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Victoria Secret 2005 [PART 3, 4, 5] Seal - Sexy Delicious - Imperial Russia

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Victoria Secret 2005 [PART] Seal-Sexy Delicious-Imperial Russia
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xochitl p (7 years ago)
it's good to see the show from another point of view
jerm2202 (7 years ago)
@Dudznyc she opens "imperial russia" segment and that is, in my opinion one of the fiercest openings ever in VS
E.Moz91 (8 years ago)
where is the part 6 and finale?
Marco NY (8 years ago)
Natasha Poly here.....is totaly perfection...OMG!
sayenegoncalves (9 years ago)
Music: CRAZY!
Camilo Toro (9 years ago)
Heidi Klum is amazing.
Alexandre França (9 years ago)
Love´s divine and crazy
DaMacOG (9 years ago)
He starts out with 'love's divine' just for the first verse, then the rest of the song is 'crazy'

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