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Lovebites : Above The Black Sea @ Bloodstock Festival 2018

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guy hopewell (1 day ago)
Love the bass player. She’s getting it 🤘🏾
Sprywal1967 (7 days ago)
Should be way more views! Come to Toronto, Canada for a concert.
White Male (20 days ago)
Yum ,I'd lick all of them out.
brokenxstatues (1 month ago)
I'm always wondering about bands like these if people genuinely like the music, or just like the band because their inner weeaboo comes out since it iss waifus playing metal. As others pointed out, Lovebites pretty standard power metal.
ziiofswe (14 days ago)
+Andromeda Galaxy Fucking shit-youtube, I had written a long nice reply here that just disappeared... bleh. Anyway, I can of course only say what's true for _me_... and I like this and it feels fresh to me... but I haven't listened much to japanese rock and metal before so what's true for me is of course not necessarily true for you.... The only japanese metal I can remember right now that I've actively chosen to listen to is Loudness, back in the 80's.... so yeah, different experiences. I actually tried some Aldious yesterday after reading some comment that mentioned them, but I didn't like it that much. Not bad musicians, but the music didn't make me feel like "fuck yes, give me more", like I feel after listening to some Lovebites. Matter of taste, of course.
Andromeda Galaxy (14 days ago)
+ziiofswe I can't hear anything fresh here. I heard all of this before I have been a fan of Japanese metal and rock scene for a long time. And let me tell you most of lovebites fans are aldious fans . They only interested in all females bands. But both aldious and lovebites sound exactly like every power metal out there even their voices are kinda similar. I know another all females Japanese metal band called exist trace but they are not popular because they dress like boys. They don't look cute like lovebites. Band maid. Aldious members. Imo exist trace are way better than lovebites. The vocalist has her own unique voice she can scream and growl too. And they have been around for very long time. If you want a unique power metal band check out unlucky Morpheus they have choirs in their songs and they mix so many genres And galneryus is another unique power metal band. But sure they are not praised enough because they are not all females band Unlucky Morpheus is female fronted band. But I dislike gender discrimination
ziiofswe (15 days ago)
+Andromeda Galaxy I also don't see these as very "generic". I actually think being girls make people underestimate them in some areas. Everybody agrees that they're very skilled musicians, "especially for being girls"... But I also think that plenty of their songs have an unusual freshness with lots of different and interesting ideas. Sometimes it doesn't work out quite as well, but other times it's quite refreshing. Their talents as song writers need more appreciation.
ziiofswe (15 days ago)
+Andromeda Galaxy I noticed that in some other live videos, yes. But I'm thinking those videos mostly show the folks up front, and I'm sure the male part of the audience is somewhat more... _enthusiastic_. Might still be lots of women further back that just don't want to become professional wrestlers to enjoy the performance.
Andromeda Galaxy (15 days ago)
Most of men like these generic all females bands like lovebites Trust me it's rare to see women in lovebites concerts. Have you seen their live performance in Germany ? Their fans most of them are men
WarDevil666 (1 month ago)
this is barely average in terms of quality. just like babymetal all about looks while delivering mediocre metal i would advise the metalheads to not listen to this and to find better metal that more deserving
Lalo Asael Ríos (21 days ago)
ok mom
Rufu Ragumo (26 days ago)
+WarDevil666 also older tweet https://twitter.com/Galsyumcr/status/874463770310881280
Rufu Ragumo (26 days ago)
+WarDevil666 "try galneryus perhaps" Jokes on you, Syu himself is praising this band https://twitter.com/Galsyumcr/status/1005337224957734912 And yes, I like Galneryus too.
JoshthePosh (27 days ago)
To each their own. I personally love this band. They have incredible energy and are truly skilled. Such absolute bad-asses.
WarDevil666 (28 days ago)
+Over the Edge obviously babymetal is all about looks if you cant see it then i dont think any amount of explaining will do any good. anyway there is lots of more deserving metal try galneryus perhaps
Warmonger HM (1 month ago)
9784804 (3 months ago)
crazy Pikachu crcr (3 months ago)
robert grace (3 months ago)
Pleeeaaase do a U.K. tour !
Pete Weber (2 months ago)
Love it. Something new instead of the stale music state side. I hear a touch of Rob Halford in her voice. Found this band through Baby Metal and Band-Maid.
popas7 (3 months ago)
North American tour when ??
Hector Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Black Red .... They did win a British award for best new metal band. So hopefully they will succeed where all other Japanese bands have failed. They have two guitar monsters and a thundering rhythm section and singer with Rob Halford range. Nothing .... should .... stop them, except politics. Soooo who knows??
Black Red (2 months ago)
Maybe at Rock festival in 2019🎵
Hector Gonzalez (3 months ago)
popas7 .... Don't hold your breath on that one. Japanese politics and music management companies suck. Babymetal almost succeeded but now the manager is trying to destroy the band. And doesn't realize it. He's a real dumbass. Scandal has been trying for 10 yrs. But I think Europe has embraced Lovebites. Hopefully who knows?
Black Red (3 months ago)
Congrats on the first tour in EUROPE❗ 【LOVEBITES】EU & UK Tour 13~21 November 2018🎵💀
fukuxfuku (3 months ago)
X japanのリアル女版に聞こえる
Sonoriuxo (3 months ago)
I love how Miho is very into this.
NateDog (3 months ago)
I really love Japan.🤘
cannibalcorpse1967 (3 months ago)
onetymebigtyme (3 months ago)
wooyeaahhh great footage, and wow scored a frontstage view *High Five*
Charles Kelly (3 months ago)
These girls was on top form they most definitely rocked that crowd kinda glad suicidal tendacies rescheduled tbh cuz I got to see these
Mark Modi (3 months ago)
If only the chorus have choir singing with her, it will be awesome..
Andromeda Galaxy (15 days ago)
+Hector Gonzalez hmm nope I think you have never heard floor or tarja live they actually do sing live. They don't lip sync or use any pre-recorded tracks. You need to stop spreading some lies . And stop bringing other bands down for the sake of your beloved bands. Obviously you don't know anything about choirs in symphonic music. And you know nothing about opera music So pls shut up and enjoy your beloved band lovebites one of the most generic bands ever. They sound exactly like every power metal band out there. Nothing new about them. I think you like them only because they are all females band . Lol
Hector Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Mark Modi ..... When it comes to Nightwish. 80% of their actual live show is prerecorded. They basically do karaoke live. And likewise Epica.
Mark Modi (3 months ago)
+Hector Gonzalez I guess you didn't know what I meant. I didn't meant lip sync. When you listen to Nightwish, they have this backing track of the choir. That is what I mean.
Hector Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Mark Modi ..... Yes it's called lip sync. Lovebites does not lip sync. They are real musicians. Sorry not sorry.
Mark Modi (3 months ago)
+Hector Gonzalez i think most band use backing track for choir just like nightwish and epica always do.
Suzy (3 months ago)
Amazing ❤ new fan.
AL.Satian (3 months ago)
good footage man,they were the highlight of the whole weekend for me(as well as venom inc),all the people who didn't know the band were expecting a babymetal type thing as the description in the bloodstock booklet described them as "picking up where babymetal left off"which is a little misleading and unfair to both bands as they are completly  different to each other  but the girls won a lot of people over with their hard power metal.
manutdrule91 (3 months ago)
that is 100% true, I was there too. Lovebites were moved indeed to the main stage due to flight delay from Suicidal Tendencies
Bex (3 months ago)
Buzzramjet Lovebites were moved to the main stage due to the fact that Sucidal Tendencies had a delay. So Lovebites swapped with them and ended up on the main stage. I ended up watching them and I enjoyed it.
Buzzramjet (3 months ago)
I love this band. I was a huge Band Maid fan (and still am BUT...) until LOVEBITES came along and they stole my mind and heart. Hell if I was a bit younger I'd admit to a serious crush on Midori. Let me ask you..was the sound good? Did the sound people do them justice for their music? I know you can't go by phone recordings so I was wondering. I don't know what pushed them to the main stage but I would like to flatter myself that I might have had a small, very small probably, part with my constant barraging the BLOODSTOCK people with taking them off the small stage to the main stage. I set up more than a few fake emails and had friends send in emails saying they didn't belong off to the small stage.
manutdrule91 (3 months ago)
I was at Hyper Japan when they made their UK debut and they were outstanding, it wasnt just anime fans that were there, there was also metalheads too. They did a full show at the Underworld in London the day after Hyper Japan and the majority of the fans were metalheads and I was there too. They have just announced a EU/UK tour between the 13th-21st November and they are playing London on the 21st November at Islington Academy
AL.Satian (3 months ago)
yeah,they launched in the uk last year at hyper japan which meant they were largely only seen by manga anime comic book kids that don't usually listen to metal but like them purely beacause they are Japanese which is fair enough but the music fans now need the exposure to them,and the same goes for mutant monster and bridear.
Brian Wilson (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video 🤘🤘
manutdrule91 (3 months ago)
they are performing Above the Black Sky
i'm fine (3 months ago)
Above the Black Sea
Deceiver Of Fools (3 months ago)
Thank you.

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