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Best First Date Questions To Ask A Guy | What To Say On A 1st Date

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Text Comments (53)
Rockin Roll (5 months ago)
sorry, but the questions sound like a job interview going on.
Mark Rosenfeld (5 months ago)
Sorry to hear you didn't like it Rockin! You've definitely got to slide them in casually ;)
Catriona Mack (9 months ago)
Part 3 would be amazing. Your videos have a great combo of informative and entertaining!
Little Princess (11 months ago)
Hey mark thank you for the video. I just met a guy and he is pretty cute and a little shy just like me. We are texting a lot but sometimes there is like this little silence when we both don't know what to write. What should I do ? And also we are about to have our first date and I never had a boyfriend before. I have no idea what to talk about and I am very nervous. Do you have some more ideas what to talk about or where the date should be? Should we go get coffee or eat something?? I am so nervous and dont know what to do. Please reply to me or someone else☺
Sandra Dawswell (11 months ago)
Appreciate another part 3, love your relationship and date conversations. The endings bring smile too. 😀😀💎❤️🙌🌞👍👀💯💯
Martina Odiakosa (11 months ago)
Thanks so much
MJ Rivera (11 months ago)
Hi! I've been dating this guy for 5 months, but we haven't had "the talk". I don't know where we stand and I'm not sure how to bring the topic up without sounding needy. Should I even bother? He seems a bit shut down emotionally (avoidant) and I get really insecure. Please help!
jess wolfe (9 months ago)
MJ Rivera I think 5months is long enough to expect anddeserve a straight forward answer
GAB LIT (11 months ago)
Mark, you're videos are so informative! But, how do I do if I'm on a date if a guy says something like, "you're welcome to join me if you want." Plus, he also payed for dinner, is that a date?
Catherine Raj (11 months ago)
omg I feel so stupid i legit flooded him with 10's & 100's of messages everyday for like 3 months n he replies with just a poker face emoji or ignore all my messages and be like "hi" fucking pisses me off cuz I'm so worried if everything is ok with him but he just doesn't care to even read my messages😞
meesa magill (10 months ago)
Catherine Raj 😂
Catherine Raj (10 months ago)
Meesa Magill haha found out he didn't talk on his own still 😂
meesa magill (11 months ago)
Catherine Raj trust me, ive been there in the past. You send the messages and you get so annoyed with yourself cos you know you shouldnt but its like you cant help yourself!!! Good luck
Catherine Raj (11 months ago)
wow I really needed to hear that thank you so much yo guess I'll not message n wait 😞 though it's hard
meesa magill (11 months ago)
Catherine Raj and i bet you would rather a guy message you by choice and not just cos you bombarded him with messages. I bet you are awesome. You just need to work on believing that about yourself. Know what you bring to the table!!! And dont settle for less than you deserve cos you deserve the best 😊
karyn D (11 months ago)
Great video,very useful😊
Golden__Athena (11 months ago)
It's a super great topic, so helpful! Thank you Mark, I finally know how to ask some good questions on a date. 💖🌸☕️😆🎶 Ps. The end music is awesome.
Sheila Blake (11 months ago)
I love these types of videos. I think this is where Jermia really shines & it is definitely her niche in the team imo. Great job 👍 those birds sound incredibly beautiful x
Racheal Angonai (11 months ago)
my man crush wonderful one again... much love
shubhangi nimje (11 months ago)
Can you make a video on LDR
Ger R (11 months ago)
Great video as always, Mark. Perhaps you can do a video on when and how to talk about our pasts...At some point, it needs to come up. There may or may not be children involved, an uncooperative ex, or perhaps the other person is newly divorced or single just out of a long term relationship, etc.....Hopefully, these basic questions will be answered before any involvement, if that's possible, by someone who knows the person or perhaps in a online profile........How does one bring up when was your last relationship?
Anastasia Lapislazuli (11 months ago)
Thank you Mark ! Yes please a part three.... :) Now I am intrigued...want to watch 'that special episode of 'Scrubs'....Cheers
Michele Sanderson (11 months ago)
Thank you Mark you always please Much Love mauh xo
Life tobelived (11 months ago)
I assume that men know that women are asking them questions for a reason. Do mean sort of dread the question and answer time?
Lane Blake (11 months ago)
Thanks Mark I'm going to use them. You're Awesome!
Easy Going (11 months ago)
Thank you Mark. Yes, I think a Part 3 of first date questions would be great. Great video with helpful info. God bless you.
Dating and Relationships (11 months ago)
*_May be i will try in next date ❤️❤️❤️_*
Shannon Brunner (11 months ago)
Those sound like great ways to find out why he enjoys his job and what other passions he has in his life. :)
Rose Lyons (11 months ago)
How do I get him to open up about his family and dreams?
Rose Lyons (11 months ago)
Meesa Magill thank you very much for suggesting that one! Now how can I get him to go one step forward to a closer relationship with me?
meesa magill (11 months ago)
Rose Lyons ask about his family and dreams
5ela (11 months ago)
Hey Mark! Love the video - as always really useful - and I would like to ask a question. :) So..about a month ago I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years..we were great together as friends but the lack of physical attraction and some other crucial differences in standards and expectations came inbetween us - so we decided it was for the best and we´ll try to stay friends after a while. I´m not usually somebody who is scared or insecure, but I am the kind of a person that can rarely find any man really attractive, usually i don´t like anybody ´really´ (just to be precise: I don´t feel like I have anything against men or I´m sexually confused :D).. Even though i´m not ready to date yet, just the thought that I´ll be out there, sooner or later, finding somebody again gives me the creeps :D . Fear that i will just not meet anybody for the next milion years and that I´m somehow wierd because i just never meet anybody that I really want to be with or I´m too picky in some way even though i feel like i can´t really help myself.. Do you maybe have some tipps on how i could battle this? Should i just date more and maybe give more guys a chance and get to know them? Idk, I definitely always had experiences when a guy was either a great person and i wished i would´ve fallen in love with him, but i couldn´t, there was just no physical attraction - I mean there has to be sexual chemistry or? -, or i was head over heels with one guy who didn´t reciprocate my feelings.. Would love to hear your (or anybodyelses) opinion on this kind of situation and let you know i love your channel, you are so great! :) Love from Europe ❤
5ela (10 months ago)
Hey Suzane, thanks for sharing, it´s always nice to know you´re not the only one in something :) I feel exactly the same, it makes no sense to start something if it isn´t really "right". Sometimes I feel like a lot of people around me have a really easy time finding somebody to at least flirt and have fun with, for me that is not the case since i could under no circumstances have something with a guy I don´t find actually attractive. Pretty/handsome - sure, but not sexy in a way "damn, want that" :D the going with the flow sounds like a great idea and you really sound like a confident, mature person who is true to herself! So awesome to see that! Wish you all the best too :)
Suzane (10 months ago)
Hi 5ela, I feel exactly the same way, so you're definitely not alone. Its kind of rare for me to really feel attraction to a guy. In my case, my break up was 2 years ago. I do go on dates but my current strategy is just to go with the flow - attraction and feelings cannot be forced or controlled, and at least in my case, I'd rather be alone (because I do love being alone too) than begin something that is not meaningful to me or that doesnt bring up actual attraction. Best of luck to you on your journey!
5ela (11 months ago)
Mark Rosenfeld Hey! Thanks a lot for responding, it´s really nice from you! I will try and follow your advice :) I guess it´s just the first phase of getting over a breakup where we might feel anxious about the future and repeating patterns.. I will keep your offer in mind and will contact you in case i feel the same after a year. In the meantime gotta work on myself i guess. I wish you all the best and am looking forward to your future videos :D!
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Hey 5ela - thanks for writing in. First of all, I think you're putting WAY too much pressure on yourself. You're one month out!! Sheesh. Even though it was you that broke it, there's no way in hell you're going to find the idea of a relationship appealing at this stage. I'd be surprised if you even consider it within the first 6 months post breakup. You might literally want to do your own thing - not even date casually, for several months and enjoy the pure freedom/initial bliss of single life. As you slowly get less enraptured and perhaps a little bored by that, your associations with relationships will shift and you'll start to have more drive with dating. Perhaps if you still feel this way in a year, we should chat. I can't really speak about pickiness and whether you're being too picky without speaking with you personally, but for right now, I think it's the least of your concerns. Have some fun (whatever that means to you) and enjoy your freedom!
Luminous Life (11 months ago)
Great video.. will keep this in my arsenal for any future first dates.. a part 3 would be awesome... thank you Mark :) nice t-shirt btw ;)
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Thanks Luminous - glad ya liked it!
Shradha Vamanan (11 months ago)
it ws a really nice video mark 😁❤
Shradha Vamanan (11 months ago)
Mark Rosenfeld 😁
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Cheers Shradha :)
nagham lvly (11 months ago)
my princess you are such cute :] (highfive)
nagham lvly (11 months ago)
so wonedrful questioner thank you mark i loved it.
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Heheheh Thanks Nagham ;)
nagham lvly (11 months ago)
woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im the first , mark i really I like this place you are sitting alone
nagham lvly (11 months ago)
Mark Rosenfeld 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍yeah I really watch again and again when you post vedio siting there and that three have flowers on the ground 😍😍😍😍😍
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Isn't it lovely?!?! Up at the beautiful Sunshine Coast
Ramune 10 (11 months ago)
she is so cute..
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Hhahaah I'm sure she really appreciates that complement Ramune

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