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Show Off the Guts! Laser cut clear acrylic, vented amplifier cover plate - Incriminator Audio IA20.1

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More pics on my site! Join today! https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/211971-laser-cut-vented-clear-acrylic-cover-plate-for-the-ia201/ Check out all the pics of the Laguna Laser here: https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/211837-my-new-4x8-laguna-laser-table-almost-ready-to-ship-spy-pics-inside/?tab=comments#comment-3208962 SMD Products can be found at http://www.wcCarAudio.com , Amazon, Ebay http://www.sonicElectronix.com and more! visit: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board - Join our fun, friendly and knowledgeable community today! Support these videos here! http://www.patreon.com/meade916 Laguna Tools - http://www.lagunatools.com Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/meade916 Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/SMD-Steve-Meade-Designs-OFFICIAL-Fan-Page-207890963429/ Follow: http://www.twitter.com/meade916
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Text Comments (219)
meade916 (1 month ago)
follow my IG! i usually go live daily at the shop! http://www.instagram.com/meade916 thanks for watching the vids!
Jon Taylor (23 days ago)
How much for a set of "Rambo" Dominos?
Efrain Cruz (27 days ago)
Hey can you do a amp test of the RF punch 800a2 and A kenwood kac1021 ??
Jon Taylor (29 days ago)
Hey Steve. How much for some of those personalized Dominos? Seriously
ssg red (29 days ago)
Hey bro I have a dual 4ohm su. And a dual 2 ohm sub how can I wire them together to a mono block
Only youtube... no social media for me doggie so when will prices be out for clear cover for amps????
Efrain Cruz (14 days ago)
Can you do a amp test of a Rockford Fosgate punch 800a2? Pls.
Adam ORTIZ (25 days ago)
i am running 2 kicker zx 2500.1 amps my covers are on the top what is cost to make that for my amps?
Conatus (26 days ago)
So they have scanners for these that can do all the measurements?
Bolsonaro 17 (26 days ago)
Look this , most powerful sound on the world . Brazil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8f8dH7q_sU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TDx0eEGPag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNyMrHQgJnE
Shykese Hart (26 days ago)
Matthew Poole (27 days ago)
Damn that looks real good! Did you finally get rid of the honda civic??
synonyx (27 days ago)
That came out sick!! But I must know where you got that JL shirt!
Michael Delgado (27 days ago)
2 thumps up homie
Crazy 8s Drums (27 days ago)
That amp looks dope! Definitely deserved a window!
Douglas Brown (28 days ago)
Question: On laser does CW/CCW lead ins/lead outs make a difference on small hole quality?
kevin tucker (28 days ago)
I want some domino's!
Adam Moore (28 days ago)
I can't believe my eyes! Did I just see a BOSS(Wally World) amplifier sitting on your shelf?
Jason Moses (27 days ago)
Probably. He does testing on those amps to see if the watts and rms really match what is advertised on the box. From what I've seen the cheap amps never hold up to what they say.
Jason Thompson (29 days ago)
Them guts were meant to be displayed. 👏👏👏
briann1282 (29 days ago)
Nice! Man I want them bones
Israel Segura (29 days ago)
My us amps has the acrylic back just like this, love the look....never melted until one day i overheated and blew my amp, amp was repaired but the glass is still damaged.
ADR (29 days ago)
Can you take a picture to scale like Doug does sometimes instead of using the NASA grade caliper and import it?
ADR (29 days ago)
Always killer intros
thebonee246 (29 days ago)
defff gonna need one for a SK4500
Gary Hundsrucker (30 days ago)
Daaauummmnn!That one laser printer would take up all the room I've got ito work in my basement workshop!
Shadrick Simms (30 days ago)
Send me 2 of those
Ruby Rose (30 days ago)
You'll sell out. Showing the guts like old school! You can even add a slot for a fan or something...
jeff savage (30 days ago)
I'm sure you already have, but if not look up a SLA machine. Your gonna want one bro. Would help ya alot. Save you a ton of time on stuff.
Statue Da Statue (30 days ago)
Skylarkberto (30 days ago)
Awsome! Berto😎😎😎
Pittsburgh 412 (30 days ago)
I love it. But won't the heat warp or melt the acrylic eventually??
meade916 (28 days ago)
Jason Thompson (29 days ago)
My usamps has an acrylic back, it's definitely never had any issues. If your amp is getting that hot I'd say you're doing something wrong 🤷
Conrado Avila (29 days ago)
Would be nice if it as a fan or 2 on em.
rhurtadorh32 (29 days ago)
Pittsburgh 412 thats a good question
xXxDarkGhostxXx (30 days ago)
Damn son that looks dope! Wouldn't mind having something like that for my upcoming Skar SKv2 2500.1!
JohnayyBoyy (30 days ago)
Damn Steve, you are changing the game man. Hats off to you!
Gio arteaga (30 days ago)
Steve dog how much for those dominoes those are bad as in good
Mr. Velocity Stack (30 days ago)
Nice! The Pheonix Gold idea lives on!
bigassfordsd (30 days ago)
i remember trying to make clear back plates back in the 90's with hand tools, this sure looks a heck of a lot better.
Rigo Zuniga (30 days ago)
I'm surprised you're wearing a JL Audio shirt. I never hear about that brand ever in your videos.
meade916 (28 days ago)
how so? I have never spoken a word to them. Stop posting stupid fucking comments. Jackass.
meade916 (28 days ago)
must not have watched all of my video's.
andyz1111 (30 days ago)
Hey Steve luv the videos man question is there any plan for a version 2 of the amm-1 where the sub wire don't have to be disconnected in order to get the reading like eg a slot or a clamp style tnks b
dave carey (30 days ago)
Wish I could get you to make me one for my DC5K
Nendo Crescendo (30 days ago)
dave carey Hopefully he’ll do some custom work soon I’d buy one NO DOUBT!!
iveco (30 days ago)
The best toy in the sound factory now <3 uhhh baby !!! now i wonder if i can make a PC case with that haha :D
Chris Simmons (30 days ago)
Steve I would buy a set of those domino's off you
Brandon T (30 days ago)
That is so badass.. would like to get some shit done to sub box that I'm designing
Nendo Crescendo (30 days ago)
Brandon T im sure you know this but you can probably do it yourself, a normal drill can go through it and there a saw blades for it too. With drilling, just make sure you feed slow and have higher RPMs and an especially SHARP drill bit. I got mine from https://www.professionalplastics.com
Joe R (30 days ago)
Meade916, the trick would be to get the manufactures to send you the CAD file so you would not have to do all the measuring. Not sure if they would play nice..... I'll be a customer either way..
Joe R (30 days ago)
19KILO74 (30 days ago)
Dude i would love to purchase a set of dominos , shit ill take some chicken hill ones , let me know homie.
Anthony Dunn (30 days ago)
Old style and still cool
andy sims (30 days ago)
How much for a back cover for my dc audio 5.0k amp?
Geovanni Medrano (30 days ago)
How many watts are that incriminator audio
sancho lopez (30 days ago)
2,000 watts at 1 ohm
Flat4Buggy 2 (30 days ago)
Ernest Proctor (30 days ago)
Devon Harris (30 days ago)
Hey been watching your videos for a while well really years now love for to try to hit me up in that sweepstake bro love that bone yard anything from there lol
Kimo Armstrong (30 days ago)
Really like where this laser machine is taking your creativity.
Will Orellana (30 days ago)
Yes sir. You you you are the best.
Rick Dodson (30 days ago)
Nice! Glad to see clear heatsink backs making a come back. I pushed Coleman hard when we were designing the first Audio Technix / CT Sounds amps to have plexi backs, super happy that we went that route! Classic design with new technology :)
Costa Mojica (30 days ago)
Can I have that amp Steve!!!! 🤙🤙
Why Dallas County inmate will call my phone is beyond me.
Steve Goff (30 days ago)
F11 is no joke.
Second Skin Insulation (30 days ago)
mrchrisk36 (30 days ago)
That's Awesome!!! Custom acrylic covers for your amps!!
EffenBrutal (30 days ago)
Steve is gods gift to car audio.
Jeremy Fleming (30 days ago)
What model is that amp and msrp
Flat4Buggy 2 (30 days ago)
jacob p (30 days ago)
How cool would acrylic SMD phone cases be???
Robert Shields (30 days ago)
How much for the audiopipe apcle18001.d
John Work (30 days ago)
Raygan Davis (30 days ago)
Another business invention. Nice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
elvis de paula (30 days ago)
Muito boa essa impressora top
SaUcErS pLaNeT (30 days ago)
Dude that is fucking amazing. I can only imagine the neat custom stuff you can make with this.
Legendary504 (30 days ago)
Can’t wait to see custom orders for these I might have to get some myself for my crescendo amps
SourBogBubble (30 days ago)
felip R (30 days ago)
Check you out big bad muffukkin S.M.D. big things poppin lil shit stoppin..... big respects you doing the damn thing you're a bad mammer jammer.
Vickie McDonald (30 days ago)
That looks nice 😎
fonziebrown 74 (30 days ago)
thats awesome!
D.J. KEYS (1 month ago)
Hey steav..don't know if it will catch on or not but got an idea..start the trend of SHOWING THE GUTS actual install..if possible that amps can be in the upside down position...or a rotisery style.set up to where you can show the amp guts ..every body gonna be on it..OPERATION..TREND SETER..BY..SMD
Anthony Dunn (30 days ago)
Old but still bad ass
meade916 (30 days ago)
people have been doing that for years. Thanks anyway though.
Joshua Covey (1 month ago)
So awesome
Ronnie Marshall (1 month ago)
i want a set of Dominoes, hit me up when they are ready!
Ibrahim ELTONY (1 month ago)
You are an artist anyway in handmade works. this is a small exercise compared to your skills. It is a good thing and huge improvement to use the most advanced machines instead of hand tools. Keep up the good work and I a have no dought that more brilliant ideas will come out.
Kelvin Kirven (1 month ago)
Mann that bitch turned out clean as hell bro! Yea Maine put the laser to work churning out acrylic covers, that would be dope as HELL to have my amps with custom covers with my name on them...
Josh Taylor (1 month ago)
That is a dope machine man.
Jayson Wheeler (1 month ago)
Sooooo, how much for a set of acrylic dominoes? No need for waste, always somewhere money can be made.
jmar662 jmar662 (1 month ago)
Always wished that was an option for all amps
Chance Quesnelle (1 month ago)
Is that why you're here at 4 o clock in the mo... yeah cus I couldn't sleep I wanted to draww
Jovanny Rangel (1 month ago)
Awesome outcome Mr. Meade!!! Can't wait to see these kind of clear covers in many people's builds 👍
DaDonBossMan (1 month ago)
Would definitely pay for one for my new dc 10k
Brendan (1 month ago)
your builds are going to hit even another level, keep the grind up man, you're killing the game in everything you do.
Sorrow Song (1 month ago)
Brandon wasn't impressed. Lol faker
Ron JL White (1 month ago)
I may need you cut my plexi viewing panels for my enclosures. That would be sweet!!!
Evilthx (1 month ago)
Wow... I am stunned. That looks awesome and those dominoes are killer looking! How long did the amps cover take to cut?
canal apenas um tanker (1 month ago)
wow very good work this amazing laser machine makes perfect cut!
BLU3 D3VIL (1 month ago)
Dam Tht is so dope homie keep up with the good work bro
Wayne Twombly (1 month ago)
Sick with it. You have the best job ever. I want SMD key phob. Next is the laser scanner.
Russell Webster (1 month ago)
That's bad ass!!
Russell Webster (1 month ago)
SmileytheFeralCat (1 month ago)
Is the laser capable of cutting 82 degree countersunk holes to accept Allen flat heads?
Shane Subashe (1 month ago)
If you had made a cover for that BOSS amp its value would have doubled.
Kori Lono (1 month ago)
Damn the possibilities are endless. Led channels in the acrylic, fan mounts...
Violet Lynn Scraton (1 month ago)
photosbychristensen (1 month ago)
Brandon Love it.Better watch it he want it done to his stuff.See comany need to do what you did.The best art is what inside.
Evan Field (1 month ago)
that laser is bad ass
photosbychristensen (1 month ago)
use Caliper to me that old school.They kids these day dont what it is or how to use it.me iam still old school doing stuff by hand.
harryt78 (1 month ago)
That is sick Steve!!! Love these vids!
Jeremy Eubanks (1 month ago)
your shits dope.. "."
91rickstar (1 month ago)
Can you make a video on the EMF ermagerd v2 15
91rickstar (1 month ago)
+meade916 look at my comment up top
Aspen Ramirez (1 month ago)
You have your subs, do you have SMD amps or is that a thought in the process maybe ?!?!
UniCrafter (1 month ago)
He's teaming up with B2 audio for the amp going in the escalade, its something custom, if he did he'd likely team up with B2, just like Ascendant audio making the SMD subs. If the amp they come up with turns out good, and fills a gap in their product line, they may make it an actual product.
mrmadmike427 (1 month ago)
i'll take a set of dominoes with led lights in each one ….. Thanks Steve... :D
chero112 (1 month ago)
Sell me the dominoes.
Daniel Weaver (1 month ago)
Always amazed at the stuff you bust out 💪🏻

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