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Turning A Car Into A Popcorn Machine!

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nightscape - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcYq2DQ4W_lxzMAINTBmTA Jays Instagram - http://instagram.com/byjayswingler Romells Instagram - http://instagram.com/uncleromell Jays Twitter - http://full.sc/1AUKF4h Romells Twitter - http://full.sc/1rb4Tqy
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Text Comments (6560)
VOXLIO (2 minutes ago)
the imdontai music was unexpected
DrRecoils (1 hour ago)
Anyone know the outro song?
exploring bois (21 hours ago)
5:55 it's Jake Paul
Arnold Swaggerson (1 day ago)
This car looks dry, it needs some water.
miguel hernandez (1 day ago)
Oh shit they played sab 🔥
NR (1 day ago)
0:05 I'm finna nut
Jacob Blount (1 day ago)
Am I the only person to realise that the blue Honda in this video (5:42) is the same car that jay ran over at the traffic lights in the TGF do it #5...? Surely they haven’t faked the video.
ollyd2202 870 (2 days ago)
Ayy lewis mah man 2:31-2:36
I3iohazard (2 days ago)
Did these guys just use @imdontai songs
Sleepy Smurf (3 days ago)
*Invite the tesco man to a video with you it'll be funny as fuck man xD*
DDHD alpha (3 days ago)
When I was watching this there was a ad for popcorn
Ya Grandad Pc gaming (4 days ago)
How come you have a mk1 focus and a Peugeot 206 lmao
youngbluh (4 days ago)
GraylagLayla (5 days ago)
6:5o no u look like all star
Bintou Darboe (5 days ago)
Jay: if you eat salty popcorn you got something wrong with you.. Everyone: You are JAY swingler m8 you do know that right?
Mystic Greninja (6 days ago)
You would pay the flight attendant £175,200,00.00
Harry King (7 days ago)
Thumbs up if your watching this in 2019
Nathan Huxley (7 days ago)
Jess Eddy (7 days ago)
Eggs McMuffin (8 days ago)
8:12 🤣🤣
Ben Burton (8 days ago)
Waist men
Ben Burton (8 days ago)
I was subscribed till i watched this!
KEEP ER GOIN (9 days ago)
I hope on my life that the Tesco man lives forever
flupps tv (10 days ago)
What breed is gatzby
Cryogamer (10 days ago)
Does anyone know the music at 9:18?
Przm void (11 days ago)
GHOSTPHANTOM 10 (12 days ago)
What’s their outro song called
Liam Kinney (12 days ago)
Who else saw luke on the refection 0:01
Joesph Stalin (13 days ago)
Guy fiery so inspirational
CummyPuggy (13 days ago)
Lets empty the fuel tank. Everyone: siphon it out Jay:fucking full rpms
Hugh Headley (14 days ago)
That Honda was from the TGf card vido
ToughNut 12 (15 days ago)
I felt like Jay would have had a piss and went now its salty
Quality Gamer (15 days ago)
Whats the song at 9:20 ?
Ed Allen15 (15 days ago)
The ndl say no
Twitch Snipez44 (15 days ago)
I’m the hypebeast of my friends because I’m the only one who’s never had a yeast infection 😂 Edit:Nevermind FUCK YOU JESSICA
Harry Walker (16 days ago)
That car durty
perraamarga (17 days ago)
when I heard ImDontai I screameddd
Noah The Bear (17 days ago)
Someone please tell me the song
John-Skye (18 days ago)
Can you guys just blow up a car for a video that would fucking sick
R6S Pro Clips (18 days ago)
i didnt know the united kindom existed till i found these guys
Shannon _ 12357 (18 days ago)
*yall don’t know mayn*
SkiWrld (19 days ago)
Imdontai SOB
Jake (19 days ago)
Idea for a video: buy someone, for example, me a Ford Fiesta st for my first car
Ben fergusson (19 days ago)
Why does he look like guy fiere
MXRG ۶ (19 days ago)
0:00 yo you started the video off with Lukes DUSTY head top in the top-right corner eeeeeeeee
Denb Exe (21 days ago)
Thought u we’re on Roblox for a sec 0:17
Chill beans Lads (21 days ago)
why are they calling him mason ???
Game_Biz (22 days ago)
as soon as they said "adding the oil to the "popcorn machine" and i realized they put burners under the car i flipped
Kaz Williams (22 days ago)
Jay looks like smash mouth in the song off of shriek at 6:53
The Tesco geezer is the boss
Allison (24 days ago)
Fill a swimming pool with oil and swim in it.
Pangoro123 (24 days ago)
I’m a hippopotamus
Owen Montgomery (24 days ago)
This videos jus full of G’s
JKRswag (24 days ago)
What the hell have they smoked
Hite (24 days ago)
Go on im a celeb (Uk thing)
Flyn Rodwell (25 days ago)
Pause go to 00:00 look at luke
Zanik _mkw (25 days ago)
824 car activists like...
Zanik _mkw (25 days ago)
This 5:50 is hell funny😂😂😂🤣
Vesuvius InNco (28 days ago)
No way thats a "deluxe".
Mxrsh0 (28 days ago)
My dads touching me brooo ...
Angus Philippe (28 days ago)
6:15 I was laughing for 10 minutes straight
Jack Goddard (29 days ago)
I watch all these videos so out of my nut and they still all make sense
Rose Davila (29 days ago)
11:36 🐶 WTF
BalezT (1 month ago)
8:58 what’s that song
LittleBlu Sofia (1 month ago)
That’s some *QUAILITY* popcorn
Oliver LT (1 month ago)
Thats the Tesco in Telford!!
Oliver LT (1 month ago)
How are all of the lights on if the battery is gone
TRZ ZXDT zxvx (1 month ago)
يلعبون با النعمه
Dick Champion (1 month ago)
thats actually mad dangerous
Emetic Eat Poison (1 month ago)
This reminds me when Spongebob wanted to see mermaid man and then his house got filled with popcorn bruv.
estrr (1 month ago)
What was the song at 7:38?
Valentin 2468 (1 month ago)
Why didn’t the guy just take the train
Tyrone Sewell (1 month ago)
Can anyone tell me the song they used at the end of the video
King Nima08 (1 month ago)
He has a tattoo and it says FUCK JAKE PAUL LoL 😂
Mecha Dragon 69 (1 month ago)
I am the hype man of my friend group
EXXORBAL YT (1 month ago)
this really fucked the climate
king Uchiha (1 month ago)
They actually used dontais song
Austin volner Volner (1 month ago)
8:52 jay be lookin like Guy Fierri
allie hartigan (1 month ago)
Just wanted to say 2019 BOYS
Michael Halliwell (1 month ago)
Here this video made me do maths for the first time in like 3 years
Alfie Flack (1 month ago)
Omg I saw the tesco guy eeeeeee
Adam Oliver Music (1 month ago)
Why would you travel 4 plus hours to taste popcorn! WTF! Im loving it though 😅 This is why TGF make me laugh and that Tesco guy needs to be in more videos.
Ryder Lewis (1 month ago)
T oeh
Rosie Stewart (1 month ago)
Popcorn SEEDS
Nikita Stewart 1 (1 month ago)
What’s the outro song ?
Filthy Frank (1 month ago)
liam Kelly (1 month ago)
Yo dat blue car looks like de 1 jay ran over for tgf do it 😏
AFineFellow (1 month ago)
I always come for 5:50
LinxHD (1 month ago)
what is this tune? 14:57
N O (1 month ago)
Click 2:34 for Luke's trim
Young Havoc (1 month ago)
Did anybody else notice the xxxtentacion beat in the background 🙏🙏
Gillian Kln (1 month ago)
My sister drives this car 😂
Ben Somerville (1 month ago)
SirTerry (1 month ago)
T C (1 month ago)
Oiiiiiii that tastes like batty bruv 😂😂😂
iMus4z_ (1 month ago)
Im da hype man
Matt R. (1 month ago)
18 first class flights ranging in 15,000 a flight= 270,000$
Votingleon (1 month ago)
What is the song at 9:19
Oliver Welbourn (1 month ago)
Xo tour life but i think it's in 8-bit
Bootz_The_Cat (1 month ago)

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