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Tinder & Dating App Tips - Veda #8

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Text Comments (145)
TirsaTalks (2 years ago)
I notice that that guys on tinder are mostly just fuckboys, but the girls... they some gems :#Yassss
ysmbklyn (2 years ago)
Beautiful lip color.
TWANation (2 years ago)
Most dudes on tinder just got out of relationships like two seconds ago, so ask!
minorka2 (2 years ago)
lmao true!
TWANation (2 years ago)
Be wary of vague statements! I had a guy say "lets go for drinks." I picked out a bar and everything, took train all the way there, waited for him in the bar. He arrived (late) and took me to his car where he opened up a brown paper bag with two small bottles of rum. -_-
Pantherette Power (4 months ago)
omgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad lol
Khadeja M. (2 years ago)
I was weak at your little Jamaican tidbit cause dam that was accurate
vikeejeah (2 years ago)
I met my husband on Tagged. But before we met, I dated about 6 other guys from the app and only one other guy had potential. It's hard out here girl. But I feel you on all of the advice you gave. Great vid. TFS
Aniuj Erialih (2 years ago)
I enjoy your videos.
TheTrio22 (2 years ago)
I def didn't know you were doing Veda vids, I'm doing all this catching up. I'm here for the dating vids! If you're looking to subbies for ideas for the rest of your vids how about dealing with relocation, I'm about to do that for a job, and I know you touched on that before but updates and experiences on that would be awesome. And hair/wig videos? I knooooooo you said you stopped doing them but... come onnnnn. I really like the toni wigs you've been rocking so I guess hair care underwigs, styling wigs etc. .. and nails? :D
VioletFem (2 years ago)
These are great tips! Thank you for making this video.
Thefreespiritedgirl (2 years ago)
I actually met my current boyfriend through Tinder, even though I didn't even take it seriously at first 😂
SolelyVanessa (2 years ago)
Lol this was great!
Mecca F. (2 years ago)
Not the Nigerians :O lmaooooooooo NOOOOOO "does she have her aso ebi" picked out" #dead
SheCanCook (2 years ago)
foxymoxey_xo (2 years ago)
Too many quotables from this vlog lmao
Truly Tori (2 years ago)
My boyfriend and I met on tinder, initially we were casual because I was attending school in a different city- now it's been two years! I never expected for a successful relationship to manifest from a dating app, but i'm glad it did.
Chris P (2 years ago)
I rock with you girl. Come to philly!
Lise Wagnac (2 years ago)
The lip color though lol - where's it from? ^_^
Lady Michelle (2 years ago)
Stay. The hell. Off. Plenty of Fish.
KammyKamzz (2 years ago)
The Jamaican slander is real 😩
jordilovesasn1230 (2 years ago)
"If you're unwilling to let go of what you can't keep"...that being edges 😂 I can't
sadonomo (2 years ago)
This was so hilarious but so true. N I don't have much experience with Nigerian men but u were on point with those Jamaican men. Don't do it ladies, haha!!
jordilovesasn1230 (2 years ago)
Love your vids !
ROSLYN JONES (2 years ago)
Here is an add on to Jouelzy's advice. If you are willing to make your vagina "friendly", please buy yourself one of those at home HIV/VD kits so you can be careful. If you're too scared or embarrassed to tell him to take one, then leave your legs closed
Erin H (2 years ago)
Does the tip about Nigerian men only apply to them? I'm seeing a guy from Cameroon now & I've asked and asked again about any wives I should know about. Maybe I need to be using the right verbiage lol
ThePammyone (2 years ago)
The Nigerian reference lollllll oh my brothers..why do they act like this?
L Gill (2 years ago)
My best friend actually found her new boyfriend on OkCupid after using dating apps for a year.
L Gill (2 years ago)
You forgot the gym or flexing muscles shot.
Mika Fryer (2 years ago)
Jouelzy I'm deadddd!!! 😩😩😩💀💀💀
Electa Thompson (2 years ago)
I Met my Husband on Match, it's very possible to have a successful relationship with someone you meet off a dating site. Just be smart, set clear expectations and have fun.
Electa Thompson (2 years ago)
Oh and stay strong that dating struggle in 2016 is all too real.
Jakiyah Cabell (2 years ago)
that Jamaican part too. lawd
Jakiyah Cabell (2 years ago)
thank you! especially, especially for the Nigerian excerpt because honey, you know like I know we all need it
Amatullah Muhammad (2 years ago)
chynawhyte37 (2 years ago)
Using a dating app in different countries sounds super fun and scary at the same time.
corinne lee (2 years ago)
lmbo....not the receding hairline...lol....im not gonna do this w u today Jouelzy. nope..im not gonna. we could never be friends. the world would be at risk. lmbo
caramel king200000 (2 years ago)
Jouelzy = Twerk Team !!!!
rena green (2 years ago)
Brianna C. (2 years ago)
The hairline 😂 Is the tip about showing a pic of your homegirl to ensure you're not speaking to the same dude?
Jouelzy (2 years ago)
hannah60000 (2 years ago)
eva agbemadzo (2 years ago)
Girl I lived in Ghana for almost two years. But I am so repulsed by Ghanaian men that I would rather be stuck carrying around a cockroach for the rest of my life. Than marry a Ghanaian man. Like the cornballishness is so real with them it isn't even funny.
Lady Michelle (2 years ago)
Margaret A. (2 years ago)
+eva agbemadzo Oh No!! lol I was born and raised in America but my parents are Ghanaian. I have been so fed up with American guys that I was gonna start shining my eyes toward my people...guess not! Lol thanks for the heads up!! 😂😂
eva agbemadzo (2 years ago)
It's like it's a joke...
gracenotes94 (2 years ago)
Girl the tip about the Nigerian men... I died. But I will say that I agree with all of these.
Why you bashing the Jamaican men tho lol IT'S TRUE YA'LL RUN IF YOU HEAR THE ACCENT!! JK I love our men though there are some bad apples but you have some really good ones.
pinkandblack29 (2 years ago)
+Naa Jamaican Sparklin Xylvr I had to pause and replay at the nun Lingala part looooool to funny 😂😃😃😂
Xtina J (2 years ago)
+Naa Jamaican Sparklin Xylvr Girl! I can't do ANY island men that are straight from the island. Maybe 2-3rd generation ones. But no directs... it's just too much lol ( but they are blessed! lmao)
DWL did you just say sis nuh linga??? IM DEAD!
deb1920 (2 years ago)
Why do white guys on Tinder post pictures with a woman or a picture with kids and explain, the woman is my sister or the kid is my nephew. You know you can change your pictures right? Unless you REALLY love your sister or nephew, then carry on.
minorka2 (2 years ago)
cuz they lying. it's probably their kid
TheLifemission (2 years ago)
Yes, the Nigerian men thing is so important. They sometimes have a whole wife and kids back in Nigeria and never say anything about it.
habitually live (2 years ago)
Me and my friends have met some cool people of tinder. But I have to say, be cautious of matching with men of other races. My friends and I have been fetishized on multiple occasions.....smh
deb1920 (2 years ago)
My old college roommate came to visit me in New Orleans and fell in love with a saxophone player at a club on Magazine Street. We luckily talked her our of going home with him that night. But when she went to go see him on Frenchman the next night, we couldn't talk her out of it again. I told her, when you come back to my place, HAVE HIM GO TO THE MALL AND CALL ME. I wake up the next morning and she's in my apartment. I guess our gay guy friend was her accomplice. Now this RANDOM dude knows where I live, but you can go back to NYC and be ok. Really, though? Yeah, never again.
tash c (2 years ago)
lmaoooo why are you so funny !
imFUNsized20 (2 years ago)
I'm on tinder now and it's been pretty interesting so far. I had one guy offer me a foot rub a few seconds into our convo...um blocked. I've met one guy who was decent. He had nice things to say about lemonade lol and did recommend we meet in a public place. We haven't met yet but will soon. It's too many white men on tinder like wayyyy too many. I'm only interested in black and or Hispanic guys so it's a struggle. It's always fun when they link their Instagram pages and you get to see all hotep or misogynistic memes they post smh.
zheahra (2 years ago)
Girl, "lemonade".....Beyonce's song? vid? The freaks use to come out only at night.
syrgirl (2 years ago)
Two minutes in and already screaming with laughter.
Shannon Stratton (2 years ago)
Omg ahahaha if you can't find his edges, you can't find me boo ahahaha omg I love her
Bianca Lord (2 years ago)
Starts at 1:15
Nicole (2 years ago)
lmaooooo @ Jamaican men, story of my life, smh...but there are a few good ones out there.
Antoinette Daniels (2 years ago)
I've tried online dating.... I would think those apps like Tinder are just for hook ups. I see some people found relationships. Hey I guess anything is possible. When I did do online dating I approached it differently. I only dated people I could sense a strong connection with even online. I just followed my instincts. I was right about that. It resulted in one relationship....It didn't last but it was a good experience. One guy we are still cool friends. As far as Jamaican men they might be cheaters but they are usually loyal to the women they are with (loyal meaning they stick by the women)....and are much more likely to want a family. That's my experience.....
Mo Getit (2 years ago)
I've attempted to date 4 men from online and all were disasters. From wanting to just come over eat my food drink my liquor and watch my tv.
MackMethods (2 years ago)
This was on point.
Sarah Gabrielle (2 years ago)
Had me 😂😂😂😂😂 in this video
Robine Bien-aime (2 years ago)
me and 2 of my sisters found our current boyfriends off tinder!
TwinGodesses (2 years ago)
Black men actually take 6 types of pictures.. You forgot the "crop my girl out" pix 😭
Missthomas323 (3 months ago)
minorka2 (2 years ago)
white guys do it too
sadonomo (2 years ago)
eva agbemadzo (2 years ago)
TwinGodesses (2 years ago)
Black men actually take 6 types of pictures.. You forgot the "crop my girl out" pix 😭
MissAshleyBaby (2 years ago)
#7 "I got my shirt off cuz I work out and I think I'm working it like Tyson Beckford" pic.
brookcity84 (2 years ago)
Lmao, Girl bye!
1 picture + no bio= just tryna smash.
syrgirl (2 years ago)
lmaooo at "i look just like the one picture you see." i needed this this wednesday.
+Summerbeeuty but at least you have a bio haha
Summerbeeuty (2 years ago)
Lol. I have 1 pic but I have bio. In my bio I said "Do you really need a lot of pics" I look just like the one pic you see. A bunch of pics don't mean ish in my opinion. I have been on tinder for 5 days lol
Alcene Alcene (2 years ago)
Cosigning the Jamaican men thing and I'm Jamaican. They can be great but may the good lord be with you in finding one that doesn't feel like it's alright to have a wifey and a half dozen maties(side chicks). I've had success and epic failure on Okcupid. Never tried Tinder and I don't want to.
MissMEB (2 years ago)
I would recommend getting a Goggle voice number. They are free. You link your phone number the Goggle voice number and give out the GV instead of your real phone number when meeting folks. That way of they are crazy they don't have your real number and you can block them easily on GV. Also when you meet someone from online for the first time never make it a sit down dinner type or meeting. There is nothing worse then sitting across the able from someone you are not attracted to or worse yet lied about how they looked. So make the first meeting a book store or if you have to run an errand at Target or something, meet him there. Make it clear ahead of time if either of you is not interested after that first meeting there is no need to go any further. Finally if you do decide to go on a date with the person always have someone call you (mom, a friend, whoever you trust and you know is reliable). The call is to first make sure you are OK and second to give you a way out of the date if you realize that you don't like the person. Some people are to shy to just get up and leave so this really works for them.
Mariyam Bashir (2 years ago)
I'm going to keep that GV tip in my pocket for other situations too. Never knew you could do that!
OoSh3soClassY (2 years ago)
+Jouelzy the sideline app works for me when I don't want to give my real number out. You can text and call through the app and it doesn't give you away when they attempt to get in touch with you.
Jouelzy (2 years ago)
OH Yes I do this!!! Only problem is when they call...it says "tryng to connect to Google Voice number" lol, kind of ruins it. Great tips! It's pretty much everything I do.
simonehuxtable (2 years ago)
nuh linga! hahahaha hilarious :)
Bayou Chic (2 years ago)
Jouelzy no ma'[email protected] 3:00. You put the 🇳🇬 bros on front street for real. Meanwhile I'm side eyeing my three sons like, "Don't be this dude" 😂😂😂
Rae Mckinzie (2 years ago)
Tinder, OkCupid, POF, I call all of these "dating" (hookup) apps Find-a-F*ckboi. Because that's essentially what you're getting. When I make a profile that says I'm NOT looking for sex and get nothing but vulgar invitations to "come on over and ride this d*ck." Or when I tell these white boys I am NOT here for your Jungle Fever fantasy and still get the "I've never been with a black girl, I bet you give good h*ead" nonsense. NOOOOOOPE, devil is a liar! I guess I'm preparing to be single for life, cause I'm not settling for that!
Margaret A. (2 years ago)
You ain't lying Sis!! 😂👏👏
eva agbemadzo (2 years ago)
WoahhItsMonica (2 years ago)
My friend has had to delete the app because she's gone on so many horrible dates. Honestly, I laughed when she told me them because they were so bad they belonged in a movie. I literally couldn't believe men were that appalling.
Raven Rose (2 years ago)
Yo Jouelzy Jouelzy can you do a storytime of anything from when you lived in NY?? please!!
Bayou Chic (2 years ago)
I'm gonna buy a couple of scratch off lotto tickets tomorrow and donate the winnings to your Patreon.
KittyLoveDump (2 years ago)
Preach boo!
alarissaj (2 years ago)
I went to HS with my husband but didn't know him until he found me on FB & IG. We went on a date & the rest is history. Definitely give it a try & be safe. Never tell them where you live on the first date, meet them at a public place.
Kayla_Nicole (2 years ago)
#smartbrowngirlnation let support the Queen of Smart Brown Girl and Donate!!!!! we have to support one another💕💕💞💜💛💚
Kayla_Nicole (2 years ago)
Hilarious!!!! and painfully accurate😂😂😂😿😿
Ariel Diaz (2 years ago)
i can't with you 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ingrid Parris (2 years ago)
I'm not in my 20s so any grown man wearing an oversized snap back gets a left swipe. Fast and furiously. Me and my judge mental behind. :)
Sinead Murphy (2 years ago)
Erm. Like, as a Jamacian I was low key offended not gonna lie...there are plenty of Jamaican men who can be monogamous. I think yardies and Jamaicans are not synonymous. Nearly all the grown men in my family have been with their respective wives/partners for decades, so don't sleep on Jamaican men, find you a good one! And they can cook too!
Shannon Stratton (2 years ago)
But you'll like white women from what I was told, at least that's all I see over here in the usa
Ingrid Parris (2 years ago)
You would be surprised how many guys in the US claim to be Jamaican and have never stepped foot in JA. I'm like dude, stop it!!! :)
Alexis Belon (2 years ago)
girl, even i can't do daily vlogging ! btw, I JUST put up a new vlog too!
nellienel181818 (2 years ago)
Lmaoooo "nuh linga" 😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😂😂😂
Sunflower Kiera (2 years ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 a man with no edges stay having emotional baggage. Naw boo I'm good lol
Fatima Farmer (2 years ago)
dying! lmao
Black m.d to be (2 years ago)
This list exhausted me because it was so accurate lol
Nataja Zanelle (2 years ago)
😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 where was this video last year ?
Bintou Waiga (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this video. I've never online dated but I really like the end where you said "Don't let anyone police your body." So so so important for young black women to hear that because our bodies are sexualized yet we're simultaneously shamed if we are perceived to be "too promiscuous".
Bintou Waiga (2 years ago)
+DEE J aww thank you sweetheart! :)
DEE J (2 years ago)
Eno Explores (2 years ago)
Lol. I'm Nigerian and my ears perked in anticipation of what you were going to say. Lol. You're list was so fun to listen to
Britt Howard (2 years ago)
But I like sweater vests! Lol
Britt Howard (2 years ago)
Lol I can't help it. Guilty pleasure.
Mys Teaq (2 years ago)
😂😂😂 Noooo!
Yo Buzz (2 years ago)
Thanks for the insight on what women expect.
Shamieka Layne (2 years ago)
Just recently entered the dating world and would love if you continued this series. Can you do a video about different dating apps and sites that you tried and feedback/reviews? Like which ones to not even waste my time on lol
LolasCurls (2 years ago)
OMG, Jouelzy! You called it for the Nigerian guys though! I must admit, I'd been gotten by an Ethiopian who pulled a similar trick: long-term gf not listed on social media sites! Seriously good tips! Another tip is just keep swiping right if there's more than 1 guy in their profile pic: are we supposed to be mind-reader to know which one is you? Please!
TirsaTalks (2 years ago)
saame! I hate when they've got a picture with a friend like....?? Honestly, they're usually the less attractive one cause why else would you put them in ur photo... js
MsLiberianLady (2 years ago)
u know what lol im done with u... was that a pic of Kwame Nkrumah
JerseyBred323 (2 years ago)
,,,"if his hairline was flourishing he was a major thot..." LMAO!!!
Jouelzy (2 years ago)
Yes you know in Accra EVERY man had the push back hairline and if his hairline was flourishing he was a major thot moreso than the already flamboyant thottish behavior of men there.
38ktgold (2 years ago)
Oh my god When I finally started dating after my ex I was devastated by how many men in their early 20s have receding hairlines! Like are y'all really that stressed in life? Just go bald and get a beard 😩 2 - A tinder match asks me out on a date so I say "okay, where we are going to go" and he says "idk I don't want to spend too much money". Like really? THATS what you choose to say to me in this time of copious groupon dinners and free summer festivals? Tacky AF.
Nikeia James (2 years ago)
Jouelzy (2 years ago)
+Nikeia James and when you say something they are just hurt.
Nikeia James (2 years ago)
i had someone show up in raggedy ass clothes...i thought i was being tested or something...liiiike you can't put on a simple CLEAN tshirt and nice pair of jeans...YES it's an interview!!!
jafairar collins (2 years ago)
+zheahra I couldn't stop laughing at that haha
zheahra (2 years ago)
+jafairar collins​ [email protected] the funeral home. Now, we've got drive by dating.
ashleyrp2007 (2 years ago)
advice for online dating: dont do it lol.
leonie mills (2 years ago)
that analysis about a mans hairline actually killed me 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
k. rich (2 years ago)
lord i met this man on tinder im talking to now, and it seems to be going pretty good. ive NEVER had success with online dating or dating in general lol, so i definitely appreciate any tips to make this thing work. were both nerdy and introverted so its definitely work to keep it going and keep it interesting
kissthefro25 (2 years ago)
Lol man you're funny. I hope the relationship I'm in now lasts a long while cuz I don't wanna deal with none of what you just said lol
NaturallyNeesh (2 years ago)
I feel you! Lol

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