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Paul Evans Shoe Review - Cap-Toe Dress Shoes - Men's Footwear Video Reviews

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https://www.paulevansny.com - Click here to check out Paul Evans dress shoes. http://goo.gl/vYxbiJ Click Here to claim your FREE 47 page eBook “7 Deadly Style Sins” Click here http://goo.gl/0rjdCb to discover how Antonio’s personal presentation courses can help you start to use clothing to make more money, attract opportunity, and improve your life. Paul Evans Shoe Review - Cap-Toe Dress Shoes - Men's Footwear Video Reviews
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Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
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Muzammil Shehzada (8 months ago)
Real Men Real Style please make a video on Belgian loafers. Thanks
MalumInSe (1 month ago)
Boy howdy...hot mic.
Rickson Gracie (2 months ago)
The worst god damn company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I’ve had the same experience that others have mentioned. Ordered a pair of shoes which took 3 months to arrive, which did not fit. When I asked about exchanging them, I was told that the next size up was not in stock and so I’d have to wait ANOTHER 3 months to get a shoe that was a half size larger. I eventually returned these shoes to get a refund but was told they were “worn” and my money could not be refunded...I wore them one time on my carpet (per their instructions) and yet this apparently has put them into condition damaged beyond the point of return. I’m so furious with this garbage company. It’s been almost a year, I’m out $300, and I STILL don’t have a pair of shoes!!!!
Isaac Sadique (7 months ago)
Hi Antonio, I want to share with you my experience of buying shoes with Paul Evans on your video. At no point I am blaming you or your suggestions. Since I am your followers on YouTube for quite some time now, I felt it will be helpful other people do you know this company through your channel, send your successful YouTube and I respect your advice. Paul Evans has accused me of returning a scuff sole shoes, when I have never worn for more than 1 minute in my living carpeted area. I decided immediately to exchange them since they were tight on my foot because I have a wide foot, also I felt dis satisfied with shoe quality and decided to return for refund. Instead of giving me a refund via forcing me to get a store credit, and accusing me of sending shoes back with a non resoled condition and also showing me a pictures of the shoes which I cannot believe are the same shoes the one I sent. Long story short, you may want to revisit Paul Evans and see what’s going on. Today I wrote a review on yelp for the first time and realized that other people were having same bad experience with Paul Evans. I strongly felt that I should bring this to your attention. Other than that I enjoy your channel and wish you all the very best. God bless you !
Muzammil Shehzada (8 months ago)
Just bought my first pair of Paul Evans. Bought the Belgian loafers in chocolate.
Andre' Hernandez (9 months ago)
At last check in 2018, the shoes were Blake construction with closed channel stitching, not a Goodyear weIt. This shoe is called, The Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford. You're welcome.
J SKI (1 year ago)
Paul Evans is THE WORST company I've ever dealt with. Their customer service and most of all speed of processing and shipping is atrocious. I will NEVER make a purchase from them again. Their website says they ship within 24-48 hours and it took them well over a week just to ship an instock shoe, and almost 2 weeks to receive domestically from Connecticut to Detroit. They couldn't give me any answers and just stopped responding to emails. You cant call them either. Some of their shoes aren't available for months as well. I would highly recommend NOT buying from Paul Evans and instead purchasing from Allen Edmonds. NOBODY can even compete with Allen Edmond's customer service and speed of service. You can get their factory seconds for $137 to $250 too. And if ANY issues arise they resolve them immediately. I can't speak highly enough of Allen Edmonds after buying 20 pairs of shoes and placing 30 other merchandise orders, for belts, sweaters, clothing, polish, etc. Paul Evans is a joke compared to AE.
Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
Hi J, Sorry for the late reply. I understand how you feel. We'll reach out and inform the Paul Evans team about this. Have a great week.
William (1 year ago)
J SKI Reviews like this are death to a company. I thought about buying some shoes from them but 2-3 reviews like this have absolutely changed my mind.. I’ll go with AE, instead.. thanks for the honesty. Any company in today’s world must must pay close attention to how they treat customers. The bad CS is indicative of stuff rolls downhill and if that’s an attitude the brass have it trickles down to the supporting staff. Too bad.
scandihooiigan (1 year ago)
Why is your pocket square on the right side of your chest?
Schay hayward (1 year ago)
Im not aure why im really drawn to the cap toe style. I also wanna note that i love that jacket color.
standslanted (1 year ago)
Thanks Antonio! I've placed an order for two pairs today. BTW..Paul Evans have a deal that ends tonight for buy one get one for free!
Hector Gaytan (1 year ago)
Is it just me? Does it look like he is talking into a mirror while he is recording?
Bill Bixby (1 year ago)
Misleading advertising during their sales and do not honor the those prices at purchase! Also customer service representatives reply to purchase inquiries with unprofessional and belittling comments to customers. With so many other quality brands on the market, I am not sure how they expect to gain a customer base. Buyer beware!
Dean Christensen (1 year ago)
Antonio, how are they when it comes to loafers styles? as you know, I'm a definite loafers man. looking forward to reading your reply.
Brian Hom (1 year ago)
Now they shoes are being sold for 500$. IMO not worth the money anymore.
c XYZ (1 year ago)
I am really delighted with the looks of these shoes but I am very confused.. I am 5´ 7" (172 cm) and regarding the videos about "styling advices for short men" I should wear shoes which dont take much attention because I should try my best to make people look above my torso? I am really in dilemma..
Eddie Jump (2 years ago)
But is it worth a $400 shoe.
sudharshun balu (2 years ago)
nice suit
coolhand1966 (2 years ago)
Terrible company, terrible customer service, run by clowns, should not be in business. AVOID.
Montana Montez (2 years ago)
Do you top to faveforite
T M (2 years ago)
I was checking their website since I was considering buying a pair of oxblood oxfords. First of all they aren't goodyear welted but Blake. Second and I find this one really annoying a matching belt is 130eur!! I can almost buy a shoe from Meermin for the price of a belt.
Troy Scoggins (3 years ago)
I got a call from Paul Evans last night after checking out their website. great guy! can't wait to get myself a pair. I love the oxblood color!
S T (3 years ago)
You mention they are a Goodyear welt, they are all Blake constructed shoes. Makes it difficult to recraft but it is a more flexible shoe. Why did you say it Goodyear welted?
DA MOTA William (2 years ago)
Cause he's trying to sell this over priced brand...in 30 days I didn't even finished breaking in my pair of crockett and jones which cost a couple of dollars more. But for 400$ you can find faaar better with real goodyear, channel stitch,etc.
Eisir Badhwar (2 years ago)
Yeah these shoes are indeed Blake Constructed. I've checked the link and it says the same. I don't know why he said that the shoes are Goodyear Constructed!!!
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+st t You can read more here - http://www.paulevansny.com/pages/faqs#FAQ10
llIH (3 years ago)
Hey Antonio. I remember you had a video that mentioned tools, and it had shoe trees in it. Which Shoe Trees do you recommend? (for all dress shoes)
SSD Guru (3 years ago)
PaulEvan is the worst shoe company I have ever dealt with. They charged my cc over 45 days ago and as of now, they haven't shipped the order. The co-founder is a prick. I called numerous times and everytime it was a same old answer: your order is on the shelves at our fulfillment center and it should be getting out. in business honesty is the key to success but I guess these guys don't really give a damn to their customers.
David Gess (3 years ago)
Are you sure about the Goodyear welt construction? Looks more like Blake construction to me.
Ronnie Sandlin (3 years ago)
I love the photo with you and Alpha M. I love what you guys are doing.
Reina (3 years ago)
"good customer service". The obnoxious and arrogant tone used in email replies seem to suggest otherwise. some people have been posting email extracts they had with paul evans, and they were certainly not friendly.
Raphael (1 year ago)
Reina. I agree with you on their CS. They talk down on you and sound smart mouth instead of trying to help solve my issue.
Paul Ucheoma (3 years ago)
Hey Antonio, I recently bought a pair of Paul Evans Stewart penny loafer in midnight blue. I've worn them on a few occasions, and the blue coloring on the outsole has been steadily coming off. Is their a way to get the outsole repainted or is there no solution? Thanks for your help!
Comment Youtube (3 years ago)
Hey Antonio, I've seen Sven mention Paul Evans in a not so favorable way, He says, "Considering all the new shoe companies that are popping up, such as Paul Evans, who in my opinion offer inferior products with less refined lasts but a focus on marketing..." and I was wondering what you think of that. How can two people that I admire so highly, think of the same product so differently? This is how I get conflicted on whether or not to purchase such things.
Comment Youtube (3 years ago)
That makes sense. Thanks for the comment!
Jack Callahan (3 years ago)
Yes, perhaps there is a difference in standard. Remember, Mr. Schneider has an audience that probably laces up Crockett and Jones shoes every morning. Since Mr. Centeno has an audience that is more towards “The Everyday-Man”, there is a difference in quality expectation. As for the shoes, I'm sure they would be fine.
Comment Youtube (3 years ago)
+Comment Youtube I don't mean to undermine your credibility, I was just rather confused because I respect both of you highly.
Kiril .Ilchev (3 years ago)
Hey Antonio, I've just checked out their web site and the shoes they offer look very nice, but something just doesn't ad up. In the FAQ they say "Our factory has been owned by a single family for generations and produces shoes for numerous international luxury brands. " which is far away from the story about the 2 guys coming up with the idea all of a sudden. Another thing is that I live in Spain and I've browsed on the web and there are no results of Paul Evans made in Spain. Either way I like your videos, keep up with the good work. 
Mstfhshm (1 month ago)
They outsource the production. Some of the world's most luxurious brands do the same, such as Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren
Leo Baretto (3 years ago)
The guys came with the business plan, but they hire experienced people.
John Perkins (4 years ago)
Unlike Allen Edmonds, Paul Evans doesn't have recrafting service, does it?
Spicy McHaggis (4 years ago)
Antonio, I'm looking at getting a pair of Paul Evan's shoes after seeing your videos about them. They are right in my price range! I want a pair to wear with a navy suit and am looking at a brown color. However, if I plan on using this for interviews would you recommend going with black instead? I know black is more proper for interviews, so I don't want to buy something that probably should not be worn in that instance. Thanks!
Spicy McHaggis (4 years ago)
+Real Men Real Style   Thank you, sir! That's a very interesting site. Looks like I will go with brown. Now, to decide which one to get!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Spicy McHaggis great to hear from you -this article should help: http://www.styleforum.net/t/52493/blue-suit-black-or-brown-shoes
MrChippinator (4 years ago)
Antonio, it's hard to beat Allen Edmonds for price and quality especially since you can deal direct with the factory seconds from Port Washington. I've had a couple pairs for 4-5 years now and their styles are getting better, besides I like the classic American look.
Ignacio Sardeneta (4 years ago)
Once again, you have out done yourself Antonio. What an excellent video. Quick question, if you can't answer then that's totally fine. What do you think about the brand sperrys topsider? I've worn a specific shoe they make for about 4 years. It would be amazing if could give me a simple thought, nothing major. Thanks a bunch. Trying my best to spread the word about your channel.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Ignacio S I can't really speak about these brands as that I've never used them.What I can give is a list of sources that I greatly recommend. You can find them here: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/resources/mens-stores/
pennrj430 (4 years ago)
HI Antonio, thanks for the review.  How to these compare to Allen Edmonds? They are about the same price range.  Also, I notice Paul Evens only come in medium width right now, hope they make wider ones in the future.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+pennrj430 Allen Edmonds is a great example of a company that not only makes an excellent shoe that will serve you for a lifetime, but a company that backs up its product with unmatched service.
pfunk26 (4 years ago)
Antonio, how long do you think before they will need a resoling?   And does PE provide that service?  
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+pfunk26 great to hear form you. this article should help: http://www.paulevansny.com/pages/shoe-care
Eamonn Doyle (4 years ago)
Hey Antonio, since you're from Texas and you've mentioned the subject before, how about a dedicated video on Western Boots, and when to wear them/when not to wear them.  Thanks for the great content man, appreciate the honesty in the video
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Eamonn Doyle This article should help - http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/how-to-condition-western-boots/
Erislandy Maybach (4 years ago)
Would you take these over Allen Edmond Park Avenues?
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Tadamichi Kuribayashi Allen Edmonds is a good brand too. :)
Jonathan Soo Hoo (4 years ago)
How do they compare with Crockett & Jones or Gaziano & Girling, which, I suppose are both a little bit more expensive - are they better than AEs? 
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Jonathan Soo Hoo What can I can say is that Paul Evans is a really great brand. :)
Michael Snell Bespoke (4 years ago)
Great information thanks for sharing, one day maybe GvS Custom Clothier at www.gvsclothiers.com might make the cut to be mentioned by you fellow DOD member.
EdgarTMCC (4 years ago)
1:57 points down for Aaron Marino for not unbuttoning his Jacket haha .. you both are an inspiration , a roll model Thank You!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+InvisibleKidTMCC You're welcome! :)
Navlelo33 (4 years ago)
Hello there Antonio! What are your thoughts on the Monk Straps compared to these one's you are showing us here? If anyone else has any thoughts, please do tell! As always, Antonio, good quality content!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
The monk strap shoe can be treated as a loafer however if of simple design, a monk strap shoe could be worn at casual business events but never at formal events
MeshRoun (4 years ago)
That dimple is so perfect! What is your trick Antonio?
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
Haha! Thanks. No tricks :)
Ryan Lee (4 years ago)
Antonio, what type of pant are you wearing with this outfit?
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Ryan Lee Odd trousers :)
theghost (4 years ago)
Sadly, that is the only shoes I saw on their website that is Goodyear welted. The rest are made using Blake construction, not justifying that price. For the same price you could have gone with Carmina Shoemaker, truly Goodyear welted shoes from Spain. I'm not sure how much you're getting from Paul Evans to push and advertise such products to your subscribers but I'm really disappointed!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+theghost Thanks for your feedback.
IanWilliam Barnett (4 years ago)
Hi Nice review. Just a quick question regarding shoes and socks. Should the socks be the same colour as the trousers or a similar colour as the shoes. What looks the best. Also after your review of the Rogue Wallet I decided to buy one...should arrive soon. Tks Ian
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+IanWilliam Barnett Great! :) This article should help - http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/12/15/guide-to-socks/
DGPF (4 years ago)
what colour pants should i wear with medium to dark brown boots? :)
ezflight (4 years ago)
I love how you share the back story of the businesses!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+RcFoamieReviews Thanks :)
yngwierox (4 years ago)
Looking good, Antonio. I've been watching your videos for some months and really appreciate all this content. If I could make a request it would be for you to make videos of entire outfits, especially very casual outifts, starting from head to toe. These single item reviews are helpful but an entire outfit would really be something I would like to see. Thanks!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+yngwierox This article should help - http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/dress-casual-dress-sharp/
Tai Nguyen (4 years ago)
I need a 80% discount code Antonio =p. I'm working hard everyday to get a point in my life where I can afford something like this. Those are so..nice..lol
Douglas Ray III (4 years ago)
+Real Men Real Style Sir, you said you wore this shoe thirty times. Would you say that's about average for a shoe in your collection in a year's time? How many times would you have to wear a $400 pair of shoes before you feel as though you've got your money's worth?
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Tai Nguyen Haha! They are really nice! :)
Ryan Foughali (4 years ago)
Winter is coming and i live in canada, you have some ideas of classy clothes to wear during cold times?
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Ryan Foughali These articles should do: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mens-coats-visual-guide/ http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/how-buy-overcoat-guide-stylish-winter-clothing-men-video/ http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/cold-weather-jeans/ http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/cold-infographic/
Subhodeep Ghatak (4 years ago)
Great! I wanted to buy these kind of shoes but didn't know which brand. I think I'll check out this company.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Subhodeep Ghatak Sure!
jokke599 (4 years ago)
Wow, i love that suit! Couldn't even concentrate about the video ;)
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+jokke599 Thanks! :)
Chino's Corner (4 years ago)
Well color-put outfit
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+tayc2006 Thanks! :)
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+bkcpisme - I just never got around to it!
A Sanchez (4 years ago)
Hey Antonio, I really like your content, you've inspired me to dress better and to look better at quality, but $300+ shoes... Wow, I was shocked for a bit there. Any recommendations on lower price point shoe stores. Btw I'm going to be moving with my girl to Chicago in a couple of months, I live in Puerto Rico at the moment. I have no idea on what to buy or dress for cold weather. I need some guidence on what, how and where to but for that weather. FYI I'm a medical student, starting rotations at the hospital over there. Thanks a lot, love your stuff!!!!!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/resoling-recrafting-shoes/ Check this out +Angel Sanchez Rivera - a secret tip to help you save money :)
TheBurningLion (4 years ago)
Nice Jacket
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+TheBurningLion Thanks!
DonQuixotec (4 years ago)
Just gonna throw out that Paul Evans sells in Norway as well, I have tried them and liked them. However, Antonio, I would like to ask you if you could recommend something else in the price range of Paul Evans shoes. According to several people in my family, italian shoes is the way to go. What do you think? Any brands you wanna suggest? I'm looking for some nice shoes for my black suit (in Norway we use a black suit with white shirt (any colored tie) for christmas, new years eve and 17. May our national day.)
Max McGregor (4 years ago)
Good to see I'm not the only Norwegian watching Real Men Real Style :)
bkcpisme (4 years ago)
Is there a reason why you don't put sole protectors on the bottoms of your shoes?  Should I not as well?
krazykman69 (4 years ago)
How do these compare with Allen Edmonds?  Looks like they are in the same price range. 
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
Comparable - although I would say the PE are slightly better BUT AE has the tradition and you can find them across North America and they offer great sales.......so it's a wash.
leahdin (4 years ago)
I wish I could dress that sharp everyday but I live in a very hot and humid climate, and I'm on a super tight budget..... any tips for guys like me? I never seem to look good in dress clothes.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+leahdin  - here you go http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/hot-weather-dressing/
Ignat Vodichka (4 years ago)
Great outfit BTW! I like it!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Ignat Vodichka Thank you!
Dadee3 (4 years ago)
Oh yesss
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Dadee3 :)

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