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[RIDE-ALONG] London Emergency Services responding and on-scene - Man FALLS in River Thames!

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Ride-Along starts at: 0:17 On-scene footage and responses start at: 7:38 On the 13th October 2018, emergency services in London received a 999 call from the friend of a distressed male who had become trapped in a confined area of the River Thames. Multiple emergency services and units were sent to the scene including the Metropolitan Police, I was on a ride-along at that time and this video shows our response to the scene, as well as various other units arriving with lights and sirens. The male was pulled from the water safely and taken to hospital after a precarious rescue operation. Many thanks to the Metropolitan Police for allowing me and Blue Light Media to go on a ride-along and post this footage. Also, thank you to all emergency services for your handwork in keeping us safe and healthy! Enjoy! Video edited with: Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 --------------------------------------------------------------- EXTRA INFO: --------------------------------------------------------------- Country: UK Force/Service: Metropolitan Police Vehicle Make/Model: Ford Focus Role: Incident Response Vehicle Number Plate: BX14 ELU Fleet Number: FXT Camera Used: Sony FDR-AX53 Recorded in: October 2018 Published in: October 2018 --------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with me through my: FACEBOOK - @SE999V TWITTER - @EastKent999Vids FLICKR - @se999vphotography INSTAGRAM - @se999v_official LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! For more weekly content! Thanks for watching! © South East 999 Videos - Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited - For licensing queries please email me about it
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Text Comments (89)
Jason Hawk (13 days ago)
They should have really bright lights mounted on the banks of the River Thames.
nico justfun (1 month ago)
theres one guy in the river why are there so many EMS Units?! fire and police i can understand securing the scene and searching for the dud but why like 5 different EMS units 3 of them ambulances...and there saying there dont have enough ambulances to cover the city yeah...see the problem there
South East 999 Videos (1 month ago)
There was 1 Ambulance, the rest are Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs) and HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) vehicles. :D
campbellqwerty (1 month ago)
Man has a little paddle in the Thames and so they send the entire fleet.
bob smith (1 month ago)
How about sound out of the right speaker also?
Masood Rafiq (1 month ago)
Lucky get to go on ride along but why 2 fire brigades and various police for 1 person falling in a river? BTW only attention in my town Luton is armed police or unmarked police
Christopher Oakley (2 months ago)
Shout out for the RNLI Tower lifeboat crew who were almost certainly on the scene first and would have made the actual rescue I would think, unless the police or fire boat happened to be around at the time of the shout. So often forgotten about, but they are the 4th emergency service alongside HM Coastguard and almost all are volunteers (though Tower does have a full time crew supplemented by volunteers) Much respect for our lifesavers! :)
SomeBloke8895 (2 months ago)
The Bill has taken an odd turn....
Neil Meekums (2 months ago)
Police car, police carrier, 2 LAS rapid response, 2 LAS ambulances, LAS incident response, 4 fire pumps, police boat, LFB fire boat, RNLI boat. Man ‘fell in the Thames’....how? Would be nice to know to justify the cost. This shows one thing. It’s easy to spend someone else’s money.
thefiestaguy (2 months ago)
People like you don't live in the real world... Far far far better than "Man drowns in river thames, multiple police units responded but were then stood down as the public disagreed with the resources being deployed to the incident".... I can guarantee you'd not be saying the same thing if it was a relative of yours struggling in the water. It's not a waste of resources at all, the initial unit was going, the serial unit went to assist, (you hear them call up Serial 688 or whatever it is) - I've been on these serial unit aids before, where you are taken off team and put on a carrier with other officers instead for that shift, the normal tasking is to be deployed to violent crime only, however if it's been a Q night (quiet), then for something like this they will attend, more than likely they were driving around on patrol nearby, and decided to go and help out, they were already on duty and on patrol, so were being paid, they are paid regardless of whether they drive around all night and go to no calls, or whether they go to 15 calls, it makes no difference. The only real cost is the cost of the fuel used..... unlike LFB vehicles, police vehicles actively patrol most of the time, and so the resource cost for "wasted time" is minimal....
Impressive! Loved seeing the ride along and scene with all the units responding, as well as a few going to different emergencies. You even passed a few of my spots! I wonder why they chose to go via Lambeth? Giving me a run for my money. How were you even allowed on a ride along? The Met's policy states you have to live in London! :D Else I'd have been on thousands by now. ;)
South East 999 Videos (4 months ago)
Thanks mate! We emailed an Inspector about it and he organised it.
Agent Masterson (4 months ago)
Absolutely fantastic video really enjoyed it
The life of Stewie (4 months ago)
How do you get them to agree to a ride alone
thefiestaguy (4 months ago)
Hello, i'm a serving met officer. Unfortunately due to the nature of the business police officers are in, it's not normally allowed, you normally either need to be a police officer or a special constable (volunteer police officer), the official ruling is ride alongs are not permitted, however if approved by a borough's inspector then ultimately it's their call. I have been on my borough for over 1 year now, as a response officer doing 40 hours a week minimum, 6 on 4 off, and have NEVER seen anyone doing a ride along, only specials joining us for a shift. They usually say no, due to the risk involved, those that join as specials or full time officers are trained and fully aware of the risk, and will happily get stuck in when dealing with confrontational people. The officers have their own safety to worry about, their own and their colleague, if they take a citizen with them on a ride along, they've got to worry about YOUR safety too, as well as their own and their colleagues on top of getting the job done, because believe me you might think you can look after yourself, but you can't. Sometimes even officers struggle with stab vests, batons and CS spray...... If anything were to happen to you on a ride along, there is a risk you could blame the officers involved for not protecting you enough, and potentially sue the Met, so they'd normally make you sign a disclaimer saying if you die it's not their fault, a bit like when you go bungee jumping, they don't want to be held responsible if anything happens to you. It's done not to be a killjoy, but as policy and it makes sense, some people see it as a game, the sense of "oh good fun it's a blue light run", but forget at the end of it it's a serious incident, someone's called us because they genuinely need us, it's not about fun and games, it's about being there to help those who can't help themselves, or those that need you the most, the blues and two's are just a quicker way of getting you there.
Harmony Reilly (4 months ago)
? Are you going to make any more videos like this
Harmony Reilly (4 months ago)
Great video but fuck my god no words people say don’t wait for the police what a joke how long they take someone wood be dead the time the police take
Robert Mansfield (4 months ago)
Great video, made better by the Met allowing you to ride along.
Joshua Fleming (4 months ago)
Huge response, LAS be spending out HART, command officer, ALS and they all arrive before an actual ambulance does - so it seems. LFB also sending tons of resources.
Ramsey love (4 months ago)
Nice Job South East 999 Videos
Frst Rspndr (4 months ago)
People like to Criticize american agencies for sending a lot of equipment to 'small calls' that could 'seemingly be handled with only a few units' but people don't realize how big these operations can be, and as you see here, UK has a very similarly sized response compared to a similar incident in the US. Very good catch and camera skills!
Sarge_m16 (4 months ago)
3 pumpers 2 rescues 5 ambulances (2 vans, 1 IRU, 2 fast response vehicles) 1 police van 2 (1?) Police boat 1 police unit (no others were seen) As the description said. Precarious rescue. And as shown, the more units sent first hand, the less you need to wait for one to respond second hand.
Mark Freeman (4 months ago)
Honestly they don’t really need all of them emergency crews for that that’s a lot of cop and paramedics and fire brigade what if something more serious happens no disrespect
Mark Freeman (2 months ago)
The part where you’ve said save the money for the nhs and all that, that’s what I’m trying to say to you but the government doesn’t, they don’t care because that have millions in the pocket and they can go private
Mark Freeman (2 months ago)
thefiestaguy I’m not saying we don’t need them because we do I’m saying the government spent millions on London’s new busses when we could use that money for something g more useful.... and calm down a bit if you don’t like how it’s coming across stop writing back I’m just saying they need to stop spending the money on crap
thefiestaguy (2 months ago)
+Mark Freeman Millions of pounds on buses? You realise that bus companies are run BY private firms, on contract FOR the government, right? Buses play a huge part in a transport link... saying we don't need them is going a bit far... that's like saying we don't need cars, nor trains, any everyone should just walk everywhere. Suddenly my 15 - 20 minute commute to work becomes around a 2 hour walk.... You'd be far better served spending the money saved ON the NHS, the police, fire service etc, so they are funded properly, the lack of working equipment, staff, and resources is unreal.
Mark Freeman (2 months ago)
thefiestaguy yes there would be start up costs then maybe the government should have money for this stuff instead of spending all the money on crap we don’t need like millions of pounds of busses if there was money then they should do that because then there’s more services to help but it doesn’t help with all the crack heads taking up the time of paramedics because there dying on the street like come on ....... I’m not trying to sound like a cunt and I respect what our services do but the government doesn’t help at all ..... they don’t fund cancer for kids or people or anything that we need to do they rather spend the money on shit we don’t need
thefiestaguy (2 months ago)
+Mark Freeman You really haven't thought it through, have you? "Make another part of the LAS, or another service".... yes, at a huge startup cost, plus recruitment, paying the employees their salary..... it works out far cheaper than it does to start an entire new agency to focus solely on these type of incidents, it's not particularly efficient either, starting an entire new agency just to attend a certain type of call. With all the cuts it's about being as productive and as efficient as possible, at the same time whilst trying not to impact operational responsiveness, it's far more productive just to send police/fire/ambo to this, bear in mind it's a one off isolated incident, it's not something that happens all the time. Fyi, I've been in situations before where I've been at scene with several colleagues, when a domestic incident with suspect still present comes in, or a robbery, one of the units always breaks away to take the call, so it's not as ineffective as you think. Often a load of units attend because they don't know how serious or how critical it is, once they arrive and find they are not needed they either leave, or will hang around to assist if they can, until another call comes in then they will go to that.
richmonty44 (4 months ago)
Fuck me that was a bit of an overkill, RNLI probably pulled him out and the water fairy’s took the credit. What a waste of money by LFB and LAS and Hart who jump on the band wagon dressed like runner beans. Great video though.
xUnknow Ghostx (4 months ago)
Car sounds nice , im gonna take a few shots and say its a - Volvo, bmw, ford, atlas
South East 999 Videos (4 months ago)
Ford Focus lol. You can see in the video 😁
Bobby (4 months ago)
That lfb response could almost be called a waste of tax payers money
Sarge_m16 (4 months ago)
The more units first hand, the less you need to call if something goes south. Sometimes they just need manpower, if 1 truck only holds 4-5, they need to send multiple trucks.
lukethegamer 39 (4 months ago)
Quick question mate how was your allowed and able to do this ?
Moscow 112/911 (4 months ago)
Great ride! Love those rainbow buttons!
Nice video
C Cummings (4 months ago)
Your best video yet i think, this is the type of video i prefer, rather than 30 seconds of an emergency vehicle driving past, and respect for muting all the sensitive material, i'm sure you will allowed to go on other ride along's, and with the other services as well.
112 Zeeland (4 months ago)
Big thumbs up for me👍👍
Andrew robinson (4 months ago)
Lucky man you got to do this great video and bet it was fun doing a ride along
Wow Absolutely Amazing :) keep it up
NickF14 (4 months ago)
Awesome work mate. Had a smile on my face watching this. Keep it up! HART Rock.
South East 999 Videos (4 months ago)
Cheers bud! We still need to meet up shortly lol 😁
captured911 (4 months ago)
wow :O
Great video! Really good to see the response from a different perspective!
Lord Of frog (4 months ago)
Was the man ok tho
South East 999 Videos (4 months ago)
Yes he was ok. Was taken to St Thomas's.
Lord Of frog (4 months ago)
Great video can’t wait to see more esp with an unmarked unit
LightningPete (4 months ago)
11:28 When HART arrive
Great Video Tom - Good you co feed sensitive info up and gave emergency services respect they deserved! 👍
Resident Elect (4 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant! Echoing what other commenters have already said; massive respect for redacting the comms traffic in order to respect the chaps confidentiality. So, what do you think to blue light driving? 😉
Cameron McGarel (4 months ago)
good footage. but bloody hell that was a long travel. was there no other iru units in the area
112Schiedam (4 months ago)
Awesome mate Grt melvin
mr sja (4 months ago)
Great video, love the respect for patient confidentiality 👍
Interested (4 months ago)
Absolutely awesome video. Thank you so much!
Leo Bruce (4 months ago)
Awesome video!!
Coopa (4 months ago)
12:07 :)
Monty Agland (4 months ago)
best bit haha
CarNutDec (4 months ago)
Fantastic Video
TheHague112 (4 months ago)
That's amazing! What a distance you guys had to drive. And then being first on scene. You would expect central London to have better cover, even if it is a busy evening. Great footage, great vehicles! Anything more calls to come from the ride along?
TheHague112 (4 months ago)
+South East 999 Videos Well hope you had a great shift with them! You got some amazing footage out of it! (Only a bit jealous)
South East 999 Videos (4 months ago)
No more from the ride along this year lol
Jordan Goddard (4 months ago)
Bloody epic vid mate, like a UK episode of cops, viewer discretion is advised lol.
МиљковићSRB (4 months ago)
Wow, that is awesome mate! I wish I could go on ride alongs :(
Bob Smith (4 months ago)
anyone could have taken that video.
Resident Elect (4 months ago)
Ok, I admit it... It was me, Bob. But make sure to play along! It's all a big secret!!
South East 999 Videos (4 months ago)
Tom Sykes (4 months ago)
Great video
DARK YODA (4 months ago)
Wait how were you allowed a ride along no freaking way dude
MET_LONDONSANS (3 months ago)
He emailed an inspector, says that in the beginning.
FrogFootTV (4 months ago)
Interesting response from LFB, 2 FRUs and 3 pumps
Andison (4 months ago)
Probably to provide more pairs of hands and maybe even ground ladders to reach in.
DARK YODA (4 months ago)
U never know when u may need a pump hehe
no upload anymore (4 months ago)
Wow Tom , sure is fun ! looks like the waterfairies had a good outing . Im glad you had a good time , what time was this ?
Resident Elect (4 months ago)
Lol "Water Faries" we always have a good laugh at their expense bless them 😉 I always make sure to apologise for interrupting their game of volleyball, three course meal, or siesta, whenever we request their attendance 😂
South East 999 Videos (4 months ago)
Thanks mate it was about half 8

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