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Yiruma, (이루마) - River Flows in You

1169519 ratings | 84713660 views
??? ??? ?? ??? “River Flows In You” 10??? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? [The Best Reminiscent 10th Anniversary]? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ??? 'Reminiscent', LG TV ???? 'Infinia', ????? OST '??'? ?? ?????. Yiruma, a popular Korean pianist and composer released the album [The Best Reminiscent 10th Anniversary] to commemorate 10th Anniversary. His most popular pieces include on the album including ‘River Flows in You’, ‘Kiss the Rain’ & ‘May Be’. Also includes 3 new tracks- ‘Infinia’, ‘Reminiscent’ & ‘Fairy Tale’. Youtube: http://youtube.com/yirumaVEVO Available on iTunes http://goo.gl/9SfVS Twitter: http://twitter.com/SonyMusic_Kpop Facebook: http://facebook.com/SonyMusicKpopOfficial Music video by Yiruma performing River Flows In You. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc.
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Text Comments (53186)
Talu Vo (38 minutes ago)
If you see this comment, like it... I want to keep coming back to this..
this song has been stuck in my head lately. it just came back to me-
Yuses kid M (1 hour ago)
I cried when hearing these song but i don't know why😭😭
Christiawan M.S (1 hour ago)
Still Beautiful in 2019...OMG nice to
Con Ông (2 hours ago)
23/3/2019 .......? I from in Việt Namese
히헤 (2 hours ago)
엥 작곡가가 한국인이었음??????;;;;;;
Gabriela Ramirez (2 hours ago)
Me encanta 🎶💕
nevershoutemma (3 hours ago)
Is this melody familiar to anyone else? I can't put my finger on it but this melody is really familiar to me.
Adarsh Yadav (3 hours ago)
everytime i listen to this i get goosebumps... 2019❤❤
DaVinci Code (3 hours ago)
Who came here after watching Kfir Ochaion playing this on electric guitar?
Tung Nguyen (3 hours ago)
23-2-2019 🤔🤔
Edd Dhar (4 hours ago)
just close your eyes
gruzavik SK (4 hours ago)
I edit this song to my video withy 2 cats tom and paggani who's has short life (2months) on 14 dec when was 5hours A. M. I WAS SEE THEY FROZE IN THEIR BED😭😖🇸🇰❤️🆘
Antoniette Gallardo (4 hours ago)
Dương Nguyễn (4 hours ago)
Nhắm mắt vào và cảm nhận từng nốt nhạc :)
Dany Malvin (5 hours ago)
You can feel about your self when yours alone and enjoy this,,,,get that feel,,,,
Gloomy (5 hours ago)
Why only 84,000,000? There are almost 9 billion people and everyone needs to have some sort of hope.
Potato (6 hours ago)
Silvija Shehi (6 hours ago)
Was a LOOOONG time that i heard this, When i realized my class was listening to this and then they did again when i was there, knew the lyrics (of the piano) *perfectly*
Matias Iverson (7 hours ago)
Wea mía si me masturbo con esta cancion, al que no le gusta se puede ir a otro supermercado
서윤서 (8 hours ago)
슈팅스타tv (9 hours ago)
Luciano Oliveira (9 hours ago)
i love this song for this Yiruma tanks
joyce magdalin laput (10 hours ago)
im so inlove with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kellan Ammann (11 hours ago)
Sounds to me like he's trying to portray a life because of the melody and because of how it slows down at the end.
TronRider (12 hours ago)
Darrius Simmons
MYRA IGNACIO (12 hours ago)
I wish when I die,this song will play at my funeral.....
Adib Daniel (12 hours ago)
March 2019? Still Awesome
따봉 (13 hours ago)
피아노학원에서 이루마 잘배우고있어요! 키스더레인 콩쿨나가서 2등했어요ㅎ
Liana Gamezz (15 hours ago)
ngl this makes me fucking cry
EmelaiiNilsson (16 hours ago)
As a pianist. *I'm sorry Bach.* *Sorry Beethoven* I only know *Yiruma*
zynktrk (17 hours ago)
Müzik evrenseldir
pero perić (17 hours ago)
On the other video there is a comment: This has to be one of the most beautiful things ever created by humans. And it is, it really is.
Precieuse Zg (18 hours ago)
liarinafé (18 hours ago)
Still havin' goosebumps in 2019
Mari nonnatto (19 hours ago)
Annick Pahler (20 hours ago)
Un vrai bijou ! Où peut on trouver la partition ? Je veux apprendre ce morceau absolument <3
Lory Gacha (20 hours ago)
Arrepiada estou
Kartik Madaan (21 hours ago)
I don't remember how I found this piece , but now I don't want to go away !
Galleta de chocolate (22 hours ago)
Hermosa melodía 💓
haidar karrar (22 hours ago)
This song dont need a lyric
hansen stanford (22 hours ago)
2019 march 13?
Vũ Minh Quang (23 hours ago)
vietnam 22/3/2019
Kawaii Chan (14 hours ago)
Argentina x2
Karl Sunogan (23 hours ago)
Hindi ko matanggap, mahirap magpanggap :(
장주영 (1 day ago)
TheTage Show (22 hours ago)
His name is Lee ru Ma Yiruma is his stage name
ela puspitasari (1 day ago)
Vina Meidiana (1 day ago)
Still perfect on 2019 😊
Reynaldi Bagus (1 day ago)
헤나_ (1 day ago)
이루마 한국인인데 왜 한국인이 없어!
이수민 (20 hours ago)
그러니까요 ㅋㅋ
Carla Navarrete (1 day ago)
2019 and it remains the most beautiful composition in the world...
Op G4m3rz (1 day ago)
When ever I watch this I think of my Grandfather 1like = 1 person to heaven
TheTage Show (22 hours ago)
I think you should not use a dead persons identity to get likes
Otaku 4 (1 day ago)
the best piano music
Augusto Programmer (1 day ago)
Vaaaaaai Sabrina!
Jaleoplayspiano (1 day ago)
This song is always beautiful, it doesnt matter in what time we live...
Jaleoplayspiano (2 hours ago)
btw I play the song on this channel cuz it is my favourite song.
Luis Salazar (1 day ago)
Masterpiece 👌🏻
hulgt alprult (1 day ago)
I need to learn this before I die
Pablo Cuevas (1 day ago)
ToTheMoon (1 day ago)
숭구리당당 띠로리로 , 승구리당당 띠로리로, 또로도로띠로디로리
Hayle Stacy (1 day ago)
mer_haq kensou (1 day ago)
Este hombre es fascinante. Se siente la ternura, la dulzura, la sutileza en cada sonido y te roba una sonrisa
ngân phạm (1 day ago)
Like legend ...
kfddkkamm (1 day ago)
썸네일 보고 흑운장인줄
Matthias Berner (1 day ago)
Why are u even looking at the comments, you should listen to the music.
FIGHTER STUDIO (1 day ago)
Lex Smith (1 day ago)
80M views from Chanyeol only
Elisa Turnagiu (1 day ago)
I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😘😘
Nika. Russia (1 day ago)
I can play it too❤️🙈
Lisbet Benhumea (1 day ago)
Makes me cry 😭 Still really good and beautiful!!
Lucius Hogwart (1 day ago)
Perfect I like this! And everybody like this Need forever this music Old music
Linda Madden (1 day ago)
This song doesnt need lyrics, the songs sings to itself and thats all we need :)
JM Palgan (1 day ago)
Marius Anghelescu (1 day ago)
kawaii wolf ola (2 days ago)
I feel like my dad is dead (hes not)
Ridhwan Haikal (2 days ago)
Any Player Growtopia Here ???? 😁 ☝️☝️☝️
heru wyratama (2 days ago)
luc ky (2 days ago)
재원심 (2 days ago)
언제들어도 좋다ㅎㅎ
Tazaka Rezi (2 days ago)
I’m not crying, you are
Ronald alfonso (2 days ago)
이재원 (2 days ago)
*Mugic penetrates all languages*
앵꽃무지 (2 days ago)
제가 이번에 피아노 학원에서 치는곡인데 너무 이뻐요 노래가
2019? March
Cat Cinco (2 days ago)
Cantika Putri (2 days ago)
i cry to listend this song :(
dj i-one (2 days ago)
Steel beams doesn't melt
Mahen ndra (2 days ago)
So amazing, 2019:')
Ursula Jerry (2 days ago)
So peacefull. It lets the Soul fly though the universe. Love to you all... :)
Alive Change (2 days ago)
For ever
빠빠뿌 (2 days ago)
옟날에 태권도 다닐때 옆에서 이 피아노 소리를 들었는데 유튜브에 쳐봤는데 없어서 포기 하고있었는데 덕분에 찾았네요.....다시 옟날로 돌아가서 그 피아노 소리를 듣고 싶군요....
ak13piano (2 days ago)
This is contemporary music, right?
Anitta quiceno (2 days ago)
No entiendo, esto tan hermoso como puede tener dislikes??
Margarita Blanco (2 days ago)
Soy el comentario en español que esperas
I love this song I played it for my grandfathers death :) I feel like he lo-loved it I AM SO SAD RIGHT NOW I JUST I JUST CAN’T WRITE THIS COMMENT (2015 I played it on piano it sounded exactly like it) please like so I don’t have to cry
A Tasty Cloud (2 days ago)
River flows in you is boring
:.ПеЛьмЕнь .: (2 days ago)
Hi 2019)
Jordan Roseberry (2 days ago)
in 2019 there are still covers being played today, though none can beat the original!!!!
Suela Gjyli (2 days ago)
WilDAllu (2 days ago)
Roses are red The music is my key My heart has a lock Song as beatiful as this, has opened it times many

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