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Learn English with Emma: vocabulary, culture, and the first conditional!

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I will use one topic to teach you important English grammar (the first conditional), as well as vocabulary. You'll also learn a lot about North American culture. I'll teach you all this stuff by talking about superstitions. Is the number 13 bad luck in your culture? If you break a mirror, will you have bad luck? If you find a penny on the ground, do you think you will have a good day? Every culture has beliefs about luck. We call these beliefs superstitions. Some superstitions are common around the world, but many are very specific to a particular country or culture. My mom is really superstitious, so I grew up with a lot of these beliefs. In this video, I'll give you some examples of common North American superstitions, and in the second half of the video, I'll use this topic to teach you how to use the first conditional in English. Watch this video now. If you don't, your computer might get a virus. Take the quiz! https://www.engvid.com/learn-english-superstitions-first-conditional/ TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video we are going to be talking about three different things. Okay? So, we are going to be learning some new vocabulary that have to do with superstition, and I'll explain what superstitions are; we're going to be learning about culture, and Western culture, and North American culture; as well as grammar, today we are going to be learning about the first conditional. So this is a great video because you are going to be learning a lot by the end of it, hopefully. So, let's get started. First I want to tell you about superstitions. I love the topic of superstitions; I think it's very interesting. So, what a superstition is, is it is a belief, and this belief, it's usually cultural, but it can also be personal. Okay? And this belief is not based in science, so it's not scientific. Oftentimes when we're talking about superstitions we're talking about supernatural things, we're talking about good luck, bad luck, curses, you know, we're talking about things maybe from our culture's history and a different way of seeing the world. So if you're confused about superstitions, don't worry, when I give you examples you will start to really understand what a superstition is. Okay, so let's start off with an example. Imagine this: I took a test and I did really well. I got a very high score on my test. Now, why did I get a high score? Maybe you think: "Oh, you probably studied well." Okay? So that might be kind of a scientific explanation. "Oh, Emma studied, so she did well on her test." Well, maybe I brought a pen to the test and it's a very lucky pen or a very lucky pencil, and I think anytime I use this pen or pencil I'm going to do well. It's my lucky charm, it's my lucky pen or pencil. If you think I did well on my test because I have a lucky pen, then that would be an example of a superstition. It's like a ritual you do to get good luck or to keep bad luck from happening, and it's a belief about these types of things. Okay? So, if for example, I say: "I did great on my test because I brought a lucky pen to class.", "I did really well on my test because it was, you know, at 7pm and 7 is a lucky number so therefore, you know, 7pm means I'm going to do well on my test. And I wore green, and green's a lucky colour, so all these reasons helped me on my test", you would say I'm superstitious. Okay? So, "superstition" is a belief, it's a cultural belief that explains something in the world, but not based in science. A person is "superstitious". We use "superstitious" to describe people. My mother is the most superstitious person I know. She is very superstitious. In our house there are many superstitions. Okay? And that's true. I grew up in a very superstitious household. So let's look at some Western superstitions I grew up with. These are the ones that were in my own experience and my own culture. So, one example of a superstition is if you walk under a ladder, this is very bad luck. Okay? So when I walk down the street, if I see a ladder, I never walk under it because I'm also very superstitious. If you find a penny, so a penny is a type of... It's a type of currency or a type of... It's a form of money, it's a coin, and if you find a penny... If I ever find a penny, I always pick it up. Okay? I pick it up off the ground because I think the penny will give me good luck. Okay? A little crazy, I know, but a lot of people in North America do this. 13 is considered a very unlucky number. In Western culture you'll notice a lot of apartment buildings do not have a 13th floor, and that's because people think it's so... They think it's very unlucky, so they don't want to live on the 13th floor because they think they will, you know, have bad luck. I know in China the number 4 is very unlucky, and so it's the same thing. In China you don't see... In apartment buildings you usually don't see a 4th floor because it's very unlucky. Okay, so we've talked about some good luck and some bad luck.
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Bahareh_taghi (2 days ago)
I really enjoy the topics that you choose and your teaching style. Thank you!
كوره وبس (3 days ago)
coffee fall is a good luck thing
pooja chaudhary (18 days ago)
Thank you so much dear Emma ma'am.
Thadeu Nascimento (18 days ago)
Gostaria de saber se vocês tem aula com a professora Emma inglês com legendado em português
Kalb'i sır kalbi sir (18 days ago)
Emma Emma Emma 🌹🌹🌹
V. Rollen Dumai (26 days ago)
We have that kind of superstition but personally I really dont believe it. Your lessons are very helpful. Thanks Emma.
ismail mohamed derie (1 month ago)
Keep up teaching us
ismail mohamed derie (1 month ago)
Emma is Excellent teacher of the world . I really intetest in her teaching methodology. Thanks
jamjazz09 (1 month ago)
kike garcia (1 month ago)
in my loved Mexico if you open an humbrella inside, you will never get married
Teresa K (1 month ago)
Hi Emma. I am form Poland and we also have this superstition "If you brak a mirror, you will have 7 years of bad luck.
Richest Quotes Ever (1 month ago)
Very well explained every nuance of the concept
Md.Hafizur Rahman (1 month ago)
Deepumon. D (1 month ago)
This is the first time I'm watching 24minutes English tutorial video, you are absolutely a good Teacher 👍👍👍🌹
khalid barber (1 month ago)
You are the best thank you Emaa
Rajesh Jaglan (1 month ago)
Thank you Emma for teaching us.
kerim calisir (1 month ago)
After I've watched the video, I was amazed because all the superstitions are in Turkish culture too. I don't believe them but I know people who have superstitions.
Andres Melendez (1 month ago)
Emma you remain me Elizabeth Sue from back to the future. The best luck for you, I really learn a lot from your videos. Break a leg👍! We also knock on woods, and if we have not wood around, we knock our head.
LOVE ENGLISH (2 months ago)
Dear Emma, I truly like the way you teach everybody learning English. Thanks to you, I can speak english in a perfect way that I'm really confident. Thanks
RICARDO GAMBOA (2 months ago)
I like it when Emma acrossing her arms
Gertrudis Montano (2 months ago)
thank you Emma for teach your beautiful language l read them every day the vídeos
rorringostar (2 months ago)
The sad thing is that no native speaker speaks as well as you do. That is the reason why you are understood so well
Jailson Torres (2 months ago)
Binod Basnet (2 months ago)
It is interesting to know that your culture is also a bad luck if we break a mirror. I am from Nepal and we also do believe that there is bad luck if we break the mirror but we don't believe that will effect until certain time line and we believe that it is a bad luck an it will be a bad luck for sure in future. And m a big fan of yours. I always follow ur videos when I needed.
Oliver Salas (3 months ago)
Hello Emma... I really appreciate and thanking you for all the lessons you have shared...It helps me a lot and for my niece. Even i am now working in an office...i still have time to download all your lessons and see it when got home. And for my niece, she's very attentive now and got a high grade in English subject. Thank you. I love you, Emma!
Congratulations, Emma. You can really teach. Teach how you're joking. I love it !!!
Mohammad Dabbas (3 months ago)
You are really creative, Emma
dishant garg (3 months ago)
Thanks for clearing lessons
dishant garg (3 months ago)
saiyan Elite (3 months ago)
i made these sentences exactly at 16:54 if you find a penny, you will be lucky, if you find a penny, that will be your lucky day, if you find a penny right before your exam, you will pass your exam. if you open an umbrella inside, you will fail to succeed. if you open an umbrella inside, you will be in trouble.(are these sentences correct?)plus very nice and concise explanation
Trang Nguyễn (3 months ago)
thank you emma My teacher!
abdulmajeed mangal (3 months ago)
Thanks emma.i really appreciate every u uploaded for us. U r my favorite
mohammed Ali (3 months ago)
Hi, my teacher, look after yourself please, I wish you happies .
حيدر الميري (3 months ago)
Hi Emma
amin vardi (3 months ago)
anybody know her ig acount?
Maria Gabriela Soares (3 months ago)
Nao entendi nada,sou brasileira
Daniel (3 months ago)
Thank you Emma
Demian Quirino (3 months ago)
Is being very good your explication, I am learn with you everyday. The your explication is very clear ,congratulation
Inspire The World (3 months ago)
If a black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck.
Rony Villacorta (4 months ago)
I paused the vídeo, these are my sentences...If I find a penny, this is for luck... 2. If you open an umbrella inside, you will have a bad day.
jashan singh (4 months ago)
no any such superstition exists in our indian culture So dont worry about that.
I'm from yucatan and want to share a couple of superstitions of my city, if you see a black cat walking or passing in front of you, it means bad luck. If you drop some salt to the Floor, its bad luck. Thank for the lessons, happy new year! I hope to pass the IELTS test this year!
فاديا دويك (4 months ago)
We usually believe in superstition
Leopard (4 months ago)
Wow. I watched this video exactly 365 days after it published first. Emma is so cute that I want to hug her and press for a long time like a baby. 🤣😂😄😊😚😙😘🤩😍🤗😋😊😉😆😗😜
Mary H (4 months ago)
When you brake a mirror, just make a cross on top of it with salt an water.
essam hossien (4 months ago)
Thanks Emma your're fantastic , Your lessons helped me about understand an English language . Thanks a lot
Alireza Sameni (5 months ago)
I like how she uses multiple colors to write on the whiteboard.
Coffee lover (5 months ago)
I am not superstitious,but...in case.
Gyanendra Kumar (5 months ago)
When I break the mirror my mother scold me a lot.
Jagdish Raaz (5 months ago)
About the crischian culture.
Marcus Pinho (5 months ago)
I love u
école clic (5 months ago)
Very nice video, Emma :)
MaskMan Reactor (5 months ago)
since I was a child I really believed that most of americans have no supertition. hahw
Malona hutabarat (5 months ago)
Emma.. Could you make next video about noun clouse
And in our country 7 is lucky number
selvan M (5 months ago)
Thank you emma(India)
Иван Доронин (5 months ago)
If you clean your dinner table with your bare hands, you will be poor.
Иван Доронин (5 months ago)
If you drop salt, you will have bad luck.
Iresha Perera (5 months ago)
Hello Emma i hope you are continue to giving your English lessons . Don't stop it please it's giving hope for us. You are the best teacher that i found . All the best. We are waiting to learn English from you.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i wish you Emma everything come and do best .
Lù Lầy Lội (5 months ago)
i think she should say '' base on '' instead of'' base in'' ??? personal opinion hihi =)))
Aatmane Siaf (6 months ago)
thank you emme you are very good teacher good luck
Thanks for such an interesting video!
Blondo Dibongue (6 months ago)
Goodday Emma, you are a wanderful person. Your explainetions are well detailled thanks a lot for all
niko show (6 months ago)
Thank you
Safar Ibadov (6 months ago)
Deepak Solanki (6 months ago)
We want subtitles with it.
Ma terre Sainte (6 months ago)
Deepak Solanki there is already subtitles!
Ernesto Torres (6 months ago)
gracias muchas gracias impagable gracias
Fernando Mertins (6 months ago)
Hi Emma, Fernando from Brazil here, your lessons are amazing and you have a very easy and pleasant way of explaining English, thank you so much, great job!
erex mega (6 months ago)
Now i will have good luck
Habib Şarifi (6 months ago)
If you teach the first condtion, I will have good luck.
star puls (6 months ago)
Thnks mam you r superb ! God bless you
J Caesar Flowers (6 months ago)
Hahahaha Thank you for those 50 years of good luck you're great!!
Isac Vasconcelos (6 months ago)
Thanks Emma you are amazing
Zana Kaya (6 months ago)
here is middle-east where children are killed , men are lost and women are raped by gunmen every day. Nobody hears our screams and care about us. Life may be good and so comfortable for countries like european , U.S and others developed countries. To be honnest, these countries armies have come to here to give us peace but they have turned middle-east into the hill. And they took our underground fuels to their countries to make lives of their people more comfortable. Middle-east will not forgive these injustices and also people will not give up their insurgencies
I Want To Learn English (6 months ago)
Jared0708 Liu (6 months ago)
Lucio Augusto (7 months ago)
Hey teacher Emma i Love You , you'great
Ali Jan (7 months ago)
So interesting taking about information very will choice for the best way to get it now and again in my head and your loved see you bye
ادم اياد (7 months ago)
I'm from egypt and we have this culture .like knocking on the wood and number 13 is abad luck
pablo jordão (7 months ago)
I loved this video. You can make more videos talking about American culture.
missi dominici (7 months ago)
I like Emma! Her lessons are longer than the others, she speaks clear and always chose interesting topics! Thank you, Emma!
Ayush sharma (7 months ago)
Yes emma ma'am, In India there are also superstitious If cat will cross their road then they will be not go to their offices for one day.
Ayush sharma (7 months ago)
In India 7 is unlucky no. and 9 is Lucky no.
Luis Morales (7 months ago)
tanks emma.
Ali Aljmaly (7 months ago)
My favorite beautiful amazing 😉 teacher 👩‍🏫 I watching your videos daily you are really good teacher by the way I’m from Iraq 🇮🇶 we have the superstitions in my country is just like yours knock on the wood thanks 🙏 a lot
Mary kamau (7 months ago)
Like u my teacher
Aiswarya Shini (7 months ago)
Great techer
ANGELA BAUTISTA (7 months ago)
Thank you Emma so much about your time,
Marco Astorga (8 months ago)
excellent course! thanks Enma
aydin abdullayev (8 months ago)
If you explain English grammar, I always will be happy
silver starlight (8 months ago)
I'm from india. Here we have bad luck when we break bangles.
Jose Cuella (8 months ago)
God bless you for being a great teacher.
Mahendra Gurung (8 months ago)
i am a beginer.your pronounciation is good i understand a lot. thanks
rajesh etyala (8 months ago)
i write almost the same any way finally i get learn something from this video thanks to Emma madam
ESAU HERNANDEZ (8 months ago)
Thanks, you are cute
Claudio Figueredo (8 months ago)
I watch your videos again and again because I want to improve my ability to listen to English
Javid Aghayarli (8 months ago)
thanks for lessons
Julio Martinez (8 months ago)
Hi Emma this is Polo, I am a little diligent to comment videos and yours are some of the best ones I ever seen in Utube
Friedhelm Henn (8 months ago)
Learning English with Emma is really fun!!

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