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dEUS on tour Official Vodcast #03 - Chasing Ghosts Away

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dEUS on tour Official Vodcast. Episode #03: "Chasing Ghosts Away". This vodcast covers the first part of the dEUS Keep You Close tour in support of the new album in London, Copenhagen, Paris and Dublin. For more info, check our new website at http://www.dEUS.be
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fume7dubelge (7 years ago)
Pedobear !
Ozgur Calli (7 years ago)
Chasing Ghosts is one of my favorite songs from "keep you close" and i cant believe how great the live performance is.
de1jean (7 years ago)
zaaalig ...what a drive, fun atmosphere and great overview of first part of the tour!dEUS=sTILL my number oNE
StefBarrett1976 (7 years ago)
Beautiful Tom !!! :)))
666cfc (7 years ago)
@eskimofinn i think it's a wasp
gloria978 (7 years ago)
I LOVE YOU. stop
hedleylara (7 years ago)
That's why I say they are the best!!!!I cannot wait to see you guys......
myoldreteacher (7 years ago)
Great video... :)

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