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Funny Drivers FAIL Compilation ★ Best Car Fails Crash Videos ★ MAY 2017

2244 ratings | 1082632 views
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Text Comments (173)
kray z Dude (1 day ago)
I forgot to laugh
Paul Thomas (2 days ago)
*B L Y A T*
Ilegu Kang (3 days ago)
러시아색히들 운전 진짜 개젖같이 하는색히들임...
Stefano Alfieri (5 days ago)
Many stupid
henwry (5 days ago)
this is all in Russian lmao
777X (5 days ago)
I think I going to buy a BTR-90 for my safety....
Coolkid 101 (9 days ago)
2:15 is that the car statue Stanley from the movie Cars
Bangtan Taylor (23 days ago)
*never goes in car again*
Omaid Yarash (27 days ago)
So fake and not funny at all yawn😪 👎🏾
Omaid Yarash (27 days ago)
So fake and not funny at all. Yawn 😪 👎🏾
Mark Sommers (1 month ago)
Zombies and Bullies
Sudarmanto (1 month ago)
be patient ini road..
Sajid Khan (1 month ago)
I think there are mostly people blind drivers
I don't laugh at those stupid "Try not to laugh" videos, but I laugh so much at these types of videos.
nator96 (1 month ago)
People are calm I'd be laughing or rushing to help
a W (1 month ago)
Aqil X Hadi (1 month ago)
0:57 nom nom nom nom
PUFFFIRE (1 month ago)
0:42 No other car involved now that was funny.and 2:29 was just as funny.
edwin semidey (1 month ago)
its like no one pays attention too road conditions. at all.
Tommy Resendez (1 month ago)
That was so sad about the band flip over is it the guy okay from the band flipper
info145 (1 month ago)
Russia is a mother blyat !
Raghunathrt Ps (2 months ago)
4:24 Not bothered
TJ NightTrain (2 months ago)
10:06 Best part of the entire video, just skip to here.
Jack Bradley (2 months ago)
Yes! The skateboarder fell!
Erik Voghell (2 months ago)
If I ever rent a car in Russia, I'm getting the super full insurance package.
Joel Mendes (2 months ago)
just reminds me that you could be going good in life and then some retarded fuck comes along and messes everything up
Royce Hampton (2 months ago)
Rahul Paul (2 months ago)
kyriakos (2 months ago)
the best of the best IDIOT DRIVERS THE WORLD
ANONYMOUS_ HACKER (2 months ago)
*1:30* *WUT BUTT HAW ?*
Ken Kendall (2 months ago)
Waist of my time
주진규 (2 months ago)
Firefox Mozilla (3 months ago)
Greg B. (3 months ago)
A normal day in Grand Theft Auto. A bad day in the real world.
Chanto Heng (3 months ago)
Crashes Car Driving
Thincrust128 (3 months ago)
I swear people in other countries drive with their eyes closed. How are they not paying attention to their surroundings or mirrors?
Stonecoldcwbys (3 months ago)
you people are just stupid!!!! OMG LOL
Don Whitmen (3 months ago)
Wow L M A O; I did not know that crackerjacks were putting Driver Lic in there boxes again L O L total Funny
Thomas Kroll (4 months ago)
Why does it seem that 90% of these clips come out of Eastern Europe? …
Dylan Verkler (4 months ago)
Russians can’t drive worth a shit
Specialized 29er (4 months ago)
does no one not drive defensibly any more
Louana Rose (4 months ago)
I hate Russian drivers. You must find the strongest and the most resistent car ever to drive there
Tubingenstr (4 months ago)
Not so funny. Usual Russians!
mike watters (4 months ago)
never swerve ur car at high speed. take a small impact first as swerving at speed will flip your car and cause bigger injuries
ChickenNuggets !!! (4 months ago)
Holy crap these idiot drivers
George Wilkinson (6 months ago)
what's the legal driving age over there 9 and 1/2 or something damn. just saying because I'm 23 and drive while using my brain. or do they not have a brain to use.
Norma Jean (6 months ago)
Wow hope no one got hurt
Justin Kenney (6 months ago)
I feel like I’m watching my ex girlfriend drive
FortuneSeek3rz (6 months ago)
I wonder how many of these involve a driver looking at their cell phone?
victoriakapshaw (6 months ago)
What in the world of foreign countries driving is going on here 😐
Karissa Almora (7 months ago)
how is this funny this is scary?
Maddy G. (7 months ago)
You've got issues if you think this vid is funny!
Lorick (7 months ago)
Music at 2:18 please ??
Lalo Diaz (6 months ago)
Lorick "the end" kings of leon Bro!
Steel Gaming (7 months ago)
1:10 M'y is scare
Car Crash SarahNguyen (8 months ago)
watch me
jerm Vids (8 months ago)
GTA in a nutshell
jerm Vids (8 months ago)
1:30 gta anyone
Anita Eggerth (9 months ago)
Don’t these people know what the brake is for? They don’t even use it to stop r slow them down.
The DarenZgaming channel (9 months ago)
Boy and girl see each other and fall in love while driving: crash
Rhea Langille (9 months ago)
Looks like the Volvo XC90 isn't so safe after all XD
Reid Martin (9 months ago)
8: 21 mom! I hit a car, it was parked.
Reid Martin (9 months ago)
6:32 you can see the guy putting his phone away
Kamryn Mccormick (9 months ago)
well it goes to show that people in other countrys can't drive worth shit pretty sad..
Aleksander Moniewski (5 months ago)
Kamryn Mccormick you are stupid
Matthew Arden-Sonego (9 months ago)
9:32 my boy listening to dani california
Lattrodon (9 months ago)
imagine calling an ambulance just to have some idiot crash into it on its way to you...
ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ 9 (9 months ago)
The Last is funny
Murga Salman (10 months ago)
What dumb drivers
Margo Goralski (11 months ago)
1:05 Lmao
Aleksander Moniewski (5 months ago)
Margo Goralski what was funny?
Bazza BAZ224 (11 months ago)
Why is this called 'funny' driving fails? Where's the funny ?
Christopher T aus W (1 year ago)
Newri101 (2 months ago)
Aaaaaallllles klaaarr
Cody Harrison (1 year ago)
It would appear that Europeans can't drive.
The Assassin (8 months ago)
Cody Harrison it seems you have no idea about geography
Driveway Nats (1 year ago)
Loads of Australian vids here
Zach Smith (1 year ago)
8:29 just keep your lights on something is bound to happen
PonyPower 5000 (1 year ago)
9:16 unterlassene Hilfeleistung?!
津島太郎 (1 year ago)
1:42 Japan・・・
Chau N. Lam (1 year ago)
Finally something thats NOT clickbait .
William Smith (1 year ago)
*car crashes* "I don´t want to be the fool, in this game for two" LMAO!
News (1 year ago)
Heftig. Stell dir vor du sitzt da drin. Hab auch ein paar car Crash Videos. Sin auch sehr schlimm..
News about the World (1 year ago)
Some drivers can not really drive: P How did they get their driving license ... You want to see more of such titles ... Then visit my canal, I would be very happy
Fail Yety (1 year ago)
Russia worst drivers ever....
Unknown (4 months ago)
harlee life. Russia isn’t a continent smartass.
Romania Ball (6 months ago)
Edwin Jesus Hernandez Erazo true
Gurmeet Singh (1 year ago)
u can fit your iPhone or iPad in the back of a car 🚗
Gabby Macy (1 year ago)
For Asian drivers test if they hit anything do they get their license? It seems like it
mOnStEr EnErGee (1 year ago)
MrWayne6363 (1 year ago)
@4:58 The intersection from HELL
Pierce The Ashley (1 year ago)
Why did I laugh? Oh yea I'm a bad person
Mukhlis Degan murah (1 year ago)
yang ada polisinya gimana yaa nasibnya
自由曙光 (1 year ago)
囸囲囚 (10 months ago)
Curry Chan 是的 还有我大洋洲(澳大利亚)
Tom Slak (1 year ago)
4:10 At least the wrecked car isn't blocking any traffic lanes. LOL
a y mas imbeciles
Jonsen (1 year ago)
1:20 blyat
Ouy Bouy (1 year ago)
1:20 - не блять,а:благодарю за вмятину)
TheScrappySniper (1 year ago)
9:25 They didnt even stop to see if he was alive lmao
T Hunter (20 days ago)
Ralph Lankford (1 year ago)
why was 1:05 even in this? that's something that's not preventable
Nick T. (1 year ago)
You know that guy man? 3:30
Wulli 03.70 (1 year ago)
Russe können nicht Autofahren ob sie besoffen sind oder nicht
Serhan Ogan (1 year ago)
Come on! If you can't find crashes online, don't put incidents where people only use the horn.
Lex Luther (1 year ago)
if you think woman drive bad .....check out this video
tigertank909 (1 year ago)
ok then america knows how to drive then other contrys
bazzellmike (1 year ago)
The scrap yards have to be rich.....
Fabián Ferrelli (1 year ago)
7:06 Michael Jackson scream (?
Katrina Cacal (4 months ago)
Edith Candelaria (5 months ago)
Karissa Almora (7 months ago)

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