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Guy raps about losing someone that’s passed away EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL (Ig:Daddysofficial)

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To all who’ve lost someone Beat - https://youtu.be/QJneWnK21C8 I completely DO NOT own any rights to any/all audio heard in this. I only uploaded it for entertainment purposes, so all rights go to the original creator of this track/song. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for and quote fair use and quote for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED THIS VIDEOS IS FAIR TO USE UNDER U.S.COPYRIGHT LAW BECAUSE IT IS 1. NON-COMMERCIAL. 2.TRANSFORMATIVE IN NATURE 3.DOES NOT COMPETE WITH THE ORIGINAL WORK OR HAVE ANY NEGATIVE EFFECT ON ITS MARKET.
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Text Comments (2989)
it helps really good with me because I just lost my uncle he's missing and my family thinks he's dead and its really sad this made me cry it relates to me so much
amandaa Greene (1 day ago)
publish it on sound cloud pls
Bianka Aviles (1 day ago)
I lost my cousin and this reminds me about him I cry every single time I hear this also sorry for your lost love you 😪
Moha Bisle (1 day ago)
This deep this pure rap no bullshit well done brother and I’m sorry man I know it hurts but this life everyone leaves one day love and memories it’s all we have left of them 💔😢
Rhylee Edmonds (2 days ago)
Kayla Westover (4 days ago)
I listen to this everyday ❤️💔😭
Michelle Castillo (4 days ago)
I lost my best friend I gave her my heart she was my everything she helped me with my depressions but she’s gone and I don’t have no one to help me with my life my depressions I only have memories of her that makes me cry I couldn’t even say goodbye to her one more time I miss her so much if one of u guys have a closets friend tell u love him or her
2 Low (5 days ago)
This song brings me to my feels and I can relate the situation ur goin through I've been there to bro and it's hard to be takin in the pain but just keep ur head up and move on
neon msp (5 days ago)
This is so sad it reminds me how my best friend died... :(
gabriel caballero (5 days ago)
Dred 9-1-1 (6 days ago)
Y u gotta exist
the 600+ people who disliked probably had so many tears in their eyes they accidentally clicked the dislike button instead of the like button 🤔
Bree Harris (6 days ago)
Erin Wiley (6 days ago)
my papa just dies last night im hurt 😫😢
Foggy Editz (6 days ago)
I lost my boyfriend😭It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. We where gonna go so many places but..He passed away😭💔
The2Bro Gamer (7 days ago)
Hope your ok
Jaden Ortega (7 days ago)
I can feel his pain😩💔
Jaden Ortega (7 days ago)
@Dusza mines is @shortygurl_23 follow me back
Dusza (7 days ago)
its @daddysofficial  +Jaden Ortega
Jaden Ortega (7 days ago)
Dusza follow me back @shortygurl_23
Dusza (7 days ago)
@daddysofficial  +Jaden Ortega
Jaden Ortega (7 days ago)
Dusza do you have an insta?
Alisha Dicklober (9 days ago)
Dam that’s shit is deep
Brianna Lawson (10 days ago)
Who's cutting onions?
Delores Jansen (10 days ago)
Stay stronge bae😐😢
Awm Awm (12 days ago)
This mad me sad and I am crying
damian Ibarra (12 days ago)
What’s the name of the instrumentals you used in this video ?💔
Raheem Richards (13 days ago)
im so sorry im in pain right now my grandma died
RYAN 2036 (14 days ago)
This song really get to me cuz when I was younger my grandapa was diagnosed with kidney cancer and the last time I saw him was at an airport 1 year before he passed.i just wanted to go home and my grandpa was leaving.little did I know that was the last I'll ever see him.now every time I go to the airport I get emotional cuz I remember what happened.i thought he was coming back but he got too sick to fly back and my family didnt have enough money for us to even go to his funeral.i really miss him.
lil RedRose n (14 days ago)
I feel u
Ewa Bielinska (14 days ago)
I am only 14 years old and my uncle is dead I loved him so much like my dad
sumaria 2004 (14 days ago)
This got in my feelings
Melanie sadie (15 days ago)
Sorry for your lost😭😭
Vladimir Nuñez (16 days ago)
How people be like this like 684 dislikes whuuutttt!! People need Jesus in there life 😭
The Channel (16 days ago)
My dad died this Saturday, looking for this beat, can someone help
Dusza (16 days ago)
in description
Răzvan Pînzariu (17 days ago)
I fkg cry, man! Wtf
crazy kids ross (17 days ago)
Hey if anybody is going though a tough time message me on snap and we can talk it out @aaronwr26
Shux (20 days ago)
This about your uncle ? :’(
Brooke Lehman (21 days ago)
Deep 😴😴💔 makes u think twice before u actually loose someone.
imagine mia (21 days ago)
Damn this gets me in ma feels
The MisticleKT (23 days ago)
great song inspiring
lizbeth diaz (23 days ago)
wow man these hits me really hard
Zachary Merrill (23 days ago)
Fly High Dad 🙏🏼
Hunter Moe34 (25 days ago)
My friend died wha changing a car tire. He saw something hanging on the bottom of the car and when he went to go and see what it was, the car jack gave out and the car landed on his chest. He was stuck there for an hour and a half and then got released and went to the hospital with a supper slow heartbeat and couldn’t feel his legs or arms and died in the hospital a week later. Miss u lots bud. R.I.P Tanner Bryan😔✊🏽☝🏽🤧
Barbie lu girl (25 days ago)
His voice pierces right through your heart💔😔
Serenity Nott (26 days ago)
I'm crying and I lost someone too and I love her so much
Rory Gilchrist (26 days ago)
Rip #DeclanBunting xx took away from us at 21 years old....My G
megan russell (27 days ago)
hi Mike you
Raven Bryant (28 days ago)
I no how u feel R.I.P who ever died and too my dad💔😢❤️
Jessica Mclarryy (29 days ago)
Dora Trevino (29 days ago)
I lost my grandfather on October 1, 2018 at 0055(12:55am). My family saw him two days before he died and I'm glad that we got to tell him that we love him, and he told me while I held his hand, "We'll see each other again mija". 😔😔😔
M&J Squad (30 days ago)
Awww I can hear the pain in his voice
Bryn Kade (1 month ago)
Tcs_ Panda (1 month ago)
I lost my great grandmother and she had survived through cancer and breast cancer and they told me it was the cancer we shared everything with each other when I was sad she made me happy it’s even worse that she died on Christmas Eve I wish I could just get that last hug before she left this world I wish I could get that one last I love you I wish I could get that one last gift from my grandma I did everything for her and to know she was 78 broke my heart she deserved to live to 90 at least 80 but god did What he had to do and I don’t understand why my grandma the woman I love the most in my life I honestly want to kill myself just to be able to see my grandma whenever I want and on top of that xxx died and he was the one keeping me from suicide
LethalOnYoutube - (1 month ago)
Each like legit equals a hug!! I mean shit!!
Piano Princess (1 month ago)
I can feel your pain man.. I lost my grandmother this year and it was the most awful thing in my life..she has fought for 6 years against breast cancer and i couldn't be by her side when she has gone....damn I hate it! I am sorry for your loss
Carly Scheller (1 month ago)
I really have tears going down my face because I can really relate to the pain that he’s going through
Zay A (1 month ago)
I lost my brother (bestfrenn) 3 days ago here in Nashville Tennessee only at age 14 we was only starting our freshman year at high-school 💔😔 can’t believe he would get shot outta no where by another teen in nashboro village I keep thinking about our good memories and adventures we had i hate seeing people show fake love to him now that he gone they not really hurt like Us real Geos bestfrenns (Me ,Issac, George) us 3 always been there for him I still talk to my brudda everyday at night he will never be forgotten hope I really die this year so i can see him again i wanna find my friend afterlife 💔😔🕊
RainDownWithMercy 4444 (1 month ago)
It may 2 min and 53 sec but it hurts. It gets those tears to show that are hidden. I too, wish I could get one last hug from my grandpa who was always there for me and made me happy when I was sad. I became suicidal when he died and I felt so much pain I didn't know what to do until I have had enough. I cut myself and came out with a smile to hide the pain. I wish I could be happy and with the ones I lost.
alan cruz (1 month ago)
😭😭😭this very ture am crying he is above the end got in my feelings
Jordan Figura (1 month ago)
I’m crying 😭
Jro ortiz (1 month ago)
I now how you feel I lost my grandma 5 years ago and my grandpa just passed and my cousin killed himself 3 days after my grandpa passed I fell so sorry for u man I'm only 14 years young
Leela-rose Jewlal (1 month ago)
My best friend died on Saturday 😭she was more like a sister to me... I miss her and will always love her ❤️💔😭😢
Dakota Cole Banks (1 month ago)
My aunt passed away 2 months ago. This hit me personally. I needed this so thank you. Your lyrics describe word for word how I feel.
Genesis Gaytan (1 month ago)
This one actually has me crying because his voice the whole time
Coco Robberecht (1 month ago)
I cry every time, love the song
Mawis Garcia (1 month ago)
This really got to me cause I fucking lost my friend that was like a fucking brother to me died in a car crash last night and I haven’t slept all night from how much I’ve been crying and I can relate to every word in this song especially since I didn’t show him how special he was to me when I had the chance and it’s killing me so fucking much 💔. I just want to hear his voice one more time and I honestly wish it was me instead of him 😞. And this puts so much pressure on my shoulders and i kinds feel like it’s my fault that he wanted to die in the first place and even though it was a car accident , he crashed on purpose and he was only 13 💔. Man I honestly hope to be resting with him soon 💔 . 5/20/2005 - 10/7/18🕊⚰️💔.
Meme/boy azulphar (1 month ago)
You give them that one hung every time you speak.
Thank you so much. That made me cry cause I just lost my best friend 2 days ago. I am 12 years old he was 11. 😭😩😫😢😖
ok. I just cried 😪😭😢
Berry’s Antics! (29 days ago)
DigitalStorm - Minecraft also try different things to help you cope, just thinking it out by yourself can twists your thoughts and make you moire upset.
thank you. I cry every night because of him. I will talk to people. 😪
Berry’s Antics! (29 days ago)
DigitalStorm - Minecraft I just lost my friend too, just talk to people about it okay
Sammy Lopez (1 month ago)
This is so sad it mad me cry😭
Pablo Herrera (1 month ago)
Hi random person in the comments 😁 /👕\ 👖 👞
TictacOnCrack 113 (1 month ago)
I lost my girlfriend her name was Julia, this shit really gets to me I wish I could just sit here and have it on replay this is amazing I feel for him 💔
mayo_ gaming (1 month ago)
who dislike can go to hell
Noel Sheline (1 month ago)
Sorry bro
Noel Sheline (1 month ago)
So sorry bo <3
Ivan Alvarado (1 month ago)
Danm this is so heart braking 💔😭danm got me in ma fillings I love him fell better bro 💕
Naomi Mann (1 month ago)
This is very good
Naomi Mann (1 month ago)
I lost my girl back in February of this year. It's been killing me but I've never been able to put to words how I feel. This song describes how I feel every day without her here.
Ashley Maffin (1 month ago)
This is sad this brags tears
Shaunna Freeman (1 month ago)
I can agree with him cause 5 months ago I lost my little brother. He was only 15 and just had his 15th birthday on April 13 and died this 29 of that month. I had so much things I wanted to tell him and ask him but I never got a chance. He was fine the night before and then I woke up the next day and he died. He had a heart attack in his sleep and never woke up. It broke my heart and my heart is still broken.
Andrea Thompson (1 month ago)
I've lost my grandma 5 years ago, and I still cant get over it. It was a heart attack that killed her, it was linked to her diabetes. She died so young (56). By that time I lost a lot hope in humanity and God. I'm atheist now. I'm trying to get the help I need.
Random_ Channel (1 month ago)
I know that this is late but this made me think of my Grandmother she lives in another country so I couldn’t see her I only seen her once and that was seven years ago I kept telling my dad that I wanted to see her I knew she was getting old and now that she is gone I feel guilty because I knew she was going to leave the world yet I didn’t think much about it sorry for grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes my eyes were blurry
Kirsten Lynn (1 month ago)
❤️ Thank You
jessica gonzalez (1 month ago)
i need to gettt your merchhh 😍😍😍😍 i love the hoodies
gatcha love (1 month ago)
Can you please aubcribe to me plzzzzzzz 😭😭
david corretjer (1 month ago)
I cry so much man so inspirationally
david corretjer (1 month ago)
I ea
Beatriz Vigil (1 month ago)
Beatriz Vigil (1 month ago)
Oh god here come the tears
Nevaeh Fonseca (1 month ago)
I cried 😭😭
Tonya Blizzard (1 month ago)
I miss you so much derick
Amanda Rangel (1 month ago)
I'm sorry for ur lose. This person that is gone is going to watch over u in god arms. always love the person that u love so much in ur heart.ALWAYS ASK FRIENDS ABOUT UR PROBLEM BECAUSE IT HELPS SO MUCH PEOPLE!!!
slap boxing (1 month ago)
😢😢 had to cry my Mom passed when I was seven
Xbox God (1 month ago)
Bruh his actually made me cry because It made me think of grandma that passed away
Casey Del Rosario (1 month ago)
I love my mom dad two brothers two sisters my dog all my friends and I'm only 13 they all died I live with my aunt but she is 57 about to die I need to live without any body my life is very hard to live so........yea I have to deal with it😭😭😭
AkiSakTv (1 month ago)
Courtney Brown (2 months ago)
😢😢💔💔 I just lost my beautiful 28 year old brother that had autism he was murdered 😢😢😢😢 I'm so broken I completely get this ❤
Gavin Lyons (2 months ago)
I'm going to say something and just be straight out I'm 16 and my mom passed when I was 8 and it still f s me up
Daffynotanoob REEE (2 months ago)
damnn bro respect d
Ashley Fillyaw (2 months ago)
You can hear he been through a lot and pain
Xyreck Kyles (2 months ago)
I feel the same way
Xliightsooutx (2 months ago)
Rest in peace Bryan Daniels. 09-20-97/09-03-18 I miss you best friend.
Matthew Garcia (2 months ago)
Roman Romero (2 months ago)
I feel you homie I hear it in you voice this shit had me crying
Jessica Franco (2 months ago)
Screw those try not to cry challenges, this is the the stuff that gets me!!!
Julie Cerda (2 months ago)
I can easily relate my 2 year old cousin passed away all be cause of her fucking step dad I wish I can see her again just one last time to tell her how much I love her give her a hug see her again I miss putting her to bed I miss when she would hug me for no reason I miss her 😟😢😭

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