in January of 2008 sold im I’m march for a new 911s all that money and still handled like a death sled honestly my z06s n Porsche I felt safest pushing the envelope I see so many IDIOTS power shifting on angles or matting the gas out of turns like WTF
Luke (4 days ago)
Someone tell me the year of that mustang in the thumbnail pls
Nader Films (4 days ago)
1:35 is so funny
Vinylscratch82 (5 days ago)
whats funny is most if not all these new cars have something called traction control, which basically helps to keep the wheels from spinning and losing traction, yet these morons turn it off to do burnouts and stupid shit. Whats even worse is its not always teenagers that do this stupid shit...
Hokl (5 days ago)
That ugly ass white and black v6 1:20 deserved to be destroyed lol
IrishGlory (6 days ago)
I drive a 2015 Gt here in ireland i have never crashed only been crashed into
И кто потом этого произнесет что приора нехорошая машина ???!!
Christos Papanatsidis (9 days ago)
USA cars are total crap , cannot even drive in a straight line
HellKat Gaming (9 days ago)
Zaid Cazorla (10 days ago)
Well what I can easily tell that these drivers are scumbags. like when u lose control just do not accelerate and control ur steering wheel. am 17 and I lost traction couple of times but controlling the car isnt hard at all
AcronyM 写 (10 days ago)
Fucking muscle cars
Lizard King (10 days ago)
Holy fuck do these new piece of shits lose control way to easy
xdverrillgamer (11 days ago)
My dream cars just wrecked like that 😢
Cnw#8701 (11 days ago)
Wow, isn't it ironic how the vast majority of these fuckers are Texan drivers? I'd love to see a compilation of BMW drivers; I'm sure 80% of them will be from Atlanta! 🤣😂 What's more ironic, is that I've lived in both places!
Stonecon (12 days ago)
"Ill sit on your face!" Dont threaten me with a good time honey!
Travis Anthony (12 days ago)
I had a 03 gt with stage 3 clutch & bolt on's and driving that thing in the rain was a pain in the ass , squirley as hell
Aidan Brock (12 days ago)
4:36 aww yeah this ones fast! made me cringe so hard
d loren (13 days ago)
370z 👍🏽
Lyle J (13 days ago)
1:04 perfect example of why you don’t just rip on the steering wheel when driving.
Nikolay Grigoryev (13 days ago)
yells into his cell phone: "I GOT IT ON TAPE".... People dont understand Mustangs. They are actualy off road vehicles, pavement just doesn't feel natural to them.
Him Bike (13 days ago)
Camero owners porn
jim my (13 days ago)
bad engineering LoL
Brandon Grover (14 days ago)
9:08 disturbed on the radio
overdriven77 (16 days ago)
lol at people shoiting " I got it on tape" while recording video's with their phones
Stan (17 days ago)
1:52 D-BAG cop. Intersection was clear.
ford excursion (17 days ago)
Can you subscribe to my YouTube channel and thank you for subscribe .
jared morales (17 days ago)
Did she say I’ll sit on your fuckin face? Lmao
chomsky3 (18 days ago)
Middle aged woman’s dream car
Steve smith (18 days ago)
Mustangs need All Wheel Drive. They are too powerful with too little weight in the back end.
BubbaHoTep01 (18 days ago)
9:16 looks like the donor car for Cleetus Mcfarland's Project Neighbor. In fact, the damage looks the same too.
life of Wyatt (18 days ago)
Why Democrats shouldn't be allowed to buy mustang's...TRUMP2020 MAGA
Mike Roman (2 days ago)
You look like the type of guy that loves penis.... How many dicks have you sucked in the past couple years?
-Star_27- (7 days ago)
life of Wyatt are you being serious or are you just trying to trigger liberals?
Alex Marti (18 days ago)
Tail happy fucking mustangs
American Tabby (19 days ago)
These folks belong in a hybrid. Don't take on that much horsepower if you can't control it.
@2:10 the strutting Mustang suddenly notices the larger, heavier, and more powerful Goat pull along side him. The Mustang's survival instinctive causes it to jerk sharply left, from fear, causing the now trembling Mustang to tumble over itself while trying to escape being chopped. #MCM
Captain Butt nuggets (19 days ago)
I love fails😂🤣
Frank D (19 days ago)
Back in the day when cars had modest power and you had to modify them to increase their power, your driving skills gradually improved as you earned money to do the upgrades. Now anyone can by a 450hp car out of the showroom and kill themselves relatively quickly and efficiently. Mustangs should require a drivers test, but this is America, so no such law ever being passed, just more crash videos to watch for everyone...sad.
Juan Garcia (20 days ago)
What a bunch of idiots. They nake the good drivers with mustang look bad....
BigErn_Mccraken (20 days ago)
All that horsepower in a solid rear axel is always a good decision. 🤦‍♀️
sLiDeR (21 days ago)
Is the mustang really hard to correct with a counter steer compared to other cars for example bmw m cars? Even in the early days I wasn’t this bad. Is these cars really that bad? I noticed few didn’t have limited slip differentials, how come? Can anyone that has skills enough to push a car to its limits and that has driven many other sports cars including this one do an explanation on this mustang fail videos to a EU citizen like me?
James Shives (21 days ago)
2:26 Yeah just turn right into the driver's door, yep...
Brandonmac245555 (25 days ago)
Civic at 6:06 ommgggg
Cigar Dave (26 days ago)
Good ol' Knobstangs I do love watching the tail wag the dog
Eric Vonzipper (27 days ago)
Mustang Sally. L O L
Alasisha Crelinski (28 days ago)
The dumbass @ 3:15 says he got it all on tape.   Guarantee you he's missing at least one tooth, wearing a wife beater and has at least 2 children born out-of-wedlock that the government is supporting because the mother is on welfare and lives in a mobile home.
Street Smart (28 days ago)
Fast, Furious then.. F'd up !
Edward Telles (29 days ago)
Some very nice cars wrecked ....because of some very stupid people....
Ben Arehart (29 days ago)
Guy gets out waiving his arm, like he's proud of entertaining everyone. Wonder how he would have reacted, if he hit one of those kids he caused the parents to fall down with?
Jhon Smith (30 days ago)
Mustangs seem to b the worst cars an hve the worst drivers !! 😄😂😂 lmao . glad i which to chevy yrs ago 👏👍😎
Andy Nixon (1 month ago)
Ford mustangs + ford mustang drivers . Not the most sophisticated combination .
FUTMZ (1 month ago)
Rear wheel drive, locking diff, several hundred horsepower, too much ego, too little skill. Great idea.
Iconhulk (1 month ago)
Paul Letchworth (1 month ago)
To avoid getting injured avoid mustangs
Julio Valdez (1 month ago)
Mustangs are too powerfull to control
augnkn93043 (1 month ago)
Buy a stanger to let everyone know your stupid, stupid, stupid.
that guy (1 month ago)
adrian coelho (1 month ago)
BCSD. Big car small dick...the bunch of them.
Trains and Sirens (1 month ago)
*_And this is why I own a charger._*
leroy jenkins (1 month ago)
First week I had mine I discovered to never drive it in the rain..EVER!
Funeral Hall (1 month ago)
The. cars of death! Is A good name! THE FORD CO! DROPED THE BALL ON THIS ONE! THIS IS BULL HIT! The cars cost to much for this to happen ! Refunds are needed for the people that had anything To dew with the death car! THIS IS A RIPOFF FOLKS!
james warren (1 month ago)
Its not the car its the dumbasses who drive them
BernieSanders (1 month ago)
Is nobody going to mention the super duty converted excursion at 2:25?
Bunch of Obama voters
-Star_27- (7 days ago)
Jennifer shannon Henson that was very random and unrelated.
Kyle Gardner (1 month ago)
Mustangs might be one of the most common cars out there now but in 20 years they'll be the rarest with all these dumbasses driving
Gerald Tomyn (1 month ago)
Mustang drivers: "I'll just keep giving it gas and see how this plays out"
LonelyDarkness (1 month ago)
rip Ford Mustang 1999 - 2018
Robert California (1 month ago)
It's not the car, it's the drivers
-Star_27- (7 days ago)
Robert California no the past generation mustang had some serious issues which led to many of them crashing, they fixed these issues in the newer generation so less mustangs crash now
Little Skittle (1 month ago)
If ya had a god damn Supra...you would even be that kind of person.
Little Skittle (1 month ago)
Must angst
Carro bonito pero bastante malo.
milton112 (1 month ago)
They're not called "Crowd Killers" for nothing.
Ben Silva (1 month ago)
People *looooove* saying that it's not the car, it's the driver. Well I'm here to tell you that being literally the most unsafe car in Europe and having a 2-star crash test rating.... My dudes, it's the car.
Lefty C (25 days ago)
Crash rating has nothing to do concerning "wrecking" a car, only how said car performs after a wreck. It is the driver poorly dictating its movements, causing said car too wreck.
Mark Mcgwires Backne (1 month ago)
If you are spinning the rear wheels then lift the weight quickly transfers from the rear to the front wheels which won't grip and ur gonna loop it.
Stephen Salyer (1 month ago)
Mustangs tend to crash when there is a large group of people nearby. Maybe it has something to do with poor aerodynamics of the car?
RC Adventure (1 month ago)
Get a Challenger.
Lon Spangrud (1 month ago)
Sheer enjoyment watching these rolling shit cars wreck. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
EW its Sobe (1 month ago)
Ilkka Naumanen (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this
The Evening Tiger (1 month ago)
Is it because of the live rear axle?
Texas Taco (1 month ago)
Someone post what happened to the Red GT500 that hit the parked white truck, I wanna know what they cited him for and if he saw jail time...
Steve Barclay (1 month ago)
When a lack of talent and a dynamically poor car intersect.
Titu Punk (1 month ago)
if u see a mustang don't just wait there admiring it's beauty run away from there for dear life...
Djallil Djallila (1 month ago)
Sonow Gamer (1 month ago)
Well this is a disgrace. I mean I love a good bunch of stupid drivers, but why do they all flock over to mustangs?
Sonow Gamer (7 days ago)
+-Star_27- Yeah I get that, but even with the newer ones people still manage to crash into something.
-Star_27- (7 days ago)
Sonow Gamer its not always the driver, the past generation mustang had some huge issues so many of them lost control. The newer ones were fixed so the crowed killing stereotype is starting to fade
Abhi Singh (1 month ago)
Big horsepower + live axle rear =
Angelo Lopez (1 month ago)
0:21 i couldnt see anything that mans big head was blocking da view
BadassEFdriver (1 month ago)
"Buying a Mustang makes you alpha bro" ^ You see it's this stupid way of thinking that leads to this stupid driving. If you don't know you're vehicles characteristics very well don't drive it acting like you do. What a joke
Helvijs Kalnins (1 month ago)
I'm not really an car person, but i've started to pay more attention to them, since getting an drivers license and a car. Can someone explain why do Mustangs seem to lose control going straight? Most cars don't do that.
Sage Oldmann (1 month ago)
Americans can’t handle any car with more than 250 hp 😂😂😂😂😂
Rayie (1 month ago)
It's a shame to see such a beautiful car get destroyed by a bunch of fucking idiots who can't drive.
Hung Loo (1 month ago)
Fuckin' mustangs and their FR drive layout is just an accident waitin' to happen.

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