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GCSE English Language: Writing An Article

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Text Comments (74)
Junaid Hussain (22 days ago)
a bit late but got my paper 2 tomorrow, can we add made - up statistics in the articles??
mrbruff (22 days ago)
See my video in the paper 2 playlist on ‘shall we ban statistics’
I'm in uni and they want us to write an article :/
Ral Ibe (5 months ago)
I think I did It wrong instead of an article i wrote a formal letter
Angel gamer Xx (6 months ago)
Will I lose marks without a staplines.
Aliya Khatun-ali (6 months ago)
An article for a newspaper! On sport!
zahir khan (6 months ago)
So strap line is like a prologue in Romeo and Juliet
Unicorn Power (6 months ago)
can you do one on the welsh examboard- WJEC EDQUAS (yeah I know, its strange!) and also, is this video specifically stated at aqa students?
Ibrahim Hussain (6 months ago)
Whats ur email mr.bruff. I want to email you my answer to an article in question, please. :) pls respond!
Xxxx X (7 months ago)
But does an article for a broadsheet have to be formal? Like can you use emotive language and rhetorical questions if it is supposed to be formal?
h h (8 months ago)
Is this the same as writing a report(as that is what my teacher says) or is this a separate thing?
Ahmad Alloush (11 months ago)
you need to upgrade you're recording quality mate
The billy baby show (1 year ago)
For example how the literature papers are going to be marked or advice
The billy baby show (1 year ago)
Mrbruff are you going to do the tips again for the 2018 exams
mrbruff (1 year ago)
+The billy baby show every Saturday lately!
The billy baby show (1 year ago)
mrbruff so every Saturday you do tips and advice for the exams I just looked at your videos and it’s not every Saturday it’s almost every day
mrbruff (1 year ago)
yes it is
The billy baby show (1 year ago)
mrbruff I am going to do my GCSE’s this year I don’t know if it’s the grade 9 - 1 exams
mrbruff (1 year ago)
every Saturday
Holly (1 year ago)
has anyone brought the Mr Bruffs Ebook? thinking of getting it but would like to know if its worth while as i already have the CGP boo
Rachel Chan (1 year ago)
Hi mr buff would you lose any mark if there's no subheadings on it?
Antonia Nicola (1 year ago)
For the english language paper one I tried to be original and include both section ( the bus and the people from two different worlds )for section b paper 1 and I look back at it and it looks like I miss read the question so how many marks/grades would I lose on that
Antonia Nicola (1 year ago)
mrbruff so I won't lose any Marks
mrbruff (1 year ago)
+Antonia_nx Nicolaou it should be fine
Antonia Nicola (1 year ago)
mrbruff I read it as or but I tried to be original and include both stories and now it looos like I read it as and rather than or
mrbruff (1 year ago)
+Antonia_nx Nicolaou how did you mis read it?
Isabella Gomez (1 year ago)
I wish this video existed when i took my paper 2 exam.
Isabella Gomez (1 year ago)
mrbruff Don't worry about it at least the year 10's can benefit from this!!!
mrbruff (1 year ago)
+Isabella Gomez sorry!
AHLLIAH Tamb (1 year ago)
Thank you sooooo much , I'm definitely going to love this mini series
xX_MLG_DANK_BOI_Xx (1 year ago)
Drop a diss track on the sidemen
Shusha Barzanji (1 year ago)
Hello Mr Bruff, I am still struggling with PEE Paragraphs. I'll be doing my Exam next year plz do a vid on it
Karanjit (1 year ago)
simon disstrack killed deji
Zaid Jamal (1 year ago)
LordKaran defo right however
Zynovo (1 year ago)
Wrong place mate
Kodie McDonald (1 year ago)
I'm gonna need this when I fail
YettonbigH (1 year ago)
Bit fucking late mate
Nadira Abdun (1 year ago)
Can you do videos on a level books like a room with a view
Hanna (1 year ago)
I'm in year 10 but we did English language and now waiting for results day 😭
john calanog (1 year ago)
What if you didn't put sub headings would you lose lots of marks
john calanog (1 year ago)
This is a bit late to the party
mrbruff (1 year ago)
+john calanog for year 10
anonymously (1 year ago)
Who else is having a shit holiday? I'd rather be doing GCSEs
ArsenalfantvFanTV (1 year ago)
Anonymous not gonna say id be rather doing gcse's but this long holiday is getting pretty boring
SJ (1 year ago)
Ropsana Khanom (1 year ago)
Anonymous innit GCSEs gave me a rush
Ritehk • (1 year ago)
Anyone else watching this even though they've done their GCSEs and are waiting for results day ?
Josh Gamble (6 months ago)
Ritehk • you're gay
Heil Fuhrer (6 months ago)
Gamer for fans 9
Gamer for fans (6 months ago)
what grade did you get
Blender Vender (8 months ago)
What did u get
MistaAnimator (1 year ago)
Me too
Ryan Sajeev (1 year ago)
Hello Mr bruff
Ryan Sajeev (1 year ago)
Hello Mr bruff
Iqraa Jalil (1 year ago)
Can you make results day video? What to do and how to stay calm ?
Iulius Constant Cornelio (5 months ago)
ed 207 Kys, you good for nothing moron !
Adolf Hitler (6 months ago)
I got a Level 9 in GCSE Mass Extermination
Heil Fuhrer (6 months ago)
Oil Oil I got 2 9s math n lit
Adolf Hitler (6 months ago)
How did you do?
Luke Tanton (7 months ago)
there is a huge ammount of pressure on people taking GCSEs. Don't talk crap you idiot. Respect those who actually care.
Thomas Morris (1 year ago)
Levisaurus (1 year ago)
SamHxrris (1 year ago)
A bit late?
faheem khawar (6 months ago)
mad tings (1 year ago)
Crimson Slayer no
My literal Husband (1 year ago)
Jordan Stevenson Didn't they already do their Language exam?
Jordan Stevenson (1 year ago)
SamHxrris it's for the next year 11s
Dev_v (1 year ago)
Do you recommend anything for the exam board Eduqas
SummersFifa (1 year ago)
I've missed you.

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