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Seeing the Smallest Thing in the Universe

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Beyond molecules and atoms, how far down can we see below the wavelength of visible light? What is the smallest possible scale in the universe? Frog animation by Matt Burns Facebook: http://www.physicsgirl.org/facebook Twitter: http://www.physicsgirl.org/twitter Updates: http://physicsgirl.org Help us translate our videos! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UC7DdEm33SyaTDtWYGO2CwdA&tab=2 Thanks to Kyle Kitzmiller for filming. Image Credits: SEM Images: Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility Infrared Images: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech LHC Images: CERN Historical Particle Collider: INFN-LNF www.lnf.infn.it Molecule images: IBM Atom Images: Aneta Stoldona; APS Music: Michael Miller, Kevin McLeod - "Carefree," YouTube - "On the Bach"
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Pilot Man (3 days ago)
Well done but I need to ask if you could have done this without a script...? I couldn't....
Serious Maran (4 days ago)
Scientists have gone mad, they're all quarking up.
Stephan C (5 days ago)
What's happening at the LHC (2019)
Mark Eaton (5 days ago)
Some day humans will realize that they will never be on a small enough level to witness the smallest thing in the Universe . Size is infinite in both directions, large or small. EATON CONJECTURE: EVERY EVEN INTEGER GREATER THEN 12 HAS MORE THEN ONE SUM OF TWO PRIMES. THIS HELPS PROVE THE GOLDBACH CONJECTURE.. THE EVEN INTEGER 1 TRILLION HAS OVER 1 BILLION DIFFERENT SUMS OF TWO PRIMES. SO HOW DO LARGER EVEN INTEGERS HAVE NO COMBINATIONS, IMPOSSIBLE.
Billy Smith (6 days ago)
You can always make something smaller.We are, our own limit.
Eloquent (8 days ago)
Finally I am in right place 👍
Hlebuw3k (14 days ago)
"is it possible that they have no size?" *PERHAPS*
ruskiny ruskiny (15 days ago)
Why are there sub atomic particles ?
A Man (15 days ago)
Physics girl is so dam hot I cant concentrate on what shes is saying!!
ged glass (17 days ago)
your hot but my brain hurts
Ploppy Ploppy (18 days ago)
2:06 Surely the electron wave function would have collapsed in measurement? Yet the photo is apparently it's possible positions.
Prem Aseem (20 days ago)
This & This=Truth😋
Alexey Grom (27 days ago)
mustaches almost made me puke
Toncor12 (1 month ago)
God is in the detail.
Arttective (1 month ago)
If atoms are so small that they are invisible, then how can a group of atoms, molecules create things we can see?
Alex Waddington (1 month ago)
Could you make a Quark microscope?
Lucius Chiaraviglio (1 month ago)
I could have sworn to having seen NBC News broadcast pictures of an array of uranium atoms imaged using a very high powered transmission electron microscope back in the mid 1970s. One of the electron microscopists where I work said that much resolution should have been possible even with 1970s electron microscope technology if you built one with a tube about 30 feet = 9.1 meters, which would be expensive and most likely non-standard, but certainly doable. More recently (1990s), atoms adsorbed on crystal surfaces have been imaged with atomic force micropes and/or scanning tunneling microscopes (and the results published in peer-reviewed journals). So imaging individual atoms is not so new.
manu chandana (1 month ago)
What element was that, green....
Canis Poetam (1 month ago)
so wait. They paid how much to smash stuff over in Switzerland? They could'a got an estwing 3lb hammer for around $30 USD. It'll fix just about anything . . . .
FaZe Adapt (1 month ago)
I was so anxious watching this video because i thought my ex leaked my nudes
Christopher Brunson (1 month ago)
Dance dance Diana, well, probably... ;)
A N (1 month ago)
Such a smart gal!
Matta (1 month ago)
wait how can quarks be created to bond to the two new quarks? i thought matter cannot be created nor destroyed
airplane800 (1 month ago)
We got better science but we never got a better heart. In 6,000 years of history there are only 200 years without wars.  All this knowledge will be used to build new weapons and untimely destroy our planet. Jesus will come back commanding a fleet of starships. He will reset our planet, clean all the destruction and stablish a kingdom. No countries, no elections, no banks, etc...The Bible is not a religious book but a real report of our contact with beings from another planetary system. They told us that we will have a war that will destroy one third of the worlds population.
Ismee (1 month ago)
But by interacting with it, how much did we affect it?
Phil Schuler (1 month ago)
But we can always smash stuff...brilliant.
Affishal (1 month ago)
Atoms use atoms to see atoms and to put them on atoms.
Clive Wells (1 month ago)
I was a bit confused with your height in planq's: did you mean 107, billion, septillion, or should it have been; 172, billion, septillion, meaning there is exactly a billion septillion planq's in a centimetre... -10 to the power of thirty nine meters is a lot of noughts and hard to enumerate in thousands of millions, let alone envisage as an actual distance!
fireandcopper (2 months ago)
What's the size of a photon? Can there ever only be a single photon?
CamiXes (2 months ago)
this makes a loop... the things made up of quarks are made up of things, then those things are made up of other things, the the other things are made up of more things, then the list goes on!
Dave ffs (2 months ago)
Wait how did you get a picture of my..... ooohhh ok
Nick Fontana (2 months ago)
Strings yes strings, that's what we'll be seeing at the most smallest level in the universe!!! In the near future no doubt........I don't know if it'll be in our life time...
Charles Walsh (2 months ago)
Of course there are probably even smaller and smaller particles=waves adinfinatum
Dan Schwartz (2 months ago)
Suppose you illuminate a small object with ultraviolet light, with a frequency 3 times that of green visible light. That is supposed to be able to resolve objects 1/3 the size of what visible light can, right? Now suppose you mix the reflected UV light with another beam of UV, this one just 2 times the frequency of visible green light. It should produce sum and difference frequencies at 5x and 1x visible green light. The 1x difference frequency is visible light, so could that be directly observed? Sent through lenses or an optical microscope for a closer look? Could such a set-up resolve objects smaller than what could be seen directly in visible light?
Dan Schwartz (2 months ago)
Electrons, neutrinos, etc. could have a definite size but no internal structure, couldn't they?
JayZoop (2 months ago)
My theory is that you don’t have to have infinite smallness if the smallest object is a ENERGY FORCE rather than matter.
Cathix 003 (2 months ago)
Interesting how the smashing of particles looks like the Laniakea structure. Think about that for a minute. All those microscopic galactic filaments with a small chance of life blossoming in a billionth of a second and suddenly extinguished.
Pino Domenico (2 months ago)
Nice Presentation ♥
Ahmad Al_shanqeety (3 months ago)
2:13 lol 😂😂😂
BillyCBoxingFan (3 months ago)
Yes, I'd smash the arse off Physics girl.
ihsan topcu (3 months ago)
Love this! Keep it up!
Pilletta Doinswartsh (3 months ago)
Quarks are made of quark meat.
steve pelletier (3 months ago)
Yeah but will it be used for good lol?
Muhammad Uwais (3 months ago)
Excuse me miss you're so so so so so cute so loveliest I've ever seen.your explanation sensibility extra pretty with lot of, lot of fun
nostology (3 months ago)
You're Purrdy
Just a Human (3 months ago)
the smallest & the biggest
Brainsmachine.bc (3 months ago)
If we could image the string we would see that it is a life form meaning the universe is made of life.
Why planks length maths has to give theorized proof for that number in cubic solutions set. Somewhat related to number phi and constraints imposed in number theory. You can take any unit like meters foot or other units of length. An other hint is 2. Something and nothing.
Minus one by twelve cube.
Noble Carpenter (3 months ago)
I dont think we can do that. Now i could be wrong, but i think the energy it takes to see down that small is so great that the object you are observing becomes a black hole.
Mike Mondano (3 months ago)
The title is a lie.
Robert Pruitt (2 months ago)
What's smaller than an electron?
Co Parker (3 months ago)
Whatever was the smallest distance in the universe, could you not half that, and then that, and so on... ?
Co Parker (3 months ago)
@Ian Whitfield ...who knows ? But I agree with you. When we see how small we are relatively, look how far we can break ourselves down
Ian Whitfield (3 months ago)
@Co Parker The universe is infinitely big surely it must also be infinitely small.
Co Parker (3 months ago)
Maybe it could be divided infinitely ?
Just Looking (3 months ago)
@Co Parker A string is a circular line. So it has a 'point' thickness, but perhaps the length could divided?
Co Parker (3 months ago)
You think a string wouldn't be made up of tiny parts?
kuak Kauk (3 months ago)
I am as tall as you
johnny cash (3 months ago)
shes so cute I didn't hear a thing she said lol
Kevin Kent (3 months ago)
The smallest thing in the universe is the human mind.
MrSmackdab (4 months ago)
Eight trips to the moon? NASA spent $25 Billion to, allegedly, go to the moon.
GaminG/AnimE Paradise (4 months ago)
Wow an American girl uses cm instead of feet and in !
No Name (4 months ago)
Anyone else frustrated that when a woman makes scientific explanation videos, so many comments are about what she looks like... :/
Paul Cooper (4 months ago)
It doesn't bother me
Kirahvin Sielu (4 months ago)
You are soooo hot
Xaled (4 months ago)
2:24 Why are you happy with smashing stuff? :O like you did to that froggy
Ger - (4 months ago)
*You could be a superhero with a name like that*
Hawkfum O'Dee (4 months ago)
Hunch. Everything will be made from whatever it is that light proves to be.
Narendra Chaudhary (4 months ago)
Unbelievable! Incredible! Fantastic!..
Ayushman Srivastava (4 months ago)
u look like cat
live life to the fullest (5 months ago)
How many guys are scrolling down To read the comments during watching this content??
Scott Brownawell (5 months ago)
time is running out of time,..
ryuzaki (5 months ago)
Yay to the metric system
2ΩIMFJ CD5 (5 months ago)
Never trust an Atom... They make everything up.😝
2ΩIMFJ CD5 (5 months ago)
What does an electron say to a nucleus?
2ΩIMFJ CD5 (5 months ago)
Let me ATOM!
kitty mcpaws (5 months ago)
that looks nothing like a frog
Joseph DESTAUBIN (5 months ago)
Things that also cost 13 Billion dollars: the first Ford class aircraft carrier. Doe!
Bird Byod (5 months ago)
Great enthusiasm, information, style of communication and very pretty.
Waskel E. Wabbit (5 months ago)
I thought this was going to be about a flat earthers brain
Northern Brother (5 months ago)
How do you image a probability???
Robert Pruitt (2 months ago)
You don't. Each time an electron hits it, it's location is resolved. Hit it with a million electrons and it gets resolved a million times, in a million different places. When you stack the images to make a complete picture, you have your probability "image".
Lawrence Shuda (5 months ago)
vinorob (5 months ago)
So pretty
Ian Rivlin (5 months ago)
You lost me, just after you said "have you ever looked through a microscope?"
Prashis Wankhade (5 months ago)
Thirsty niggaz in the comment section
Jordan Mack (5 months ago)
Have you heard of tetryonics? what are your thoughts?
Chaos Tade (5 months ago)
they should make a particle accelerator that goes around the earth. twice. That's gonna make a difference in measuring!!!
Edward Cabaniss (5 months ago)
02:25 - I absolutely love Dianne's expression there!
Branko Zivlak (5 months ago)
High quality video.
Emerald Dragon (5 months ago)
I was actually kind of under the impression that quarks and electrons were composed of Planck strings, which themselves are composed purely of energy, in conjunction with part of Einstein's E=MC2 theory. Because the theoretical strings would be so close to massless (certainly not measurable by any technology we currently have), that would sort of balance out the speed of light squared part of the equation. But that's just my idea, and I have no clue if it already exists in a much more comprehensive and/or complete form.
Robert Pruitt (2 months ago)
Why would you be under that impression? You said it yourself, "theoretical". And TBH, they've been working on this model of string theory since the early 70s, with absolutely zero evidence that is remotely correct. In fact, it's not really even science by our understanding of it, because it's unfalsifiable. Maybe it's right, maybe it's not, but you really shouldn't be running around thinking it's a foregone conclusion that it's true.
Dan Wally (5 months ago)
I thought this was a video about her boyfriends wenis.
Le Prisonnier (5 months ago)
Goog vidéo. Hello from France !
Yu Tiub (5 months ago)
Con: Talking to fast, not enough time to think through what was said, not enough visual support (by animations/pictures), went into (sparse but good) detail on some topics.. but missing detail on other topics. Pro: good examples, good- pictures, good-- animations, woman interested in science+, pretty woman interested in science++, pretty woman interested in science and understands it (as far as one can guess)+++* Grade: German
Fiki Firmansyah (5 months ago)
Would smash
Fiki Firmansyah (5 months ago)
Yeaa... Break the rules lady..
Rahul Kohli (5 months ago)
So what we consider solid is not solid and just waves? So everything is energy, right?
Robert Pruitt (2 months ago)
If it wasn't for magnetism, your hand would pass right through a chunk of lead like it wasn't even there.
Gronk VBS (5 months ago)
Hey! ... Never mind...
SMEnt Trash (6 months ago)
2:14 Physics Girl has ultra instinct!
Pritesh Khatri (6 months ago)
She seems to have pretty good combination of Audio Video and Processor 😂😂😂 (her voice looks and brain )
Janak Nepal (6 months ago)
I'm 173cm... :) :)
Beethoviet Union TH (5 months ago)
0l0l0 (6 months ago)
measure the smallest distance in the universe? what would be between that distance? wouldn't it be more universe? therefore, is this even possible?
Kristy Anne (6 months ago)
Trump's wang?
William Davis (6 months ago)
There are several small inaccuracies in this video.
Shi Deception (6 months ago)
My will to live
Antonio Pisano (6 months ago)
Royal Raymond rife.
Tim Rubin Halcomb (6 months ago)
Isn't it amazing how chemists such as Lavosier, Dalton, Medeleev, and other male chauvinist pigs, (uh coughing), I mean other great chemists were able to predict the bonding structures of atoms, and now all of that can be verified with technology? Hey cutie! If you ever want to buy me a cup of coffee. I mean, uh, yeah that's pretty good girl. You don't mind if I say I love you do you? I LOVE YOU! Thank you for the awesome video. :-)
Toughen Up, Fluffy (6 months ago)
I've heard it said that a string in string theory is so small compared to a proton that it's like comparing the average oak tree to the size of the solar system. Some drunk in an alley told me that. Not really, I just can't remember where I read it.
USD King (6 months ago)
I love your gold hairs 😇

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