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Episode #196 Trainers, Teachers, Coaches and Parents -- How to Fully Engage All 4 Learning Styles

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Text Comments (5)
Renee Colgate (1 year ago)
When people end an email with 'Thank you' which learning style are they?
HangoutWithMichael (1 year ago)
Canadian. lol its not a style word.
Fearless Girl (1 year ago)
How would you best handle, communicating with someone who is an excessive talker? Someone who does not have an off button.
Fearless Girl (1 year ago)
Those are awesome ideas! I especially like the blunt statement. Thank You Michael.
HangoutWithMichael (1 year ago)
(1) Acknowledge what they are saying.. "I hear ya" " I hear what you're saying" (2) You can be blunt with them, they dont feel it or hear is as blunt... you can tell me to "now, can I have a turn, let me tell you...." :) Michael

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