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BEST OF SUPERCAR CRASH & FAIL Compilation Ferrari, Lamborghini

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Epic Funny Idiots Videos (4 months ago)
Michael Rollinson (2 months ago)
Am I the only one amused at 10 min when you find out the accident is outside an eye clinic?
lucky seven (1 month ago)
Late for their eye appointment
jdmikeg4 (2 months ago)
Did she just say to stop Recording??? They just crashed their car into a building!! How about stop driving!!
김하늘 (1 month ago)
i hope that was not a case of "i pay my driver license in a store".
Kirill Zhabitskiy (3 months ago)
аххахаха конечно вообщем похуй, лошары блять !
JDM KING (3 months ago)
Money can buy cars not skills remember that
massy 4us (3 months ago)
ajmal ngn (4 months ago)
ajmal ngn (4 months ago)
dueyfuckuey (8 months ago)
8:25 The loser actually yawns like, this is kindof boring.
Chiadut Stuffs (8 months ago)
Better give that cars to me..i can handle waayyyy better than those unskilled drivers
don camillo (10 months ago)
Crash em all
wesley rodgers (11 months ago)
Dumb fucks. Cars that powerful shouldn't even be on public roads. Crash n burn!.
Abhin eagle eye (1 year ago)
Cornelio Orprecio (1 year ago)
1:13 once you actually see your car crash into a resturant
Dean Priest (1 year ago)
theres no la ferarri crash???? crap rip off vid
Nevaeh Jerome (1 year ago)
Keep talking smack gonna see what I'm going to say
Nevaeh Jerome (1 year ago)
Why talking about my mom idiot u don't even know her
FastBoi (1 year ago)
Is the Evo driver dead?
Niklas (1 year ago)
TheCakeHasBeenBaked no I think he survived because of the rollcage
олени ибаные)))
Abby X (1 year ago)
If that was my Ferrari in the second video I would be crying
Gifted vicious Bee (7 months ago)
ii Dubz !uu
Abby X (1 year ago)
Nevaeh Jerome your mom
Nevaeh Jerome (1 year ago)
ii Dubz what are u talking about??????
FastBoi (1 year ago)
ii Dubz *Ferrari
Humanities (1 year ago)
Jeff Keith (1 year ago)
That is ford gt on that wet track
Owen Roberts (1 year ago)
This could be a 3 min vid but you included too much before for 10 min ad revenue
maybe, but 10 min better
Kimberly Eads (1 year ago)
that lady is mmeeaann😶
Florian Z. (1 year ago)
You copied it from mrgot
i am mrgot

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