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Angelina Jolie Full Speech at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment 2017

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Text Comments (1094)
Rebecca Logan (1 day ago)
All women look at her with envy 😂💖
Rebecca Logan (1 day ago)
Why Jennifer lawrence looks at her like that?
YAN YAN (4 days ago)
god, she needs to take a break.
bademoxy (18 days ago)
western modern women-particularly white attractive women -have ALL the choices in almost every advanced democracy BY LAW . this includes educational and employment opportunities BY CHOICE and equal PAY for equal WORK .Socially they certainly STILL retain the sexual power dynamics over men in courtship and they have the socially honored option of being a stay at home mom-unlike the vast majority of domestic minded men who these women would never marry. the "pay gap"? BS! men CHOSE to work LONGER hours,study STEM or trades, are more willing to move, toil in more crappy dangerous conditions but like women who CHOSE to use contraceptives -do NOT HAVE children thus avoid time off work and flexible hours. in short , the pay DIFFERENCES are because of CHOICES-NOT "patriarchy". JOLIE's points should have been more direct about WHICH cultures actually DO still oppress females, rather than PC generalizations about religion as she omits crediting western men who've for almost 3 decades been tolerating Modern Feminist hypocrisy in gender quotas AGAINST men -which is ANTI equal opportunity.
She's so right!! I love you Angie you are my biggest role model!! By the way, she excites me when dressed in black !! Sexy !!
LBlush (29 days ago)
Wow. She seems very relaxed, sincere, and well spoken. Very good speech and delivering it. Wow.
whynottalklikeapirat (1 month ago)
She looks like the corpse bride ....
Irfan Khan (1 month ago)
great anjilina joli
Gabi Oliv (1 month ago)
She is a strong woman. These are the eyes of someone who have seen a lot. The beautiful thing is that she will never give up (no matter how she looks).
Mohit Yadav (1 month ago)
Jude Parise (2 months ago)
Good ole Angie She should get a medal of honor. Love this girl
Sofia Santamaria Delima (2 months ago)
Bellos que bien que se junten
Lida De (2 months ago)
She is reading something I think , it’s weird
camost Ali (3 months ago)
If USA ever wanted a female president it could only be ANGELINA JOLIE.
Better Ourselves (3 months ago)
amazing women
Vishal Srivastav (3 months ago)
she is so inspiring and beautiful women and person god bless you mam
Angeline Rosas (3 months ago)
I love her work , love her. and. wish and pray for. Angelina jolie
David Daring (3 months ago)
I like Angelina. For a moment near the middle I thought she was talking about the social terrorism, censorship, and hatred against straight-white-men, but then I realize women don't care about that. At least Jolie realizes that there is true suffering for some women in the world, but that is more than balanced by the equal suffering of men, something women don't want to talk about.
Gil Torres (3 months ago)
That was sexist of her to say that women are a certain way, I admire you Angelina but you’re wrong
0707565 (3 months ago)
She looks skinny
Organisation XIV (3 months ago)
Ugh, enough of this tosh about marriage. News flash: It's not important. The majority of young people don't want to get married. It's becoming no longer relevant in society. Or at least I hope it will by the time my nieces and nephews are fully grown. I'm 27 and I have always had non-monogamous relationships. Marriage is an archaic chain and shackle. And I don't want to hear about god either. News flash: The majority of young people (at least in Europe) generally don't believe in god. Christianity as default is gone.
Odisola Ozukum (3 months ago)
Wish many more A grade Hollywood actresses be as bold and kind hearted as Angelina. 😘
Lolita Reyes (3 months ago)
Beautiful woman.. So misunderstood for her passion, whether it be work or personal relationship.. Fighting for everything and anything that she wants.. Not afraid to fall and rise again.. She's an extraordinary person.
TheCabledawg1 (4 months ago)
If Skeletor had a wife
exist in the now (4 months ago)
I'm so thankful you're around in this crazy place. You're so real
Joan Corpuz (4 months ago)
Love you Jolie..very interesting woman..
mad d (4 months ago)
This is without a doubt one of her best speech. She does sound very tired though
So sweet of you keep it up
Kyoung Suk Chae (4 months ago)
yeeeeaaha i assume she works hard at home that's why she's so skinny
Rachel Valker (4 months ago)
U GO GIRL love ...... 💧🎆🌈💖 Some of us cant even SHARE this VIDEO.. But we DO keep GOING as a FAMILY . we r of the same FLESH BLOOD and bone .and will one day lay down the SAME how WE LIVE with being given LIFE is the TRUTH what we all must never stop showing and never lose we have to hold on SHOW n STAND for what is.there r things that can never be CHAINGED that is sacred and always will be I am PROUD to have come ACROSS this VIDEO we should be able to show our VALUE without abuse and with no programmed FEAR n stunted to be FORCED n told thats all one will N only can BE we WILL over TURN with persistence love and time .. I thank YOU 💧.. We had to START SOMEWHERE but now yes altogether ... Enjoying LIFE and trusting one another n doing what is RITE is no COMPETITION we need as many as possible And we where born to keep our goodnature n OFFER it TO ANOTHER n live Pleasant LIVES AGAIN Sincerely Thank YOU. Be PROUD I am THAT of u KEEP smiling.....
mark pollis (5 months ago)
LOVELY INDID (5 months ago)
She so beautiful 😍
D Who? (5 months ago)
Should be a speech for ALL WOMEN.
Dragon43ish (5 months ago)
This witch is going to destroy Brad Pitt....
yana (5 months ago)
She’s looking like a corpse 😢
Giant49erWarrior (5 months ago)
Damn Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston who still looks like shes bout 38-40 for Angelina (I was once hot) Jolie. Her face and arms looks like shes a junkie. Brad got out right on time I AM WOMEN HEAR ME ROAR!! Seriously why do actors at least once a year give one of these ZZZZZ.... speeches
Chrissy Bear (5 months ago)
I love Angelina! She is such a beautiful person inside and out!
Reid Schaper (6 months ago)
You certainly don't think of others first
Reid Schaper (6 months ago)
Everything Angelina Jolie said here was a lie
Reid Schaper (6 months ago)
Look how skinny her arms are they look like a skeleton
Perpechuva Anselmo (6 months ago)
I love you Angelina 😘
Eduarda Eduarda (6 months ago)
Angelina Jolie ta veia
Mum Tush Tikhir (6 months ago)
The same wish and same thought I have.
Miguel tvid (6 months ago)
completely out of video question but is Obama wife a man 0_o
Gianina Flutur (6 months ago)
Great speech. You always ispire me. Love the way you see the world and how you do your best to help others, even if they are only encurageing words. God bless you and your family. ♡♡♡ You are a remarcabile women
Hello Hello (7 months ago)
She should be a model! ☺️
Tammi Bartice (7 months ago)
poor thing, she looks so tired. Great Speech!👍
Rosanna Lantigua (7 months ago)
Loved her speech very true what she is saying!
Fredik Gharibian (7 months ago)
Pavel Barna (7 months ago)
I love her
Angelina Jolie (7 months ago)
These people sure do like to give each other awards don't they.
Chu Li Lee (7 months ago)
Love her so much😍
Khan Yien koryom (7 months ago)
great speech go ahead
Shadifar arizona (7 months ago)
She looks tired
Shadifar arizona (7 months ago)
She looks tired
Saida Karama (7 months ago)
Really you inspire every woman,God bess you.Woman from Morroco
Hojjatolla Mojallal (7 months ago)
Such a lovely wisdom, how lucky are people around you...
Oghenekevwe Okagbare (8 months ago)
Wonderful speech.
IN Wyne (8 months ago)
She lost so much weight in not a healthy way . they is looking weak and breathless like she is not well .
Viviána (8 months ago)
The woman who broke two marriages is now standing there to lecture us about decency, rights and equality. Great!
mata hari (8 months ago)
Shafat Ali (8 months ago)
Ahri Arcade (8 months ago)
hard to say but thats the reason i cant and dont want children cause i dont get support of the society (even with a partner) - with kids you wont get to ur old job 90%, you have to work just part time, you wont get money to be a mom and raise and watch over ur child(ren) means 24/7 work. So all in one, you start to begin to be dependent from society and ur husband and very often from the social authorities - your own life is busted and burned out compared to your husbands. And sadly im not the only one with this opinion, cause so many women here (especially the "business women") decided to dont get children aswell and statistic confirms it too 😔
Charlie Foss (8 months ago)
She doesn't look well! Hope I'm wrong!
Francesca Couch (8 months ago)
Whenever we educate women to have freedom to express themselves all of society benefits as a true sense of humility and caring influences major decisions that affect every part of our world. Educate a girl and the country thrives.
That women think of others first is their nature is feminist ideology crap as much as the looks of this woman who cannot even look natural or healthy
Krzysztof Nowak (8 months ago)
Jestem w twoich myslach. Jadyna moja nadzieje na to by zaczac od nowa to krzyknac ufam ci angelina zabierz mnie.
Юлия Реденс (8 months ago)
Не гласи за Свободу..Говори Свободно.Спасибо🎼Анжелина.🔊
piyali dutta (8 months ago)
love u
smart girl (8 months ago)
lord rama qween haha its Jesus
Lina Carbonel (8 months ago)
I like you Angie your very talented woman be strong think your children they are very precious and brave chidren
anita dipa (8 months ago)
Ma'am you are great. Great speech true indeed ❤
oxforddictonary (8 months ago)
She can read off that teleprompter like a pro
Monet Nishimura (8 months ago)
I am inspired by your love and your care for life ,.
Loan Hoang (8 months ago)
I admire you. And thanksfull everything you do and said.4me you are a star.♥️♥️i love you anjo.
Tahar Sadmi (9 months ago)
Adorable and wonderful Angie. And powerful speech .
강연우 (9 months ago)
Grt but wht is the main point of this speech? Female freedom??or just feel sorry about them ?but grt angelina
FarRightGirl (9 months ago)
Women should not be allowed to vote as she votes big govt
Lana777 (9 months ago)
Oh no, she looks so thin. Her eating habits can’t be healthy
She is very beautiful woman
My One of Favorite Person on Earth 💕✨😍
Carolina Thamrin (9 months ago)
Too bad to be left from her
Chayki Gabule (9 months ago)
Lady Artiste JTE (9 months ago)
Is she reading something?
S. Odeyemi (9 months ago)
She wants Justice and she will have it or nothing else. That is what binds us.
Ishrat Ali (9 months ago)
That's not life!That's the selfish patriarchy which is so blind in asking women to fulfill patriarchal demands that she forgets herself and her health,her everything. Men needs to be selfless and stop making excuses of a bread maker or earning member.
Elisa Lim (9 months ago)
Bravo! Bravo! Angelina Jolie! beautiful speech very inspiring. She's a good public speaker! She really fits to become a good and powerful politician! We love you Angelina and forever a Brangelina fan
CANNIBAL ಠ_ಠ (9 months ago)
She should be a runway model!! 😃
Rosally Gumapac (9 months ago)
I love angie sooo much
Maria (9 months ago)
This is why I like Angelina so much. She's sooooooooo inspiring. 😍😍
Lina Carbonel (9 months ago)
Yes Angie be strong have faith in God think about your children's
Maria D (9 months ago)
She seems so tired and sad
Abhishek Mishra (9 months ago)
i have millions of eyes for god shak , is it true ange whats going on hunn , really i am crying
Hello (9 months ago)
She should be a model! 😃💃💁
Hello (9 months ago)
Youtube recommended me to watch melissa metz on the ellen show next. Silly (weird) youtube! 😄
Hello (9 months ago)
What is it, 4am there?! She sounds so tired.

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